GDB 28.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Sharks

The winning was fun while it lasted. Final Score: 5-2 Sharks.

I was at the game on Sunday night, and as I walked out of Rexall Place a “we won a game” chant started going towards the LRT station. Of all the losses the Sharks will have this season, they’re the ones that ended the Oilers 11-game losing streak.  To say “that can’t feel good” is the understatement of the century.  An 11-game losing streak is the stuff of legends. Losing to the Oilers was like striking out at a hooker convention.  Obviously, the Sharks were going to come out like a pissed off team, and they weren’t going to make anything easy for Oilers.  

With the way tonight’s game started, (2 goals on 5 shots) I wasn’t expecting much from the Oilers for the rest of the game.  Little did I know, or expect, that they would come roaring back with 2 quick goals of their own, late in the first period.  That was pretty much all that went well though.  That’s not to say that the Oilers played overly bad, it’s just that nothing seemed to go right.  They didn’t get great goaltending from Ben Scrivens (he had a .792 save% – that’s not good), and any mistake they seemed to make ended up in the back of the net.

Tonight was another one of those nights when the Oilers played decently well, but the goaltending let them down.  There were too many defensive lapses that resulted in goals against. It’s the same movie we’ve been watching all year, and I’m really tired of the ending.  I don’t know how else I/bloggers/MSM/radio guys/fans can say it, the Oilers need to learn to play a complete game consistently.  That means the whole team, and not just a few parts of it.

The wrap…



  • The Oilers were actually shooting on the power play. This is scientific proof that they are able to hear us yelling “SHOOOOOOOOT” through the TV.
  • I’m really digging the Yakupov-Draisaitl-Eberle line. They produced chances all night long.
  • David Perron is heating up nicely. He had another goal tonight.
  • Eberle was making plays happen all night.  He had scoring chances, was setting guys up, and had the puck on string all night long.
  • I thought Nail Yakupov played a really solid game. He needs to find a way to score consistently though. 



  • The Sharks don’t have enough ex-captains playing on their roster.  Maybe they could give Doug Wilson a call to see what he’s up to.
  • Scrivens/The Oilers let in 2 goals on 5 shots to open the game. That makes it really tough to win when you’re spotting the other team two goals off the top. 
  • Barclay Goodrow scored his first NHL goal against the Oilers. Is it just me or has this become a recurring thing of late?
  • Steve Pinizzotto got a penalty for holding John Scott’s stick. And, of course, the Sharks scored on the power play. They deserved to score. Frankly, any team deserves to get scored against if someone on their team gets a penalty for holding John Scott’s stick. Seriously.
  • Night to forget for Scrivens. 5 goals on 24 shots. 


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    • Athabascajim

      Anyone else notice how Montreal players have such reverence for Beliveau and their past. They have a culture of winning. Eakins could take a lesson from the Habs.

      • cmandev77

        I tend to agree with you. Why did we ever take down the pictures of our great players? That was my least favourite move Dallas Eakins has made. It gives these guys something to strive for and to see who;s footsteps they are following. I love how teams like Montreal, Toronto, Detroit play tribute to their players from the past.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    That light we saw….at the end of the tunnel.

    It’s a freight train coming everyone. Buckle up Oilersnation, it’s going to be a rough month.

    Craig MacTavish would have you know though. It isn’t anyone in the managerial groups fault.


  • camdog

    There you go Coilers fans. Another loss after a 1 game winning streak.
    KLowe is still POHO.
    Your rookie GM told you all on TV he would do sh!t about the team last Friday.
    Your AHL head coach keeps saying the same stupid platitudes every game.
    Your AHL coilers lose again.
    Is Craig Ramsay alive when behind the bench or is he now a zombie?
    NOBODY out east talks about your Coilers, besides when laughing.
    McDavid will never play for the Coilers, unlike you fans he is not delirious.
    After 28 games the Coilers are at 19 pts, good for .340 on year #8 of the rebuild.
    The Ducks will destroy your team tomorrow AND you will fill up Rexall Friday for the home coming of YOUR Coilers and…. another loss.

    You fans have nothing.

    GO HABS GO!!!!

    • cmandev77

      To say McDavid would never play for our team is ludicrous. The kid will be more then happy to play for any team who drafts him. Here is a recent quote from him in an interview.

      DZ: What are your thoughts on when you hear teams might be “tanking” to pick you in the draft? Are there any teams where you’d go “I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t too well and ended up picking me?”

      CMD: I don’t think any teams tank, or anything like that and I just think there’s a couple of not so good teams. (laughs) It’s the NHL really, so it doesn’t really matter where you go, so I’m not cheering for anyone or anything like that. Any team that takes me it’s a tremendous honour and a dream come true.

      I hate comments like yours that are idiotic in their thinking.

      McDavid recently told some kid off who said he would not play for a certain OHL team if he was drafted by them. He said that you play for whatever team drafts you, no matter what.

      Unless you are Connor McDavid or another player do not speak for them. It makes you look like an idiot.

      Sorry for the rant. Just read to many of these posts lately.

      • R U Kidding Me!

        Until that 18 yo kid CMD is actually playing for your sh!t team, he has ZERO appreciation of what exactly awaits him, dude.
        What’s your next argument? Taylor Hall will go and sweet talk him to play for your Mighty Coiulers? Just like he did with Justin S? “Come play for us, we have nowhere to go but up”.

        CMD’s agent will forbid him to be drafted by your team even if he had only 1 brain cell left & it would constitute his very last advice….

        Ask Draistl.

        “Chop Wood & Carry Water”

        Who looks like an idiot now?

        GO HABS GO!!!

        • cmandev77

          Wow…You really have no concept how this whole “draft” thing works. I am sure there were a lot of players who did not want to play for the team they were drafted for.

          Do you think that Sidney Crosby at the time of his draft said, OH MY GOD I WANT TO PLAY FOR PITTSBURGH! Probably not. The team was almost bankrupt and people were talking relocation and how unstable that team was.

          What about Patrick Kane? The Chicago Blackhawks were a mess. Do you think Chicago was on top of his list?

          The list goes on and on.

          No-one wants to go to a losing team. I am sure Mr.McDavid will be more then happy to play for any team who drafts him.

        • cmandev77

          Did you get dropped on your head as a child?

          Did you eat lead paint?

          Did you possibly take one to many snorts of drywall dust in the 80s?

          Do us all a favour and STFU.

      • Serious Gord

        It is unwise to take the public pronouncements of a player as being exactly what they really think about a situation.

        Mcdavid refusing to play for the team that picks him in the draft is not a certainty.

    • camdog

      Great post!

      I think Oiler management is now in tank mode and will most likely draft McDavid or Eichel. Unfortunately Oiler management I believe has underestimated the damage that another year of losing will do to TH, RNH and Eberle. They are your core guys and another 55 games left in the schedule….scary impact.

      • Newj

        Unfortunately Oiler management I believe has underestimated the damage that another year of losing will do to TH, RNH and Eberle. They are your core guys and another 55 games left in the schedule….scary impact.

        I’ve been thinking this for sometime now…surely this losing and much more to come for the remainder of this season, will have a further detrimental impact on these young players.

        All they have been exposed to since coming to this organization is losing…signs of improvement would help their confidence…but that is not happening and for that main reason I believe they need to change coaches and a new direction that a new coach can bring.

        Others might say its up to the players to change the losing ways..but I still believe that a change in the coaching is the best impetus for change right now.

    • Serious Gord

      Largely captain obvious.

      But I would take exception with the statement that no one out east is talking about the oil. To the contrary it was reported that the oil were THE talk at the governors meeting and judging by Toronto talks shows they rival the leafs in air time.

      • Newj

        What would be the context of those discussions about the Oilers?

        Changing the draft lottery rules…kidding.

        Why would league governors have an opinion on the Oilers? Are they concerned about something? Is Katz bringing up issues.

        Just curious.

        • Newj

          I’m pretty sure that the Oil have been contributors to the inter-team revenue sharing arrangement since it was implemented. With the shrinking C$ and more no-shows at Rexall the Oil could be a taker rather than a giver next year. That would impact others owner’s bottom line and that would get their attention.

          Or maybe the item about the Oil being “the talk” of the meetings is bogus.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Did anyone hear Eakins before the game when asked if they were going to call up Lander since Gordon goy hurt and he said no that “We are comfortable right now and if he’s out awhile it’s something he and Mac T will discuss”. Now I’m no NHL systems specialist but I’m not sure in which world that losing 11 out of the last 12 games makes you comfortable at all. Didn’t they also keep Acton at the beginning of the year on the roster because he could play center. FML

  • R U Kidding Me!

    The Oiler’s organization continues to be extremely generous. They delivered another TURKEY with cranberry sauce in San Jose. Their giving should be recognized.

  • cmandev77

    I was worried after the first period that somehow we would ruin our Connor McDavid chances. Ahh how the Oilers didn’t dissapoint.

    I have become so numb cheering for them to win that now I am looking forward to each and every loss. Besides, you don’t get disappointed this way!

    Tied with Carolina right now for 30th overall but they have a game in hand. Go Oilers Go!

  • cmandev77

    I don’t think I can put the Oilers down anymore. They are my team, always have been. I remember Dave Brown(oiler) sitting on top of Jim Kyte(Calgary) and punching him in the face over and over. Jim wasn’t even protecting himself anymore. I hated Calgary but that was hard to watch. I feel sort of the same way when I watch the oilers now. This is just getting hard to watch. I don’t need to see the oilers win the cup, I just need them to not be laughed at anymore. Edmonton is a tough town and that’s how I think the team should be built. Even the fancy pants oilers from the 80’s were tough as nails. Me and my brother always had the attitude when we played that if we were losing and it was out of reach, we would just take as many down as we could. Wipe the smiles of there faces. I would pay to see that at Rexall any night of the week win lose or draw.

    • BobbyCanuck

      Yeah, I remember that game, thanks for bringing it up! Sigh, those were the days…

      It was MacT that came to Jim Kyte’s rescue, MacT realized that big bad Dave Brown the meanest man in the whole damn town was going to end him, if nobody stepped in to stop the so-called fight

  • cmandev77

    One and done (Oilers win streak ), just when I thought and hoped they had turned the corner . Back to the drawing board . Sure noticed how much they missed Gordon last night .

  • cmandev77

    Maybe its he bad knee, but it seems to me
    that Ebele and Nuge both played a better game when not on a line with HALL.

    Last few game Ebes was the best Oiler forward a when HALL was out with his recent injury, Nuge played his best hockey this season.

    Not saying Hall is a bad player but he tends to hang onto the puck on most of solo flights into the zone. A lot of OHL running and gunning. I know he missed a few games, but your number one player is 90th in the NHL points race?

  • cmandev77

    Throwing this out there for Oilers nation thoughts, what about a change of scenery for Lehtonen? Trade Scrivens or Fasth, bring in another struggling goalie for a struggling goalie to see if a change of scenery and a trade can shake it up. Is it worth the gamble? I feel we still are not getting the saves. 8 1 goal game losses in last stretch and couple of big saves and a whole new story.

    • cmandev77

      Goalie isn’t the problem. Or at least, the bigger problem. Even with a top-notch, stud goalie between our pipes, with our “D” it’s going to be tough to post respectable stats. The goalie would not only have to be top-tier, but be on fire EVERY NIGHT. And that’s only to keep the team in the game barely.

      No, we need significantly better D before we worry about a(nother) new goalie. Problem is, people love the goalie idea bc its easier to replace one player with another, than trying to replace 3-4 Dmen with new Dmen.

      We need an entire top D-pairing, and probably a better 2D guy too. We have really nothing that would be 1/2D on a decent contender, and our 1/2D guys would be generously called 3/4D on a different team.

      Have to put better protection in front of the goalie before we can worry about that position. And I suspect with better D, we might not NEED new goalies because ours would do just fine. They just can’t single-handedly save the team every night with no help/support

  • cmandev77

    Oilers visually have looked worse and done less over the last two seasons . Their attention to defence has made them a boring team to watch most nights . All Mact’s. new players do little to inspire excitement , or positive results , and somehow have made the other ones (youth) seem like they are digressing . Maybe that is the coaching to some extent , but this is the club MacT. has given us , and he is responsible for the coaching staff in place .

  • Nuggets

    We’re not one or two players away from turning the corner. I know everyone wants/needs to believe that, but its delusional. People talk about “If only we had a better goalie” or “if only we had a 2C”, etc., like if we just had that piece, we’d be doing magically SO much better. Or “just wait until our prospects are up here full-time”. Etc.

    Truth is, we’re multiple (experienced) players away from turning the corner. And to turn that corner, we’re going to need to fill those holes simultaneously, or pretty darn near. We do need a 2C. And we do need a 1D and probably a 2D and maybe even a 3D. We might need a different goalie. We do need a genuine, experienced, grizzled leader who won’t take any pooh from the room. But we need all those things ON THE SAME TEAM, IN THE SAME SEASON.

    Which is why I believe MacT isn’t doing anything. Because he knows that with what we have available to trade, we couldn’t plug more than a hole, MAYBE 2 tops. And if you can’t plug them all at once, why trade away your few valuable pieces when its not going to make material difference for the team anyways? I hate to say it, but I’m not sure we CAN claw our way out of this, not while Hall is still under contract here. Too many holes to fix, and while we’d love to believe our prospects and Dishonour for Connor are going to be our saviors—given the recent history on this team, there is no support for that kind of thinking.

    Short of literally trading every single player on the team without a NMC/NTC, I’m not sure anything can be done to get this team out of the basement.