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The minor leaguers, junior players and college men are working their way up and down the organizational depth charts and this week a few good men spiked in a good way. The best among them? Laurent Brossoit. At the world juniors, Darnell Nurse and William Lagesson are impressing on the big stage, and Anton Slepyshev is doing good things for Ufa at the Spengler Cup. It’s been a good week for the men bubbling under.


Andrew Miller. All photos (Barons) by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved.


  1. Jason Williams 28GP 12-17-29 (3GP, 2-0-2 this week)
  2. Anton Lander 28GP, 8-21-29 (2GP, 0-2-2 this week)
  3. Brad Hunt 17GP, 7-15-22 (NHL this week)
  4. Andrew Miller 29GP, 9-12-21 (4GP, 2-3-5 this week)
  5. Ryan Hamilton 26GP, 11-8-19 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  6. Matt Ford 28GP, 9-10-19 (4GP, 0-2-2 this week)
  7. Curtis Hamilton 27GP, 6-10-16 (2GP, 1-1-2 this week)
  8. Iiro Pakarinen 25GP, 10-5-15 (4GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  9. Jordan Oesterle 31GP, 5-9-14 (4GP, 1-2-3 this week)
  10. Bogdan Yakimov 26GP, 2-8-10 (4GP, 1-2-3 this week)
  11. Tyler Pitlick 14GP, 3-6-9 (NHL this week)
  12. Oscar Klefbom 9GP, 1-7-8 (NHL this week)
  13. Steve Pinizzotto 9GP, 0-6-6 (NHL this week)
  14. Kale Kessy 17GP, 3-3-6 (season ending injury)
  15. Dillon Simpson 28GP, 2-4-6 (4GP, 0-3-3 this week)
  16. Brandon Davidson 18GP, 2-3-5 (4GP, 1-1-2)
  17. CJ Ludwig 13GP, 1-2-3 (3GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  18. Jujhar Khaira 26GP, 1-2-3 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  19. Martin Gernat 27GP, 0-3-3 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  20. Travis Ewanyk 25GP, 1-2-3 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  21. Luke Gazdic 5GP, 2-0-2 (NHL this week)
  22. Josh Winquist 9GP, 1-1-2 (4GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  23. Martin Marincin 13GP, 0-2-2 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  24. David Musil 25GP, 0-2-2 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  25. Mitch Moroz 26GP, 0-2-2 (4GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  26. Connor Jones 3GP, 1-0-1 (3GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  27. Kellen Jones 4GP, 1-1-2 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  28. Keith Aulie 8GP, 0-1-1 (NHL this week)
  29. Laurent Brossoit 16GP, 2.20 .928 (4GP, 1.18, .958 this week)
  30. Richard Bachman 14GP, 2.54 .914 (did not play this week)
  31. Frans Tuohimaa 3GP, 4.22, .904 (ECHL this week)


  • Andrew Miller had 5 points this week, perhaps his best in the AHL.
  • Bogdan Yakimov is beginning to emerge a little offensively.
  • College defender Jordan Oesterle continues to impress.
  • Laurent Brossoit is putting strong weeks together, now top 5 in AHL SP.


  1. Kyle Platzer, Owen Sound (OHL) 32GP, 17-28-45 (did not play this week)
  2. Greg Chase, Calgary-Victoria (WHL) 28GP, 7-23-30 (2GP, 1-3-4 this week)
  3. Marco Roy, Quebec (QMJHL) 27GP, 17-11-28 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  4. Jackson Houck, Vancouver (WHL) 31GP, 13-15-28 (2GP, 1-0-1 this week)
  5. Darnell Nurse, SSM (OHL) 19GP, 6-13-19 (World Juniors this week)
  6. Ben Betker, Everett (WHL) 29GP, 1-7-8 (2GP, 0-1-1 this week)
  7. Keven Bouchard Val d’Or (QMJHL) 20GP, 4.59 .849 (did not play this week)

Vladimir Tkachev is 16GP, 6-14-20 for the year.

  • Darnell Nurse looks very good for Team Canada. Rangy defender can really wheel.
  • Greg Chase is settling in and starting to rampage with Victoria. He had 5 shots Sunday night.
  • Jackson Houck and Ben Betker are healthy.


  1. Joey Laleggia, Denver (NCAA) 14GP, 6-6-12 (did not play this week)
  2. Evan Campbell UMass-Lowell (NCAA) 15GP, 4-9-13 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  3. Tyler Vesel, Nebraska at Omaha (NCAA) 18GP, 4-8-12 (2GP, 0-2-2 this week)
  4. Aidan Muir, Western Michigan (NCAA) 15GP, 1-5-6 (did not play this week)
  5. John McCarron, Cornell (NCAA) 12GP, 0-5-5 (1GP, 0-0-0 this week)
  6. Zach Nagelvoort Michigan (NCAA) 13GP, 2.78 .904 (did not play this week)


  1. Liam Coughlin, Vernon 34GP, 14-28-42 (2GP, 1-3-4 this week)


  1. William Lagesson, Dubuque 22GP, 1-11-12 (World Juniors this week)


    • William Lagesson has been impressive so far for Sweden at the WJ’s.
    • Tyler Vesel has a pulse!
    • Liam Coughlin has been on fire during December in Vernon. 


    1. Roman Horak, Vityaz Podolsk (KHL) 37GP, 17-11-28 (did not play this week)
    2. Anton Slepyshev, Salavat Yulaev (KHL) 39GP, 5-7-12 (splendid in Spengler Cup this week)
    3. Antti Tyrvainen, Ilves (SML) 28GP, 4-5-9 (1GP, 0-1-1 this week)
    4. Daniil Zharkov Torpedo (VHL) 28GP, 1-3-4


    • Slepyshev has been very good for Ufa at the Spengler. Encouraging week.

    • Reg Dunlop

      As always, I admire your ability to see the glass as half full. To me, however, the only prospect with a chance is Nurse. And from the little I’ve seen of him at the World Jr.s, he IS Colton Teubert. A 3rd pairing player on team Canada even though he is older than all the other D-men. Oil fans, and Lowetide, prepare to be disappointed yet again.

      • It’s funny how two people can watch the same games and see completely different things. I think Nurse has been one of Canada’s best defenders despite how little playing time he has been getting. Poor Teubert couldn’t skate. That isn’t Nurse’s problem. Actually, I don’t know what problems he really has.

      • Burnward

        His hockey sense may be questionable, but if Teubert had Nurse’s physical ability…he’d be in the show for sure.

        Nurse looks like a winner to this guy.

        • Burnward

          I’ve tempered my enthusiasm on Nurse, but he will be a NHL’er, but it may be 4-5 years before you see him as a top pairing type defender. That is ok. We are started rebuild 3.0.

          With him all the physical attributes are there, his problem is he needs to simplify his game.

          McDavid is unreal. He could play in the NHL now.

          • McDavid is unreal but Eichel I think is better. He is so cool with the puck- no panic at all, always seems to be in the right place at the right time- huge shot- looks like a leader.

            McDavid is Canadian so I guess the pressure will be there to select him if the Oil pick 1st.

            I still don’t think McDavid wants to come here though and that the NHL wants its next face of the game in Alberta.

            Happy with either pick although with our luck Hanifan will be the next dominate Dman.

            NY Jets fired Rex Ryan today so the Oilers are officially more dysfunctional 😉

            Happy New Year everyone!

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      what i continue to be disappointed with is the lack of offense from Khaira, Ewanyk and Moroz. for 3 supposedly key pieces in the future, they don’t show much. 4th liners all if they were to make it?

      also looks like a weak group of European and NCAA players for us. a bit underwhelming. reasons why Stu MacGregor and his staff should be let go at the end of the season, IMO.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      what i continue to be disappointed with is the lack of offense from Khaira, Ewanyk and Moroz. for 3 supposedly key pieces in the future, they don’t show much. 4th liners all if they were to make it?

      also looks like a weak group of European and NCAA players for us. a bit underwhelming. reasons why Stu MacGregor and his staff should be let go at the end of the season, IMO.

      • Grant

        Yes even Oiler fans (the new Leaf fans) are starting to see that their prospect list they have been hyperventilating over are garbage.

        Nurse is a solid prospect but nowhere near the impact player Oiler fans fantasize about. He will probably need two solid years in the AHL before he will be ready for second pairing minutes in the NHL and there are no guarantees he will make it.

        • scootermarty

          I must admit I lurk on this site from time to time. I enjoy the bloggers and their dedication to reporting on the oiler situation.

          As I watched the Maple Leafs go through their endless decades in the wilderness I can’t help but see parallels in today’s oiler organization. Folks your team entered its ‘Ballardian era’ back when Darryl took control. This current situation will go on for decades not years. It is impossible to have a winning team within a losing organization. You can throw 1st rounders into the mix forever but it won’t help. Good teams don’t ‘lose’ their way to overall greatness. Rebuilds look different than that. Throwing top draft picks into the grinder hoping that one season it will all click is madness.

          There is a lot more culture building throughout the oil nation that can occur in doing the right things to finish higher. Maybe a playoff spot is still not attained but finding ninth or tenth is still better than scraping the bottom every year. The current “let’s get McDavid” thinking started in November. This can’t be an acceptable approach. Passivity gets embedded in the fabric of everything and it can be very hard to rebound from for a very long time. Good luck but I think you will all be posting comments hoping that things improve for a long time to come.

          • HardBoiledOil 1.0

            ^the only reason the fans start thinking of the 1st overall pick every year in November is because this teams playoff dreams die every year around that time….

          • HardBoiledOil 1.0

            Although I agree with you on your points for building a team culture……..our situation is much different.

            Roster balance, goaltending, defence would be a nice start. Desperate organizations make stupid decisions and I’m hoping that Oilers don’t fall into that trap. Perhaps some outside voices would help? We all know Datz is loyal to a fault, not going to change that.

            I’m glad that Mac T is not over-reacting but clearly some bold moves are needed…….everything he did in the past was not bold. If he is NOT frozen by fear and can make some decent roster changes, I willing to give him one last shot at redemption.

            If he fails then it’s time to start watching the Flames!

    • TeddyTurnbuckle

      Only Lander is putting up decent numbers of the drafted players and the rest are absolute long shots in OKC. Nurse is our only true prospect and even he isn’t a slam dunk. I noticed also he is playing third pairing minutes at WJ. The Oil have a whole lot of sweet jack all coming up the pipe and the scouting staff should all get canned.

    • Craig1981

      Nice work as usual LT. Have to say I was hoping for more out of Nurse at the WJC. He has shown glimpses of his talent but will say I am a bit disappointed. Shea Theodore and Morrissey will be slam dunks for their teams.. the tournament is still early though and a lot can change. Yak2 is looking up and am happy with Laggesson. They should send Moroz to the Echl..

      I am pumped about the play of Brossoit. If this kind of play continues he will be the NO.1 prospect. Can you imagine where the oil would be with the numbers he is posting. OKC can thank him personally for their position in the standings.

        • HardBoiledOil 1.0

          ^couldn’t agree more with this! management and coaching seems to get the brunt of the venom from fans while the players seem to get more of a free pass more often than not for bad play. it’s long overdue that we start placing a lot of the blame for where it belongs….on the players!

    • Have watched every single game of Salavat Yulajev Ufa at the Spengler Cup and Anton Slepyshev was definitely one of their better players. Especially in the first game against Geneva he was the best player on the ice, despite getting limited ice time. But in every single shift he was on the ice his team played in the offensive zone creating chances led by Slepyshev. He also played the body a lot, went to the dirty areas and backchecked hard. I was surprised in a positive way by his performances. Don’t get it why he’s getting that little ice time…

      Looking forward to seeing him play in the AHL alongside his fella Yakimov.

      Tomorrow I’m gonna see him live in Davos playing against the home team.