There are two things most hockey fans agree on: Connor McDavid is a generational talent and the Edmonton Oilers shouldn’t be awarded another No. 1 overall pick. In the NHL, ‘fair’ doesn’t exist.


Connor McDavid is so far beyond good the dictionary trembles to find the words. Consider his numbers in the OHL compared to recent No. 1 overall picks from the CHL in their draft seasons.

  1. Connor McDavid OHL 18GP, 16-35-51 (2.83 points-per-game)
  2. Taylor Hall OHL 57GP, 40-66-106 (1.86 points-per-game)
  3. John Tavares OHL 56GP, 58-46-104 (1.86 points-per-game)
  4. Steven Stamkos OHL 61GP, 58-47-105 (1.72 points-per-game)
  5. Nathan MacKinnon QMJHL 44GP, 32-43-75 (1.70 points-per-game)
  6. Nail Yakupov OHL 42GP, 31-38-69 (1.64 points-per-game)
  7. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins WHL 69GP, 31-75-106 (1.54 points-per-game)

That’s a breathtaking gap between McDavid and Hall. It’s incredible really. McDavid is so far ahead of the very best junior kids available going back several years it is to laugh. Amazing.

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Your next question is probably ‘but how does he compare to Sidney Crosby in his draft year?

  1. Connor McDavid OHL 18GP, 16-35-51 (2.83 points-per-game)
  2. Sidney Crosby QMJHL 62GP, 66-102-168 (2.71 points-per-game)

Wow. It’s early, and Crosby did it over an entire season, but this is insane offense and the OHL is a great league! The numbers suggest Connor McDavid is a franchise-changer.


  • Ryan Kennedy, The Hockey News: “The boy genius. One scout told me he has the best hockey IQ he’s ever
    seen, others are saying he’s better than Crosby at the same age. An
    offensive juggernaut who makes insane plays at high speeds.” Source
  • Mike Morreale,
    “The injury in no way should or will change anyone’s opinion of this
    world class talent. I remember a conversation I had with Windsor
    Spitfires forward Joshua Ho Sang last spring before he was chosen late
    in the first round by the New York Islanders. I asked Ho Sang about his
    time spent with McDavid with the Toronto Marlboros minor midget AAA team
    in 2011-12. Ho Sang told me that everyone knows how gifted a player he
    is but no one ever seems to talk about his work ethic. Ho Sang said
    McDavid didn’t drop onto the Earth with all this talent, he truly worked
    at it. Ho Sang said he’s known McDavid since the age of 9 and feels his
    work ethic is what has gotten him this far and will take him to even
    greater heights in the future.” Source
  • David Gregory, Central Scouting: “McDavid never takes a shift off, and to be honest I believe may be
    the one to beat in the 2015 draft,” Central Scouting’s David Gregory
    said. “He’s stealth-like in finding open areas on the ice without the
    puck; he creates space for himself. He’s gotten even better at that and
    he’s continued to get stronger. I really believe he’s going to dominate
    this year.” Source 
  • ISS Scouting Director Dennis MacInnins: “Having the chance to scout Sidney Crosby at the
    same age, McDavid is even more impressive, true superstar potential.” Source 
GDB Game Notes: Nashville Predators @ Edmonton Oilers

crosby v mcdavid


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I very much doubt the Edmonton Oilers are looking forward to securing the No. 1 overall selection. They have moved heaven and earth to turn north and nothing rhymes. In an extra bit of cruelty, the team finally has good possession numbers but their goaltending, coverage and power play have cratered.

It is impossible to even entertain thoughts of Connor McDavid as an Oiler.

And yet, we are here.

    • Lowetide is typical of the majority of the media here, they refuse to ask the tough questions, and try to sugarcoat the disaster here. If shuffling the chairs and bringing back the same management, team that started it all and hiring rookie coaches, is moving heavan and earth so be it.
      In reality check , this disaster has and always will be associated with the insane idea of hiring and keeping on people who have no idea what they are doing. Last year Craig comes out and says it was a dibacle of monumental proportions and they will be better this season.
      Except for a few analytic experts who claim the oilers are improving, the reality is they are mired in last place in the west, and yes are right in the middle of the Mcdavid sweepstakes. How can this be justified, everybody involved with the team should be on red alert for job security. The firing of the goalie coach last week, is what a sacrifical lamb, was he responsible for the worst defence signings the last 2 seasons.

    • Spydyr

      Of course they are.They have not lost in two days.

      I think with their schedule in December this is going to get very ugly,very soon.Yes,even uglier then now.

      Now is the winter of our discontent.

  • Spydyr

    “They have moved heaven and earth to turn north and nothing rhymes”

    Perhaps, you know,just maybe “The Braintrust” are not very good at their jobs.

    Kinda like their Norris defencman.

  • YFC Prez

    Whose to say the Oilers would select McDavid with the first overall pick. After all, don’t forget our management is smarter than everyone else. There’s probably a Finn we haven’t heard of that they are high on. They must be high on something!

  • Burnward

    Yea, MacT sure moved heaven and Earth to overpay Nikitin, and force Draisatl into a terrible place for his development. Such work ethic. And good possession numbers don’t mean jack when the team isn’t willing to go to the hard areas to score greasy goals. The game is played on ice, not paper.

  • NugeForPrez

    I remember hearing of Connor even as a 13 year old and his potential to be the next one – a generational talent, and I said to myself “self, it’s too bad the oilers rebuild will be long over by then” ..,yet, like you said, *sigh* here we are.

  • Also, if you want an example of moving heaven and Earth to avoid being in a position to pick McDavid take a look at how Calgary are playing every night. As painful as it is to say it THAT’S how it’s done.

  • Spydyr

    Who cares, Oilers would ruin his development. They ruin players.

    Get tired of hearing if we get playerXYZ then we will be good. No, 8 + years of the worst team in theNHL Oilers have serious problems.

    I’ve said it before if Oilers traded their team of the LA kings. Oilers would be be out of the playoffs.

    • The Last Big Bear

      Well said. We have all seen it for far too long. Many top draft picks (including 3 first overalls) and this team has made absolutely no progress. NONE !!!! We could add another 10 first overall draft picks and still there would be no progress with the current management. Until KBlowe is gone this team will continue to be the joke of all professional sports. It is more than obvious that the problems are due to inept management. One more top draft pick, regardless of how great cannot overcome the stupidity of this management group. Hoping for McDavid is helpless, hope for KBlowe to be a man and recognize that he has destroyed this franchise and must move on, the only way we can start to rebuild the team and our pride. The glory days have now been sully’d by the KBlowe management years. He has robbed this franchise of it’s pride. If Kblowe is still here it would be a shame to waste McDavid on this pile of shjt.

      • BobbyCanuck

        All roads lead to Rome.

        It is and has been a “process” as the Oilers currently like to call it issue,the other way of terming it is that it is a “Systems” issue.

        “Process”…”System”…you tell me the difference.

        Most Systems can handle accomodating ONE top tier NHL Talent,then they build around him,this is the traditional way,and it works,the Oilers problem has been that they do NOT grasp this fact.

        They might think that just stacking up skill and acumen will lead sucess,but getting 3 Tier one players to all produce optimally CANNOT BE DONE by a Trditionl System.

        The majority of Oilers players dont know HOW they produced sucess in the 80’s , Gretzky-Messier-and Sather knew,the rest of the fellas were on the outside looking in.

        Kevin misinterpreted what made the Oilers Teams he played on tick,he ONLY learned his defensive job and how that area of team mnagement worked,and it worked off of consistant structured execution,BUT BUT BUT this was not the OVERLL “process” it was only a small part of it,naturally K-Lowe thinks it was a large part of it because to him and the other d-men it WAS…they were not let in on the Systems Secrets,they were given a clear job to do and it was left at that.They were on a need-to-know basis.All the d-men needed to know was how to consistantly execute a base defensive System platform.The rest went over their heads.

        However this Dynasty System Management process has now been reproduced with the NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Management and Intuitive Dynamic Analysis programs.

  • bwar

    I really feel like he’s going to go to a team like Detroit who barely misses the playoffs. I just have a feeling the NHL will manage to dictate where the next big thing ends up. CONSPIRACY!

    • Derzie

      Let’s hope so. Terrible management should never be rewarded in any way. I sincerely hope he goes to a well run and deserving organization. Not the oilers.

  • D

    As a hockey fan, I would like to see McDavid in Buffalo or Philadelphia. As an Oiler fan, I would like to see McDavid’s agent make it clear to Darryl Katz that his just-drafted client will not sign with the Oil until a house cleaning occurs in management.

  • dougtheslug

    Been reading a lot about the history of WW1 recently. Amazing the parallels between the breathtaking incompetence of military leadership during that war and the debacle that is the Edmonton Oilers 2007-2014. (With the happy proviso that nobody is getting hurt here – just a few bruised Northern Albertan egos).

    The leadership stuff is for another post. But I’m struck by how 5 years ago, we had all signed on for a planned fail, that the idea of tanking to get skill, losing by design as an acceptable path to rebuild, was OK with us. Just like at the start of WW1, everybody was on board, happy to go to war – after all it was going to be short, we were sure of success – hell, people threw parades and parties for the soldiers on their way to the front. Just like we had “Draft Parties”, and wrote condescending articles about how we all knew this was the best, shortest way to the Cup.

    Fast forward 4-5 years and we can see the outcome of that flawed way of thinking. The earth is scorched. There are no signs of a rebuild. And, by now, the thought of a speedy conclusion to this suffering is lost in the mists of time. Connor McDavid? Who’s he? Who cares? How many of us are going to be heading off to Lottery Parties this April? Not this cowboy.

    And I thank the Universe that the Oilers Brains Trust has been put in charge of something as harmless as a professional sports team and no-one gets hurt (like I said, except for a few feelings and wallets).

    • This is what John McKinnon at the Journal wrote today:

      “He is right, though, in noting that the anger fans reserve for former GM Kevin Lowe is legacy abuse and unfair.”

      Please, enough of the stalwart media defence of Kevin Lowe in this town. You perpetuate the myth that he has no input, yet it’s clear in many ways that he does in fact do just that. Why else was he so defensive about about things when John asked him at MacT’s re-introduction presser?
      It boggles the mind… Gregor had him in a one on one interview last winter, and in doing so it became abundantly clear he has sway in decisions made with respect to hockey operations. Didn’t surprise me one bit. Watching their propagandized doc drivel “Oil Change” you can see him and MacT talking about players.
      And finally, please don’t ever compare the fan abuse Lowe suffers is in any way equal to the suffering he has caused this city for the last decade. It’s miserable. He’s an abject failure full stop, and any excuses made on his behalf are intolerable.

      • 15w40

        Haha legacy abuse! His so called “Legacy” is the one and only reason he’s been able to keep his job after heading the worst team of the decade and one of the all time worst teams in the history of the league! He’s ruined his own legacy, not the fans!

        • Serious Gord

          I don’t think that’s right Gord. He was, after all the only one that confronted him that day at the presser. I guess I just don’t buy the idea that he has no say in hockey decisions. Kevin is FAR too arrogant for that. He has a say, and I just don’t get the delusion that he’s not involved. Fool hearty thinking.

          • Serious Gord

            Perhaps, perhaps he doesn’t realize that if MacT has to be replaced – and he does – then Klowe is the one who will be picking the successor. That cannot be allowed. Therefore he must be fired.

            So sure if you want to say he isn’t a boot licker lets agree on this:

            He’s Dumb.

          • Serious Gord

            Even if its true that he’s not involved and never even has a conversation with anyone on the hockey side, who cares?? He’s lead us into this position and for that reason alone he should be released.

    • Spydyr

      awful, detestable







      Just my opinion of course.

      • 24% body fat

        you, missed a few letters,

        p = putrid

        E = egotistical

        I = Idiotic

        J = Jive

        K = Kiester

        M = meathead

        Q = queef

        U = unevolved

        x = he gets everything wrong

        z = zonked

  • vetinari

    The poor bastard may end up an Oiler. I feel bad for him. But hey, we usually plug 18 year old centres into feature roles hope the best and that usually works out great, right?

    • Serious Gord

      This has me wondering what we can get for Hall. Not a world beater…c some of the errors recently…so why not build around a new core. Hall is our best asset so good return on the d front plus plus and sets us up for McD.

      Otherwise we traverse no mans land forever. What we got is not going to advance that much more so playoffs at best…no Dr Stanley.

  • Serious Gord

    Well the season is well and truly pooched when the resident optimist Lowetide starts talking about draft picks.

    And that will be the deflective rhetoric from oiler management for the rest of the season as well : “we are tanking for chance at the greatest oiler since Gretzky” that will be the narrative from here on. (Hey it worked when they sewered for hall RNH and yak!!)

    And they will have collective amnesia about the last eight years and this apocalypse – I thought there could only be one apocalypse – season.