GDB 39.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Avalanche

Goodbye, my sweet DP.  We had a good time, but not for a long time.  Final Score: 2-1 Avalanche in the shootout.

It’s unfortunate that the Oilers game started during the Canada/Denmark game, because it forced me to choose which game I watched.  Since I have to do these wrap ups for every game, the natural choice was to finish watching Team Canada blow out Denmark.  There’s something nice about watching a winning hockey team, even if it is only a junior tournament (it’s so good though).

Of course, I’m still butt hurt about the Oilers taking another step backwards with the David Perron trade.  You can argue that the Oilers got fair value for Perron, but another draft pick isn’t going to help the team get better.  Unless, of course, MacT plans on trading that pick (as part of a package) for a proven player.  There are rumours out there that Perron wanted out, and I can’t say that I blame him as much as that hurts to say.  The Oilers got worse today, but maybe that’s part of the plan. 

Despite it all, there was a game tonight.  As for the lineup, the Oilers subbed in one Quebecois for another with Benoit Pouliot.  Although I would have preferred to have both Perron and Pouliot going into tonight’s game, it wasn’t meant to be.  To Pouliot’s credit, he had a really solid game.  He was strong in front of the net, and was rewarded with a power play goal.  It’s nice to have some net presence back in the lineup.  Despite a decent effort, the Oilers lost in the shootout.

We Wrap.



  • Nice to see Benoit Pouliot back in the lineup.  He played well in first game since November 21st. He scored the tying goal in the 3rd period. 
  • McDavid looked really good tonight.
  • Ben Scrivens played well. He finished the game making 27 saves and wound up with a .964 save%. Now to see if he can do it consistently.
  • The power play seems to have a plan under Todd Nelson.



  • I miss David Perron.  I’m getting really bored of this veterans-for-magic-beans game plan.
  • Snoozer of a start to this one.
  • I kept thinking about how the countdown is on until Jeff Petry is traded for an underwhelming return.
  • Daniel Briere had a 12 game scoring drought going.  The Oilers were sure to end that for him.
  • The Oilers have a tough time scoring goals, which makes the David Perron trade all the more puzzling to me.
  • Varlamov was really good tonight. Finished with 27 saves and a .964 save%.
  • Taylor Hall looks disinterested, at times.  I’m not saying I blame him, but I also expect more from him.


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  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow… Jk…

    MacT has been on the job for a season and a half…

    In that time…

    He’s moved out these players: Khabibulin Smid, Schultz, Potter, Fistric, Whitney, Pekham, Horcoff, Gagner, Hemsky, Jones, Paajarvi, Brown, Belanger, Smithson, and Smyth…

    Tough to turn a lump up sht into gold… He’s made mistakes but he took over a team full of crap…Trade targets won’t waive, and top ufas won’t sign… You almost have to always overpay to sign a second tier free agent…

    I think he takes a lot of negative heat because of his association with Lowe… I remember the rebuild days under Tambellini where nothing was being done… Not even guys like Sutton were moved at the deadline…

    I guess things could always be worse… Just look at the players on the list above for a quick reminder…The bright side, the Oilers will eventually boast the best 1-2-3 centre combo in the NHL with Hopkins and Draisaitl and whoever they end up picking this year…

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow… Jk…

    MacT has won 4 championships and been around hockey for 40+ years…

    I think he knew with Scrivens in net and Arc and Drai at C this team would tank…

    We all knew this would happen, of course he knew…

    He thought he could get away with two more seasons of a rebuild and put together the pieces needed to make this team competitive in the west, without taking much heat… Those players being Drai and McDavid…

    He took over a crap team, that had 3 first overall picks before taking over but no Crosby or Stamkos…

    This plan would enable the young D to mature, while setting up the Oilers with the generational talent up the middle that has been missing since the Gretzky days…

    He executed this plan knowing his job may be at risk, but it was the right thing to do for the franchise… Looking at the roster he inherited from Tambellini I think the strategy was necessary…

  • Anton CP

    Hey Daryl I will give you some help here.You let Mac sign NN for 4.5 million bad move.Throw 5 million at Babcock money well spent.Next there is a GM named Ray Shero looking for work phone him up I will help him transition into the GM role.Next Stu M is out as amateur scout .Bob Greene would be a very suitable replacement.Daryl Hall and Eberles contracts are getting closer to the end than the beginning.Tell me and all the fans what is the long term plan or do you have one?I hate to say this but I think it is the latter.Daryl wouldnt you say enough is enough already?Just askin.Bartender another triple please.

  • Anton CP

    What is it the players do after each game that makes them happy to keep on this same path of losing night after night, i really want to know. Just keep playing the same systems and same lines everynight oh yah some how the whole league is going to get worse then oil will finally make the playoffs.

  • bradleypi

    The Oilers will continue to be among the most patriotic of all NHL teams.Dallas E. coached this team to miss the playoffs very early in 2014.The Brain Trust continued to be mistified. This group has prepared many of the Oilers to be ready for the
    IIHF Men’s Hockey Championships starting May 1/2015. The tournament will be in the cities of Prague and Ostrava in the Czech Republic. The eligible Canadian players from the Oilers have cinched their chance for possible selection.Some are busy looking up as much tourist information as possible about the Czech Republic. Their former fired coach is possibly busy looking at the opposition for this tournament. It could well be a unification of some Oilers with Dallas Eakins as the
    2015 World head coach!Patriotism caused the Oilers to sustain the 2014 “slump.” The Oiler Management are pleased to help some players to earn the trip to the Worlds.It never was a Tank.

  • bradleypi

    Here is an alarming taught….. the ” Trade Deadline” is really just around the corner. Its been said a hundred times… ” will the same dunderheads, that sunk this ship, be on deck making calls on trades, drafts etc? in March., and beyond to draft day and summer deals.

  • BubbaZanetti

    I wonder what Bobby Orr thinks of this mess in Edmonton considering he’s the agent for Taylor Hall and coincidently also represents one Connor MacDavid ?

  • BubbaZanetti

    Well since you asked what was so ridiculous about you post, see my responses below in quotes.

    Well I take back my comment from last night. This is the most ridiculous post I’ve ever read. You seriously think the oilers are in the league just to lose games just to spite you guys on oilersnation????

    “I don’t think anyone believes the Oiler’s ‘are in the league” to lose games, but there is an argument to be made that the Oil are now in the position that winning enough games to get them out of 30th place is counterproductive and that they manage accordingly. There are some who can only rationalize the Oil’s decision to go into the season with 2 bonafide NHL centers and an 18 year old given the 2C position as a sign that they decided to go for 30th prior to the start of the season. I don’t agree with the tank before the start of the season argument, I think it was just gross incompetence. “

    This site has turned into a lynch mob and is really no longer fun to read.

    “Yes at times it does, but this is hardly surprising”.

    The oilers have been drafting horribly before klowe was poho,

    “Agree, they were terrible at drafting when KLowe was GM as well.”

    before Katz was owner and long before mact was gm. It’s been a horrible 9 years but it happens. Teams struggle.

    “The current struggles are epic and will go down in the anals of the worst managed teams of all time. I don’t think shrugging it off “as one of those things” can be justified at all.”

    They will bounce back and I’m gonna be the 1st one on here shoving it right in all your faces!

    “There seems to be no logical reason to believe the current management team can turn this around. The three key people, Lowe, Howson and MacT have been in charge (either one of them or all of them) throughout the downward spiral”.
    “Most people who post onto this site, even the ones with the most venom, are true blue Oilers fans, if they weren’t they would have given up lone ago. I hope we all get rewarded for our loyalty and passion at some point.”

    • bradleypi

      You say “nobody believes the oilers are in the league to lose games”… thats EXACTLY what the poster I was replying to said. That’s all I’m reading on here. My god man, if you guys thought this team was a playoff contender then that’s not my problem. My problem is, now that the oil are out of the playoffs, and mact dumps a salary, (like every other team in the league does), everyone is freaking out about losing a guy that had FIVE goals….. and in my opinion, had quit on this team. Mact acquired perron, realized it was a mistake and turfed his lazy ass. Good riddance! Mact has been on the job for a year and a half. Give him a little time to build HIS team. I didn’t want to hear the word patience at the start of the year, but that’s then, this is now. Playoffs are not happening this year, so it’s time to retool for next year. But I’m a glass half full guy and I see improvement in this team since nelson took over. He will get the pp clicking, and then these guys will start scoring goals. Patience!

      • D-Unit

        The dumping salary, and trading Perron is not the only thing I was referencing , when I stated that Management doesn’t want to win.

        2 NHL legitimate NHL C

        0 Proven NHL starting Goalies, 2 years in a row

        0 proven top pairing D

        Actions speak louder than words, but all MacT offers up is words.

        I find it hard to believe that a Management Team that wanted to win, wouldn’t address these needs. I also find it very hard to believe that in MacT’s time on the job that no one was available to address any of these needs.

        When I see a quote from an Oilers player saying a former team member is going to a team that “wants” to win, it is a very thought provoking statement.

        I agree, the Oilers will turn things around some day, and look forward to that day, but continually going backwards does not give me much comfort.

        • BubbaZanetti

          I agree with your comments fully. Jim Nill was available ahead of the MacT hiring and has arguably successfully rebuilt them into playoff contenders in less time than MacT has. One would have to believe that Nill had the same access to the same talent pool as MacT (given that his major signings were of Canadian players, Seguin and Spezza so the theory of they would never want to come here is not applicable here).

          The difference is Jim Nill has an idea of what HIS team should look like and what it takes to win. He also addresses his deficiencies and is good at assessing player value versus team need. He quickly traded one of his best young D to address the need for a right handed D, while not getting fleeced or trying to rob the other GM’s blind. That’s how credibility is built in management in this league. Nill is willing to take risks in trades, and recognizes that you can’t get good players without giving up good players, but to try to find the right fit is the utmost importance. MacT is still scratching his head about how to build a successful team waiting for scraps from other teams to be the answer (albeit short term) to his team’s woes! This is incompetence bred by incompetence higher than MacT.

          I for one am tired of hearing MacT try to use fancy words to cover up HIS deficiencies. I am glad I don’t have to listen to Eakins’ philosophical garbage interviews, no wonder he lost the room in under 2 years. Nelson gives much more insight into hockey plays and breaking down games than I ever heard from Eakins. And for God’s sake, please stop overrating players MacT! Taylor Hall is not as good as the Oilers think either, I’m tired of seeing him give up the puck 3-4 times a night at either blue line and a good scoring chance goes the other way. This player needs to be traded while value is still good. Hall’s been in the league at least 5 years and has seen 4 different coaches yet he still makes the same mistakes as a rookie. This indicates this is not a coaching error on this player, and that his hockey IQ is not as good as Oiler management rates it. Frankly, I don’t think his leadership is all that good either.

          If we are going to rebuild AGAIN…please let it be in more competent hands than we currently have. This is my Christmas wish for the 2015/16 season.

        • Reg Dunlop

          I can’t, for the life of me, understand why anyone would trash this. Considering that Smid was dealt after making comments similar to the sentiment implied by Hendricks, would you be suprised to see Matt sent packing? Would you be shocked if players that wanted out would take the cue and begin criticizing the team in the media? What a hot mess this has become.

          • bradleypi

            Would you guys quit with your conspiracy theories already???? Seriously, if you were an employer, and one of your employees tells you that he doesn’t agree with what you’re doing, how would that sit with you?? Do you guys walk into your bosses office and tell him how to run his business?????? I’m guessing no! because you would get turfed… if prima Donna perron didn’t wanna buy in to the rebuild, then good riddance!!!! see you later. Can’t wait to watch him ride Crosbys coattails for the rest of the season. I will guarantee that they won’t win anything while that whining p****k is on that team!

          • BubbaZanetti

            Bravo, bradleypi, for allowing us all to see your true colors. You’re recent posts clearly demonstrate your inability to participate in an intelligent discussion. You’re argument for getting rid of Perron is the same argument others have made regarding Hall. And I’m not comparing the two players by no means. I enjoy reading great comments such as the one put on by oilfan4ever, and I have absolutely no issue with you defending your opinions, but seriously, lately you’re responses have shown a level of immaturity that make me question exactly how old you are ? And yes for the record, I feel Hall ( and others ) should be dealt in an attempt to improve this team now. Personally, I would rather not have to wait till 2018 to see a competitive team.

          • bradleypi

            Lol! Of course you like oilfan4evers post. He’s slagging mact and the oilers. Pretty much the opposite of anything I’m saying. You’re not too hard to figure out. I gave you my reasons why perron got traded. It’s pretty simple, if you would just think about it, instead of trying to come up with far fetched scenarios that don’t exist

          • bradleypi

            Would you guys quit with your conspiracy theories already???? Seriously, if you were an employer, and one of your employees tells you that he doesn’t agree with what you’re doing, how would that sit with you?? Do you guys walk into your bosses office and tell him how to run his business?????? I’m guessing no! because you would get turfed… if prima Donna perron didn’t wanna buy in to the rebuild, then good riddance!!!! see you later. Can’t wait to watch him ride Crosbys coattails for the rest of the season. I will guarantee that they won’t win anything while that whining p****k is on that team!

  • MorningOwl


    There are many reasons to think this, but one of them is the organization treats choaches like sh*t. Say what you want about Eakins, but the guy never had a chance with the roster he was given. Krueger was jerked around too.

    I think smart hockey people recognize this as a seriously disfunctional organization.

    • bradleypi

      I disagree. I think Eakins swarm defense, awful pp and pk strategies and mind numbing line combinations set this team back a couple years. No surprise that he was fired

  • Serious Gord

    Sorry to say it but our players aged 22 to 25 are at their peak performance of there NHL career so this is the best we get, its just to bad they didn’t have hockey smarts at these ages.

    • D-Unit

      Ya but at least Nuge and Yak are still only 21 and Leon is 19.

      I’m sure when the entire core is older everyone’s peak performance will rise significantly

      23/24 seems to be the sweet spot for most players, although you always have to consider the team they are playing for

  • Oiler Fan 16

    The problem with dumping Perron is that if you think you might have to trade him why didn’t they do it in the summer and get a player that will actually fix one of the problems they had. The answer is management is clueless. Plus, they knew that if it didn’t work at least they would get a shot at McDavid. I think it was Hendricks who said that Perron is going to an organization that wants to win. Obviously, this one doesn’t and I don’t think McDavid can change this culture of losing.

    • bradleypi

      Hindsight is 20/20 bro. Perron was coming off a 28 goal season! Why would you trade him in the summer??????? Are you people for real??????? HE QUIT ON THE TEAM!!!!!!! FIVE GOALS IN FORTY GAMES!!!! That’s why he got traded!!!!!

  • bradleypi

    I read a story the other day, after matt fraser was acquired, he called mact and said “I want to be part of the solution, not the problem “. I would bet my house that those words would never come out of prima Donna perrons mouth…. guaranteed!