Reverse Mailbag – My Questions for OilersNation


Every week I answer five questions from all of you. The good, bad and dumb questions are all answered. It is now your turn to answer mine. I only have three questions. I couldn’t compete with your ability to produce five.

Here you go!


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1 – Why do you want Katz, MacT or Lowe to come out and speak? 

This makes no sense to me. What do you want to hear? An apology? A plan? Are you looking to be inspired? Talk is just that…talk. It’s not going to change anything. 

As a player, I was always about results. If a teammate or a coach told me they were going to do something I would think it’s great, they are talking a good game, lets see how this goes.  If a guy said he wanted to get stronger, would I see him in the gym the next morning? If he was concerned about his weight, would I see him putting back bagels dripping in cream cheese the next morning? He wanted to kill penalties, so would he flamingo all over the ice when shots were coming at him?

Talk is easy and cheap. Results are all that matters. Anyone can say they want to change or improve, but putting a plan into action is much harder.

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Personally, I don’t need to hear from anyone in the organization. This won’t do anything for me. I suppose, if it is an action press conference, where a change is happening with the staff or a trade, then I would be interested. I am not interested, however, in a state of the union. Quite frankly you shouldn’t be either.


2 – Why are the goalies blamed for so much of the lack of success for the Oilers?

Ben Scrivens and Viktor Fasth have yet to prove they are NHL starters. That day may never come, however, since they are both fighting for their lives in the net every night.  Right now, they’re getting very little consistent support around them from their teammates. The lack of an overall team defensive structure, and consistent ability to play it, has got to be frustrating for these two. These goalies face five bell chances every single period. Breakaways, two on ones, three on twos, and top NHL snipers being left in the slot alone happens far too frequently. 

These two have let in some bad goals, and they have owned up to it. But why do you all let the skaters off the hook with their defensive play? I can’t understand it. Yes, the goalies are easy targets to pin a failed season on, but there’s plenty of blame to spread around. 


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3 – Why is it just assumed that Oilers scorers that are struggling to score will simply rebound to their “previous” shooting percentage of years past?

This may be the most baffling of my three questions. This question is the one I would really want some clear answers for. 

I get that players go through tough times, and that their previously set benchmarks are what becomes expected for them. But if a player is struggling to score is it just luck that turns around for them? Can it be that easy? LUCK? In a game that players work out, and practice all year to prepare for, success comes down to the worst phrase in hockey: “PUCK LUCK?” No, it doesn’t.

Goals are earned the hard way. You don’t score goals by shooting from the perimeter, or trying to tip pucks in with a long stick so you don’t get roughed up in front of the goalie. Scoring goals hurts, and it should because it is so much fun to do. 

An example is Yakupov. His shooting percentage is 5.5%. Down from 9.0% last season. He is playing too much on the perimeter. He needs to get to the net, and battle for position and goals. That will get him on track and open up for the further out shots he likes to shoot. That is what will increase his goal total and shooting percentage. It won’t just go up on it on because that is what has happened in the past. He needs to change his playing habits, not pray to the hockey gods for the words phrase in hockey, “PUCK LUCK”

I now leave it to you, OilersNation. Answer my three questions like I answer your five every week. You owe me, and I am genuinely interested in your answers.

  • Andy7190

    Sportsnet announcer Kelly Hrudey just announced Jean Beliveau passed away this evening at the age of 83, no details yet.

    10, Stanley Cups for Jean Beliveau in an outstanding career. I am very sad to hear that, classy guy. Jean Chretien asked him to serve as Governor General of Canada, but he declined. He would have been great at it.

  • WTF

    Nothing more deflating to players than inconsistent goal tending . That’s why a stellar goalie is so important to have , and we have not had that for over 8 years . Being weak on defence also deflating to teammates and compounds the problems . Forwards cannot do their jobs if goalie and defence cannot do theirs . That’s pretty much our club in a nutshell . Lack of reasonable Defence and Goaltending . I don’t blame the forwards for having to compromise their games to accommodate the lack of consistent goaltending and defence . That’s what the forwards have been doing this year , and still does little to gain positive results , which is logical to expect anyways . MacT. has simply done a crappy job of setting this lineup to have any success with the glaring holes he has left them with . Someone else has to come and fill those holes , as he obviously is not capable of doing so .

  • WTF

    1. I want Lowe and MacT to admit they are losers, that they have failed, and have stepped down.

    2. Both goalies have proven they are not starters. They are both backups.

    3. If the scorers are not progressing then they are not performing.

  • WTF

    1. Don’t need these guys on the podium,,, they have nothing to say, because there is no plan, and running this operation by the seat of their pants.
    Besides,you don’t need the arrogant ,hothead Lowe opening his mouth in public.Best he stays locked up in Katz’s closet.

    2. Quick and Price would have the same sv%, playing infront of this team. No system, and hardly block any shots, and cant clear the puck from their zone for ions of time.

    3.What good is having advance analytics if you can’t compare them to previouse performance,
    Is that the purpose of these things.?

  • 1. I would like an explanation for inaction, are we after McDavid/Eichel? Why is our scouting so useless that all we get is duds and that Oilers think so highly off and wouldn’t even make it on any other team.
    2. Compare to any other NHL goalie even Dubnyk the record stinks. 5 goals on 15 shots, goals scored from the centre face off, wrap arounds and you have to ask why blame the goalie?
    3. It is reasonable to expect improvement from past years not regress, I have seen regression in nearly all areas of the game. I can’t fathom how Gregor can say changing the coach isn’t going to make any difference. I saw good habits forming under Kruger and improvement, I can’t say the same for Eakins. The team looks uncoached everything looks too predictable. I watched Arizona play Calgary tonight and Calgary won again 5-2 the score we lost by, the striking difference was Calgarys conditioning was so evident, they always looked the faster team winning every puck battle, Edmonton loses possession far too easily, passing very poor, there is nothing good about our team. A shake up trade eg. Taylor Hall for Geru.
    Cotier for Eberle
    Schultz, Petry, Nitikin for anybody

  • Randaman

    It is very obvious that the goal from day one was McDavid!

    Two NHL centres, two back-up goaltenders, poor upgrades on defence, demoting Marincin, more ice time for Schultz, trading Sam for nothing when no replacement was available, keeping Drai in the NHL (smoke screen), keeping Eakins, keeping Chabot as an easy scapegoat, etc., etc.

    Did I miss anything?

  • WTF

    I dont think the Goalies have failed epiclly,I think lack of offense matching the efforts put out has made the team lose 10 games they competed hard enough in to win.

    The efforts and statistical goals are being met but production quotas in terms of pucks in nets are not up to snuff.

    I dont see the Oilers being blown out in the majority of their losses.

    Those ten games where the offense was anemic would have easily balanced out the 3-4 piss-poor gmes the Tenders have thrown out there and even those werent complete collapses they were brain cramps miscommunictions odds flukes and fate.But to many to see without the redemption of some wins mixed in there.

    After seeing Dubnyk melt down due to System dysfunction on a consistant basis and be blamed and hung out to dry by management the Fans are gunshy,they think the Oilers management cant pick em anymore.

    The errors this season are a different flavor than the ones Devan faced,his were terminal and consistant and system generated,Bens issues were mostly miscommunication and over- eagerness on his part,not system generated dynamic black-holes,last season the Management couldnt properly diagnose why Devan was getting roasted or didnt want to admit it,this season they fixed that hole and got hit by Murphys Law square in the cojones at the worst possible times .

    I do recall hearing Dallas Eakins tell us all what we would be seeing now when he said in a prophetic mannerism on camera long ago that he hoped the team would not suffer the Snowball effect,he said the words,he set the wheels turning,and we are where we are,just saying,this was predictied.There is a process to prevent this type of negative foreboding pre-emptive dynamic seed from being planted inadvertantly.But what is done is done.

    If the Oilers scored 2 more goals per game their Goaltending would not be under this type of pressure,had Dubby not been fingered as the cause of last seasons early stumbles people would not be so edgy about Goaltending.

    I would run with the Goalies we have now simply becuse I helped design the Tactical Shooting Program which has been ripping All-Star Goalies to pieces over the last 4 years consistantly and which allows any team to raise their shooting %s drmaticlly no matter who they face in net.

    I wouldnt invest my War Chest in the Tender,not when most Western Conference teams and a growing number of others are using the NewAge Hockey Systems TSP.

    Remember Jason that the Oilers do not come online to balance the media currents which are growing exponentially every year,this creates an unnatural cyber-caused dynamic which NHL Teams across the board were not prepared to deal with and some have done better than others,in the past we all know there were connections and affilliations between media outlets or their owners and the Oilers or their owners which gave the Teams some conduit to balance what the Fanbase was accepting as facts.Now there is no Oilers presence out there to counter what the group catalysed status quo accepts as facts.

    Half the problem with Fan perception is caused by the Oilers making themselves unavailable online in any official capacity to lend some factual reality to the situation.

    No Oiler has the moxy to explain things like how Dubby was nutted without implicating comrades becaause there is no way to do it.The Oiles cant go online to connect with the Fanbase officially under the terms of their current business model,because they will be busted every time they misepesent the smallest detail or dynamic action,they need to transition to a more transparent open honest business model truly based on results not statistical excuses befoe they each out into cyber-space to calm public perceptions the right ways.

  • Analytics can point out a weakness on occasion , but not all the components that lead to it , nor the circumstances surrounding it to any high degree of accuracy . Example : Oilers weak in goal (or inconsistent ) as well as on defence . Therefore defence unlikely to help forwards excel , and forwards unlikely to help defence and still excel as well with weak defensive help . The Flames are a good example , as they have forwards producing because of stellar goaltending and defence , despite what looks like a weak offence on paper . Three aspects in cohesion working for the Flames , where we have none basically acting in good unison .

  • Deported to Ottawa

    1. I don’t want to hear anyone speak unless it’s Katz announcing the firing of every individual in hockey operations that has a hand in on ice product.

    2. Because they haven’t been very good.

    3. Shooting percentage, in isolation, doesn’t mean much. The shooting percentages will increase if/when they have better scoring opportunities.

  • Deported to Ottawa

    Ok Strudeick, I’ll answer your questions…

    1. This losing streak is brutal. The players wont answer on the ice. Coaches are doing the only thing they can and standing by their guys. That leaves who else? I’m a tier 1 fan and can’t even give the tickets away. When you buy in bulk you’re supposed to get a discount. What we’re seeing is a massive erosion in the value of goods I’ve prepaid for. Asking them to speak is like going to the manager of the department store…you know we’re not getting our money back, but what’s the equivalent of store credit in this case? Don’t say Connor Mcdavid…

    2. I don’t blame the goalies myself. Not for all of it…their save % is low, so you gotta hold them accountable there…but you’re right, the whole team is letting them down. I look at Hall just as much as the goalies and would not shed a tear if he’s traded away first.

    3. I agree that shooting percentage isn’t going to revert to a norm…if I went out there I wouldn’t score X% of my shots…its different for every team for a reason.

  • The Last Big Bear

    I would just like to point out that undrafted AHL walk-on Josh Jooris of the Flames is now ahead of all Oilers players in goal scoring.

    Only one of many potential topics for Lowe and MacTavish to discuss in a presser.

  • The Last Big Bear

    I also want to sY that when I’m on the keyboard using advanced research stats that I have a couple cocks in my mouth. I don’t like talking just young my stuff to get you all fired up boys.

  • That’s not cool. I’m too into my new statistics and researching book I kind of lost track of what I was saying. I’m getting into a detailed report of how the Oilers breakouts and stand the line defence should be. I’ll be faxing t to Winnioeg in the morning so Dallas can review it. It’s like this all 5 skaters stand still in the defence blue line and have active sticks and knock the luck away. Then use full body torso checks and plant the skater through the boards. This is called the active torso swinger play, Dallas needs to call it from the bench by waving 2 water bottles in the air like an airport runway guy. I’m saying too much here. The breakout is a hard pass by whoever has the puck right up the middle to avoid board pressure then skate laterally through the neutral zone and horizontally into the offensive zone and using the back side winger defenceman as an option A with the centre winger as option B. Option C is the trailing puck carrier. He has the option of a swing play or just a routine regroup into the boards by the net. This way we get neutral pressure diverted by the trailing 3rd Dman on the boards by the blue dot. This will initiat all access to the middle left slot for an easy tap in backhand onetimer play. All the big western conference division teams use this play.

    • Well not bad for a start I guess,but Imposter the most important question is why if you have read all of those posts you do not simply recite it as you know it goes.Kudos,overall you sure did cover a lot of amazingly accurate details from a sizable volume of posts mostly posted here exclusively over the last recent while since I returned so you are a Newbie to some degree,you are following closely,good for you imposter,why dont you jump on board the NHS Express?You seem to need a cause.

      You know what Imposter? There seems to be a pattern to your contextual “habits”MMmmm,I havent paid attention until now,but something is coming to the surface here.

  • After the opening puck drop the first offside winger needs to stop up hard at the blue dots further swinging right. If neutral zone forecheck swig play is an option he can move to the lateral side of centre and get deep, exposing the left defencemans short gap. This will allow for the centre to push the puck into the short zone by the glass, the other winger is an option for a stick exchange with the trailing Dman who should have the puck by now from the neutral winger, after this is established its a simple give and go and a pass and a shot with the rebound. 1-0 Oilers.
    If the face off is lost then the full body torso check is needed immediately for the swing play. Then it’s a D to D pass after the turnover by the stand up lateral play on the blue line. Then an icing is needed for the face off unit to create the turnover which is followed by a simple shot off the glass to the streaking far winger with speed and a drop pass with a neutral lateral regroup to the strong side winger. It’s all basic hockey and all the western eastern teams use it as a simple way to break out and forecheck to the strong post. If followed it should be 3-0 Oilers after 4 whistles on the right side.

  • Ales Cooper

    A: because it would take pressure off the coach. It doesn’t matter if it affects a dressing room or not, but in the eyes of the ticket and merch buying public it comes accross as arogant and cowardly management hasn’t said a peep. Hiding and leaving a coach to hang out to dry while daggers are out is rather pathetic,

    B: Goalies are the easiest target. However the blame was thrown upon a coach who should have been let go months ago.
    Mike Smith stopped some quality shots after the Oilers shot themselves in the foot. Fasth did not. Stop a damn puck.

    C: I have no answer. Either management and/or ownership messed up drafting players, or coaching and upper leadership has let them down.

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter what I think. I’m just a guy who makes a few bucks per week and likes to watch hockey when work permits. But I do know this organization is a mess from top to bottom.
    Yup it’s on the players, it’s moreso on the dudes who put those players here,

  • bradleypi

    1) I agree. At this point, talk is cheap. Stay the course now and retool in the summer around McDavid or Eichel.

    2) I’m in the same boat as you. I defended dubnyk to death up until he was traded last year. He had such a great year in the lockout shortened season. Since then, it’s been a revolving door of goalies and dmen since Eakins arrived with his “systems”…..

    3) I am assuming Eakins is a defensive minded coach right? Lol I know that sounds funny but that’s all he’s been preaching since he’s arrived on the scene. To this day, I am absolutely baffled by the decision to draft all these offensively gifted playmakers, then hire a coach to suck all the talent outta them. I think if the oilers hired a coach, like a Adam Oates persay, someone that could get the power play clicking, I think the sky would be the limit for these kids. I’ll never forget how valuable oates was for the centers when he had his cup of coffee with the oilers….

    Now if I can ask you one question struds?

    What do think is the real problem here? As you can see there’s a common theme in my answers. I think Eakins is dragging this team into the mud…. but what about you? Is it the mix of players? Surprise surprise, now that the oil are out of the race, I’m hearing there’s a rift in the locker room. The annual rumours that start up when these guys play bad. Or do you think it’s coaching as I and Craig Button adamantly believe. I’d sure like to hear your thoughts.
    Great article!

    • Jason Strudwick

      I don’t think that Eakins is a defensive coach. Any NHL would have come in and asked the players to play a better defensive game. Fire wagon hockey is fun to watch but ultimately unsuccessful.

      The mix of players needs to be changed. More consistent players are needed through the lineup

      • cmandev77

        This mix of players still should be better then they are. If they are not the right mix of players then that is the GM’s fault.

        I still think it is a coaching issue as well though.

        What are your thoughts on Eakins “system”? Is it good enough for the NHL? Why are players regressing under him? Is this a coach issue?

        • I’m unqualified to talk about “systems” but…

          I love Eakins’ deployment of his forwards, but I find his handling of his d-men to be suspect. Is there anyone not being paid by the Oilers who thinks that Jultz/Niki should be getting 1st pairing minutes? Anyone who thinks leaving Marincin in the press box for 2 weeks while the aforementioned hosers Jultz around, blithely causing mess after mess for their teammates to clean up, is a good call? Or a good way to develop a promising young D-man?

          How is it Marincin is either good enough to handle the highest qualcomp among defensemen on the team or good enough to eat popcorn in the pressbox, with no in-between? Can I get a wtf?

          Franky, I suspect Eakins is being told he has to play Jultz/Niki, which, if true, would make it MacT/Lowe/Katz’s fault (not sure which from this vantage, and really, there’s not much difference anymore – saying each name references the same problem).

      • bradleypi

        Ok, but by consistent, do you mean grittier? And one more question then I’m done…. If you don’t think Dallas is a defensive coach, what is he good at then, cause I don’t see it. the team isn’t offensive at all, the power play is almost regressing backwards, where it allows more than it scores lately, and the pk is ok, but far from good…are these guys even fit, because they are never ready to start a game, and they usually look gassed at the end… what is Eakins “thing” in coaching?

        Thanks for replying!

    • Aitch

      I was at that mess of a game (free tickets) and thought of you pi. I used to say that you could never appreciate how good a defence men like Pronger or Lidstrom was unless you have watched them live. I now realize that it is impossible to understand how terrible the Oilers defensive system (swarm or chase the puck) is until you have seen it live. What an absolute nightmare on the ice? I coach an atom team and a bantam team this year and if my players looked that lost I would rethink our system. It’s either that or no player is listening to the coach, but either way dump the coach and start over. Ference is not a good defenceman, but Schultz and Nikitin don’t deserve that jersey they have on. I wouldn’t want Nikitin on my beer league team. Schultz looks like he couldn’t possibly care less about the peanut scramble he creates almost every shift.

  • bradleypi

    1) I agree. At this point, talk is cheap. Stay the course now and retool in the summer around McDavid or Eichel.

    2) I’m in the same boat as you. I defended dubnyk to death up until he was traded last year. He had such a great year in the lockout shortened season. Since then, it’s been a revolving door of goalies and dmen since Eakins arrived with his “systems”…..

    3) I am assuming Eakins is a defensive minded coach right? Lol I know that sounds funny but that’s all he’s been preaching since he’s arrived on the scene. To this day, I am absolutely baffled by the decision to draft all these offensively gifted playmakers, then hire a coach to suck all the talent outta them. I think if the oilers hired a coach, like a Adam Oates persay, someone that could get the power play clicking, I think the sky would be the limit for these kids. I’ll never forget how valuable oates was for the centers when he had his cup of coffee with the oilers….

    Now if I can ask you one question struds?

    What do think is the real problem here? As you can see there’s a common theme in my answers. I think Eakins is dragging this team into the mud…. but what about you? Is it the mix of players? Surprise surprise, now that the oil are out of the race, I’m hearing there’s a rift in the locker room. The annual rumours that start up when these guys play bad. Or do you think it’s coaching as I and Craig Button adamantly believe. I’d sure like to hear your thoughts.
    Great article!

  • Ales Cooper

    1) K-Lowe’s mouth wrote a cheque his A$$ couldn’t cash with that I know something about winning, I got 6 Rings then calling fans Tier 1 and Tier 2 fans because of how much money they have. Sheer arrogance and this dumpster fire of a season has put the target right around his neck. I think MacT meant well saying publicly he was going to make some BOLD moves, rookie GM mistake but other teams knew he was now desperate to make a move and will try to bend him over on a deal. Katz just hosed taxpayers out of millions for a new rink and threatened to move the team, Edmontonians now feel they own a piece of the team with their tax dollars, so they want to know what’s going on and why this team is so broken. Stuff like that is why fans want them to talk.

    2) Goaltending is being blamed as it seems every mistake made ends up in the net. Some bad luck, some spotty goaltending sure. 2 NHL centres has a lot to do with it, Eakins dumb swarm leaving 3 guys open in the slot has a lot to do with it, lack of top pairing defenseman, no grit, no making guys pay for taking the puck to the net so on and so forth. Like the idea of can’t fire the team, fire the coach, you can’t blame everyone so pick one person and hang this stench on him. I’m not saying these goalies are the best in the world by any means and they’ve let in some horrible goals but the above makes a huge difference.

    3) Yak can’t store stapled to the bench! Text book case of Poor asset management! Russian snipers don’t backcheck and play tough defense, never have, never will and that’s what you wanted you shouldn’t have drafted him. Mr. Smartest Guy in the NHL should know to tell Yak to get in the slot and everyone feed him one-timers and then pick up the last guy back going the other way and try not to let him kill us offensively. Riding him into the ground trying to make him a grinder is beyond rock stupid! You design and coach a system to what you have for talent!!
    If you’re gonna let these stud skill guys get cute with the puck on the PP, someone has to go to the net and make the goalie’s life hell so they can snipe goals through a screen. Matt Hendricks should be on the #1 PP unit with Hall, Yak, RNH and Schultz. Let those 4 make their offensive plays, move the puck and Hendricks be a big pain the A$$ in front of the net, he seems to be the only guy who will play tough. Might get a few goals banked off his stick, shinpads, face etc.

  • Jason Strudwick

    The Oilers are not a desired location for free agents, therefore they need to draft well and develop their own talent. Unfortunately, they are piss-poor at doing this, which is obvious to every one in the NHL.

    The only way the Oilers can be a relevant and competitive franchise in the NHL is to have excellent hockey operations which will enable them to draft and develop most of their players. However, their current President of Hockey Operations is an over-emotional buffoon, who uses his past glory days exploits, when he was fortunate enough to play with some of the greatest players in history, as proof that he is qualified for the job. He also uses his friendship with the owner of the team to help him surround himself with loyal cronies who are also unqualified.

    The result is a dysfunctional loser franchise that has spent almost half of its existence outside the playoffs, and about 25% of its existence near the very bottom of a 30th place league.

    I have been a fan for 40 years, before MacT and KBLowe even knew where E-Town is. I have stuck with this team through good and bad, but I have had enough. Until there is change in upper management, I will no longer support or follow this team which disrespects its loyal fanbase and has become the laughingstock of the NHL.

  • cmandev77

    Answers to your questions.

    1: I could care less if anyone of them said anything. What does anyone expect them to say? They are just going to say that this is the game plan, they knew it would be a bumpy ride but we are almost there. Just wait patiently.

    2: I do not believe the goalies are the issue. The Oilers seem to think that as apparently they are the secret team negotiating with Bryz right now.

    I think it is the system being played and a defence that either does not care or just cannot play the system for whatever reason.

    Both goalies played amazing for their previous teams as well as the defence that came from other teams. There is no way Nikitin’s game has dropped off that much in a few months. He was one of the most reliable defence in Columbus last year.

    Why did Shultz play so well under Krueger as a rookie yet can’t get it together the past 2 seasons.

    Why does no-one on this team know what a back check is?

    These are the questions that need to be answered and fixed, not the goalies. Every goalie will let in a soft shot, they are human. But when you are playing in a system like Edmonton, everything is magnified. Look how well Dubnyk is playing in Arizona!

    3. Shooting percentages will not change unless the game plan changes. Get people in front of the other teams goalies, hell we are good at blocking our goalies lines of site why can’t we do it to theirs?

    In conclusion while people say to keep Eakins because a new coach would be bad, I say this is the perfect time to get rid of him. We have the rest of this lost season to learn a proper defensive and offensive system. Use the rest of this season as a long training camp for next and turn this around.

  • charlie manson

    Mr. Strudwick,

    1) Most of us have worked in regular nine to five jobs all our lives. We are used to having our bosses hold regular meetings where we are updated as to the company’s plans. We invest heavily in the Oilers on an emotional and financial level, and we are hoping that the group that we have invested so much in will acknowledge the problems. Unlike you, I have been loyal to this one team and I would like to know that the Oilers understand my concerns. You can always go find another team to work for, the Oilers are all we have.

    2) The goalie stands still for most of the game and it is easy to read the name on the back of his jersey, not sure of any other reason to blame them for the Oilers troubles.

    3) Maybe we should have the guy who counts hits get involved in the shots counting, the hits numbers can be much more home team friendly.

  • Jason Strudwick

    Triumphant Oiler breakdown : Tri (three) is the main reason Oilers fail to produce positive results and you’ll probably seem same again tonight . Goaltending , defence and forwards acting in tandem so as each aspect is helping one another do more than just their own jobs well and at a high level that is required in NHL . If any aspect out of whack , as we most often are, all 3 areas are minimalized and underachieve generally leading to losses in abundance . You see the better clubs all have good defence and goaltending as a staple where we simply do not , and thus all 3 areas underachieve throughout game and season . We simply will not know how good our forwards are until we shore up defence and goaltending .

    That’s why it is so necessary in a rebuild to start from the backend first . Of course we did not do that , but are still stuck with the results of a poor rebuild even today . Inevitably , if one aspect of three out of whack the other two are vastly effected negatively . We need balance of those three aspects which we seldom ever see or get . Thus moral , chemistry , etc. is seldom achieveable in a setting such as we have . New Gm is going to have to rid some of our forwards to get a stellar goalie and two top defence just to kick start a decent rebuild , but at least it will be on a decent foundation to build on .

  • Positive Ray of Sunshine

    1) I would rather they all just shut up and not mention any more bold moves or what they know a thing or 2 about. I don’t care and just want them ALL gone at the end of the year.

    2) You’re right. It isn’t the goalies fault they are stuck with team defence that resembles a feces fight in the primate wing of the zoo, however if they can’t stop a flutter puck from center ice from time to time…I think you know the answer.

    3) Blaming luck is a cop out. Counting on it to even out is for losers. Of all the advanced stats, I hate PDO the most because the players can point to it and claim they are victims. Grow some balls. It’s a big mean world out there and you have to take something if you want it.

    PS – What kills me the most about the Flames success is that Edmonton is the blue collar town, yet the Flames are working like the lunch pail gang and the Oilers act like a bunch of spoiled Frat boys.

  • Positive Ray of Sunshine

    All I want to hear is MacTavish calling a press conference and admiting he made a horrendous mistake firing Ralph Kruger and has righted his wrong.
    At this point MacTavish announce the new Head COach of the Edmonton Oilers is Ralph Kruger and right after that announcment MacIdiot announce he is reseigning as GM of the Oilers in order to pursue another weekend degree from an on-line university.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    A) I don’t give a rats a$$ what these clowns have to say anymore. How many years of talk do we have with zero results?

    2) the goalies are not the problem, but they are not the solution. This team cannot recover from bad goals.

    D) #eatsh**flames