Craig MacTavish looks like he has made his decision for his goalies next season. A day after signing Ben Scrivens to a two-year deal, he traded Ilya Bryzgalov to Minnesota for a 4th round pick, and then he acquired Viktor Fasth from Anaheim for 5th round pick in 2014 and a 3rd round pick in 2015.

I see Scrivens as more of a starter than Fasth.

Fasth is 31 years old and he has played 30 NHL games over the past two seasons. He has a .915 SV% and a 2.32 GAA. Prior to last year he played in the Swedish elite league. He has been banged up this season.

He has one year remaining on his contract and he comes with a $2.9 million cap hit.

They will battle for the starting job, and it is obvious that MacTavish wants to have solid goaltending, especially because the D corps will still be young next season. The timing of the Fasth trade is a bit surprising to me, but clearly MacTavish didn’t want to wait and miss out in free agency.

Thought on the trades?

  • Eli Porter

    I like it! Scrivens/Fasth is about 5x more confidence building than Dubnyk/LaBarberra. Oilers have plenty of “2nd tier” assets to move out & get 2014 2nd-5th rnd picks back

  • John Chambers

    More nothing moves shuffling the deck of a bunch of low level NHL outcasts.

    Nothing bold or interesting. All boring.

    Time for new management with new ideas to attract some quality players.

    Six rings and bold moves are not smart enough to put together a playoff contender.

    • John Chambers

      We shed negligible assets to build a low-cost goaltending tandem next year that has upside to deliver beyond their contracts.

      Anyone who doesn’t understand how positive the last 24 hours has been doesn’t understand the business.

      While you sit there hoping, somebody is actually doing something.

      • Mason Storm

        I wouldn’t say having two goalies on your roster who have a combined 88 games nhl experience is good business. They might work out and they might not, clearly management believes in these two. I just wish I could still believe in this management

      • Mason Storm

        And we have had six rings and bold moves running this team for 14 years with, what is it… The worst record in the NHL…..

        Hmmm. There is a difference between doing something for 14 year and doing something right.

        No leadership in current management and zero hockey smarts.

  • Eli Porter

    Oilers once again putting hopes of next season on 2 unproven goalies. Mac T is either going to look like a genius or we’ll all have something else to complain about next December

  • Eli Porter

    With the Continued lack of any sort of knowledge about goalies, we will continue to lack a healthy development of ANY goalies in our system. Please get rid of the goalie coach, and stop signing backups and burying them in the minors and taking up spots that we need our draft picks to fill.
    The way the Oilers treat goalies they shouldn’t even Draft them.
    It’s pathetic.

  • bwar

    Sportsnet.ca says Penner went to Washington for a 4th round pick. If true, that should tell you what Hemsky is worth.

    Good job dumping Bryz for some return. I think MacLooselips paid a smidgen too much for Fasth, but no big deal.

    • Reg Dunlop

      Penner – 13 goal, 19 assist, 32 points.

      Hemsky – 7 goals, 17 assists, 24 points.

      Even if you allow that Penner might get a few “gimme” points playing for a better team as compared to Hemsky, it’s still hard to rationalize why Hemsky would fetch anything more than Penner

      • Mason Storm

        Anaheim wanted to make room for Robidas and probably someone else for their top line, that why they sold low.

        I think Hemsky is worth 2-4rth rounder at this point. we’ll see.

        • **

          They got the maximum the market was willing to pay. If there was a better deal to be made, they would have made it.

          I agree with your estimation of Hemsky’s worth. I think MacLooselips would be thrilled to get a second, but more likely will get a 3rd or 4. Maybe the price will go up tomorrow as scorers start to disappear off the market.

          Penner has twice as many goals for less than half the salary of Hemsky. Not to mention he’s much bigger which is important at playoff time. Can’t see Hemsky being worth more.

          • vetinari

            Two players in very different situations. Not saying Penner is a bad player, and he’s a great guy (ive met him). But he is nowhere near the talent Hemsky has. I would love to see what Hemsky could do beside Getzlaf and Perry.

          • Mason Storm

            Hemsky was pretty good for the Oil in their 2006 playoffs. Part of the problem for him is that injuries caught up to him after taking so many licks over the years, so he’s backed off a bit to stay healthy. But don’t you think that if Hemsky is on a team making a serious run, and maybe thinking ahead to his next contract, that he might put it back out there again? Hemsky would be a good gamble for the right team.

          • pkam

            You seem to be saying you need to go back 8 years to find a good performance by Hemsky??? Let’s hope some other teams have a higher regard than that or the Oil may be left holding the bag.

          • mesa

            Nah, my point was more along the lines of refuting that you need to be a linebacker to be effective in the playoffs.

            Phil Kessel is not my favourite player. He actively tries to avoid taking hits and getting hit by the puck. But he has some good playoff stats and had a good series against Boston, despite playing most of his minutes against his nemesis, Chara.

            I can complain all I want about Kessel, but you can’t take away that productivity.

  • Best of luck to Bryz.

    I’m sure he’s happy to go to a team with a good chance of making the playoffs.

    From what I heard he was a good teammate and well liked in the dressing room.

    I like both these moves that MacT has made today. Keep em coming.

  • Reg Dunlop

    although not super bold moves,I think it is a good tandom and a far cry better than the last 5 years.if scrivens develops into a true starter and fasth handles back up duties,I think the oilers finally addressed our tending problems!!!!good job Mact

    • clrsnldvc81

      Ward would’ve wanted what we will be paying Scrivs and Fasth combined… Just because a player WANTS to come to Edmonton (seems very hypocritical of us not wanting someone who actually might want to come here) doesn’t mean he is the right fit. Outside of that one year he had to F*&%ing beat our beloved Oil in the finals, he has been a marginal goalie at best… tack on injuries and age… he could be Knabby part duex for us

      Excellent trades… getting some value for Bryz… i would’ve liked it to be a 3rd but beggers cant be choosers

    • v4ance

      Cam Ward IS an average NHL goalie but has basked in the glow of one great season winning the cup for far too long.

      The cost of acquiring Ward would have been a bad overpayment for his actual performance.

      I’m much happier with 2 good options with elite upside constantly fighting for the #1 like St. Louis, Toronto and Anaheim’s situations.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Scrivens and Fasth? At least it’s not Dubnyk and Labarbarra…..I will hold my breath on these two, I’ll tell you how this tandem does this December.

  • Eulers

    Fasth’s cap hit is fairly high for a backup with 32 games under his belt.

    Oilers needed someone to challenge Scrivens but I would have preferred for them to go after a more established goalie when free agency opens.

  • Eulers

    MacT continues to impress. Winning more trades than he is losing.

    The signing $ for Scrivens (all joking aside) is fantastic especially contrasted with the last moron’s goalie project (Khabibulin).