GDB 41.0 Wrap Up: Red Wings @ Oilers

Benoit Pouliot is a hero to the McDavid cause. Final Score: 4-2 Red Wings.

Tonight, the Oilers were looking for their first winning streak since November.  If you don’t have your calendars handy, it is now January.  For the Oilers, two game winning streaks come around about as often as Halley’s Comet.  Fortunately, there could be light at the end of this tunnel.  Tonight was the 41st game in what will likely be a very long 82 game season.  The Oilers are halfway to tanking in one of the most important drafts in recent history.  We’re so close.  We’re so close, I can almost hold the jersey of another 18 year old saviour in my hands… *daydreams* 


This game started well enough.  The Oilers were playing hard, and that hustle resulted in powerplay opportunities.  Because of those powerplays, the Oilers were able to take the lead on a beauty shot by Jordan Eberle.  Those first few minutes was where the solid play ended.  The Red Wings dominated the rest of the game.  Fortunately for the Oilers, Viktor Fasth played well, and kept them in the game, paving the way for Jordan Eberle to tie things up.  From the looks of things, this game was going to overtime.  Then, with 2 minutes left in regulation tome, Benoit Pouliot took a 4-minute spearing penalty.  Pavel Datsyuk scores (Matt Hendricks actually scored on his own net) and there goes more wasted points on the board.

Does that about cover it? 

We wrap.



  • The Oilers gave out Tears for Fears albums tonight like it was still 1985.
  • Two beauty goals by Jordan Eberle.  Great shot on both.  Gold star to Nugey for the pass on Eberle’s 2nd.
  • Boyd Gordon is a warrior.  He won 19 of 21 faceoffs tonight.  He plays so hard that he deserves better than this.
  • Viktor Fasth played well, despite the loss.  He finished the game stopping 37-40 shots with a .925 save%.
  • This is the 2nd Wrap Up that I was able to write tonight! My first one got deleted somehow, and I definitely didn’t think about throwing my laptop out the window. 



  • Pouliot taking a 4 minute spearing penalty in a tie game, with 2 minutes left. Nice job, dude.
  • The Red Wings have won 7-straight against the Oilers.
  • The Oilers got outshot 41-23.  Almost doubled – nice.
  • Unlikely break for Matt Hendricks on the game winner.  He scored, but it was the wrong net.
  • Jimmy Howard is on an 11-game winning streak against the Oilers.
  • I had my entire Wrap Up written, and it got deleted from our system.  I nearly threw my laptop out the window. 


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  • Mantis

    Note to Coach Nelson: Please replay this game at your next player meeting. Show them how a well coached team plays.Talking about the Wings.

    Heres a team that didn’t start with Lotto picks and a ton of No.1 picks. It was built from the ashes up. There is no Stud D-Man or a Vezina goal tender. Their secondary players appear to be better than Oilers top line guys..
    Because they play like a TEAM.

    There is a reason they are called teams.

    PS. Fasth was strong in goal, otherwise the score could have been Oiler Like.

    Note to Hall and Yak.. put your NHL pants on, you are no longer in the Juniors.

    PK…did a very good job.

  • Mantis

    Taylor Hall is a very talented hockey player.

    Taylor Hall is not a smart hockey player.

    Taylor Hall is repeatedly making plays that are unacceptable in the junior and minor league ranks. At what point in time is Hall benched for sheer stupidity?

    I look forward to the day when an Oiler coach will hold all players equally accountable.

    • camdog

      Mactavish coached a Ales Hemsky, whom played like that his entire time in Edmonton. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but I think we have the wrong guy in charge if you want things to change in this respect. Mactavish was always a believer in allowing the skilled guys roam a little more than the rest.

  • Armchair_Gm

    Didn’t hall turn the puck over right in front of his net when the game was still 2-2?

    Yakupov is a bust everyone. If mcdavid is drafted have him, Draisatl and nurse all play next year in junior or ahl. This team needs to treat prospects like prospects. Instead they treat them like free agent signings. Edmonton is easily the worst team for young players to come to.

    And I’m predicting the oilers finish last and continuing their losing ways end up drafting second and get eichel. The disappoint from the fans crushes his young confidence and the oilers get yakupov 2.0

  • camdog

    I was happy the Oilers came back with determination. The Pouliot penalty did not make me feel bad about the game, just mad at Pouliot. He should sit a game. Any player should after that classless play.

    McDavid here we come.

  • Good to see the oil finding the happy medium between improvement and McDavid.

    This will be the new trend. Play hard for 55 minutes to show what we can do then take penalties and score on ourselves to get McDavid.

    Seems like a solid strategy to me.

    By the way… get Yak on top line or try and get a late first round pick or an early second rounder.

    Leaving him on the third line is killing him.

  • Funny how people rant at how lousy this team is yet want them to lose. Like a lottery,dreaming of the big score come draft day.No wonder these players are confused. The fans cheer them to lose. Look in the mirror. Play to win at all costs dad amn the losing dreamers.

    • camdog

      At the beginning of the season when the playoffs were on the line, I don’t remember anybody wanting this team to lose, the reality is everybody wanted them to win.

      The season is over, it’s been over for about a month now. Whether they win or lose I am surprised anybody really cares, because the season is over.

  • CaptainLander

    Psalm 3:14

    An lowe did the pouliot thrust his spear into the ericsson and pay the penalty. Sacrifice made to thy savior that the faithful should receive the first draft for he.

    Praise McJesus

    • Chris_Cruise

      You nailed it!!

      I shared this same thought with some friends while watching the game last night.

      “Wonder if we could say to Babcock, come coach if we get McDavid, but don’t bother if we don’t, we’d understand.” Haha.

  • Chris_Cruise

    If it weren’t for OT points; Oilers would have around 18 points. Woah!! Think about that!

    What’s with SportsCentre having completely different sportscasters every day? It’s getting f@:King annoying. Long live Dan and Jay!

  • Chris_Cruise

    . . . tie game . . . three minutes left . . .

    Taylor Hall lofts a beautiful soft little pass to the Wings in his own slot. The Wings fail to score, and Fasth yells his apology to Hall for stopping the puck. Hall glances back at Fasth with a “don’t let it happen again” death-glare.

    Benoit Pouliot makes the smart decision to spear a Wing 200 feet from his own net. He gets extra bonus points for 4 minutes instead of 2.

    . . . time running out . . .

    Matt Hendricks steps up into a leadership role by burying the puck behind Victor Fasth with 30 seconds left. Fait accompli.

    The Edmonton Oil Tankers dodge a bullet. If this isn’t a full-on team sanctioned dive to the bottom, colour me shocked.

    ps. I’d like to know what Fasth actually was yelling at Hall on that play. Nobody’s mentioned here, but it didn’t look good.

  • Torgerson

    Cam dog

    So what you say is quit half way through the journey and whimper off to the corner like an old dog and lick yourself. Should change your name to Taylor

    • camdog

      The organisation needs to do whatever it can to try and work Yakopov through this. They need to know if he’s a keeper. The organisation needs to know if Lander is a keeper or not? The organisation needs to let injured players rest, rather than play them through injuries.

      Right now I could care less if they win or lose, as long as they put in the effort. No not giving up, I just understand the journey doesn’t end at the end of this season.

  • Spoils

    I was so drunk last night I can’t believe my last couple posts were even spelled right.

    Sober Hagar however agrees with what drunk Hagar wrote. The funny part is that I was blathering on about how 50 percent of the oilers nation people are tanker dorks, and 50 percent are proud fans.

    Both of my posts are exactly 50/50 in the feedback votes. Lol drunk Hagar should be a statistician.

    Seems to be a dead split on the way the oilers should approach the rest of the season. Interesting.

  • DoubleDIon

    If you guys REALLY want to tank just trade Boyd Gordon for a 90 foot offensive player. That would ensure one of McDavid/Eichel.

    Man is Gordon ever an underrated player. I think it’s a crime that he’ll never win a Selke because he plays for the Oilers.

    • Serious Gord

      Beyond embarrassing.

      Right now the organization has to do what it can to keep the interest of young fans – I’m talking 7 to 12 years old. They are the ones spending their formative years with the oil being one of the worst teams in league history. And with modern media there are plenty of other teams to watch and root for.

      Tears for fears isn’t going to cut it. It is “cut” to use the Tim and Sid vernacular.