GDB 42.0 Wrap Up: Blackhawks @ Oilers

Who the hell saw that coming? Final Score: 5-2 Oilers. 

Before tonight’s game started, I had a feeling that the best part about tonight would watching the Blackhawks play.  I assumed that they were going to show up to Rexall, and make all the new Oilers know exactly what it means to be an Oiler.  It wasn’t exactly unreasonable to think that Chicago could blow out the Oilers on home ice either (November 22nd).  Such is life as an Oilers fan.  Do we cheer for wins, or do we cheer for losses (yes)?  Regardless of which side you’re on, trying to explain life as an Oilers fan is like trying to figure out why Liam Neeson keeps losing his family.  There just aren’t enough words, I guess.


The Oilers played a really solid game against a team that played last night.  Maybe, the most impressive part of the Oilers game was how they bounced back whenever the Blackhawks scored.  The Oilers we’re used to seeing would have just folded up shop, and called it a day.  I’m not sure what Todd Nelson has been telling these guys, but they’re actually playing like an NHL hockey team.  You can talk about the up-tempo practices, or the simpler philosophy, or whatever cliche you want – Todd Nelson has these guys playing like a completely different hockey team.  Yes, the Blackhawks were a tired hockey team, but the Oilers deserved to win that game and they did.

Damned Oilers keep sucking us back in!

We wrap.



  • Benoit Pouliot scored the first Oilers goal of the night.  Good to see him bounce back after that gross spearing penalty against Detroit. 
  • The Derek Roy goal was a thing of beauty.  Great passing play led to a great goal.  He finished with 3 points on the night.  Roy has 5 points in 6 games as an Oiler.
  • Anton Lander is on a 3-game point streak.
  • Nail Yakupov got the goal he so desperately needed. A goal and an assist for him tonight. I’m happy to see him rewarded, especially after getting the chance to play with actual NHL players.
  • Ben Scrivens gave the team a chance to win.  He finished the night with a .905 save% – 19 saves on 21 shots.



  • The Oilers are playing like a completely different hockey team under Todd Nelson.  This is not good news for the “Tank for McDavid” movement. 
  • Dallas Eakins may have to wait a while for another NHL head coaching job. Although, to his credit, he didn’t have the luxury of 3 NHL centres.
  • I’m going to miss Jeff Petry.  I hope the Universe can let him know that for me somehow. 
  • Did I mention this kind of play will not help the McDavid cause?
  • Anti Raanta didn’t help the McDavid cause either. He finished with a .810 save% – 17 saves on 21 shots.


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With many fans seeing this season as rock bottom, for the Oilers, we wanted to make going to the Oilers game a little more positive.  As such, our friend @soniasrunway has offered up tickets to the January 27th game, against the Minnesota Wild.  Where are the tickets?  Section 130, Row 14, Seat 13/14.  Rather than give the tickets away, Wanye thought it might bring a little bit of good karma if we auctioned them off, and donated the money to the ICCP.  Understandably, many of you may be rolling your eyes, so we’re going to spice up the offer. 

If you bid, you will not just be getting the tickets you’ll also be getting $100 in Pint GCs, a ride to and from the game in the #NationLimo, and a couple free NationGear tshirts.  All the money will be donated directly to the Inner City Children’s Program, so please only bid if you’re serious about it.  We’ll keep the Auction running throughout the weekend/next week, and I’ll update the bids as they come in. If you need any more information, feel free to email me at

***UPDATED*** CURRENT HIGH BID: $300 AJB Safety (Noon Sunday, Jan11th) 

  • Anton CP

    Ok… Lets start at the legislative building, up a 109 street ….riot at the park on a 106 street …. proceed down to the Mac …. turn left …. once around Winnie square and park it at the cool looking building….

  • vetinari

    Let me get this straight Coach Nelson:

    1. You want us to practice up tempo like a “real” game

    2. Lander who did score in the AHL for the last 3 seasons can score in the NHL and can skate. He just needed a chance and some confidence.

    3. Ditto for Yak

    4. You’re talking to us players on the bench during the game … Say what?!

    …. What’s next you Voodoo man donuts for reporters!

  • pkam

    Funny to read all fhe comments. That was 1 game. Keep it together ON. Lots can happen. They’re going on the Road. I sure hope the run will continue but be cautios tho. McEichel is still within reach. If they are able to pull 4-5 good games off I believe in it. They seem to show up now umlike before where they only seem to be part of the audience. And here the other good news LD scored his 2nd goal since returning to WHL.

  • O.C.

    Personally, since the 1st place overall only gets a 20% chance to draft McDavid, I am cheering for wins now and then a win at the lottery.

    Imagine that…. Finish 26 with some wins to build confidence and win the lottery to get McDavid.

      • That is true, but those players don’t guarantee us anything.

        Take the Pens for example. They drafted Crosby and Malkin (argueably 2 generational players, but 1 for sure), had better players around them and still only 1 cup in the past few years.

        Chicago drafted Kane and then Toews. Neither one is touted as a generational player (but freely admit damn good and can play for me any day). They have done a phenominal job with there later drafts. Won more cups then the Pens.

        LA has no first overalls (that I can think of, but I would be willing to argue Doughty is a generational defenseman over beers) but have drafted extremely well. Won more cups then Pens.

        So, even if we allow that Eichel is a generational player in the same year as McDavid (and not convinced of this), that guarentees us nothing.

        Building a winning culture (finally after so many years in the wilderness), drafting and developing players (In Bob Green we trust) will go further to help us then McDavid ever will.

        Just my .02 cents after a couple of drinks anyways.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Sorry, my view is unchanged. This organization doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. It’s gonna take the rest of this season, next season, possibly the season after that to convince me they’re for real. The old boys club still needs to go, Katz is still a terrible owner.

    Last year and this one really did a number on me.

    • Anton CP

      Not to disagree with you because you are right. However this is a breath of fresh air that Oilers were able to beat up on Hawks so let’s just enjoy this moment a bit.

      To be a buzzkill then Oilers still have 0 wins on the road against western opponents. The old boys’ club is running strong in EDM because most of involved with Oilers are still living in the 80s fantasy. That will take awhile before any of them realize that.

  • bazmagoo

    MacT really needs to be shown the door for the Eakins hiring and subsequent backing of Dallas. This is a results orientated business, and Craig has let us down big time.

    Does anyone trust the guy who thrust Leon into the NHL, signed Nikitin, anointed Justin Schultz a potential Norris trophy winner and overpaid for him, signed Jesse Joensuu, let Jeff Petry go UFA next off season, pushed for Brad Hunt to start the season in the NHL – with our beloved Oilers moving forward?

    Happy to see the Oilers win, but #mactmustgo and #lowemustgo still!

  • Germoil

    Even though I was at my first game of the season AND the Oilers won against the Blackhawks(!!) the best part of my night was sharing a limo from The Pint(DT) to Rexall with Wayne of ON fame. I hope I wasn’t duped into a fake Wayne.

  • ATL Oiler

    We all know that there is no parade being planned but this win was against a top team that is a cup contender. There was a world of difference when these two teams met up last time.

    Good win for the Oil and draft choices be damned, winning is what we have been missing for the past 9 years. I will take this win and ride this good feeling for the short time it lasts.

    It was a pretty good game by the Oil and they did deserve the win……so do us fans!

    GO OIL!

  • ATL Oiler

    Didn’t watch the game but watched some highlights. Yak STILL gives the puck away at the opposing blue line. He needs to give this stuff up. Also, why is my IP address keep getting banned?

  • ATL Oiler

    Heck of a win… well done.. got to give the
    “plumbers a high five;M They show up for everyt shift. Wish I could say that about Schultz,Nuge, and Eberle.They were missing in action last night.

    I don’t care if it was only one game, they really beat a good hockey team. Confidence builder ..

    I am not the biggest Yak fan, but he played his best game of the season.

    Lander looked better than ever as well.Keep playing these guys, see what can happen.

  • vetinari

    MacT’s plan is going great! Phase 1: hire a really bad coach
    Phase 2: make an average ahl coach interim bench boss after us from Eakins
    Phase 3: look like jesus

    Lovin the smoke and mirrors. He really just put a band aid on and its just enough to calm down the bandwagoners who constantly call for his job. Cant fool all of us 🙂

    Everyone should take note that Roy had no interest in going to Edmonton at any point in his career. Only after clearing waivers did he decide it was ok…. until the end of the season.

    Likewise Pouliot, Fayne and Nikitin all were brought here with a heavy overpayment. Hendricks was on his way to the minors too.

    I love a good Oilers win as much as anyone but I’m also an NHL fan and I know the oilers problems wont be over until a regular NHLer signs a second contract with the organization. This hasnt happened in almost a decade when Horcoff signed for 7million.

    Smart knowledgable fans can see through all of this but the loudest faction of our fanbase is comprised of headhunters. These fans are of the mindset that we are only a firing or two away from a playoff spot. A revolving door of veterans and coaching staff is not the answer.
    But it will quiet the masses for now. Its pretty sad that this is the only option MacT has to buy himself time so he may fix our REAL problems.

    In the meantime I’ll enjoy my rum and cokes with Todd down at Evergreen Trailer Park. Our time is clearly limited.