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Mitchell Moroz scored the 30th goal of his season today. And then, he scored 31. That’s a solid total for the physical winger, a number many didn’t think he’d reach in a single season. I’m sure Moroz is feeling good about himself—and he should—because 30 goals in a season among big tough wingers is a pretty rare thing. Or is it?

30-GOALS AT 19

How often do big forwards with a physical edge score 30 goals as 19-year olds? Here’s what I did: took all of the Oiler-drafted CHL forwards since 2000 into a group, and the plucked out those who scored 30 in a year with 100 pims. How many did it in those years? Here we go:

  1. Dan Baum, 19, 2002-23 72GP, 32-41-73 218pims
  2. JF Jacques, 19, 2004-05 69GP, 36-42-78 56pims
  3. Mitchell Moroz, 19, 2013-14 57GP, 31-27-58 133pims

I included Jacques because he had over 100pims earlier in the junior career, but not at 19. He fits the description, so it would be silly to exclude him. A lot of good players scored 30 (Stoll, Brodziak, Pouliot) and a lot of these guys had lots of pims (Stortini) but among Oiler CHL picks since 2000 this is it.

Jacques made the NHL but couldn’t score at all, Baum lost his career to injury.

That’s a pretty rare feat as Oiler prospects go, 30 goals and 100 pims in season. I’m thrilled for the young man, it can’t be easy being an Oil King and an Oiler prospect in this city. Allow me to congratulate Mitchell Moroz for a splendid accomplishment. 30 goals. One season. Something to be proud of forever.

  • derrickhands

    Difference between Moroz and JF Jacques is Moroz is more of the complete player. Moroz is a beast amongst boys, but his size also gets him penalty minutes he doesn’t deserve. The last game against the RD Rebels he creamed a player in a open ice hit, which was clean, but he still got 5 and a game for it. He is a marked man with some refs, but that doesn’t stop him and his game. You gotta love the kid, just what the Oilers need, hope he makes it.

  • DSF

    Let’s take a look around the league with another random “physical winger” who reached the dirty 30. Vancouver Giants’ roster from a little more than a few years back:

    Milan Lucic, 2006-07 70GP, 30-38-68 147pims

    The big difference is Lucic graduated the WHL as an 18-year old, but Moroz’s time with the Oil Kings has shown more consistency than Lucic’s jr years.

    Looking forward to seeing his career progress!

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      if you listen to some, it wouldn’t matter if Moroz scored 50, he’d still suck because he was taken too high and developed his offensive game at 19 against 16 and 17 year olds….