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The NHL trade deadline is Monday, March 2, 2015 at 1PM Edmonton time. Last year there were over 30 trades
on Deadline Day and another 20 or so leading up to it. Why talk about
it this soon?  The Edmonton Oilers will not compete for the playoffs
this spring and will be sellers at the deadline. Due to some very poor
contract management, Jeff Petry is available to the highest bidder
(unless the club comes to its senses). His availability has major
implications on the 2014-15 season and Edmonton’s final standing (and
draft number).

Jeff Petry is in the final year of his deal and makes $3.075 million. Petry plays over 20 minutes a night and is one of the few defenders Dallas Eakins can count on this season. The club uses him most often
with Andrew Ference and the pairing has been effective compared to
other blue employed by the Oilers this season—and are above 50% for the
year in possession.

What is Petry worth to
the Oilers? It’s difficult to say but the answer is probably in the
range of ‘formidable’ this year. What could the Oilers get in return?
Defensemen have high value and Petry is durable and that rare player who
is both young and experienced, so a 2nd round pick in a deep draft
might be a good estimate (it could be more, but I doubt NHL teams trade
their first round picks this year) plus maybe a sweetener involving a
prospect of some sort. 

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Should they deal
him? Hell no. Will they deal him? I think it’s going to be close. Jason
Gregor wrote about Schultz recently, saying:

  • I
    don’t see any reason why the Oilers wouldn’t try hard to sign Petry to a
    five-year contract. If you compare recent free-agent D-men who are
    similar to Petry, a five-year $20 million deal is very reasonable. If
    they have to go as high as Stralman’s deal that would be reasonable as

sense to me, but the Oilers have signed Niki Nikitin and Andrew Ference
to expensive deals and that uses up about $8 million. Mark Fayne’s deal
is for $3.625 million and Justin Schultz won’t be taking a cut in pay
from the current $3.675 million. Those four men will cost over $15
million next season, so adding another $4 million for Petry means the
club would be over $20 million for their defense in 2015-16.

MacTavish could trade or buy out Nikitin or Ference but it’s rare for
any GM to make that kind of move and admitting mistakes is not an
organizational strong point. 

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The other
side of the conversation is this: If the Oilers are in the McDavid
sweepstakes at the deadline, it’s hard to imagine a better denver boot
for the rest of the season than trading Petry. The club would have a RH
depth chart on defense that included the solid if unspectacular Fayne
and the chaotic Schultz, plus one would assume a young defender or
Nikitin moving over from the LH side.

you’re Craig MacTavish and your choice is sign Petry to help you now and
in the future, or trade him and improve the McDavid karma, what would
you do?

  • Salty

    Is this just a quiz to see how many of us are reading competent posts on this and other sites? Obviously this team is better with petry on it and they should thank their lucky stars if he agrees to even talk contract with them. 6 years would be fine with me.

    A d corps with fayne klefbom nurse petry and possibly this years 1st and or 2nd round pick is looking good in a few years.

    They have to get rid of ference and nikitin however possible (send nikitin to khl if that frees him of his nhl contract and talk captain edmonton into being traded to a team in need of veteran leadership at the deadline. I’d take any round pick. Schultz can stay if he takes a pay cut otherwise send him away at the deadline and hope other team GMs just look at the point totals. He can’t eat up 5 million a year on this roster for minimal offence – even on the pp he can be a liability. Marincin is the wild card here, I think he can play but I’d gauge the market on him as well but not as a deadline deal, as part of an upgrade in some position (eg 2 for 1).

  • lucky

    Lets put it in the simplest terms possible. The Oilers need D and Petry is the best D-Man we have right now. Is he a number one …… no but he is a pretty good #3 or one of the better #4’s in the league …. yes. The Oilers must resign him and the only reason they shouldn’t is if he won’t re sign here. If he won’t resign they should be looking for a warm body and a pick in return, Think Petry for Zack Smith type of player and a 2nd round pick. Or you could package Petry with prospects and picks for a Yandle, something like Petry, Marancin and a 2nd round this year or a 1st next year (should at least get the conversation started). You can’t trade for players that may turn out anymore otherwise we will be in a rebuild forever. Just my thoughts

  • Salty

    I wonder if Petry even contemplates resigning in Edmonton? Why would he. The organization has not treated him as well as they should have. They pay Jultz more money tehn him even though he has proven nothing… They only sign him last year to a one year deal, then sit him in the press box at the beggining of the season. Finally get him in then play him 20 hard nminutes every night…

    Reminds me of Todd Marchant. They *(Oilers) lowballed him and under the rules he could become a UFA because of it. He signed in a hurray went out and had a carreer year, signed a phat deal with the Ducks.

  • someguy

    What to do, no idea. This team is so messed not sure where to stay. Honestly? Best thing is for Katz to move his team and the oilers get an expansion team. Nice fresh clean slate after 30 years of mediocrity. Can’t get any worse. I’m friggen serious too.

  • lucky

    I’m sure MacT made every effort to sign Petry to a multi-year deal before the season started.

    That they finally settled on a one year deal is every indication that Petry won’t be back next year.

  • someguy

    I think I’ve figured it out. The old boys club are keeping the oilers back because they don’t want the thunder taken away from their glory years. Makes perfect sense now. Only way to explain the REDICULOUS moves and poor asset management.

  • Romanus

    Does it even matter what happens to petry?? It’s not like this team gonna get new management and start making the right moves to compete. So who even cares? let the kid go. No one deserved to be apart of this mess and he’s done his time.

  • 15w40

    The worst thing about a bad contract is not the cap hit itself. Rather it is the precedent for comparison. When you are paying Nikitin 4.5mil to play like the way he did, will you resign for 4.0mil X 5yr if you were Petty?

    The same was true for the Horcoff and Hemsky contracts to a degree. They earned their contracts with 70+ points seasons, and were signed to first line contracts but when the kids arrived the easier minutes and zone startd are taken from them. All of a sudden they don’t put up the 1st line numbers, and it is as if the Oilers are paying 3rd lines (toughs and without favorable zone starts) 5mil+… Guess how much money their 1st and 2nd line players now want?

  • hitchikerforajax

    Please get an NHL caliber goalie. The Oiler duo, are AWFUL!! Why did they trade Bryzgalov? I know why, because their the Edmonton Oilers, the worst run organization in professional sports.