Draft Lottery… Here We Go Again ***Updated***


Well, well, well… Look where we’re at… again. For the 300th consecutive season, Oilers fans will be watching TSN to see what another pitiful season’s reward will be. It’s no doubt that the Tambellini’s tie jokes will be flying, in full force, as we hope and pray that the Oilers will be picking 1st overall for the 4th time in 5 years. First, third, or fourth – what will it be?  Such is life in the City of Champi…. Uhh… Nevermind.


When the season started, the last thing any of us expected was another date with the draft lottery. For me personally, the idea of watching the lottery was repulsive, almost offensive to the core of my being. The rebuild has gone on for decades and another top pick wasn’t supposed to be in the cards anymore, and I was excited about that. We were supposed to make a push for the playoffs, not suck to the point of depression.  This year, we were supposed to be debating our first playoff opponent not which player we’re hoping for.  Ohhh how we overestimated.

Another Scratch Ticket 

Tonight, the Oilers have a 14.2% chance at picking 1st at the draft, and a 100% chance of James Duthie making fun of Craig MacTavish for being a yearly guest at the lottery. Oh the memories. Anyway… Join me in watching the spectacle and cheering on the Oilers logo to be the last to flash across the screen.  I want to see Bill Daly hold up the Oilers logo and imagine the cheshire grin that used to flash across Tambellini’s face.  I want the rest of the NHL to think that the lottery is rigged because once again we hold the power to choose who we want.  I want the Sabres terrible season to get one last kick to the pills!  Oh the sadness… 

The draft lottery show starts at 6pm mst on TSN and it will give us a better idea which player we may be seeing in the fall. Unfortunately, it was another year of wanting cereal but the milk has, once again, gone bad.  I can’t wait for another 2 months of arguing who the Oilers will pick. Summer is always so much fun! *sigh*

Top 5 – Draft Order

1. Florida

2. Buffalo

3. Edmonton

4. Calgary

5. Islanders (unless they give this pick to Buffalo as part of the Vanek trade)

Nation Charity Playoff Pool

Today is your last chance to sign up for the Nation Charity Pool. We want to raise as much money for the Inner City Children’s Program as possible, so I beg you to go to www.nationdrafts.com and sign up. It’ll only cost you $10, so do what you have to do make it work. Go a day without buying a $15 coffee. Skip the latest Angry Birds update. Sell your kidney.  Lord knows we won’t be buying Rexall beers anymore, this year. Whatever it takes – make it happen. Put your hockey knowledge to good use and support a great cause. And who knows, maybe your gypsy hockey predictions will land you one of our ultra sexy grand prizes