GDB 44.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Blues

Games like this make me want to pawn my TV for a drum kit. Final Score: 4-2 Blues.

When a road trip starts off with the St. Louis Blues, it’s generally a safe bet that the Oilers could be in for a long week.  As far as road trips go, tonight was not the start they were after.  This game was a few hundred cliches short, for the Oilers.  At the end of the day, the St. Louis Blues are a way better hockey team than the Oilers are.  Full stop.  Part of the problem was that I’m not even sure what I expected from the Oilers in the first place.  I guess, as sad as it is to say, I was just looking for a little ELPH.

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As the game went on, I couldn’t help but wonder which was worse: watching the team that Craig MacTavish deemed to be good enough to start the season, or the fact that we have absolutely no hope for a win going into a game like tonight’s against the Blues.  I can’t imagine things could possibly get worse than feeling like we literally having no hope for a win before the game has even started. This HAS to be rock bottom, right? RIGHT!? *sigh*

To sum up the game in a sentence, the Oilers were outmatched in every aspect of the game.  There were parts of the game that looked like a scrimmage that Pre-Novice kids have with their dads at the end of the season.  Frankly, it would have been nice if Ken Hitchcocked would have instituted some kind of “5 passes before you score” type of rule.  Hitchcock was born in Edmonton (long before the Oilers were around), so I don’t feel like it’s too much to ask to let us swing from the Ladies Tee.  Anyway…

We wrap.


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  • Nugey is going to the Allstar game, and I’m throwing my name in the hat to be his chaperone. 
  • The game ended early enough that I wouldn’t have to go to bed angry.
  • Two goals for Pouliot, and he caused a scrum at the end of the game.  The guy loves mixing it up.
  • First goal against Tarasenko notwithstanding, I thought Scrivens played well considering the circumstances.  It’s not as though the skaters were lighting the world on fire, in front of him.  Scrivens finished with 25 saves, and a .862 save%.
  • The #Tank2015 movement takes another step forward.



  • Max Lapierre is my nominee for “Most Punchable Face.” Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for someone to come up with an award show, with that category, for Lapierre to be crowned the winner.
  • I’m going to miss Jeff Petry.
  • Tarasenko scored a weak goal on Scrivens in the first period.  Those are the kind of shots that the goalies need to stop. NEED THEM SAVES, BRAH.
  • There’s getting outshot, and there’s getting Oilers’d.  The Blues outshot the Oilers 29-15 tonight.  They could not get anything going offensively. 
  • The Blues won 68% of the faceoffs.
  • Speaking of shots, the Oilers didn’t reach double digits in shots until the 3rd period.
  • Right at the end of the game, Benoit Pouliot got into a scrum with 3 Blues players. Not one Oiler jumped in after him.  Gross. 


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With many fans seeing this season as rock bottom, we wanted to make going to the Oilers game a little more positive.  As such, our friend @soniasrunway has offered up tickets to the January 27th game, against the Minnesota Wild.  Where are the tickets?  Section 130, Row 14, Seat 13/14.  Rather than give the tickets away, Wanye thought it might bring a little bit of good karma if we auctioned them off, and donated the money to the ICCP.  Understandably, many of you may be rolling your eyes, so we’re going to spice up the offer. 

If you bid, you will not just be getting the tickets you’ll also be getting $100 in Pint GCs, a ride to and from the game in the #NationLimo, and a couple free NationGear tshirts.  All the money will be donated directly to the Inner City Children’s Program, so please only bid if you’re serious about it.  We’ll keep the Auction running throughout the weekend/next week, and I’ll update the bids as they come in. If you need any more information, feel free to email me at [email protected].

The auction ends tonight, so bring on the bids!


  • Andresito

    Is there any other player in the NHL more selfish and spoilt then Taylor Hall? A smart manager would trade him soon. Me me me me my my my (sounds like Taylor’s post game comments”

  • vetinari

    Oilers are a poorly put together and developed team going on 8 years now , especially last 2 years . The new acquisitions are settling down now and their effectiveness ,or lack thereof is showing already . This team gets less exciting almost every ten games . MacT.”s only good acquisition , he trades away for pixie dust and Klinkhammer , whooptee ! Could anybody have paid this price , and fared worse ? I rather doubt it .

  • toprightcorner

    Hall seems to be getting dumber as the season goes on. Stupid giveaways trying to skate around guys, leaving the zone early, not using his speed to take the puck to the net, too many back hand passes and absolutely no passion. I don’t need to seem him fight, have 6 hits in a game but exchange a few stinky gloves once in a while and act like you care.

    Leaving your teamates out numbered in a scrum is shameful, at this point in the season, any time a player does that they sit the next game. Hall, Ebs and Schultz should each sit on the pine for 1 period next game. Get it through their heads, who cares about wins right now, find out who has what it takes and who doesn’t. And Clean house.

    Guys I would like to see go for lack of passion and loyalty are Eberle, Schultz, Purcell and Nikitin. Hall is getting closer to making that list.

  • toprightcorner

    I do not think Hall has shown anything to justify him to be the Captain of this team. Right now I would probably look at Hendricks and wait a year or 2 more for Nuge.

  • Petrolero

    My man bagged milk, you’re wrong. The Nuge came in to Pouliot’s defence after a while, kinda looked like a little kid trying to push a cage fighter though. But Nuge was there son.

    Nuge for Captain.

  • The scouts have failed....

    It’s sad when you see other teams stick up for their teammates in a heartbeat whether it was a big hit, a scrum that might be starting or somebody looked at somebody the wrong way and they took offense. On this team you can blatantly board a rookie in his 23rd game and watch his teammates turn around and skate to the bench because god forbid you want to even make sure he’s alright.

    There’s maybe five to seven guys on this team that if you got involved with something on the ice that you could rely on to come in there and help you out or at least occupy somebody. Gordon, Hendricks, Ference, Yakupov, Gazdic. Two hard working veterans, a hard working enforcer who at least in his small ice time tries to do something and is honest out there and Yakupov who at least plays with a chip on his shoulder.

    Nobody respects this team for that very reason, RNH fought somebody when he got mad, Gagner did the same thing. Hall is one of the bigger guys on this team, I don’t want him fighting a heavyweight, but at some point he wants credibility then he needs to stand up for himself against a guy Like Backes who runs his all the time.

  • AddytheWrath

    I did not see the game last night but from what I can gather Backes was running around like usual? I don’t really care for him as a player (another big guy that tends to target smaller players but backs away from a more even battle), but until the Oilers get some forwards or d-men that can actually play the game, have size, and play physical/with an edge this will continue to happen. Take a look at the playoffs last season vs. the Hawks. Sure, it cost Seabrook a couple of games but where was Backes after that?

    Unfortunately, this team is so poorly constructed that the we do not have any forwards or d-men that can play AND punish players on other teams.

  • AddytheWrath

    I do agree that this team is poorly put together. But its not because of the past couple of years. Lowe & Tambi had A LOT to do with it. MacT inherited a disaster. I for one thinks he is a good GM. what else can he do really? he has over paid for some plugs ie. Nikki but rookie GMs will make mistakes. oh yeah and the hiring of Dallas…nevermind he’s incompetent

  • camdog

    Hall + musil to winnipeg for Kane & bogosian. ..Eberle + chase to Ottawa for lazar and a signed Marc methot and schultz to whoever for whatever and a coffee no cream no sugar. ..spread the party out

    • WildBill_1485

      And then you can trade Gazdic for Crosby, Joey Moss for Toews, and Baggedmilk for Ben Bishop. Let’s get real here, I don’t think Winnipeg or Ottawa do that deal in NHL ’15 even with a few 6th and 7th rounders thrown in, let alone the real world. Winnipeg giving up two of its best players for that? You crazy man, you crazy. Hilarious, but crazy!

  • BubbaZanetti

    Hey, where are all the Hall / Eberle defenders for this blatantly true article. Funny how they are so silent when the truth is right there in front of their eyes ? The game agains the blues is no different than any other game. So painfully obvious. But it’s only a matter of time before all of the defendears come rushing to the sweethearts defense.