GDB 29.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Ducks


I can’t wait to watch this again on Friday! *sigh* Final Score: 2-1 Ducks.

Generally speaking, having the Sharks and Ducks on back to back nights has been a murderers row for the Oilers.  Hell, that’s a tough swing no matter what team you are.  The Oilers played fairly well against the Sharks, and they were going to have to come up with the a better effort if they had any chance at getting points against the Ducks. They were definitely going to need better goaltending tonight, to say the least.  Last night, any and all mistakes wound up in the back of the net.  Tonight, goaltending wasn’t the problem. It was the offense that needed work.

Tonight’s game was another chapter in the Oilers’ Guide to Having Some Players Execute Better Than Others.  It’s a very long story, and every chapter is the same.  Somehow, this story continues to sell well despite the lack of any progress in storylines.  Sometimes the characters change, but the result is always the same.  Last night, the offense was going but the goaltending was shaky. Tonight, Viktor Fasth played very well. With a .939 save% Fasth gave the Oilers a chance to win. Unfortunately, it’s pretty tough to win games when you only score one goal.

Like a tortilla, we wrap. 



  • It was awesome to see Brandon Davidson play in the NHL after all that he’s been through. Amazing story.
  • It’s funny that Ducks fans are still booing Justin Schutz.  It’s not like he’s lighting the world on fire here.  Surely, a quick Google could have told them that.
  • Nuge gets an extra present in his stocking after scoring his 7th goal of the year. (Nothing too violent though).
  • At least the Oilers only lost in front of 300 fans in Anaheim.
  • Viktor Fasth was really solid tonight. (.939 save% on 33 shots)



  • Ryan Kesler looks just as miserable as he did in Vancouver, but now he has a better tan. Seeing him score was as annoying as ever.
  • Andrew Cogliano turned out to be a solid NHLer.  Good thing we got that 2nd round pick. 
  • Visually the Ducks were the much better team, but I haven’t had a chance to compare notes with MacT yet.
  • The Ducks have a good team, and their arena was still empty tonight. You spoiled, selfish bastards!
  • Matt Hendricks had a solid night. Unfortunately, when Matt Hendricks is leading the way offensively, things are probably not going your way.
  • Why didn’t Dallas Eakins take his timeout with 30 seconds left? You can’t carry them over to the next game, Dallas.


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  • Andy7190

    It’s funny, the “can’t fire another coach” culture…
    Gregor, and a couple other media, keep saying you can’t keep getting rid of coaches…
    You got mr burns running the place…, then Smithers, Carl, Lenny, and now homer…DOH!! (At least if was funny and had a personality)
    This guy is only worse than our time with George burnette, and I’d take that guy back now…
    Eakins is only here because we have management that will never admit they are wrong…
    Should have brought in vignault(?), ruff, laviolette, ANYONE half assed qualified…
    I want to keep this guy now, so we do finish last, and PLEASE hire mclennon(?) from San jose…

  • D-Unit

    Maybe Dallas didn’t take the time out, cause he was worried they wouldn’t get the First Down or Out of Bounds to stop the clock, and was saving so they could get another play in before the end of the game.

  • Lumley

    Hard to win, when your lead by example guy blows his coverage and gives the other team a breakaway for the game winning goal.

    Still think they need to get Hall and Yak on a line together. Nuge and Ebs. Plus pieces.

    • bradleypi

      So you are of the thinking that klefblom was in good position for a dman?? If kblom wasn’t shaking hands with his d-partner, that goal doesn’t happen. Anybody that knows hockey should be able to see that…. but I guess the hall haters will just hate… classic oiler fan

      • BubbaZanetti

        Hate to break your heart fella, but it’s not that we hate Hall, we just don’t think he is as good as you think he is. Yes, he has good skills, skates crazy fast ( just doesn’t know where he’s going ), puts up decent points on a not so good team…BUT does he have what it takes to lead this team ? So far IMO, he isn’t showing it, also does he have the ability to make the players around better ? Doesn’t look like it.
        These are fair questions to be asked, are they not ?

  • Hemmercules

    There is an ex Edmonton Oiler that I would consider to replace Eakins that isn’t exactly in the old boys club…Dougie Weight. He is basically running the show in Long Island.

  • Hemmercules

    Skipped the game like most of em lately. Lots more “fire Eakins” going on in the comments in this post game. Just curious though, is it Eakins fault these guys only score 1 or 2 goals a game?? Can Eakins force a player to stand in front of the net during the game?? I’m no Eakins fan, but the players seriously need to step up if they want to win these 1 goal games once and a while.

      • Hemmercules

        So, bench the entire team? Who are these guys that Edmonton has that can stand up to Western Conf defensemen like that? These players don’t drive the net, let alone park in front of it. All coaches teach going to the net and standing in front, when not a single guy on the team is willing to do it wtf do you do???

        • Does he teach this? Does he teach anything? Lots of talk about accountability at the presser but it is still non existent. Doesn’t have to be for an entire game . Sit them for a couple of shifts while whatever bone headed mistake is still fresh in the player’s mind. If said player still doesn’t get the message then yes by all means a night or two in the press box is due regardless of name, contract size, draft pedigree, etc . With real franchises the next step is to threaten them with a trade but with this gong show it is probably more like “How soon can you get me out of here?”

          • To be fair, I could not tell you as a night in the hot tub with a tall leggy blonde beats watching this crap. I hung in there till the “press conference” and that is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.But if I had to guess probably half the roster would qualify. Obviously not possible, who would be your pick?

          • Hemmercules

            I also didn’t watch. I’m just judging last nights game on stats, comments, highlights and past games. I’m not defending Eakins so much as saying the Oilers could have won last night in spite of him and many more 1 goal games this season if the drive and effort was there. Sure, its Eakins job to prepare and motivate to a point, but the players have to want it more than the other team every single night, bad coach or not. 1 or 2 goals won’t do it. Shoot more, drive the net more, get a little dirty sometimes. These things lead to goals and the oilers hardly ever use them, bad coach or not.

            So many guys could have been benched for parts or entire games this year but it never happens often enough. Give the players some rope but tug on it more often.

  • Wow dallas, er, I mean hermicules(?)…
    What is a coaches job then? Why have them? Why do some turn franchises around? Why are they canned?
    If you answer to put systems in place, tell me, how has that been working the last two years…? Nothing has trended up on this guys watch, and listening to his press conferences, he’s happy with the way it’s going…

    • Hemmercules

      Not an Eakins supporter as I stated above. Just pointing out that this game probably wasn’t lost due to coaching. Lots of the oilers have played for other teams, other coaches and other systems. They should still know how to play and score, no?? You can keep blaming the systems all you want, the team isn’t scoring. Can’t win every night in the NHL scoring 1 or 2 goals without crazy good goaltending.

  • Hemmercules

    Did anyone ask Eakins why he didn’t provide any instruction with a minute left and down 2-1?

    He stood there like an idiot mumbling to himself while Boudreau yelled instructions to his players. Eakins didn’t even bother to call a timeout, just stood there like a defeated idiot.

    I swear you could not make this stuff up. Worst coach I’ve ever seen in my 30+ years of watching hockey.

  • charlie manson

    Unfortunately Eakins has created a new monster with his garbage moral victories…….they have learned how to lose. It is acceptable and so they do. You can replace one or two of these management clowns and it will not fix this (this is 10years in the making). Complete gutting of MacT and above, and Eakins for being dumb enough to believe he could change any of this.

  • tealyn

    I never watched the game, havent since last nov(’13) when i cancelled my cable but are you guys actually saying that the ref asked Eakins if he wanted to call a time out. I wonder if the ref is looking for a coaching job?