GDB 25.0 Wrap Up: Coyotes @ Oilers

Should I make a speech? Do we pay tribute? I’m not sure what to do for Ten. Straight. Losses. Final Score: 5-2 Coyotes.

Coming into tonight, the Oilers have won salvaged an OT point in their last two games.  I feel like they deserved the win against Nashville, but they couldn’t score. Against St. Louis? That was more like an example of the hockey gods giving the Oilers a pity point.  They were outshot 41-16 in that game.  The fact that they got a point can mostly be attributed to Scrivens and an early Christmas miracle. Tonight was another round of every Oiler fans favourite game – “Which Team Will It Be!” Were we going to watch the Oilers that look like an actual NHL team, or the Oilers that are likely to drop a fresh turd at center ice? The results weren’t exactly surprising.

As it turns out, the Oilers showed up with the familiar Jekyll and Hyde on ice persona.  They came out of the first period with a 1-0 lead only to collapse in the 2nd and give up 4 straight goals. Ahhh that’s the Oilers I know and love.  At this point all we can hope for is to hit bottom. I’m just waiting to see where exactly that bottom is. Every year we seem to hit a new low at some point, only to surpass it the next season.  It’s a sad state of affairs in OilersNation.  I even had Flames fans sending pity to the Nation Twitter account. Did you hear me? Flames fans are giving us their pity. When will the madness end?  These are dark days, my friends.

Un petit wrap.



  • I love Gene Principe. That is all.
  • Nice tribute to Pat Quinn by the Oilers. Classy move.
  • THEY SCORED A POWER PLAY GOAL! *prays to everyone* After the goal, the power play was pretty terrible, and balance was restored.
  • The Oilers actually scored first for a change! That was about as good as things got though.
  • We’re all one day closer to retirement.
  • Tobias Rieder seems to be a steal of a pick for the Oiler scouting staff! *sigh*
  • There is no one better at being awful than the Oilers. Seriously. We take losing to the next level. 



  • I don’t care what anyone says, Sam Gagner looks weird in a Coyotes jersey and I don’t like it.
  • The Oilers didn’t get enough shots on Mike Smith tonight. Coming into tonight, Smith was sporting an .893 save% and the Oiler should have been shooting from everywhere.
  • Of course Tobias Rieder scores two shorthanded goal. Of course he does. 
  • Did I mention that Mike Smith was slumping? Insert the Oilers. Doctor’s recommendation. *sigh*
  • Instead it was Viktor Fasth with the .792 save%. As far as save percentages go, that’s as bad as they come. 
  • 10 straight losses is a milestone in shitacular play. 
  • The head of German hockey was on with Gene in the 1st intermission and he said he was surprised that Leon Draisaitl was in the NHL this year. I just wanted to make note of that.
  • That was probably the worst 2nd period that I’ve seen in a long time. 


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On Saturday, I posted the finalists for the November Picture Contest and kept the voting running through the pollz until late last night. The winner (shown above) ran away with 64% of the vote. Is it all that surprising given the sexiness of said picture? No, I didn’t think so either.

There were so many great entries that it was really tough to whittle things down to only 5.  If you’re in the Top 5, I will be reaching out to you at some point this week – if you’re impatient, feel free to hit me up first.  The voting went like so…

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.24.00 AM

  • Andy7190

    Its like the ’60s space race but their German was better than our German.
    I’m waiting for the fall of the totalitarian soviet “brian”trust running this this team into the ground. At least they could advertise with those lovely Soviet style propoganda posters with Lowe overseeing this S#$#show. All he is missing is the Stalin moustache.
    Tier 3 🙁

  • Oilers21

    This is getting hard to believe. 2 shorthanded goals, in less than a minute, to the same player, who was an Edmonton draft pick?? If you made that up no one would believe you. It’s just unreal.

    • Oilfaninvan

      That’s almost worthy of knocking on Tambellini’s door and kicking him in the groin That trade is why he should never work in the NHL again, unless he hire him for the POHO job. Don’t trash it, seems to be what we do #BecauseOilers

    • Stack Pad Save

      It is not so hard to believe,he was in our development system and must have learned a few things,I remember Hall scoring a couple of goals 9 seconds part or something and setting a record not so long ago himself,maybe if you dig deep enough you will find out Silent Sam Gagner is the common denominator.

      If you get that far maybe you can ask him his secrets his team pretty much gutted the Oilers last night,at will

      Sammys 8 point game was unreal as well,the same optimal management system was used in all 3 scenarios.

      There is only one management program on the planet which can beat Gretzkys records and it needs skilled players like the Oilers have now,a very rare group,someone tell the Oilers to go get it before they fracture this Generational Core.

  • Oilfaninvan

    Nice effort on the pp Hall. Between periods they ran the 2nd period highlights which was 15 different angles of Taylor Hall hitting the post and 2 seconds of the short handed goals. Nikitin is not an NHL defenceman. Ference is not an AHL defenceman. I wouldn’t want that Norris candidate on my beer league team. Fasth may try out for said beer league team, but no guarantees.

  • Spiel

    Listening to Willis on the radio is funny.
    All the media who say the underlying numbers look good should start betting on the Oilers to win. Seems like the odds would be in their favor to win some money, because after all the numbers don’t lie…

    • MorningOwl

      the old saying was, “you never see faith healers in the hospital, nor psychics winning the lottery.”

      I think we can amend this, adding, “or advanced stats guys betting on a losing team with good underlying numbers” or something like that.

  • Well it doesn’t really matter for the Oilers if Tobi Rieder would still be an Oiler because Eakins would’ve destroyed him anyway..

    All this going on right now just makes me sad. I mean, hockey should be fun, right? Well I don’t have fun anymore watching this circus.

  • Lumley

    I have put all the rest of my seasons tickets on stub hub to sell them. I al hoping there are still some suckers (or visiting team fans) that will buy them.

    Does that make me a tear 3 fan? And tear was not misspelt.

    I have had enough of this nonsense. Just when you think that things are as bad as they cane get – it gets worse. I agree on tanking again, but with this team, there is no need to tank. They suck, plain and simple.

    While I am ranting – I thought it was great that Hall stood up for his coach. However, in the last 3 games Hall has turned the puck over (both overtime games) and made no attempt at all to back check, and puck ends up in the net. The old analogy that the fastest guy on the ice is the guy who turned it over certainly doesn’t apply to him. So Eakins doesn’t hold him accountable, and it happens 3 games in a row. Hall is in his 5th year in the league, and the “leader” of this team. This cannot continue to happen. Thats all

  • Lumley

    The beauty of it all is NOTHING needs to change. Idiots paying for bill boards (katz probably owns shares in that company), the amount of traffic on here, people still going to games, losers wearing and buying apparel still. What needs to change? Katz doesn’t miss playoff revenue cause he hasn’t had it in 8 years, he’s getting a new arena built for him…so what needs to change? NOTHING.

  • Lumley


    1. Saying that mistakes will always happen in a game “we just need to expect that”.

    2. never have your teammates back – “sometimes you need to be a man and stick up for yourself”

    3. use your words more often than actions

    4. Your 3 best players are rarely the best players on the ice.

    5. Letting in a shot from 70 feet “heh it ust happens sometimes.”

    6. Merit on our team means you reward poor play with more ice time.

    7. 19 year olds that can’t skate should not be in the NHL – even if you are a first round pick.