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In some ways, we’ve been following Jeff Petry as a young player for a decade but in terms of actually seeing him play games his arrival in the NHL in 2010 marks the beginning of his ‘up close and personal’ time as an Oilers player. There’s still time for Petry to sign with the club but as January fades into February if we don’t hear contract discussions I think it’s fair to suggest we’re seeing his final Oilers games.

Petry is an actual NHL defenseman and at this point is a cap bargain (that may change this summer). When discussing potential destinations for value players, it’s always best to include Dean Lombardi and the Los Angeles Kings in the conversation.

Travis Yost:Based on the consistent reports about his availability via trade, I
worry that Edmonton doesn’t know what kind of player they have. Or, that
they don’t know how bad things get when other defencemen are taking
regular shifts.

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The Yost article is a fascinating look at the math and offers a strong argument for retaining the young defender. He is an actual NHL player, has miles to go before eroding as a defender and appears to be a good teammate based on what we are able to suss out from available quotes. The Oilers may be looking at things other than math (one suspects Petry’s ‘battle level’ is wanting) and that gives other teams a chance to capitalize.

Desperados under the eaves

The Los Angeles Kings under Dean Lombardi are just the damndest team, smart beyond compare. Although the Detroit Red Wings make complete sense as a destination for Petry, I’m thinking Los Angeles does too. Petry can play out the season, the playoffs, and perhaps sign with LAK for a few seasons.

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Last deadline, Lombardi waited until very late in the procedure to pull the trigger and then plucked Marian Gaborik from Columbus. Let’s revisit that deal:

  • 2014-Mar-05 Traded Marian Gaborik from Columbus Blue Jackets to Los Angeles Kings for Matt Frattin, third round pick in the 2014 draft (Dominic Turgeon) and a second round pick in the 2015 draft.

Los Angeles won the Stanley Cup and signed the player. They badly needed scoring and Gaborik was a perfect fit. This season, they are badly in need of a right-handed blueliner to play right side with Drew Doughty and Matt Greene—the Slava Voynov slot. Petry could come in, play that role until Voynov is available and then offer the team legit depth as a third pairing option with Greene or play in the top six full stop.


Teams adding at the deadline rarely give up roster players, but will trade picks and prospects—Lombardi dealt two prospects a year ago at the deadline in a deal for defender Brayden McNabb—and Edmonton has to be in that market because they are once again sellers.

It could be Derek Forbort or the monster Justin Auger or a third-round selection because this is a deep draft year. Whatever the return, like the draft pick from Pittsburgh for David Perron, it is extremely unlikely to make the Oilers better next season.

The pick could be cashed for something of immediate value in summer but it absolutely suggests Oilers management remains firmly in rebuild mode. One way for the organization to show fans they’re not building for a new tomorrow down the road?

Sign Jeff Petry. Now. 

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  • ubermiguel

    I would not blame Jeff Petry one iota for not even considering resigning here. I would go as far as to encourage the young man to get as far away from this amateurish organization as possible. Best of luck Petry whatever organization you end up with!

  • D

    I must say it definately isn’t in Petry’s best interested to stuck with the team. Having said that it could also extend to every other player on the team. I’d be willing to guess he goes to a contender and signs for less money than Edm even offers. Just sayin.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    Oilers need to stop letting good players leave town for nothing.

    Sign Petry, sign Roy on a one year extension.

    Murder whoever to ensure Boychuck is here next year.

    Trading Petry for picks at the deadline only makes sense if a guy like Boychuck is here in September. Even still it would be nice to have Perty and some depth on the right side for once.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    Can’t believe Dubnyk was able to garner a 3rd round pick in this year’s draft. The pick will likely be on the early end of the 3rd round too since the Wild are likely to miss the playoffs.

    • camdog

      It wasn’t long ago where 75% of the people on this site were stating that DD wasn’t going to ever play in the NHL again. Well he is now officially going into Minnesota to be their starting goaltender. At least something to pay attention to the next few months…

  • Last night I watched Trailer Park Boys!

    Jim Lahey – K.Lowe

    Randy – MacT

    Barbara – D.Katz

    Sam Losco – T.Nelson

    Julian – Serious Gord

    Ricky – Oilers Domination To Follow guy

    Bubbles – B.Scrivens

    Lucy – Baggedmilks sister

    J Rock – J.Gregor

    Tyrone – G.Fuhr

    Bottle Kids – Barons

    Corey – J.Eberle

    Trevor – Nuge

    Cyrus – Hendricks

  • Young Oil

    Ideal case is obviously to sign Petry. Really doesn’t seem like he’d want to come back though.

    Very unlikely to get a roster player for him, as playoff teams are going to want to keep their roster players.

    That leaves prospects and picks. Unlikely to get a prospect with a shot at having an NHL career for Petry alone, so stockpiling picks might be the best idea. Draft picks are valued very low at the trade deadline, and very high on draft day.

    Going off of Douglas Murray getting two second round picks a couple of years ago, and the market tightening up the following year, my ideal trade for Petry would be to Boston, who are on the cusp of possibly missing the playoffs, and might be willing to pay the most. I would trade Petry and our third round pick to Boston for their two second round picks.

    That would likely give us 5 picks in the top 50 in the deepest draft in a decade (likely comparable to 5 first round picks in a normal year). From there, we could either get one top flight draft pick at each position, injecting some new life into our system, or package some of those picks on draft day in order to bring in a roster player or two.

    Again, it would be ideal to sign Petry to another contract, but I don’t see him wanting to stay here. Who could blame him?

    • D

      Thats not a bad idea at all. Especially if there is one really good goalie in the top 50. The one thing that could work in Edm’s favor is they can retain, I believe, half of the salary. Petry at half of what ever remains of 3 mil, might be very good for some teams with little space, might even allow them to add a couple players instead of just one. Petry while retaining as much salary as possible might get you get you 2 2nds.

  • sportsjunkie007

    I’m one of the few people who still has hope for MacT as a GM. If he doesn’t manage to re-sign Petry I will likely join the crowd that wants him replaced.

  • camdog

    “Travis Yost:Based on the consistent reports about his availability via trade, I worry that Edmonton doesn’t know what kind of player they have. Or, that they don’t know how bad things get when other defencemen are taking regular shifts.”

    Why does nobody think of the possibility that maybe Petry wouldn’t sign here even if Katz personally drove a dumptruck full of money to his house and let him shave CurlyKatz’s hair?

  • camdog

    Right now I think I would truly consider signing Petry to a two year 5.5 mil contract if it meant he would stay. More than likely an overpayment but if we can give Nikitin 4.5 surely we can cough up an extra 1 mil for Jeff.

  • Tikkanese

    Double D in the Twin City? Wonder if Craig made a call.

    Petry. I got nutting to say other best wishes on his departure. I think Craig has made a pile of mostly inconsequential deals, and missed the boat on Perry. Petry is a legit player, a good 2 or 3 on some teams, and the Oilers have no clue. For a guy to play that well in spite of carrying Ference is a real testament, I hope he puts that on his resume. I am looking forward to 12 million dollars of real value for Schultz, Nikitin, Ference next year, woohoo. Just pinch me, this can’t real.

  • Young Oil

    So is this the same crowd that has been saying we have no tough defenceman? we should be looking for a tough stay at home /scared to step in front of our net? Your going to pay the price Defenceman .Remeber people we are soft in our end soft in front of our goal afraid to hit back or make it painful to play in our end and yet you still want to keep Petry here .Give your head a shake fans now your all thinking with your hearts not results

    • bradleypi

      This is the only post I’ve read on here all day that actually makes sense and speaks the truth. Yet it gets trashed the most. Congrats oilerdome for being one of the only people on here that actually seems to watch the games.
      I had a pretty good chuckle about a previous comment from freelancer saying he would pay petry 5.5 a year!! LMAO!!!! I believe his reasoning was “because they paid nikitin 4.5”. Lol!! Holy frugal batman! Absolutely ridiculous! posters on oilersnation sure are making the rest of us look like idiots today.

      • Deported to Ottawa

        His comments are getting trashed because you can’t simply continue to let NHL talent walk.

        No one is saying they wouldn’t trade Petry. Heck if a tough stay at home defenceman was offered, sign me up. The likely hood of that happening is slim.

        So let him walk? I don’t think that’s smart.

        Trade him for picks? Given the Oilers draft history and current lack of NHL defencemen why in the world would they trade Petry for more picks?

        Petry may lack toughness but at least he’s actually an NHL calibre player.

      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        I would not beat your chest too much after reading your nonsense. I love how you and the poster you are quoting seem to think that because Petry is not physical he is useless, that right there shows who the idiots are, the guy is a legitimate 3/4 nhl defenseman and if you do not think that then I have serious doubt if you “actually seem to watch games”

        On a side note I do laugh at the so called most knowledgeable fans in the league who wanted to run this guy out of town for years and now are crying about the fact it is coming to fruition now.

      • Young Oil

        Look at our defense. Tell me right now who can take over Petry’s position. Petry would be a solid 3/4 defenseman on any team, he’s arguably our best defenseman. That in of itself is a huge problem. If you trade one of your only defensemen who can log big minutes effectively and having nothing coming back to cover that hole then you are going to run into huge problems.

        I never said Petry deserved 5.5 because Nikitin got 4.5. My point was I would ratehr overpay some players than others.

    • Soiled Trousers

      You forgot to mention the part where you have to hold Buffalo’s GM at gun point to force him to make that trade. Other than that it looks pretty solid.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    LA would be a good possibility. First team to offer up a first rounder gets him, that’s what I would hold out for. The Kings are living right near the edge of the cliff. To get any first rounder from a possible non playoff team would be huge. The way I see it, LA looks like they could be in tough for that 6-8 spot in the western conference.

    The earlier they make deals on Petry, Gordon, Hendricks and Fasth the better. The Oil are 3 years away from really needing these type of niche players anyways. Why keep them here for hockey that doesn’t matter. They need to start this new rebuild with McDavid in their back pocket.

    Get a couple of these guys gone, now.

  • WTF2

    Let’s face it, trading is not Randy’s forte.

    If he is up to par, in return for Petry, Randy will likely snag a bag of pucks and the playing rights to Bubbles.

  • Anton CP

    On the other note, Arco is heading to Pittsburgh to join Perron. If Arco can also find successes in Pittsburgh then maybe players are not the issue in Edmonton…

  • bradleypi

    MacT neglected helmet;
    10-11: .916 18th best on last place team
    11-12: .914 22nd best on 29th place team
    12-13: .920 12th best on 24th place team
    14-15 .916 17th best on 27th place team.

    Averaged .917 on 28th place team.

    Eakins destroyer of players! (toronto trained)

  • bradleypi

    Edmonton painted themselves into this corner. Petry would be crazy not to test free agency now. Edmonton sent him a clear signal when they didnt sign him to a longer term. Many have already posted that he is a type of player that for whatever reason Oilers management doesnt value. We will trade him for picks and continue on our road of perpetual rebuild. As Lowetide always says.. “we cant have nice things cause – Oilers…”

  • bradleypi

    Isn’t this exactly why a guy like Tyler Dellow was brought into the fold? – for his ability to recognize statistical talent when it’s available to be signed?

    Seems to be that we should all feel confident that this wouldn’t slip through the Oilers fingers, but why do I not feel confident? Is this not what Dellow’s and others like him job description is?

    • Not according to their description of what his job would be.

      Besides, what you suggest would require they listen to anything he said and, despite the beliefs of many fans, the Oilers haven’t exactly embraced analytics regardless of their lip service.

    • papler

      I still believe that Dellow was mainly brought into the fold to have one of the loudest critics and brightest minds out there “silenced”

      oh sure they gave him some analytics job. one can analyze all year. management can then take the analysis and ignore it.

      if they don’t resign Petry it shows once more the incompetence of his management to recognize and value talent levels (I mean, Petry vs. Schultz? is this even a question?)

  • toprightcorner

    I don’t think there is any chance Petry doesnt want to try the UFA market to cash in.

    I see Los Angeles pushing for Petry, with no Voynov, their defense will have a tough time getting them deep and the two teams have a lot of trade history. I think a 1st rounder is not likly unless we can add something to the deal.

    Maybe Petry and a 3rd for a 1st.

    Take that 1st and the one from PIT and build packages to get a true top pairing dman and possible and veteran 2C. Eberle and a 1st for Byfuglien or Josi and Schultz and 1st for Jordan Stall, Couturier, Schenn or Brouwer (the power forward we need.

    Chase; Vermette, Soderberg, Franson, Boychuk, Niemi, Methot and Downey on UFA market.

  • I can’t believe I still care so much about this disorganized mess of an organization. I still love the players, the logo…hell even the old arena still sends shivers up my spine! I’ve been an avid follower of the team for almost 40 years…since I could barely walk…and I’ve never been so disheartened and frustrated as I am right now. PETRY IS A REAL DEFENSEMAN!!! Why is it everyone with half a brain can see it, yet the Oilers brass idiotically wastes away EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED, AN ACTUAL NHL DEFENSEMAN???!!! By not signing him to a half decent contract last year, we are now looking at another disheartening loss of actual talent. Unbelievable…

    If it wasn’t for excellent sites like this one, I wouldn’t even care!!

  • bradleypi

    Declining Canadian dollar equals less revenue for the league results in lower cap moving forward.

    The failure to cap manage has already cost teams like the Bruins and the Philly Flyers.

    Jeff Petry is the best defenseman on this team currently. Key word. Currently.

    Is he the best option for the next 3-5 years at 5.5 million per season? I do not forsee a marked increase in his point production. nor do I see a marked increase in his physical play. Or his ability to stop the cycle down low.

    For me he is a player that has always left me feeling I want more from him. Perhaps its my own perception that Petry has not taken that next step that puts in him in the elite category because he is satisfied with being under the radar. He seems content to be a 3-4 guy and let others take the spotlight. Given his skillset I believe he has done himself a disservice and his teammates by contenting himself with being average rather than putting in the work and being above average.

    That said. His value to me currently is worth more as a trade piece to acquire another 1st round pick this draft than moving forward as a 3-4 dman getting paid 5.5 dollars a year. My inner GM says cash his value in before the trade deadline and maximize his value.

    As a 27 year old free agent Petry will bring him a cash value above his current play with the Oilers.

    With the emergence of Darnell Nurse and Oscar Klefbom I believe the Oilers have a a pair of stud defencemen that will surpass what Petry gives us currently and in the next 2-3 years. Along with mark Fayne, Justin Shultz and perhaps another addition or 2 not named Ference or Nikitan this defence may actually compete at the level we need in the Pacific division in the next few years.

    The other factor for me is that with the turmoil in the KHL this season and the forthcoming demise of several of its teams there will be a plethora of cheap NHL caliber 5-6 dmen available on the free agent market come July.

    If I am Mact I also cash out Boyd Gordon, Derek Roy,Teddy Purcell, Andrew Ference, Victor Fasth and Nikita Nikitan.

    By the trade deadline this team should be cap leaner and the available roster spots should be filled with the likes of Lander,Pitlick, Martin Marincin, and Richard Bachmann.

    Petry is not a 5.5 million dollar player. Never will be. Never can be. Especially on this team.Send him to LA and a pick and get their 1st round pick and prospect.