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There are things you see that force a double take, and that was the case earlier today when I found out the big brains at Extra Skater added a new item on their menu. It’s a ‘tool you can use’ if you’re a fan of the draft and CHL prospects, and frankly, it’s one big damn deal.


As you know, Extra Skater provides advanced stats for NHL seasons and games. It ranges from the simple (shot percentage) to the very involved aspects of the game. As someone who understands some of the metrics and measures, I find the site to be vital for the learning.

Today, ES blessed me with something in my wheelhouse. Estimated time-on-ice and scoring rates for CHL prospects, including drafted players and those eligible for the draft. As an example, here’s the top 10 among CHL players eligible for this year’s draft in one discipline.

ES CHL 2014 EL

This is a monster, it really is a slice of history. You’re looking at a line that suggests an estimated Time-on-ice total for each player, and then a points-per-60 (this is all disciplines, EV, PP, PK) for individual players. Awesome. But there’s more!

The screen I’m showing you is here

It also tells you the estimated time-on-ice total for each discipline, qual comp and qual team. It’s truly insane. I’m in my 50’s, and couldn’t have dreamed this day was possible (I have bitched and moaned about actual time on ice since I was a young man, though).

For me, it’s a day of absolute joy. For you, who are younger, it’s a tool you can use forever in the evaluation of prospects. In my day, I had to believe Chris Hajt was a fine prospect because that’s what the Hockey News told me.

Today? Let’s check it out at extra skater. We are truly living in a wonderful time. Thank you Extra Skater. This is Christmas.

  • I’ve said it before and I will say it again, they cannot screw this draft up. We’re either getting a good, potentially great centre with size, a skilled centre with grit, a top rated skilled centre who could gain weight and be incredible, or the outstanding defenceman. There is no possible bad scenario. However I still think Ekblad falls to 3. Compare the hype with Jones vs. Ekblad, Jones was much more slated to go first overall. Florida is desperate to trade the pick because they don’t want to take a defenceman first overall. If they draft first, it will be a forward. Buffalo as well already has nothing but young defence man, in desperate need of scoring.

    Edmonton will take Ekblad, which is too bad cause then Calgary get Draisaitl.

  • Czar

    I’m still waiting for the stats that tells us how many splinters fourth liners get from sliding down the bench vs the calluses they get in their fingers from trying to increase their rankings on EA sports.

    • Czar

      You can golf anytime in Phoenix . Mind you , Mid October might be warmer than you’d like . November , December , January , February , March best months to golf down there for Canadians . Rest of year just gets to hot to enjoy . The wife and I have spent a lot of vacation time down there in their cooler months , and very seldom require more than a squall jacket the occasional nite .

    • Clyde Frog

      I just took a look at the schedule as well. Looks like we have a bit of a soft start to the year, that will be nice if we can put up some decent numbers early. April looks pretty rough though, I’d be surprised if we could get through it at .500 for the month.

  • Spoils

    Bennett is around 8 months younger than Reinhart and Draisaitl.

    Bennett played 5 minutes less a game than Reinhart

    Bennett played almost 1.5 minutes less than Draisaitl.

    Bennett played against slightly better competition OHL.

    Bennett has the most goals even strength vs Reinhart and Draisaitl

    Bennett is the best skater of the 3.

          • wiseguy

            OHL is considered better? Opinion not fact. Show me the head to head stats.

            Bennett is a “better skater”? Straight acceleration? Top speed doing laps around the rink? Fastest time to do these laps? Shortest stopping distance? Longest endurance? Most pirrohuets in a minute? Highest vertical?

            For it to be a “fact” that you claim, you should present supporting data and limit your statement to only one of these measurable disciplines within the context of “skating”. To use a broad statement such as “Bennett is a better skater” is a long way from fact.

          • Sorensenator

            Yeah Bennett is the best skater out of those three but it is debatable whether the OHL is better then the WHL. The WHL has the Oil kings, Hitmen, winterhawks etc. pretty good teams

        • Sorensenator

          This you could trashed because of this “Bennett played with much better team mates”

          That statement is not true , however i guess it comes down to how you define “much better”

          • Jason Gregor

            Where is the story that said Doughty couldn’t do one? They didn’t do pull ups until this year, so can you share the story that said he couldn’t do one.

          • Bennett had to be injured and didn’t want to make whatever he had worse.

            Out of curiosity, how many pull up’s do you think both Hall & Hopkins would have done in there draft year had they had to do pull up’s with damaged shoulders?

            My guess is same as Bennett, zero.

          • Czar

            I’ll bet you wish you could skate and play hockey as good as Bennett. Then you wouldn’t be on here criticizing him, and instead you would be playing in the NHL and making millions, and the rest of us would be on here criticizing you.

  • Czar

    There is an argument for picking anyone in the top 4 depending what you value more.

    Bennett – getting better and better as the season went on and 5 on 5 he was the best. Youngest of the top 4. Best skater.

    Reinhart- Numbers are great , two way player does everything well.

    Leon D. Great numbers great puck possession has size, played for a poor team

  • Spoils

    I live in LA, and I’d like to point out – they posted the new sched and there are 4 Oil games in the SoCal area.

    LOVE that aspect of the new alignment!

    ideally yak city whacks one in baseball style on Oct 14th!