Day two at the draft and UFAs…


The Oilers didn’t have a 2nd or 3rd round pick due to the David Perron and Ben Scrivens trades. The trades look like this.

The Oilers dealt Magnus Paajarvi and Ivan Barbashev (33rd pick) for David Perron. 

The Oilers traded their 3rd round pick, 63rd overall to Los Angeles for Ben Scrivens. The Kings then dealt the pick to Columbus as part of the Marian Gaborik deal. Columbus then traded the pick to Detroit for the 76th pick and a 3rd rounder in 2015 and the Red Wings selected Dominic Turgeon (son of Pierre) from the Portland Winterhawks.

When the Oilers traded the pick, they didn’t know it would be 63rd, and neither did the Kings when they moved it. Considering the pick moved through four teams, if Turgeon becomes a good NHL player I don’t think you can say the Oilers lost the trade, because it is unlikely they would have made the same pick as the Wings.


The Oilers first pick on day two came in the 4th round. With the 91st pick they selected Swedish defenceman, William Lagesson (pictured above).

Lagesson is a left shot D-man who plays hard according to

This is their scouting report on Lagesson.

LD – Frolunda Jr. (SWE Jr.) – 6’2” 196

Reminds us of Ollas-Mattsson, as they share some
similar traits. Not overly skilled and somewhat limited offensively. He plays a
tough rugged game. He’s physical and tough to play against. His feet are
average, skating is not his strength.

He lacks a bit in reading the play and joining the play,
reading situations overall. While he lacks in many areas he’s a player we still
see in a positive light and think is worthwhile selecting. He competes hard and
is a tough kid who plays a lunch pail blue collar game.

He scored 8-12-20 in 45 games. It would make sense to see him play in
the SEL next year, or going to USHL which Jim Matheson wrote, instead of coming over to the AHL. 


The Oilers used their second pick in the 4th round, 111th overall, on goalie Zach Nagelvoort from the
University of Michigan. He had a 2.20 GAA and .929 SV% as a
freshman with the Wolverines.

Central scouting had him ranked as the 20th best North American goalie, however, ISS Hockey had him ranked as the 8th. That is a pretty big difference between the two draft services. It illustrates how much opinions vary on players late in the draft, especially goalies.

LIAM COUGHLIN (5th round)

The Oilers went off the board with their 130th pick, selecting soon-to-be 20 year-old Liam Couglin.

He scored 18-27-45 in 53 games last year. He is a 6’3, 200 pound centre. Coughlin is committed to Boston University this fall, so he won’t be a factor for a few years, if ever.

I couldn’t find him rated in any draft publication. There is about an 8% chance of having a 5th round pick play on your NHL team, so going off the board here is much more palatable than doing it in the first or second round.


Tyler played for Omaha in the USHL. He is a small, skilled centre, 5’11”,180 pounds and was ranked 188th (North American players) by Central Scouting.

The 20 year old scored 33-38-71 in 49 games in the USHL. He was third in league scoring. Guy Flaming from the Pipe Line show said Vesel is committed to Nebraska of Omaha next year.

Vesel clearly has skill, and he should be able to develop and get stronger. The question moving forward will be did he dominate the USHL because he was 20, or is he a late bloomer?

Time will tell.


The Oilers clearly felt like their goaltending depth wasn’t very good. With the 183rd pick they selected netminder Keven Bouchard from Val D’or in the QMJHL.

Bouchard is 18 and stand 6’3″. As a rookie he posted a record of 17-6-1 with a 2.95 GAA and .887 SV%.

He was a back up for the QMJHL champs. Antoine Bibeau was the starter, you likely remember him from the Memorial Cup.

Bibeau was 21-18-1 with a 3.17 GAA and .907 SV%. Bibeau will turn pro this year, so Bouchard will be the starter next year.

I gave up trying to project how goalies would develop years ago, so I will just sit back and in four seasons see where he is at. The good news for Oilers fans is that many NHL goalies have come from the later rounds.


The Oilers got the guy the wanted on day one, Leon Draisaitl, and while late round picks are important, I don’t expect any of these guys to make an impact for at least four or five years, if ever.

Couglin was definitely a surprise pick, but only time will tell if it was a waste or a good gamble.

But now the real fun begins.

Teams will switch their focus to free agency and the salary cap. The $69 million cap means some teams need to shed some salary.

Philadelphia is already over the cap, and that is with only 19 players signed. Although they will get some relief after the first day of the season when they transfer Chris Pronger to LTIR. Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles have little room, and the Penguins only have $14 million to sign 9 players.

The Oilers have 17 players signed and they have $19.8 million in cap space. Craig MacTavish should be able to add some veterans in free agency or via a trade. 



I was reading parts of the CBA on Thursday — yes I’m a loser — and I noticed an odd rule pertaining to Taylor Fedun. Fedun had been listed as a UFA on and, but it turns out he is actually an RFA.

Fedun would have been a Group VI UFA, and in order to fit in this group a player must meet the following criteria:

  1. They need to be 25 years or older.
  2. Completed three or more seasons in the NHL, minor league or overseas.
  3. They needed to have played fewer than 80 NHL regular season or playoff games.

Technically, Fedun never played three seasons. He was injured in preseason in 2011/2012, and he never dressed for one regular season game, so he is deemed to have only played two years. Three years later that stupid icing rule is still screwing him over.

The Oilers need to qualify him before July 1st or he does become a UFA.

I wonder if they give Fedun a break and let him go free? If it wasn’t for that ridiculous injury he’d be a UFA.

On the other hand, the Oilers don’t have many right-shot defenders in the system. The Oilers have Martin Gernat, David Musil, Brad Hunt, Brandan Davidson, Jordan Oesterle and Dillon Simpson signed, but they all shoot left.

They need some right shot defenders, so it makes sense to qualify Fedun. They haven’t qualified him yet — often teams wait until the last moment to release their list — but it seems a bit strange that they haven’t.

I’ve noticed many Nation readers are pulling for Fedun and if he isn’t qualified I think they would be torn. You’d be mad that the Oilers let him go, but also happy to see him test the free agent waters.

I’m curious to see what route they take with Fedun. Based on the late season callups, I think he isn’t in the plans. Neither side would comment when asked, so I’m basing this on what I’ve seen on the ice.

I think he’ll be a free agent, which he should have been anyways. If an injury in preseason causes a player to miss a season, it should still count as a season played. That is just my opinion on the ruling and his status, and I will admit the reporter in me would like to see how other teams value him. 


The Oilers also need to qualify Justin Schultz, Jeff Petry, Luke Gazdic, Tyler Pitlick, Curtis Hamilton and Andrew Miller. I think they have to qualify Roman Horak to retain his rights now that he signed overseas, but I’m not 100% sure.

Schultz and Petry are no-brainers. Gazdic and Pitlick seem fairly obvious as well. The Oilers might not give up on Hamilton just yet, but he’s on the cusp for sure. I don’t see Miller as an NHL player, so unless they want him as AHL depth they could let him walk.

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  • camdog

    What did you expect?

    “This just in from Bloomberg Businessweek, their efficiency rating on which pro sports team do the best at turning dollars spent on salary into wins and championships.

    The worst team on the list of 122 NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB teams? The Chicago Cubs.

    The second worst team in all of North American sports

    The Edmonton Oilers.

      • paul wodehouse

        So because its 2 months old were suppose to just forget that this is literally the worst run organization in all pro sports? Facts are facts, and the same incompetent people who got us this prestigious award are still in charge. It’s nothing short of mind boggling.

  • Bucknuck

    People read articles eventually form opinions mostly because of the author’s ability to write or listen on the radio. These opinions get cooked for awhile and they become truths to the people who hold them.

    We are not scouts.

  • ubermiguel

    I don’t mind skipping on Kulda. He’d be under the microscope here more than any other city, and let’s be honest: he’s a late round pick, there’s only a slim chance he becomes an NHL regular. Don’t get me wrong, I will always cheer for every member of that Oil Kings team, but Kulda doesn’t need that kind of pressure on him.

  • ubermiguel

    Extremely happy with the Draisaitl acquisition, I believe this young man will definitely add to our strength up front, if not immediately then the ’15/’16 season. Here’s to hoping the club shelters his minutes up front or sends him back down for one more year! On the other hand, I’m feeling somewhat underwhelmed with the rest of the big picture regarding the targeting of Fayne and a couple of the clubs later round picks. I understand we’re talking fourth round here, but to take a player not rated and at best a week G in Nagelvoort and a complete stretch with Coughlin… Here’s to hoping we can make some strong acquisitions through FA! Looks like quite a few teams are in Cap Jail, namely Boston and the Pens, praying Mac can find a trading partner or woo a solid top #1/2 D and a #2 C otherwise I fear it may be, once again, same ol’ song and dance!!

    Go Oil!!

  • YakCity1039

    I’m disappointed as well we didn’t get players like Kulda, but the guys we drafted are gonna be 3-4 years away. You can’t write them off already. If they turn out, you guys are going to look back and feel silly. I’m a little excited about William Lagesson. His scouting report sounds like a dman we could use: Strong, tough, PHYSICAL, point-producer, and can move the puck. Other than our first 2 picks, the rest are intriguing but will definitely take time to develop.

  • YakCity1039

    A few toughts on the draft.

    – Draisaitl was the right pick in the first round. He fills a need for sure. Now I wonder if they go after fellow german center Marcel Goc in free agency to help shelter Draisaitl. Goc is a smart 3rd line center, responsible in his own zone and reasonably good on the dot.

    – I have never heard of any of the other players the Oilers selected. I was surprised they didn’t take either Aaron Irving or Edgars Kulda, as they both tumbled down the draft.

    – I think the habs have an oustanding GM in Bergevin. I love the Scherback pick. All Bergevin touches turns to gold.

    – Those who have James neal in their fantasy keepers league must be pissed. Instead of receiving passes from Crosby and Malkin, he will now be receiving passes from Colin Wilson. Bummer.

    • camdog

      After watching this draft outside of fist pick- well you or I and maggy the monkey could have made that selection the Oil brass seem to think they are smarter than the rest of the league, smarter than ISH central scouting. They have proven time and time again they are not and their continual bottom place finishes is proof of that. The head of this ugliness must go. Time to rid the cancer and clean house including the scouting staff.

      • Bucknuck

        The group (cancer) that is responsible for that terrible record HAS been fired.

        So because of what that group did you are going to fire the group that drafted the Oilers statistically best defenseman last year (Marincin), who I might also add was a ROOKIE. And also the group who picked a seventh rounder that was invited to Canada’s World Junior Camp.

        So a guy does a bad job, gets fired. Then you hire another guy who seems to be doing a pretty good job. Now you are suggesting to FIRE the second guy because of the failure of his predecessor.

        It makes no sense. None.

        • otter2233

          Indeed, It is too soon to judge this draft. However, it is normal to compare this draft to that of last year. This one seems uneventful as MacT did not trade up or down. Last year, we’ve got all of Darnell Nurse, Greg Chase, Marco Roy and Bogdan Yakiov in one draft. People have to remember it’s gonna be hard to top that. And MacT didn’t have a second or third round bullet this time around. However, I must admit that after Draisaitl, this particular draft is less than sexy.

        • nuge2drai

          Oiler Domination To Follow

          Som fans just whine and complain about the dumbest things

          These are the same fans that blame MacT for the last 8 seasons and think he’s responsible for this mess.

          Talk about being negative for the sake of being negative.

  • Bucknuck

    OH. MY. GOD.

    People wringing their hands over a late round pick!? Have you folks seen the players? No? The scouts have. Relax.

    Even if they wasted picks, 1 pick in 15 makes it in the late rounds make it so it’s not like they’re gambling much. They got a beauty in Chase last year so maybe everyone needs to take a step back.


    • Spydyr

      Teams that win find gems in the later rounds.It whats makes them winners.Teams that lose don`t get late round gems it is what makes them losers.Guess what category the Oilers fall.

      Later round picks can be the difference between success and failure and they do matter.Look back to how the boys on the bus teams were assembled and the great late round picks


      • Bucknuck

        I didn’t say they don’t matter. When did I say that? My point was that they are ALL long shots, and no one knows how they will pan out for a few years.

        Yes it has been well documented how poorly the Oilers have drafted for the last decade (Cameron abney, Troy Hesketh and Ninimaaki all come to mind), those responsible have been shown the door.

        Since they’ve had some late round success since the new regime took over (Chase is trending very well), maybe a wait and see approach might be more reasonable.

      • otter2233

        So 3 hours after drafting these players and having only a paragraph or two of information on them, you can already tell that they will never be gems???

        This need to immediately jump to conclusions when we all know no draft class can be properly judged for 3-5 years is ridiculous.. Have a rum and relax…

        • Spydyr

          My point is not how they will turn out.Of course it is to early for that.My point is the Oilers took fliers on almost every pick.Drafting 19-20 years olds already passed over at least once.My point is the Oilers draft like they are the smarted people in the room and they are not.Not even close.

          • otter2233

            Most picks beyond the fourth round are fliers… Considering goalies develop slower than skaters and most times drafting at that position is a crapshoot, taking an older one with decent numbers is reasonable to me, especially at 111 overall… The Coughlin pick I can understand having an issue with but Vesel at 153 and Bouchard, the 10th ranked goalie, at 188 seem fine as well… So one completely off the wall pick in the 5th round and the entire draft class is a disgrace? The only point that DOES matter is how these players turn out…

  • 24% body fat

    Another batch of aidain muirs and even campbells, what a brutal day two. Dont mind the goalies though.

    Last year Andreas Johnson, and Gustav Possier, could be oilers (yes hindsight) but we were to busy looking through the scraps in second tier leagues.

    Why no RH dman.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    Giving up on Taylor Fedun seems like it would be a crime – but if there’s no room for him here I really hope the young man who’s displayed an incredible amount of guts and determination to come back after such an injury finds a home in the NHL.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    i think it was one of the crappiest drafts we’ve ever had, save for Draisaitl. and Kulda would have been a nice touch in round 7. really, what would they have had to lose? also angry that they passed on big defenseman Ryan Rehill in the 5th round. i know, another left shooting d-man, but he plays right in Stu’s back yard in Kamloops, is from Edmonton and was considered to be the toughest fighter in the WHL. but the Oilers wouldn’t want him now would they? he isn’t average size enough or a puck mover. so let’s just let New Jersey take him one pick later!

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Declaring it the crappiest draft ever on the weekend it happens is a little soon isn’t it?

      I understand though, your the fan who is never happy regardless what gets done. Draft a coke machine and then complain that he cant actually take and make a pass. Draft an avg sized guy with skill and then complain we didn’t draft tough enough. Always a complainer. Like QSB.

      And maybe, just maybe, since the guy you mentioned plays in Stu’s backyard, yet Stu passed on him, that he might possibly know or have seen something YOU might have missed. It is his job and all.

      But hey, armchair GM is the best of games cause you never lose…….

  • Spydyr

    Once again it appears the Oilers `Braintrust` think they are the smartest people in the room.Making off the board draft picks.How has that worked out for them so far

    Disappointed yet again.

  • hallsyoilerforever5

    I would have liked to see us drafting Kulda or Watson. A bit disappointed of the draft day 2, but until I see how these players pan out in the next years, I won’t place any judgement or criticisms upon them. Hopefully Mac T can get some quality players in the UFA market coming up. Go oilers!

    • Spydyr

      I agree on Kulda. The Coyotes seem more than happy to draft kids with Dads or brothers who have had success in the NHL.

      I really hope they give Mads Eller a camp invite,