Oiler fans can agree this team needs help, and most of us can agree on specific areas of weakness. The solutions? Millions of opinions and I expect more than a few that can work. Capgeek has a really cool “Armchair GM” feature that Scott Cullen uses to great effect during his offseason team-by-team series. It’s a blast, and I used it today to build the perfect beast (Lowetide version).

First of all, the GM prompt is here and it’s a great deal of fun.

Fair warning, it may be midnight before you look up from your screen. Second, Cullen did a fine job with the Oilers,and it is here.



Let me guide you through the summer, step by step.

  1. Pick at No. 3 overall, selecting the best player on my list. Since the LT list is Sam Bennett, Aaron Ekblad, Sam Reinhart and Leon Draisaitl, let’s say I grab Sam Bennett on a very lucky day.
  2. Trade Sam Gagner to Nashville for C Colin Wilson. I’m not certain if more would have to be added one way or another, and will leave that to others, but will assume we can solve the difference with a 2015 draft pick.
  3. Sign Mikhail Grabovski to a $4.5 million dollar deal. I’ll make it two years, your mileage may vary.
  4. Sign David Moss to a $2.5 million dollar deal.
  5. Sign Nikolai Kulemin to a $3.5 million dollar deal.
  6. Sign Petry and Schultz to their deals.
  7. Sign Andrei Markov to the marquee deal of the summer, $6,500,000 times a number of years.
  8. Sign Mike Weaver to a short term, $1.4 million deal

lowetide's oilers the other way

I like my roster. As you can see at the top, I won’t be able to cover all of the bonuses, but if the team is rolling I’ll pay it next year, and if they’re not there’s going to be so many trades after Christmas there won’t be a problem getting under the cap.

My defense is still less than hoped, but my veteran forwards are going to be much more effective without the puck than the bunch last season. I didn’t add any thumpers, but it’s my team and I like them a ton. I’m actually really happy with the group, even with Klefbom as the 7 (as you know that won’t last long).

What do you think? Hate it, right? “There’s no toughness” I can hear you say, or “soft as butter, and typical” should be in the comments section soon. I highly recommend trying this yourself, it’s very cool when it’s not your money!

I enjoyed this. Think I’ll do another!