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We’re doing a weekly mailbag and it’s your time to get Internet famous.

My job at the Nation is to make sure that you guys are a part of the content that gets produced here. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever read on this website showed up in the comments and I think you should get credit for it. Starting now, we’re looking for your Oilers/NHL related (or not) questions and all the writers are at your disposal. Each week, I’ll be talking 5 questions and sending them off to be answered. When your question is posted, I’ll also link it up to your Twitter/Instagram to help you rise to Internet superstardom. 

You ever wonder what Robin Brownlee wears while he blogs? Send it in. You want to know what Jason Gregor smells like? Send it. (It’s magic by the way). You want to know who Lowetide would pick in this year’s draft? He’s got you covered. You want to know what the hell a Corsi is? Jonathan Willis will learn you good. Your questions will be answered by as many of the writers as are around, so you’ll get a variety of perspectives. If your question doesn’t show up on a given week, don’t worry about it, we’ll get to you. Frankly, I’ve already gotten more submissions than I expected.

To submit a question (or 10), email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter – be sure to include your Twitter handle if you want it up there. As an added bonus, I’ll send Nation Stickers to each person that submits a legitimate question. GO!

  • Of all the rebuilds ever done, which postion was best to build around, both in terms of success and in terms of how quick it turned around?

    Elite Goalie?
    Elite Defenseman?
    Elite Centre?
    Elite Winger (right or left)?

    A follow up to that: how many elite players does it take? If more than one, what’s the best combo?

    I guess it comes down to ‘how should a hockey team be built?’- from the defense out, net out, or build offense and play team defense…etc.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    My question.

    Is Gregor joining the seminary? He used to be great to listen to. Lately all he seems to be doing is preaching.

    Please ask him. Father Gregor?

    • judgedrude

      I think the better question is:

      Do we have to retire Lowe’s #4 before #94? If so, what happens to Hall? Does he take another number or do we just trade him?

      Or do we wait a few years, and double retire #4?

    • fasteddy

      Without a doubt Theo should be…..he’s getting the Pete Rose treatment; punished for who he is and how he acted away from the rink, rather than being judged by his on-ice accomplishments. One thing I’ve always admired about Theo; he loved to win. Leave it all out there. I have a harder time with 94…..he has a “leave it all out there” reputation, but he has seemed so politically correct and calm during these lean times. A real leader would be spitting nails willing his team to get better; Smytty acts like he’s just along for the ride.

      • fasteddy

        I love Smytty, but I’m with you, I don’t think he goes to the rafters. Lowe had a more notable career than Smyth. Smyth was the lone bright spot in 2 decades of the worst hockey the Oilers ever played, with the exception of the time with Isls/Avs/Kings. There have been a few playoff apperances, and 2006 did so much more for this franchise than any other year…but that was more on Pronger than Smyth. He’s heart and soul, but he’s not Hall of Fame, and he’s not rafters. He’s sacrificed a lot of blood and guts over the years, and I appreciate it, but he’s not a leader of the team.

        • Jason Gregor

          Retiring jerseys has become a cheap back door way for teams to generate publicity. A player that deserves to have his jersey retired comes along about every 20 years. A few oilers from the dynasty deserve to have that honour but Smyrh hasn’t won anything, never an award winner or perennial all-star. Retiring his Jersey will only cheapen the honour bestowed on the others. If teams want to honour long term commitment to the team or community, start a wall of fame and have the player enshrined there. Retiring Jerseys should be saved for the truly special players

          • Serious Gord

            So who goes on the Wall of Fame at the new Arena and what do we use to represent them? A player is easy – go with their number – 94/4/39/27… But what about the non-players who are also deserving?

            Glen Sather gets a big stogie?
            Paul Lorieau gets a microphone?
            Joey Moss gets a hockey stick?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    A husband and wife are getting a divorce. The parents are fighting over custody of the child.

    The father asks his son, “son who would you like to live with?”

    Son says “Dad I want to live with the Vancouver Canucks”

    The father says “Son you have to live with either your mother or me, please don’t say the Vancouver Canucks.

    The Son screams “Dad I want to live with the Canucks!”

    The father then asks “Why do you want to live with the Canucks so badly?’

    The son replies “Dad, the Canucks don’t beat anybody.

    • vetinari

      Must not be a hockey playing woodchuck… those guys would have no front teeth…

      How about this for a question:

      If Edmonton embarks on a rebuild sometime between 2009 and 2014 and Calgary starts their rebuild officially sometime in 2013, then how long will it take before Kevin Lowe and Brian Burke get a sitcom called “2 Broke Teams”?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Most seniors who go hiking…… so accidentally.

    Now that the entitlement issue has been dealt with in Parliament, can we hope for the same to happen at the Oiler offices on Kingsway?

    Is it true they genetically engineered tuna so it fits perfectly into the can?