Playoff Thoughts: Breaking a few Eggs to make an Omelette


Milan Lucic is one of the most unique players in the NHL. His combination of skill, size and absolute nastiness are hard to find. He is the type of player that really affects a lineup. He gives attitude and confidence to every one of his teammates. As a coach or GM I would welcome him on my team anytime.

The other night during the Bruins first round match up with the Red Wings, Lucic had an incident with Wings defenceman Danny DeKeyser. The common word used to describe the incident was “spearing”. I don’t think it was a spear. To me a spear is when you use the top of your stick like a knife. You poke it right at another player’s body to cause pain. 

Lucic used the shaft of his stick, not to the blade. This was not a spearing situation. So it falls into a grey zone. I would probably describe it as a slash.

He was fined 5k for this slash. Twitter was all up in arms about the lack of suspension. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Suspension for a slash?

It was a dirty play. That is for sure. Spearing happens more than many fans know or realize. I would have hated to get speared when I was playing. I don’t remember getting speared but if I had been there would have been no doubt I would have retaliated very aggressively. I believe that dirty plays should be met with a dirty reply. I know that “An eye for an eye makes the world blind;” doesn’t matter to me when we are talking NHL hockey (notice I said NHL hockey, these guys are professionals, not ten years old playing in Tim Bit jerseys).

That all being said there is no way this should have been more than a fine. A spear looks bad, very bad but doesn’t even register as close to the dirty hits I dislike so much.

Hawks defenceman Brent Seabrook absolutely hammered St. Louis Blues captain David Backes. For this he gets suspended three games: 

Now would you rather be slashed by Lucic or run over like that when the puck isn’t even around you?

These types of plays are the ones that cause short and long term damage to NHL players. Look at Backes… he really has lost the ability stand up after the hit. I will be very surprised if this wasn’t a concussion. Very scary stuff.

It is time for everyone to get some perspective when evaluating these types of plays.

Kings vs. Sharks


Man do the Sharks look fast or is it that the Kings look slow? I think the Sharks look very fast. Many of the D for the Kings are a step behind trying to control these Sharks on the attack. I think for the next game there will be an adjustment made by Sutter to take some of the pressure off.

It will be the old HIGH AND HARD OFF THE GLASS. He will ask his D to get back there as fast as possible and just rifle it off the glass into the neutral zone. This will frustrate the Sharks forwards and hopefully back them off.

Nice to see both Raffi Torres and Mike Brown playing well for the Sharks. I never liked the trade of Brown to the Sharks. Why could one of the top teams in the NHL find a home for him and not the Oilers? He would look just fine on the Oilers fourth line alongside Hendricks and Gordon. He brings speed, can kill penalties and a hard edge.

Lightning vs. Habs

If I watch NHL hockey till I die I will never be able to understand the goalie interference calls that are made.:

Why is this not a goal? I think that Price actually pushes off on Kilhorn after Kilhorn is pushed into Price. This one counts as a goal for me all day long. The truth is it doesn’t really matter. Without Bishop the Bolts never really had a fighting chance.

  • SmythsMullet

    The NHL has set a low standard for a fine for what Lucic has done. If I was Dekeyser the next time the game is out of reach I would give it right back to Lucic and suffer the consequences if the 5K. Quenville gets 25k for his act which is stiff compared to Lucic’s fine.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    watching some of the western series and realizing how far off the oilers are. If the oilers managed to squeeze into the playoffs i think about half the team would end up in the hospital. They are going to need to make a big trade to shake things up, There is no amount of free agents that can fix this gongshow.

  • Rick Stroppel


    I really cannot believe that Strudwick is minimizing what Lucic did. For one thing, Lucic came at DeKeyser FROM BEHIND, so that DeKeyser had absolutely no chance to defend himself. For another thing, Lucic did EXACTLY THE SAME THING to another player last year and it was caught on replay. For another thing, you can really SERIOUSLY hurt another man doing what Lucic did. Lucic raised his stick violently. What difference does it make whether the shaft of his stick or the tip of the blade of the stick that hit DeKeyser? Men have lost a testicle playing hockey. It’s no joke.

    Sometimes there is a grey area between “tough” and “dirty” hockey. This was no grey area, this was way over the line. There is nothing “tough” about going after another player from behind. Lucic should have been suspended, if was the regular season he certainly would have been. I see no place in the game for this kind of BS.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    Yeah….that’s what I meant….reproductive organ….just couldn’t think of the word.

    Edit: If I only had a dime for every time someone said to me “you’re such a reproductive organ”!

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    I can’t believe you’re saying it’s only a slash when he took his stick and hit him quite hard to the private (keeping it clean here). That should be unacceptable anyway you look at it and shouldn’t be tolerated at any level of hockey. definately deserves a suspension as far as I’m concerned. First time I’ve seen that and should be the last. I’ve always admired the way Lucic plays the game – but damn never realized he as such a dirty player..

  • geeker99

    Loving the Blue Jackets, on paper they are truly out matched skill wise. They look like the 06 oilers and I am cheering for them. A little homework for our beloved Oilers, watch , learn and live.

  • paul wodehouse

    Poetic justice for a guy like Backes. I remember this guy mouthing off against the Oilers like he was King and master. Regardless of whether it was a spear or not, we don’t need Lucic targeting reproductive organs and shame on both referees for missing this.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    Gregor described it as “shaft on shaft” therefore no suspension.

    I don’t get it….the shaft of Lucic’s stick on the shaft of DeKeyser’s d*ck? Call it what you want…shaft on shaft….beheading the snake….a Sherwood circumcision …..whack a mole….I thought the NHL was cracking down on head shots.

    He could of at least asked him to turn his head and cough.

  • paul wodehouse

    Does Sutter’s effectiveness as a motivator have a short shelf life like Keenan’s? It seems like the old hard ass coaches are falling by the wayside as gen Y make their way into the NHL.

    Are the new generation of players hyper sensitive and in need of constant cajoling like their peers are in other workplaces?