The Oilers have signed Ben Scrivens to a two-year extension worth a total of $4.6 million.

Scrivens will be at $2.3 million cap hit, and It will be interesting to see who the Oilers sign to battle/platoon with him next season.

Scrivens still leads the NHL in SV% amongst goalies who have started more than 20 games. Scrivens has a .934SV% split between Edmonton (.940) and LA (.931).

He is in his 4th season as a pro.

He split his first year between the ECHL (13 games) and the AHL (33). The next two years he was in Toronto, 61 games in the AHL with the Marlies and 32 games with the Maple Leafs.

This is his first season where he has spent all his time in the NHL and he has put up great numbers.

I’ve read and heard many suggest he is a career backup, but I think that might be a tad premature to say. He has improved every season, and each year he has played more games in the NHL and his SV% has improved during each campaign.

This is a great contract for the Oilers. Scrivens should be extremely motivated to earn the starting job, and his price point could make him one of the best bargains in the NHL if he wins the job.

I don’t see a negative with this signing. What are your thoughts?


  • John Chambers

    Great deal for economy. Get another 1A goalie for $2M or less, dump Hemsky’s, Gagner’s, Jones’, Schultz’s contracts, and now you’ve got money to add a top-pair D (overpay for Markov), and Grabovski for 2C.

    Hall – RNH – Eberle

    Perron – Grabovski – Yakupov

    Hendricks – Gordon – Winnik

    Horak – Lander – Pitlick

    Markov – Schultz

    Petry – Marincin

    Ference – Klefbom


    Scrivens / Reimer

    • Randaman

      Obviously you have become accustomed to being in the bottom 6th in the standings. Give your head a shake. Markova isn’t going anywhere and Grabovski? Really?? Draisoitti will be there next year as the #2 C

      • John Chambers

        Rumour has the Oilers pursuing Markov (and likely a big overpay on a 3-year contract). I’m supportive as there just isn’t anything else available for LD that can fill the role. This to me is a necessary stop gap until Nurse is ready for the big assignments.

        I could see the Oilers going after Spezza, or trading the pick for a C who can play on the top 2 lines. Gagner won’t cut it, and Draisaitl or Bennett or Reinhart aren’t the answer for the next two seasons.

        • What rumour says Edmonton is looking at Markov? It’s hardly a rumour that Edmonton needs a top pairing D-man, nor is it a rumour that Markov is an unrestricted free agent in the off season. Really…that’s quite the scoop you’ve come up with.

          the Spezza gig is pretty funny too. Maybe Ottawa desperately wants to replace a competent 1st line center with Sam Gagner!

        • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

          You can’t let Perfect be the enemy of the good. I’d take Markov or Erhoff or Meyers or whoever the heck we can get…….the pursuit of perfection often results in no change at all.

          Having said that…..Go get Dustin Byfuglien MacT!

          Get someone because our young guns development is suffering because of the lack of supporting cast and experienced mentors.

        • Randaman

          I guess that all depends on whether the plan behind closed doors is to go after McDavid. It’s all too obvious that the fans don’t matter to this organizatoin. What’s one more year to Lowe or Katz. The coffers are full and with the new building coming I can actually see them looking at this angle.

        • clrsnldvc81

          Spezza on the trade block but with a limited no trade so what are the chances he comes to Edmonton?

          I think Spezza is a better option than Gags on any day that ends in “Y”

          Not sure what it would take to get that deal done though…

    • Zarny

      Not so.

      The first 20 games rendered many on this site completely out of touch with reality. Perspective has been completely lost.

      A common refrain was that Scrivens would never sign in Edm or the Oilers would have to massively overpay.

      It was of course just silliness no different than “Hall, Eberle, Nuge etc will demand trades to get out of Edm”.

    • pkam

      Not me. I was expecting 2.5M to 3.0M so I would start my offer at 2.5M and hope it was signed somewhere in between.

      I was surprised MacT managed to sign him at 2.3M.

    • "Frank the dog"

      I’m pleasantly surprised that a worthwhile player is prepared to sign on this team. Not sure whether it was the goalie or the Oilers limiting their risk, though.

      Definitely a positive development for this team. It would have been quite embarrassing if even a local boy like Scrivens had refused to sign.

  • vetinari

    Term is good. Money spent is good. This is the best that I’ve felt about an Oiler goalie since Rolosson. Hopefully, it is warranted.

    And yes, Dubnyk is on waivers– let’s see if there are any takers.

  • T__Bone88

    I think this is a fair deal for both. Low risk for Oilers and Scrivens gets security and a chance to prove that he is capable of being a starter. With Scrivens now signed I think the Jonas Hiller rumors will be thrown out. The Oilers for sure will be goalie hunting this offseason but probably like a No. 1B type goalie to platoon with Scrivens. Kinda ironic with the other news today that Dubnyk being waived. That deal for Hendricks isn’t looking bad after all.

    • Muji

      #1: Dubnyk has been pretty solid the last couple years. Some were even expecting him to a be a darkhorse Team Canada pick less than 1 year ago. Before that, he was considered a developing prospect.

      #2: Pekka Rinne is back.

      It’s amazing how fast an NHL career can go south… and it comes at the worst possible time for him with his contract being up and a strong crop of FA goalies this summer. I hope he lands on his feet.

      • v4ance

        Dubnyk has struggled this entire year and after the trade to Nashville, he had 2 rough games giving up 9 goals. They gave the net to Carter Hutton for the rest of the time that Rinne was out and never looked back.

        Dubnyk will have to resurrect his career in some other city by coming back up through the AHL again.

  • clrsnldvc81

    Considering it only cost us a 3rd rounder to get argueably the most HOPEFUL goalie in recent years, i say it’s a good signing…

    side note… Dubnyk on waivers as per Tee Ess Enn

    Pretty sure we won that trade with Nashville…

  • toprightcorner

    Great signing by both parties. No real risk at that cap hit and leaves lots of room for adding a solid goalie to push Scrivens for the starting role.

    If Scrivens keeps up his play for the next 2 years he will get a starting goalie contract, if not he can still be a quality back up.

    If MacT can add a solid guy like Halak or equivilant to create competition, our goalie issues could potentially be taken care of.

  • Randaman

    Who makes the rules that a starter has to come up a certain way? Thought so. This is a bright spot on a very bleak year. Now we just need a #2 & #3 D, a #2 C and trade some smurfs for some size in the top 6. Eberle comes to mind. Tired of the fly bys and lack of effort defensively. Hanging with Snow pants too much.