Last week, I launched the January meme contest.  The theme of the contest was to show what Connor McDavids knows about Edmonton, or has learned about Edmonton.  The result was the complete annihilation of my email.  

After hours of deliberating, and narrowing down the entries, we emerged from our war room at Nation HQ with 7 finalists in tow.  Honestly, picking only seven finalists was a massive injustice to the quality of the entries that I got.  You guys came up with so many great ideas that only picking 7 finalists was extremely tough, and is completely unfair to a lot of you (sorry, bro). Unfortunately, it had to be done and now the finalists need to know who will have their meme lifted to the highest highs of Internet glory!

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1) What’s a Sunshine Girl?


This first entry made us laugh at the simplicity of it.  Now, we know that the Sun runs Sunshine Girls across the country, but the irony isn’t as great as it is in Edmonton.  There’s something about checking out the Sunshine Girl on a day when the sun sets around noon.

2) City of Champions? That can’t be right…

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This meme made us laugh for the same reason it probably makes everyone who doesn’t live in Edmonton laugh.  City of Champions? What year is this?  I’m still working on the time machine, but it might take a while.

3) Management awaits…


Dude… seriously.  I almost didn’t include this entry because of how sadly accurate it probably is.  *sigh*

4) Real Estate Problems…

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image (28)

Last year, the Oilers told Will Acton to find a place to live.  Fast forward to this year, and Will Acton isn’t even part of the franchise anymore.  Seeing this meme, we couldn’t help but wonder how many Oilers have stayed in that house.  Did Acton leave the condiments?  We may never know.

5) Down by the River…


I’ve taken many a walk down by the river, and have often wondered “I wonder who farted.” 

6) Noodz for Life...

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Noodz! How could we not include this meme? It was such a beautiful product plug that there was no way that we couldn’t include this as a finalist… not to mention, Wanye threatened to fire us if we didn’t.

7) Life planning…


Planning for your future is important, and Connor McDavid obviously knows that.  I wonder where he’ll live?  In my head, I like to imagine Connor McDavid moving in with Lil Nugey and they build the finest forts this side of Saskatchewan.  Beautiful!

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8) How’s the weather?


Watching the Oilers lose probably wouldn’t be as bad if we were allowed to go outside from November-February.  Watching the Oilers lose also wouldn’t as bad if the Oilers were somehow able to keep the puck of their own net. 


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As always, the voting is set up in the pollz in the sidebar.  I’ll keep the voting active until tomorrow morning’s game day poll is updated.  Until then, I urge all of our finalists to vote, and campaign as much as they can.  This is a shorter voting cycle than we usually do, and the prizes are in the hands of the voters.

What are we voting on?

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  • 1st place: a Nation Hoodie + Nation Tee + $20 Pint GC + Car Decal
  • 2nd place: a Nation Tee + $20 Pint GC + Car Decal
  • 3rd place: a $20 Pint GC + a $10 Oodle Noodle GC + Car Decal
  • We’ll pick 5 random entrants to win an Oodle Noodle GC and a sticker package.
Vote carefully, Nation.  I’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow via Twitter/Facebook.