GDB 43.0 Wrap Up: Panthers @ Oilers

One and done?  That seems about right. Final Score: 4-2 Panthers.

Has there ever been a more fierce rivalry than the history Oilers/Panthers rivalry? No? Anyone? Hmm…  Getting fired up about an Oilers/Panthers game (in the middle of another lost season) is like trying to score with a cardboard cutout. Even if you score, the result will likely be less than satisfying.  Regardless of my preference of inanimate objects, there was a game to watch and analyze.  Would the Oilers be able to repeat their performance against the Chicago Blackhawks, or would they suck the hind banana as they have so many times over the past 9 years?  With the Oilers, you never know what you’re going to get.

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What we got was a team that had stretches of awesome, and larger stretches of looking completely lost.  Unfortunately, for the Oilers, the moments of being lost outshone any moments of greatness.  Once again, there were too many defensive mistakes that wound up in the back of the net.  Unfortunately, Ben Scrivens wasn’t able to cover for all the mistakes that happened in front of him.  The amazing thing about tonight is that the Oilers did not at all resemble the team that beat the Blackhawks on Friday.  That being said, would anyone be surprised to hear that the Oilers are playing inconsistently?  I didn’t think so either. 

We wrap.



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  • Nugey going to the All Star Game.
  • If this was NBA Jam, Jordan Eberle would be heating up.  He’s not quite “on fire” but he’s well on his way.  Jordan Eberle scored his 11th goal of the season.
  • The Oilers played really well against the Blackhawks on Friday. 
  • The Oilers had moments where they looked like they were going to take control of this game.  Unfortunately, the defensive mistakes seemed to outnumber any flashes of brilliance.
  • ELPH is alive and well.
  • Team #Tank2015 grows. 
  • Boyd Gordon was 93% in the faceoff circle.  The guy is a warlord.



  • It’s sad that we’re not still allowed to throw plastic rats at the Panthers.
  • The Panthers’ first goal was the result of missed assignments in the d-zone.  Eberle didn’t have his man, and Jimmy Hayes (13th goal of the season) made him pay for it.  I was happy to see Eberle bounce back with a goal in the 2nd period.
  • Sloppy, sloppy, breakouts early in the game.  The Oilers were lucky that Florida didn’t capitalize on those early mistakes.
  • In my opinion, Brian Campbell appears to be some kind of ageless wonder.   Maybe witch burning deserves another look.
  • Ekblad looks really really good.  I hope Ryan Smyth enjoyed that sendoff. (Just kidding, I would totally do it again)
  • Gudbranson took a healthy run from behind at Benoit Pouliot.  It was an awful decision to say the least.
  • Ben Scrivens needed to be better. He finished with 23 saves on 27 shots, and an .852 save%.


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With many fans seeing this season as rock bottom, for the Oilers, we wanted to make going to the Oilers game a little more positive.  As such, our friend @soniasrunway has offered up tickets to the January 27th game, against the Minnesota Wild.  Where are the tickets?  Section 130, Row 14, Seat 13/14.  Rather than give the tickets away, Wanye thought it might bring a little bit of good karma if we auctioned them off, and donated the money to the ICCP.  Understandably, many of you may be rolling your eyes, so we’re going to spice up the offer. 

If you bid, you will not just be getting the tickets you’ll also be getting $100 in Pint GCs, a ride to and from the game in the #NationLimo, and a couple free NationGear tshirts.  All the money will be donated directly to the Inner City Children’s Program, so please only bid if you’re serious about it.  We’ll keep the Auction running throughout the weekend/next week, and I’ll update the bids as they come in. If you need any more information, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Note: We’ll be ending the auction after the Oilers/Blues game on the 13th. 

CURRENT HIGH BID: $300 AJB Safety (7:45pm Sunday, Jan 11th) 

  • Germoil

    30 seconds before Gudbranson nailed Pouliot, Pouliot gave him a HELLO right in the sack behind the Panther net. I watched Gudbranson catch his number and told the guy next to me he was going to get even if he gets a chance! He did!

    • tealyn

      After the hit the Oilers really band together to go after Gudbranson.

      Nuge standing still gave him a little love tap on the shoulder and Eberle was 3 ft. away with his gap-tooth smile stood there, didn’t make a move.

      That’s the trouble with this team. its not a team.

  • Jordan88

    its so pathetic what this organization have turned most fans into…TANKING. its the main ingredient to the recipe of a losing culture. lets tank for the most overrated kid on skates. yeah we’ll improve..just give it another 8 years or so…

  • tealyn

    If anyone one or both of these goalies are playing for the Oilers next year expect more losing. Both are back up goalies at best no matter how bad the defence is this year. To put it in perspective…Scrivens lost the starting job to Reimer in TO and he is the back up there. Happy Monday!!!