GDB 27.o Wrap Up: Sharks @ Oilers


OMG we did it! Final Score: 2-1 Oilers.

When I got tickets to tonight’s game, I was worried that the only exciting thing about this night would be the #NationLimo ride to the game. As much fun as it is to show up to games in a limo, beer in hand, it’s hard to get excited about much else when your team is on an 11 game losing streak.  Walking in, it seemed like everyone showed up with a “well… here we go” look on their faces, and hopes of winning the 50/50 in their hearts. 

Instead, what we got was a winning team.  Who the hell was this Oilers team that showed up tonight?  Either the Sharks are really bad, or the Oilers played with their game locked in tonight.  As I was sitting there in the stands, I couldn’t figure out whether the Oilers had finally figured things out or if all the beers I was drinking had some kind of magical powers.  In the end, it didn’t matter – the Oilers won and ended their streak of doom.  How long will these winning ways last? That is the question before us.  Will this turn into a run of games where the Oilers look like a competent hockey team, or a blip on the radar that will be forgotten in a matter of days? As Lowetide always says, we wait…

We wrap.



  • The beers are Rexall are delicious, and I don’t care who knows it.
  • Judging by the amount of empty seats in the building, I felt reasonably comfortable declaring myself the 50/50 winner. Damned 8 ball fails me again.
  • I think the guy in front of me set a new high score in Candy Crush tonight.  It was impressive that someone is still playing Candy Crush.
  • Finally Yak gets rewarded. I pray to every and all hockey gods that his flood gates open – he deserves it.
  • Nice game by Scrivens.
  • The beers and perogies at Rexall were delicious tonight.
  • Long live the #NationLimo!



  • Going to Rexall actually made me sad inside.  I couldn’t help but have that “what have you got for me tonight, hockey gods?” feeling.
  • Looking around at the empty seats, I couldn’t help but think that we’re finally getting to a place where the fans stop caring.  It’s both sad and understandable at the same time.
  • There are far too many kids being raised as Oilers fans.  I feel like by raising kids as Oilers fans, we’re giving bullets to schoolyard bullies. 
  • The 50/50 win I guaranteed myself didn’t come true.
  • The Sharks don’t care about our quest for McDavid 


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  • Harry2

    i was wrong. The Oilers are a great team. Mac T is a great GM and Eakins is a fantastic coach. I should have given them more time before crucifying them.

    Winning every 12 th game seems reasonable and definitely shows that the process is working.

    I will never question this organization again!

  • Lumley

    Now that Lummer is here to give everyone a shot of reality once in a while, I am sure last nights game details will not be forgotten and if the Oilers dont epeat them Lummer will give them a reminder.

    You just have to give a little,last night everyone gave at the office and that effort was put into the only System focus which will defeat the Westen Conference Teams using NHS modifications,there was never another option,this is it.Stray from it and you will lose.

    The only thing new last night was that the team followed through on the correct process for 60 full minutes.No major Coaching adjustments were needed because the Oilers came out with the proper System focus.The Sharks only made one significnt adjustment in the 3rd and it had no effect.

    They took the game lst night because they were prepared and had winning intentions,they did not compete for it they ripped it away from the Sharks fair and square by executing a superior System focus.Nothing more and nothing less.

    There wasnt much to add to what the Oilers Coaches were doing last night,nothing tactical,just small player details,most of the static was simply not there last night to have to deal with.

    There is nothing more for NewAgeSys to add ,what you saw last night is the only way to counter the NHLs current System evolution.

    The next step up is the Full and complete NHS and that is off-limits,NewAgeSys is checking out,there is nothing left to add,I spent this entire season so far trying to peripherally support this exact simple system focus,it was no fluke it was utilised last night,someone finally followed the entire process without skipping steps.

    The Horse is now standing in fresh water,what it does is anybodys guess.

    NewAgeSys out.Good luck,you are on the right track.

  • northof51

    Wait until they hit the ice @ the Sharktank. Hope the positives keep rolling in. I predicted Oilers would lose all 4 vs Sharks and Ducks. Glad I was wrong.

  • MorningOwl

    A hard working win for Oilers . I think the fellas now realize the additional effort required just to remain competitive in a game in the NHL . Best and most consistent work ethic from club as a hole all year . Keep that up , and many more victories will be possible .

    • Buzz Killer

      More than just hard work is required to win in this league. Systems need to be in place and everyone needs to be commited. Also, if scrivens turns out to be a number one would it be possible to give him an “A”? Has the right attitude to lead.

  • Chris_Cruise

    Everyone stating how tired the sharks were. Not buying it. They seems to be rolling last night and were hitting like crazy. A win is a win and San Jose did not have a bad game. Feels pretty good to win. Oilers still need to score more.

    • Chris_Cruise

      Yes they hit a lot and the tempo was good but it could have been all that was left in the tank from playing 4 times in 6 nights! And coming off a back to back. That last bit of adrenaline that was left. Who knows. It also wasn’t nearly as meaningful of a game for them as the one vs Calgary the night before.

      Oil played a much more tenacious game than anyone expected and we got a couple bounces too. Still that mishap between Jultz and Leon would never happen to defensively responsible team. Scrivens also played lights out.

      So while it felt nice to see some positivity. I wouldn’t put much thought into last nights win. But that’s just me. Wait till we’re in their barn tomorrow. Rested Sharks at home will be out for blood for sure. Starting goalie (Niemi) back between the pipes too maybe? Yikes

      • pkam

        Remember the Oilers played 5 games in 8 nights and back to back against the Blues? Didn’t the Oilers have to play 4 extra minutes of OT the night before? Weren’t the Oilers down one man in the 1st when Hendricks didn’t return after blocking Weber’s shot? If the Sharks were tired last night, shouldn’t the Oilers be even more tired in St. Louis?

        I find it funny that so many Oilers fans think the Sharks lost because they were tired last night, but the Oilers were terrible losing in OT in St. Louis.

        • Chris_Cruise

          Don’t be so defensive. Back to backs will kill even the best teams.

          People were just getting overly positive as if they forgot that we had lost the previous 11 games, barely competed on most nights and hadn’t even beaten a western opponent.

          Yes, we won, great, get over it. Its one win in a miserable season with far too few. The Sharks are the better team like it or not. Would you bring your A-Game into Edmonton right now?! HELL NO! They brought it to Calgary because the Flames are in a Playoff spot. It’s as much a mental game as it is a physical one.

          Oilers fans have every right to be skeptical and apprehensive.

          • pkam

            If back to back will kill even the best teams, then why the Oilers were considered terrible even they managed to get a point in St. Louis?

            So it is okay for a team to lose to a weaker team because they are not mentally prepared? Shouldn’t they bring their A game every night? Whose fault that they didn’t bring their A game here, ours?

            I never say the Oilers are better the Sharks, do I? I thought I just ask why when the Sharks lost in back to back they were tired, but when the Oilers lost in OT in back to back they were terrible?

          • Chris_Cruise

            Because we ARE terrible bud! You don’t think we are?!

            Don’t let one win fool you! LOL. We are garbage, have been the past how many years?! The Sharks aren’t terrible, they consistently finish high in the standings. Therefore they can use excuses once in a while. We’ve run out of excuses.

            And yes, good teams do take breaks against bad teams like us so that they have something left against the teams that they’re actually fighting for playoff spots with.

            So that’s usually what happens when you see the Oilers win an upset game against a top dog. It’s not because we’re suddenly a top team too, it’s because they take us too lightly or mentally check out, or we catch them on an off night and get some bounces. Suns gotta shine on a dogs @ss somedays.

            So that’s why people are making excuses for the Sharks, because they are legit, we are not.

    • Spydyr

      No,they won’t.

      Funny how one win in twelve , a win on a fluke goal against a back-up goalie and a tired disinterested team brings out the kool-aid drinkers.

  • MGD

    On the bright side, Pitlick really added speed and a physical presence. If he can stay away from injuries he may help.

    LD was a lost lamb on the SJ goal. Both Scrivens and Schultz pointed to the open man, but LD just seemed to be in a different world. He was also blocking Schultz if Schultz had tried to cover the man (granted an unlikely occurrence under any circumstances).

    With about 5 minutes to go Hall received a outlet pass just inside his blue line. He had trouble handling the pass cleanly and couldn’t either do a clean chip out or outlet pass to the neutral zone. So he decided to take the puck into the middle of the ice where he was quickly surrounded by 3 Sharks that took the puck from him. Fortunately for the Oil the Sharks couldn’t manufacture a scoring chance from the turnover. Until Hall improves his decision making with the puck he cannot be considered an elite level player. It would have been a good learning opportunity if Eakins had benched Hall for the rest of the game, but then Yak and Gazdic would have had to play more, which is the conundrum that the Oil find themselves in.

    • MGD

      Ed wrote: “It would have been a good learning opportunity if Eakins had benched Hall for the rest of the game, bu tthen Yak and Gazdic would have had to play more, which is the conundrum that the Oil find themselves in.”

      I remember a post-game presser last week, where a reporter suggested some accountability with some players and not others, and this is exactly what Eakins responded with. He said something to the effect that sure he could bench some of the more suspect guys (probably refering to Hall, RNH, Ebs), but then what? Who does he play?
      I think we’ve been seeing a bit more accountibility with Ebs not being on the top line the last couple games, and it actually seems to be working. The problem is that a defenciably liable Hall is still the best LW option the Oil have BY FAR! And a mistake-prone RNH (tho, he’s having a way better year than last) is the best option at C BY FAR!

  • oilerjed

    I feel a little dirty admitting this but at one point in the 2nd period when Jultz was on the ice with big John Scott, a little bit of me was hoping beyond hope that Scott would follow through on his checks just a little bit. I even had this image of Jultz laying prone on the ice for awhile. While I would hate for someone to be hurt, this did put a bit of a smile on my face.

  • oilerjed

    With no disrespect to the game last night the sharks were alot faster against the flames last night. Until we bring consistent wins against teams tired or not we still will be fighting for the draft.

  • OttawaOilFan

    They showed the 6 longest losing streaks during the game last night.

    Oilers are the only repeat customer and they have 3 of them.

    Does this mean they have ties to Mickey Mouse?