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Yesterday, we had a look at Craig MacTavish’s roster exits. Today, we look at what he brought in to change the team’s fortunes.


  1. David Perron: Skilled player, first shot scorer, skilled and gritty. Great season. 
  2. Andrew Ference: The big addition to the blue line, he struggled. 
  3. Boyd Gordon: The ideal UFA option and they landed him. Wow! Nice season. 
  4. Jason LaBarbera: Oh, it did NOT go well. 
  5. Denis Grebeshkov: A reasonable long shot bet that didn’t work out. 
  6. Anton Belov: I don’t think he returns. 
  7. Jesse Joensuu: The new Hartikainen, I think Hartikainen was better. 
  8. Phil Larsen: He looked good on the wing, not so much on the blue. 
  9. Ryan Hamilton: AHL winger signed with hopes of NHL time, foot speed a killer. 
  10. Andrew Miller: Spent the season in OKC. 
  11. Will Acton: Spent significant time in the NHL this season. 
  12. Richard Bachman: No matter what happens, we’ll remember “the game”. 
  13. Brad Hunt: AHL All-Star, played 3 NHL games. Yes he did. 
  14. Darnell Nurse: Almost made the Oilers, spent a productive season in the OHL. 
  15. Marco Roy: Injuries derailed a strong start. 
  16. Bogdan Yakmiov: Big C from Yak City, he had a good year and may be coming over. 
  17. Anton Slepyshev: Looked good at WJ’s, we’ll see. 
  18. Jackson Houck: Scored 34 in the WHL. 
  19. Kyle Platzer: Scored 22 in the OHL
  20. Aidan Muir: Started slowly, but posted 41 points in 54 USHL games.
  21. Evan Campbell: Didn’t score for a long time, but ended up with 9 goals. 
  22. Ben Betker: Impressive season with Everett. Big, strong, good speed. 
  23. Greg Chase: Enjoyed an exceptional season. Looks like a draft steal. 
  24. Luke Gazdic: Found himself a home.
  25. Linus Omark: He arrived, he played, he left. 
  26. Ilya Bryzgalov: Ditto.
  27. Steve Pinizzottto: Gritty winger came over for Martindale, interesting player.
  28. Laurent Brossoit: ECHL dynamo, we’ll see how things go in the AHL.
  29. Roman Horak: I always liked him in Calgary, and he looked good last night.
  30. Jordan Oesterle: Recently signed college defender, we’ll see.
  31. Ben Scrivens: Rivals Nurse, Perron and Gordon as MacT’s best moves of year one.
  32. Viktor Fasth: Suitable 1B, we’ll see if he has sustain.
  33. Mark Fraser: Gritty defender, coverage gaps.
  34. Matt Hendricks: Added some experience to the bottom 6F.
  35. Ty Rimmer: He played well in a few AHL games.
  36. Chet Pickard: He did not. 

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  1. Dillon Simpson: His college career is over, we await his signing.
  2. John McCarron: College winger could stay another year.
  3. Joey LaLeggia: Ditto.
  4. Erik Gustafsson: Had a good year in Sweden, may be ready.


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Sometimes, we can all look ridiculous in the middle of an important task. However, there’s some very good names in this group: Perron, Gordon, Ference, Nurse, Scrivens and others. Craig MacTavish has a lot of work to do this summer, but he put in a lot of miles this season to set up the coming moves.

Will they be bold? Will we like them? If he sends away Martin Marincin in a package for a veteran defenseman who can play 22+ minutes, will you like him then? What if he deals the lottery pick this season? The McDavid pick from next year?

Hold on. It’s coming.

  • Oilfan69

    Why do Oiler bloggers keep referring to freakinGrebeshkov as a reasonable risk worth taking? He stunk in his first go round in Edmonton, and he recently stunk in the KHL.

    Terrible signing.

      • PlayDirty

        Burning up a contract and a guaranteed $1.5 million dollars on a player who played poorly in an inferior league is laughable. The Oilers were up against the contract limit for much of the season.

        A competent manager brings a longshot player like that into camp on a professional try out. Then when FreakinGrebeshkov stunk up the place he could have been released. THAT would have cost nothing.

        Not a real hard concept to grasp.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        This was a poor signing. A waste of a contract. As the previous writer wrote horrendous his last season in Edmonton, brutal his last season in Nashville, and bad his last season in the KHL.

        However, the repercussions of signing him were minimal so not detrimental in any way. I just think signing a garbage player is a waste when you could use it on a potential solution. The fact he was seen as a potential solution is another illustration of the poor Pro scouting the Oilers have employed for awhile now.

  • Word to the Bird

    Matt Hendricks was the biggest surprise for me. His play and leadership on the ice impressed me. He came in with a 4 year contract that was panned by most writers. By Robin Brownlee he shoved all those reservation right up the critics behind. The guy was solid.

    The other surprise for me was the emergence of Luke Gazdic. His arrival and subsequent 13 fights showed the rest of the league that the Oilers were no longer putting up with the guff they were dealing out.

    I still would like to see a dman with Jason Smith kinda of skill/grit. A guy who can be on the ice 17-20 minutes a night and be there in the scrum when Hall etal need a bit of backup. Like that scrum against the Nucks last night.

    Perron delivered big time and he has increased his asset value by atleast 40% since his arrival.

    Of course they were some meh’s. JJ was one. Acton another.The Arcobello resigning shocked the heck out of me.Did not see that coming.At all.

    Now the off season begins. Ah spring.

  • vetinari

    Wow, alot of expiring contracts and a few players we don’t want back. Mact is going to have his work cut out for with just filling the roster never mind improving the team

  • Oilfan69

    This is the FIST day of a new era, hopefully this era gets 1 step closer to Lord Stanley’s prize than the last era.

    Edit: missed and on a second note that dog is awesome

      • PlayDirty

        You get lots of thumbs down for the lowe comments, but I will give you props everytime you post. People need to stop forgetting how much hurt he has/is causing. All these distractions are just lengthening what NEEDS to be done before we can turn to corner!
        Who freekin cares if you have a theory that he doesn’t do anything besides planning parades and signing vendor contracts.. this guy NEEDS to go for his past sins on their own merits ALONE!! He sucked as gm? YES!! He sucked at hiring his replacement that every else blames? YES!!
        He has contributed absolutely ZERO to this club! Even if you can now consider him a benign tumor, it still NEDDS to go. It will be a moral victory, and have WAY more meaning to the FANS, than any player moves…
        Oops.. did I just reference the feelings of the fans that make a team? For shame on me.. for SHAAAME hagar!!

  • Reg Dunlop

    I’d argue that future success or failure has alot to do with Lowe. Since he is the one who put Tambi and his buddy Mac in place to begin with. I’d also assume that Mac bounces off ideas with Lowe and gets guidance and advice on what to do. I don’t think for a second Lowe just simply sits on his high horse and does nothing.

    We all know this team is gonna get better. That’s what happens when you suck for a decade and fill your roster with lottery picks. But why should Lowe be able to stick around and pretend he’s done a good job, when’s it’s blatantly obvious that his tenure in management has resulted in one of the worst teams in NHL history.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Brother, this Lowe obsession seems to be taking a lot of your energy. Just let it go. The season is over, summer is around the corner and clearly Lowe is here to stay. I believe that most GM-type decisions are actually Mac’s territory now and Lowe’s main responsibility is to regale Katz with stories of the glory days. Future success or failure of the oil have little to do with #4. Time to heat up the coals to roast Mac’s feet if next year is a disaster like this year was.