The Edmonton Oilers are badly in need of help but are not going to deal any draft picks to get better in the short term. A few weeks back, they had a chance to pick up Kyle Chipchura on waivers but declined the opportunity. Today comes news that Derek Roy has been placed on waivers by the Nashville Predators. Does Edmonton grab him?

It’s an interesting question. Chipchura had issues (one year remaining after this one at $875,000) but Roy is an expiring $1 million deal. He’s also a better fit (more offense) and could center a skill line Tuesday night.


  • Boxcars: 26GP, 1-9-10
  • 5×5 points-per-60: 1.66 (No. 6 among forwards on the Preds)
  • Time on ice: 13:30 a night (11:11 EV; 1:25 PP; 0:42 PK)
  • Faceoffs: No. 5 option (48% on 244 sorties)
  • Corsi For 5×5% 52.4 (most often: Craig Smith, Matt Cullen)


roy vollman

Roy remains in the “two-way” portion of the Nashville graph among centers but he was getting the softest minutes and the biggest zone-start push of the entire group. You’d want to see more production from the player in this role, although it’s important to note Roy’s quality of linemates didn’t boast the top wingers on the team.

Mike Fisher’s return means a lot of change for Nashville and one imagines Roy was offered around the league (without success). I could go either way on this one: If Edmonton grabs Roy off waivers you can see why (Leon’s replacement, veteran hand to mentor one or two of the youngsters) and if they pass on him it’s also understandable (he isn’t a world beater).

I guess it comes down to his 5×5 points-per-60 (1.66) towering over Mark Arcobello (0.96), Leon Draisaitl (0.84) and Boyd Gordon (1.21). The Oilers have been sitting on their hands for some time now, this would be at least an interesting attempt at getting better without any asset cost.

Will they do it? No idea. Does it matter? Not really, the club is dead in the water no matter what they do and giving Anton Lander the gig in January makes sense if you think he might be part of the future. I do get the feeling Oilers fans would like to see signs of a pulse from management but then again there’s little evidence that would move the needle.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    It is the day after the Oiler’s loss to Calgary. Today it is the Oiler SKILL COMPETITION. It seems this competition should have been held BEFORE the season. Most of the fans don’t really want to know today. The Oiler record reveals their skill level.Why doesn’t the Management have a SKILLS COMPETITION? They could show their considerable skill in skating quickly away from this years and next years’ problems.

  • Poke Check

    Let’s face it. If the Oilers grabbed Roy they’ll play him 1 game, watch him collect 3 points in a losing cause, and then waive him 30 minutes after the final siren.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    We folded up like a cheap tent after the phlegms got physical yesterday. It change the game when they started hitting us. No push back in the physical department. We need alot more nastiness that can also play the game. Both Fraser and Roy has some

    Derek has a nasty side to him that I like. We pick him up and waive Arco. We don’t need 2 small players let alone someone that doesn’t have a bit of truculence.

    I would also pick up Fraser and then release Gazdic. Fraser at least can fight and has better hockey skills. We need physical players that are willing to go to the hard areas to compete for space and willing to mix it up or stand up. Basically A$$ holes on skates.

    • Death Metal Nightmare

      Nasty and Derek Roy should never be used in the same sentence. He’s a small centre (5’9″ and 184#) with 10 points and 2 PIMs. He doesn’t go to the dirty areas nor does he battle well for the puck. How could he possibly make the Oilers better? Although, he does have characteristics (small, soft) that would make him fit in immediately.

  • John Chambers

    Just burnt my tix to the kings game. Most respectable businesses would offer a refund for selling crappy products. Since Katz has my money my only recourse is to not attend a game. FU KATZ.

  • YFC Prez

    Snowboarding…..that’s it. That’s how I’m gonna use up my free weekend time the rest of this winter.

    Stupid oilers, making me do stuff.

    Oh and sign Roy, he’s not much of an improvement over Lander but he fits on a 2nd line a little better. Anything that gets Draisaitl out of this mess. He should be playing in Kelowna, they want him there on a winning team playing at a level he can excel at for now.

    • McDavid's Comet

      Looks like Roy has been carrying Pouliots bags over the past five years.
      Roy, has been on five teams { Buff.Dallas, Vanc. Nashv. etc.[

      Don’t think he scored 20 goals in the last five years, don’t need another same same Smurf who can’t score.

      Brin up Lander for similar results.

  • McDavid's Comet

    I would claim Roy too,and another goalie ,just to send a message that if you don’t care to play hard, there is the door.
    Shultz would be in the press box and anyone else who cares to dog it.Bring in some toughness through trades,everyone is available but Nuge.This group will never be any good,so may as well start building for next year.

    • Oilers4ever

      Based on that….we need to sit everyone but Nuge… bring in the tops players from OKC and Oile Kings for a few games to teach these “PROS” a thing or two about heart,hardwork and commitment.

  • Joy S. Lee

    Not much to lose by claiming Roy who at least has a ahem – history – of some scoring at the NHL level. I agree that the Arcobello experiment is over. Numbers aside, he’s clearly overmatched in the NHL. Time to give someone else the opportunity that hasn’t yet been appropriately filled. That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway…though, not necessarily in Edmonton.

  • Grant

    The message you send when you don’t pick up a better option is you gave up and are in tank mode. The Oilers should improve the team for the short term if Roy will do that.

    I have not watched him, but I have the sense sheltering Draisaitl with a veteren is a logical solution.

    Doubt MacT does a damn thing. Let this season to continue to spiral will create fractions in the dressing room. When he losses Petry for nothing and players start asking outta town, he will realize then he messed up.

  • WTF2

    Ask the Canucks how Roy worked out for them.

    With due respect your mother could play centre for the Oilers. And what makes you think Roy would want to come to Edmonton.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I think the Oilers should pass. Continue the effort to lock in the post season boobie prize.

    I do think Craigs usual waiver process will continue. Have to believe he asks each player if they’ll even come to Edmonton before putting in a possible claim. Saves MacTavish any post claim embarrassment should the player not want to be here to begin with.

  • Grant

    lowetide cmon, you and us readers know this makes perfect sense to pick up roy on waivers AND THEN send down draisatl to save him from this terrible season.

    this organization has proven time and time again it has no desire to win, so I don’t know why you would suggest they do;)

  • Oilers4ever

    Oilers mgmt are dumb asses if they don’t pick him up. If he was 5 or 6 mill I’d understand but he’s cheap and he can’t make you any worse. We wait to see further results of their incompetence…..

  • Britts94

    Swear to god if they don’t pick him up I’ll be done with the management. It’s (more than) slightly saddening that it has had to come down to a waiver wire pick up to help the TOP 6!!!!

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    “it comes down to his 5×5 points-per-60 (1.66)”

    does it?

    this whole argument of reducing things to retroactive numbers to foresee trends is hilarious. atomism at it’s finest.


    he’d just be one more mediocre/washed up vet struggling along with children. pass. proceed to tank. proceed to 4 more years of pain.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Send Drai to Jrs. Send Arcobello down. Bring up Lander and Williams. Let us see what Lander can do once and for all. Let him play with Hall and Eberle. Then Yak and Perron will get to play with Nuge. As for Williams, he has played over 400 NHL games. Ive never watched him play, but I would guess he’d come with a whole bunch of compete. Give him a spot on the fourth line.

    When they are losing another 20/21, we will at least get to see what Yak can do with a quality centre. We will so get to see what Lander can do with quality wingers. And Williams gets NHL pay to play 10 minutes a game.

  • BobbyCanuck

    Many people are calling for the Oilers to send Draisaitl back to juniors because he is not developing in the NHL or because his development may be negatively affected by the extended losing streaks of the Oilers.

    I am amazed that fans have such a low opinion of this mans character. He is an elite level prospect who came to Canada to enhance his development. He stayed in Canada to work out last summer and you think he will fold like a cheap tent. He will be just fine in time.

    Perhaps you, as fans, have folded like a cheap tent on your team of choice. So many sound as if they are whining because they feel they are entitled to cheer for a contending team. Well, you are entitled, to have your diaper changed but not much more. I am tired of all the crying on here.

    • BobbyCanuck

      The irony in your post is that you could replace Draisaiti with Yakapov and you could have posted this one year ago…and how is that working out for us?

      We appear to be be well on the way to dooming our latest top pick.

      As an aside, there was a posting a blog or two ago about McDavid not wanting to play for a team that would tank to get him.

      Anybody that knows a thing or two about hockey could easily point out at least 5 instances this season, where the decisions made by management would clearly indicate the tank job was in, the only defense (get it defense? ha ha, excuse the pun)would be that management should be excused because they know not what they do (watched Ben-Hur this weekend)

  • BobbyCanuck

    And Wintoon….

    We have gone from anger to despair to resignation…

    Yes we are crying, much like the cries of a motherless child. Leave us alone, go pick on someone that can fight back.

  • paul wodehouse

    The cry goes up to send Draisaitl back to junior…his own NHL club didn’t even make him available to his own countries’ junior national team to play in the WJC…I’ve said it before …MacT gets on the horn and makes a deal with P.A. to take him back contingent on a trade for him to the Oil Kings and he can stay close to the big club, learn how to skate, do well in the western hockey league again and maybe have enough confidence to come back in the fall and truly make the team as the number two centre…right in front of the number three centre Connor McDavid …

  • BobbyCanuck

    Wow really? Derek Roy? c’mon the guy is done and there is nothing he can do to help the Oilers. He had a nice career for a small non physical player but we need to move on. Someday Leon will look back and will have no qualms about punishing terrible teams in the future.