Reverse Mailbag – My Questions for OilersNation


Every week I answer five questions from all of you. The good, bad and dumb questions are all answered. It is now your turn to answer mine. I only have three questions. I couldn’t compete with your ability to produce five.

Here you go!


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1 – Why do you want Katz, MacT or Lowe to come out and speak? 

This makes no sense to me. What do you want to hear? An apology? A plan? Are you looking to be inspired? Talk is just that…talk. It’s not going to change anything. 

As a player, I was always about results. If a teammate or a coach told me they were going to do something I would think it’s great, they are talking a good game, lets see how this goes.  If a guy said he wanted to get stronger, would I see him in the gym the next morning? If he was concerned about his weight, would I see him putting back bagels dripping in cream cheese the next morning? He wanted to kill penalties, so would he flamingo all over the ice when shots were coming at him?

Talk is easy and cheap. Results are all that matters. Anyone can say they want to change or improve, but putting a plan into action is much harder.

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Personally, I don’t need to hear from anyone in the organization. This won’t do anything for me. I suppose, if it is an action press conference, where a change is happening with the staff or a trade, then I would be interested. I am not interested, however, in a state of the union. Quite frankly you shouldn’t be either.


2 – Why are the goalies blamed for so much of the lack of success for the Oilers?

Ben Scrivens and Viktor Fasth have yet to prove they are NHL starters. That day may never come, however, since they are both fighting for their lives in the net every night.  Right now, they’re getting very little consistent support around them from their teammates. The lack of an overall team defensive structure, and consistent ability to play it, has got to be frustrating for these two. These goalies face five bell chances every single period. Breakaways, two on ones, three on twos, and top NHL snipers being left in the slot alone happens far too frequently. 

These two have let in some bad goals, and they have owned up to it. But why do you all let the skaters off the hook with their defensive play? I can’t understand it. Yes, the goalies are easy targets to pin a failed season on, but there’s plenty of blame to spread around. 


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3 – Why is it just assumed that Oilers scorers that are struggling to score will simply rebound to their “previous” shooting percentage of years past?

This may be the most baffling of my three questions. This question is the one I would really want some clear answers for. 

I get that players go through tough times, and that their previously set benchmarks are what becomes expected for them. But if a player is struggling to score is it just luck that turns around for them? Can it be that easy? LUCK? In a game that players work out, and practice all year to prepare for, success comes down to the worst phrase in hockey: “PUCK LUCK?” No, it doesn’t.

Goals are earned the hard way. You don’t score goals by shooting from the perimeter, or trying to tip pucks in with a long stick so you don’t get roughed up in front of the goalie. Scoring goals hurts, and it should because it is so much fun to do. 

An example is Yakupov. His shooting percentage is 5.5%. Down from 9.0% last season. He is playing too much on the perimeter. He needs to get to the net, and battle for position and goals. That will get him on track and open up for the further out shots he likes to shoot. That is what will increase his goal total and shooting percentage. It won’t just go up on it on because that is what has happened in the past. He needs to change his playing habits, not pray to the hockey gods for the words phrase in hockey, “PUCK LUCK”

I now leave it to you, OilersNation. Answer my three questions like I answer your five every week. You owe me, and I am genuinely interested in your answers.

  • vetinari

    Hey Oiler fans…come on over to the RED side….

    1) Stamps Grey cup Champs..likely will repeat!

    2) Flames 2 year rebuild almost over. Play-offs this season and Lord Stanley very shortly!

    3) Committed ownership and management that holds themselves, players, coaches and everyone else in the organization accountable to each other for winning!

    4) See you soon…….

  • Andy7190

    #1….I dont care to hear from K-Lowe from what I have seen over the years given what he is and has had to work with he has done Yoemans work,personally I cant stand his methods he doesnt admit when he has lost and plays dirty,has no reverse gear.Not my style,no open accountability.B.S personified,but nice to have on your side in a fight which is what he was hired to do and accomplished,fight for the future of the Franchise he was loyal to.No BS from NewAgeSys.

    But I am afraid he has some ‘splaining to do.

    I know what kevin Lowe has to offer I watched his entire career from game one forward ,I dont believe he has been the right man since Nuge was Drafted because he refused to bring in an offensive minded GM with the visions needed to support the obvious wealth of offensive acumen those two represented since day one,throw in Yakupov and K-Lowe really became derelict in his refusal.

    K-Lowe and the defensive juggernaught he had built were and are catalysed by a stats based perspective.This perspective was not balanced off to compensate for the incoming elite offensive players we drafted,there was no time to waver those.The young men needed what Krueger was able to slowly do for them,mentoring to their strengths, as bumpy as that process was it began to produce superior results which eventually caught the eye and interest of other NHL Teams ,this natural and fitting Gypsy evolution was interuppted intentionally and K-Lowe is responsible for that interruption in the Cores evolution.The defense must rest now so K-Lowe must either replace Mac-T or himself or bring in an offensive Guru because this Core needs some Professionl level offensive mentoring from people who know how to produce offense without giving up their defensive focus.Because Katz is not making any demands things remain the same and the results remain the same.

    Stick with me now this IS STILL about Kevin Lowes defensive influences ,business tactics and their reach which he telegarphs down the line to his subordinates..

    There are many POHos and GMs and Head Coaches who have produced Championship levels of offense and defense,they go hand in hand.Dallas was a one-dimensional defensive minded player and Coach coming into the relationship with the Oilers,he had a selling point they bought hook line and sinker,what it was is very important to know,but we do not have the official version of that.BUT we do have a clear Template of Dallases last 5 years of Coaching Hockey to look at and it is explicit and revealing and it illuminates Dallases evolution with 100% pinpoiont accuracy.Dallas as this record shows was a one-dimensional defensive minded Coach until 4 years ago when he began to make specific and chronological and sequenced changes to his philosophies and his tactics.The results produced by these changes are what Mac-T keyed in on.

    These changes Dallas was making were originating from somewhere EXTERNAL to his normal sphere of inputs,these same types of changes were also in paralell action being made by NHL players and teams “beginnng” with the Oilers at the exact same time .The influences which caused Dallas to change his own Style BEFORE he was hired were being learned concurrently and implemented concurrently in the NHL,exactly as the common source taught them ALL to do.

    Dallas veered from the directive of the common source which is not based on stats and their defensive set-play structure bat all and does not use them in ny impactfull way when he was still in the AHL …he cheated and skipped steps of the “process” this new input represented so he could keep a dominant stats based defensive minded set-play structured influence in his processes,he needed to keep as much defensive perspective in his Wheelhouse as he could but he NEEDED to implement some very dynamic movements and concepts to duplicate the new tactics he ws learning,when Mac-T was presented with Dallases results from the previous 2 years he saw some of these NewAge philosophies concepts and results which he was trying to duplicate himself…he took the bait.

    …bait because he didnt realise at the time where Dallas had gained his own acumen,or didnt ask,or did know and didnt forsee the future impacts,Mac-T may not have realised Dallases source of NewAge data that changed his style at the AHL level was exactly the same as Oilers players and Ralph Krueger were learning at the NHL level,ha ha ha .

    Except for one critical fact,Dallas had “cheated” to the defensive set-play stats supported side by only following the parts of the original procceses he learned in the AHL which turned his fortunes,he only took what he liked,and this meant his particular methods of implementing these newAge tactics and philosophies and concepts was tailored to the League he was playing in and to his personal strengths,this meant the fine tuning was focused on a non-NHL game.

    So two things happened,number one the “processes” Dallas created in an AHL incubator and mistakenly assumed would seamlessly transfer to the NHL level DID NOT TRANSFER.The reasons are many and to complicated to explain here with limited time and space.

    Number two, other NHL Teams mostly Western Conference ones were ALREADY using the same data as Dallas was with the Marlies to build their very own NHL level functioning management programs which followed the original template or NewAge processes they shared as students with Dallas to the letter….which is what the NewAge “processes” were designed to do,optimise the NHL level Systems.

    You can see the deep waters Dallas is in now without help from the data source to get his concepts to evolve from AHL adequate to NHL adequate,he is having troubles epic ones.Darkhorse was the placebo trying to use stats to replicate the NewAge influences before Dallas got here and Dellow was what Dallas hoped would crack the data for him.

    He simply needs to come clean and get the data he needs mainlined to him ASAP….from the original source….heres the killer….Kevin Lowe and Maac-T have been trying to disenfranchise and fight off this exact same source of data for 4 years,they went to extremes to disenfranchise it,even becoming NHL leaders in Advanced Statistical Analysis to create this disenfranchising dynamic.

    They tried to simply duplicate NewAge philosophies concepts and processes they refused to a knowledge,valuate,validate,respect or retain,then pushed the river by actively trying to disenfranchise it…..while they were trying desperately to reproduce it.

    During this 4 year time-span the oilers Management were pushing the NHLs most cutting edge revolutionary ideas away from above while their own roster and head coach was trying to learn and implement it, 3 Stanley Cups were won by NHL Teams directly implementing these exact same NewAge evolutionary tactics,then Ralph Krueger and ALL players who could speak to this excluding the Core were run out of town ASAP.

    If this story were true do you think the Core will give up their fight?They will leave Edmonton first before they let anyone discredit their very experiences ,mark my words.

    These young men know what influences are driving the NHLs current and future evolution because THEY are the primary drivers of it.

    You see Jason,everything is hypothetical,no one can speak with surety or fact to what the Oilers think or intend or have done or not done ,I am postulating here for entertainment purposes,I have no facts I am presenting here to support this in a concrete manner.

    But Jason you might consider,hypotheticlly of course,that this story provides a baseline for EVERYTHING we see today happening to the Team in the room now with the rejection of Ference due to the pretenses of how and why he was brought in,as well as the last 4_ years of evolution ….we might also consider that this type of story would have to have 100% concrete statistical documented history,one which 100% fits the facts.

    Hypotheticlly speaking Jason what if there was video of Pat Quinn implementing this exact same data when he worked for the Oilers,or what if Scotty Bowman had on the record officially endorsed something unofficially recognised and un-named?Or what if Sutter had also endorsed this same data,as well as mny other NHL Teams,and what if Jason there was a CONCRETE 1007 DOCUMENTED STATISTICAL history which can never be removed to prove this out????

    I guess the answer to the 1st question is Yes I would like to hear Kevin Lowe speak but only if he were connected to a polygraph machine.Which is never going to happen,so I guess yes is really no now isnt it,huh?

    Enough storyteling for one nightmare, I cannot imagine the repercussions if if 3 Stanley Cups had really been flushed down the toilet by dereliction of duty and personal vendettas cloaked as loyal team defense which intentionally rejected Hockeys very own NewAge cutting edge Philosophers Stone influence?

    4 years after Halls draft this entire roster should be a direct reflection of the weaknesses the Core represent.The entire roster should be supportive of the Core by now bar none,but it is mess,this is NOT ON THE G.M….not when K-Lowe is influencing everything.

    1b.I dont care to hear from Mac-T as he has not been fleeced in my opinion,he is as teflon as K-Lowe,I prefer not to her from anyone who will not be honest and forthcoming.

    1c. I dont care to her from Katz,he is obviously hands off and doesnt cre to involve more thn his money,no problems we nerly lost the Team.

  • WTF

    I dont think the Goalies have failed epiclly,I think lack of offense matching the efforts put out has made the team lose 10 games they competed hard enough in to win.

    The efforts and statistical goals are being met but production quotas in terms of pucks in nets are not up to snuff.

    I dont see the Oilers being blown out in the majority of their losses.

    Those ten games where the offense was anemic would have easily balanced out the 3-4 piss-poor gmes the Tenders have thrown out there and even those werent complete collapses they were brain cramps miscommunictions odds flukes and fate.But to many to see without the redemption of some wins mixed in there.

    After seeing Dubnyk melt down due to System dysfunction on a consistant basis and be blamed and hung out to dry by management the Fans are gunshy,they think the Oilers management cant pick em anymore.

    The errors this season are a different flavor than the ones Devan faced,his were terminal and consistant and system generated,Bens issues were mostly miscommunication and over- eagerness on his part,not system generated dynamic black-holes,last season the Management couldnt properly diagnose why Devan was getting roasted or didnt want to admit it,this season they fixed that hole and got hit by Murphys Law square in the cojones at the worst possible times .

    I do recall hearing Dallas Eakins tell us all what we would be seeing now when he said in a prophetic mannerism on camera long ago that he hoped the team would not suffer the Snowball effect,he said the words,he set the wheels turning,and we are where we are,just saying,this was predictied.There is a process to prevent this type of negative foreboding pre-emptive dynamic seed from being planted inadvertantly.But what is done is done.

    If the Oilers scored 2 more goals per game their Goaltending would not be under this type of pressure,had Dubby not been fingered as the cause of last seasons early stumbles people would not be so edgy about Goaltending.

    I would run with the Goalies we have now simply becuse I helped design the Tactical Shooting Program which has been ripping All-Star Goalies to pieces over the last 4 years consistantly and which allows any team to raise their shooting %s drmaticlly no matter who they face in net.

    I wouldnt invest my War Chest in the Tender,not when most Western Conference teams and a growing number of others are using the NewAge Hockey Systems TSP.

    Remember Jason that the Oilers do not come online to balance the media currents which are growing exponentially every year,this creates an unnatural cyber-caused dynamic which NHL Teams across the board were not prepared to deal with and some have done better than others,in the past we all know there were connections and affilliations between media outlets or their owners and the Oilers or their owners which gave the Teams some conduit to balance what the Fanbase was accepting as facts.Now there is no Oilers presence out there to counter what the group catalysed status quo accepts as facts.

    Half the problem with Fan perception is caused by the Oilers making themselves unavailable online in any official capacity to lend some factual reality to the situation.

    No Oiler has the moxy to explain things like how Dubby was nutted without implicating comrades becaause there is no way to do it.The Oiles cant go online to connect with the Fanbase officially under the terms of their current business model,because they will be busted every time they misepesent the smallest detail or dynamic action,they need to transition to a more transparent open honest business model truly based on results not statistical excuses befoe they each out into cyber-space to calm public perceptions the right ways.

  • Jason Strudwick


    The hypothetical shooting percentages we saw under Krueger are hypotheticlly and directly connected to the NewAge impacts described previously.

    There are hypothetical paralell statistical baselines produced and on record by every Team which has implemented these same NewAge Hockey System influences.

    This means that hypotheticlly there are concurrent paralell identical statistical records in sequence and in chronological order produced by multiple NHL Tems which document this epic NewAge influence as it has permeated the NHL landscape,statistics which mate with identical dynmic sequences and actions like fingerprints.

    Yes,this means the Oilers CAN reproduce the shooting percentages you all believe were fluke luck or ebb and flows,there is a PROCESS which encompasses this type of management.But it is a “process” the Oilers refuse to learn properly or endorse fully and this is leading them to fall behind average League evolution,especilly in the Western Conference where this influence was first released.

    Sams 8 point night was not a one-off.It was System-management generated.The System Mangement program just wasnt well known ,officially aknowledged or named.Now it is.

    If Dallas and Kevin Lowe want to win they need to pay the Piper,clean the slate with an off the record mke-up call and not bury but consume their mistakes.

    The Shooting percentages CAN be turned up at will,if you know how to do it, statistics will lead you to the scene of the crime but will not tell you what happened so you need something more powerfull to help you engge this area of your execution.

    The Oilers core have never had their Coach working with them on these things since Ralph left,he was beginning to build a working reltionship with the men and when he left that positive lerning and growing environment left with him to be replaced by Herr Eakins Gulag where the men have been forced to learn how to chop wood and haul water and explain how they lost but still competed instead of being taught by killers how to score goals in the NHL and win .

    The Oilers might be interested in how to flip this switch right now,but if you like it you need to put a ring on it,hypotheticlly of course.


  • cmandev77


    I’m getting into a detailed report of how the Oilers breakouts and stand the line defence should be. Its been sent to Winnipeg so Dallas can review it.

    It’s like this all 5 skaters stand still in the defence blue line and have active sticks and knock the luck away. Then use full body torso checks and plant the skater through the boards. This is called the active torso swinger play, Dallas needs to call it from the bench by waving 2 water bottles in the air like an airport runway guy. I’m saying too much here.

    The breakout is a hard pass by whoever has the puck right up the middle to avoid board pressure then skate laterally through the neutral zone and horizontally into the offensive zone and using the back side winger defenceman as an option A with the centre winger as option B. Option C is the trailing puck carrier. He has the option of a swing play or just a routine regroup into the boards by the net. This way we get neutral pressure diverted by the trailing 3rd Dman on the boards by the blue dot. This will initiat all access to the middle left slot for an easy tap in backhand onetimer play. All the big western conference division teams use this play.

  • cmandev77

    After the opening puck drop the first offside winger needs to stop up hard at the blue dots further swinging right. If neutral zone forecheck swig play is an option he can move to the lateral side of centre and get deep, exposing the left defencemans short gap. This will allow for the centre to push the puck into the short zone by the glass, the other winger is an option for a stick exchange with the trailing Dman who should have the puck by now from the neutral winger, after this is established its a simple give and go and a pass and a shot with the rebound. 1-0 Oilers.

    If the face off is lost then the full body torso check is needed immediately for the swing play. Then it’s a D to D pass after the turnover by the stand up lateral play on the blue line. Then an icing is needed for the face off unit to create the turnover which is followed by a simple shot off the glass to the streaking far winger with speed and a drop pass with a neutral lateral regroup to the strong side winger.

    It’s all basic hockey and all the western eastern teams use it as a simple way to break out and forecheck to the strong post but on the weak side. If followed it should be 3-0 Oilers after 4 whistles on the right side.

    • Joe Mamma

      For the love of all that is holy.



      What do you even get out of posting these mountains of drivel day after day?

      Take a hint. No one cares. No one believes your tripe. Everyone thinks you are certifiable. Seriously, like room-with-rubber-wallpaper type crazy. Elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. A couple sandwiches short of a picnic. Ridin’ the rubber bicycle. Surfin’ in Saskatchewan.

      Go away.

      • cmandev77


        I’m getting into a detailed report of how the Oilers breakouts and stand the line defence should be. Its been sent to Winnipeg so Dallas can review it.

        It’s like this all 5 skaters stand still in the defence blue line and have active sticks and knock the luck away. Then use full body torso checks and plant the skater through the boards. This is called the active torso swinger play, Dallas needs to call it from the bench by waving 2 water bottles in the air like an airport runway guy. I’m saying too much here.

        The breakout is a hard pass by whoever has the puck right up the middle to avoid board pressure then skate laterally through the neutral zone and horizontally into the offensive zone and using the back side winger defenceman as an option A with the centre winger as option B. Option C is the trailing puck carrier. He has the option of a swing play or just a routine regroup into the boards by the net. This way we get neutral pressure diverted by the trailing 3rd Dman on the boards by the blue dot. This will initiat all access to the middle left slot for an easy tap in backhand onetimer play. All the big western conference division teams use this play.

    • MorningOwl

      After the opening puck drop the first forward should float to nowhere land. The second man should disappear to shangri-la and float back to the dot and do nothing. The center should hold up in nowhereville float back to shangri-la and say WTF. If the puck goes deep the D should cross into each other taking each other out allowing the other team to have a 5 on nothing break. Fans should exit right and Katz go straight to the bat cave.