2012 draft

The Edmonton Oilers are locked and loaded to pick No. 3 overall at the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, but as we get closer the thought of dealing the pick for immediate help moves front and center. Would the Oilers move out of the first round? Unlikely. Move down? Depends on the return.

As Robin Brownlee indicated in his article today the No. 3 pick may be in play, depending on what’s available. He mentioned Evander Kane, your mileage may vary. The point being, if Edmonton trades out they should get good value, and trading down might give them a nice player and of course a later first round pick. Let’s break down the top 15 overall, assuming Edmonton’s needs are center, size and defense.


  • C Sam Bennett—Some questions about strength/durability.
  • D Aaron Ekblad—He’ll go No. 1 or 2. Possible franchise defenseman.
  • C Leon Draisaitl—Big center with possession skills.
  • C Sam Reinhart—Highly skilled player, some say he’ll find a home on the wing. 

Edmonton will have two outstanding prospects still on the board at No. 3 overall. In order to trade out, they’d need very good value (more than a second round pick, as an example) UNLESS they valued someone in the second tier equally.


  • L Michael Dal Colle—Something tells me he’ll be a Canuck draft day. NY Islanders are crazy.
  • L Nick Ritchie—He’s a monster. High risk because we don’t know about offense.
  • R Jake Virtanen—Power winger who can score goals. Outstanding release, very physical.
  • L Nikita Scherbak—Skilled, rugged winger impressed with range in his WHL debut.

Now, I want to point a couple of things out. There are many prospects in play inside the top 15 not listed here, but one doubts Edmonton has targeted William Nylander. Again, you may feel a player should be on the list, and that’s cool, I’m looking for player who fit our original idea (size, bigger, etc) along with being a center or defenseman.

As you can see, there are no centers and no defenders, meaning (in my opinion) Edmonton would need to acquire an established defenseman or center as part of the deal to trade down. 


As an example, let’s use our good friends the Toronto Maple Leafs. Let’s say both Ekblad and Draisaitl are gone, and let’s also say Toronto has a powerful urge to draft Sam Bennett or Sam Reinhart. The Leafs could offer a sweetener to trade up from No. 8 to No. 3, but it would have to be center or defense.

As the Leafs don’t have impact C or D who are young enough to grow with the cluster (Gardiner and Kadri are good, but not that good) chances are Edmonton will stand and deliver at No. 3 overall with Bennett or Reinhart.


dog afraid

The No. 3 pick may well be in play, but the priorities that have to be addressed remain the same:

  • Center
  • Defense
  • Skilled men with size who can play with the brilliant kids.

The Edmonton Oilers have been dancing around this issue (under previous GMs) for years now, and one of the results is inertia and poor results. Adding another high pick who may play this season is interesting, but not terribly compelling. Adding a 25 minute a night defenseman or a center with size who can play in the top 6?

Bold. There’s one problem: you have to find a partner.

    • YakCity1039

      Evander Kane is a great talent, I’d trade Yakupov for him. There’s no way I would trade the #3 pick for him. The Oilers need a centerman so badly and a top flight talent isn’t going to come as trade or FA. Oilers need ze German or no chin up kid.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      The last 20 yrs have revealed the Oilers are the least capable team to try and come out on top in that trading down scenario. During this span the Oilers have proven much closer to incompetent, than competent.

        • Reg Dunlop

          Are you referring to the B. Yakimov who will never see the inside of a NHL rink unless he buys a ticket? Trading down is the sort of noncommitted, half-assed response that I would expect of Tambo. A bold move would be to commit to build through the draft and keep the pick OR to trade out of the 1st round for an actual NHL player.

    • YakCity1039

      As much Kane for numero 3 would be fair market value, we need a dman or center, so nice dice.

      Id do Kane for Yakupov and hope to hell that was a good move.

    • YakCity1039

      I think there’s a reason there is so much speculation about a possible Philly trade. Coburn, Couturier, and B.Schenn all seem like players that would fit the bill. My personal feeling is that Brayden Schenn just might not be a player that is going to be a 2nd line Center but I could be wrong?

      Would Couturier+Coburn+17th for
      Yak+the 3rd+Gagner work?
      Would Philly do it? Should the Oilers? I don’t know but it seems like there is enough ingredients between these 2 teams plus the draft being held in Philly that a major splash could happen. A “Bold Splash” one might say?

    • YakCity1039

      If Ekblad is taken by FLP

      Trade #3 to Bufdalo, they pick pick two centre to jump start re build


      Tyler Myers ( we get big right handed defenseman that might be a number 2 some day)

    • BlazingSaitls

      I think when Bob McKenzie’s final mock draft comes out Leon Draisaitl will be # 4 or # 5. Last year Barkov moved up from #4 however he moved up on a small winger and a D-man. This year there are 3 centres and 2 of them consistently rank ahead of Draisaitl. My guess Leon will be around at #3.

      • GOD NO!!!

        We don’t need anymore draft picks!! Gagner is a useful skillful center who at the rip old age of 24 can still put up on average 40+ points year!

        That has some value, we get a player with potential and lose an ACTUAL NHL player, you don’t see the wrong in that?

        I get it, guys hate Gagner and I personally think he’s terrible centre, but you can’t give players away, Cogliano, Brodziak, Glenncross.

        The Oilers won’t get squat out of UFA’s and buyouts won’t amount to much which leaves very few options of getting NHL players here.

        Gagner is a trading chip a two fer one or three fer one, but an actual NHL player has to come back.

    • BlazingSaitls

      I’d move eberle for kane.. you could probably get a 2nd rounder alongside kane. What about trading for bickell. Has a cap hit of 4 mil and if chicago wants to sign both toews and kane they are going to need cap space. Send some picks or prospects for him

    • Will

      Evander Kane in a heartbeat.The phone rings and Chevy asks if MacT wants Kane for the 3#? Breath MacT breath. You just won the lottery.

      Trade down for players like B Shenn and B Coburn? That’s a different baby altogether. Then its a bigger more comprehensive deal.

      Keep the pick? Sure no harm in that. At all.

      • Absolutely not to the immature Evander Kane. Evander Kane can’t handle life in Winnipeg. What makes you think he’ll be able to handle Edmonton where Oilers fans have a reputation of running players and coaches out of town.

    • Reg Dunlop

      I am a die hard Oiler’s gal, no question about it. Every season I spend about $12,000 on my Oilers’ addiction – 5 games, 4 tickets each game, air fares from Vancouver Island, hotels, car rentals, meals, $9.25 beer and food at the arena. And guess what, during those 5 games last season, the buzzer rang ONCE, that’s right ONE GOAL and we lost every game we attended. I cannot justify this again this year, so I will watch my beloved team on TV and maybe, perhaps, buy tickets for my birthday game early next year. Hubby and I are retired, on a government pension so $12,000 eats away at our savings enormously. To spend that much money only to be let down again and again is disheartening. Cannot and will not do it again this year. SO trade, draft, sign UFA’s, do what you will, until I see some positive results and PROOF that things are turning around, I will watch from the comfort of my living room. At least I will be able to buy a 6 pack for the same price as a Rexall beer. I guess that makes me a 2nd tier fan.

      • Keloil

        That is dedication indeed!
        Hopefully the boys will do something to make you want to change your mind.
        But until then, I’m with you!!
        Will also be stock-piling my airmiles until results change.

        Hoping to be Sally surprised!!

      • Keloil

        What about getting Anahiems 2 firsts(10&24?) plus a solid 3rd liner(they have a few)maybe Cogliano is that reasonable ? Some decent draft options and serious help on 3rd line scoring option

      • YakCity1039

        Your way of thinking is exactly how all Oilers fans should think.

        Once a year I drive from the Okanagan to Edm to see a game. Beer, tickets, usually a jersey are all part of the equation.

        However I am very pissed off at the value for my hard earned dollars. Last seasons game was the infamous jersey toss in a 5-0 blowout at the hands of STL. Absolute BS.

        I strongly encourage other fans to do the same. Boycott Rexall and anything Oilers

        • BlazingSaitls

          I live in Vancouver and that’s what I do. You get 3 games a year here. Canucks fans are some of the most annoying uninformed, ungrateful hockey fans on the planet but it’s definitely a shorter trip. I like to go to the Barons games when they come to Abbotsford as well. Cheap tickets and some great fans at those games, okc is always a sellout

        • BlazingSaitls

          As a fellow Van.Islander I can say its arguably cheaper to fly from Victoria or Nanaimo to Edmonton than it is to drive to Vancouver. Im not gonna get started on the ferry and gas prices though; I have enough to worry about being an Oilers fan,lol