Sources Say: No Offer Made To Petry

Looming overhead this entire season for the Oilers has been the contract status of Jeff Petry. As he was signed to a one year deal this past summer he was not eligible for contract negotiations until January 1st of this year. Despite the fact that the team can now negotiate with their top defenseman a source close to the situation has informed me that no such contract discussions have actually occurred.

Sources Say

Not all that long ago I wrote this article in which I said that Jeff Petry should embrace his UFA status and leave the Oilers. Unrestricted Free Agency is rare. Rarer still while a professional athlete is at the height of his abilities. It seems as though the franchise has made the decision to leave for him and has not even considered making Petry an offer. One cannot refuse a contract and force a move if no contract is ever offered.

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Jim Matheson of the Journal wrote in his Monday article here that “The puck is very much in Petry’s bag, though; only he knows if he’s tired of all these Oilers rebuilds and the mounting mountain of losses after being the team’s top pick (second round) in 2006.” Our source tells us that Petry very much does want to remain a part of the organization that drafted him almost 9 years ago. He has been affiliated with Edmonton for a long time and wanted to see it through to better days. As exciting as it is to become a UFA, there’s a certain amount of loyalty that comes with belonging to an organization for almost a decade.

No doubt wanting to remain an Oiler while also not throwing away an opportunity to maximize earning potential in a profession where injury can take away your career in an instant is a complicated task. However, as per our source close to situation, when Petry’s agent contacted the Oilers to discuss possible negotiations he was told that the club was trying to move him. No contract talks of any nature have happened.

The puck, it would appear, is not in Jeff Petry’s bag at all. 

As each day passes without any contract discussion between the two sides the odds of Edmonton and Jeff Petry coming to an agreement on a new deal look worse and worse. During this process Petry has been described as “Perplexed” by the route the Oilers have taken with him.

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It appears as though the Oilers came to the conclusion that the team cannot afford both Jeff Petry and Justin Schultz next year and that the team has chosen Schultz. There is some slight awkwardness to that situation as both Petry and Schultz are represented by the Newport Sports Agency.

And so, to reiterate, the Oilers have not yet offered Petry a new contract, nor have they had any meaningful discussions that could lead to a new contract even two weeks past the point where they could have started to do so.


thinking cap

For those holding out hope that the Oilers will come to their senses and keep their best defenseman, this comes as a great disappointment. 

If Jeff Petry is at all interested in remaining an Oiler then I think it is the responsibility of the team to explore what it would take to make that happen. All parties might still come to the conclusion that it is time to move on, but don’t the Oilers have to at least make Petry’s camp an offer they can turn down before they move him as a rental at the deadline?

There’s no question that if the team moves him they will get a relatively weak return compared to the value held by having a 27 year old right-shooting Defensman who can play 20+ minutes a night against tough competition. On the other hand, the team will have nothing if they don’t move him and he walks away in July. 

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The writing on the wall is that the Oil value Justin Schulz ahead of Jeff Petry. That was most certainly the case this past summer when Schultz was given the larger contract and subsequently played the most minutes until he had proven to everybody that he couldn’t handle them. Now, more than ever, the team has hard-matched Petry against the toughs and his status on the top of the blue isn’t really questioned. 

We can only guess if the Oilers recognize their error now and that the decision to stick with Schultz is more related to the fact that he remains under club control as an RFA versus Petry who is a UFA.

As to where he’ll go, there are no shortage of teams who would take Jeff Petry on their team. He drives possession, is a smooth skater, makes good defensive decisions, and is relatively inexpensive. Even with a cap hit of 3.075M there are a few teams that wouldn’t be able to pick him up until the deadline, though.

The LA Kings have been a favored trade partner of the Oilers for several years and they have been dealing with the Voynov situation (read: Voynov is allegedly scum, allegedly) all year. Surely they would be interested in Petry. However, in order to get Jeff Petry other moves or bodies they might not be comfortable moving would have to go first. 

The obvious landing spot for Petry has, and will always remain, Detroit, for obvious reasons but they have even less cap space than the Kings. It might require Edmonton taking back something pretty undesirable to get Jeff Petry into a Red Wing uniform.

Many other organizations are in the exact same boat as the Kings and the Red Wings. So for now Jeff Petry remains an Oiler but it looks like the club has already decided to move him along.

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  • Zarny


    The Oilers can’t afford to give Boychuk 7 million; not to mention Boychuk isn’t worth 7 million.

    The Oilers also won’t sign Petry to 5 million. Aim higher.

    • DoubleDIon

      I think 7 million will be what he gets on the open market. Boychuk is certainly worth 2 million more than Petry. Standard UFA contract’s for #4 types have been in the 5 million dollar range the past few seasons. Wideman, Orpik, Erhoff, Wisniewski ect aren’t world beaters. Heck, you guys just paid 4.5 million for a bottom pairing guy (Nikitin) and we paid 2.9 million for a fringe bottom pairing guy (Engelland). I think you’re kidding yourself if you think Boychuk goes for the 5-6 million the quartet mentioned above did. Petry is certainly better than Nikitin or Engelland. He can play #4 minutes on a decent team.

  • DoubleDIon


    Mac T has already decided that the “grass is greener”, on the other side………which means he has already selected someone ( Johnny Boychuck) so Jeff Petry is as good as gone.

    As Mac T is in man love with Justin Schultz, there is no way he is going to select Petry over Schultz, sad but true. He has allready ordered the Brinks truck to go directly over to Boychucks house and deliver a very large load.

    What I don’t get is we spent the last 10 years developing this player and when he finally get into his prime, we are willing to send him away for what a third round pick?? Even after being benched by Eakins, this guy never cried, complained,……..just went and played solid hockey.

    Fact is Petry is just too good for this organization!!!

  • Spaceman Spiff

    This is reminding me of the tambelini days when bad decisions or lack of decisions were coming by the boat load, we seem to be stuck with a Mickey Mouse management team. We need good defence, Petry has held the line when nobody else could and they are treating him like crap. With a more intelligent leadership group the oilers would be a playoff team this summer, but you gotta know who you have to keep and who to get rid of.
    Out-Lowe, MacT, Hall, Ebs, Shultz, nikitin, Percell.
    The parts are there but they won’t work on the same team. Get rid of them and we will get a boat load of talent back, either get use to losing with your favourite players or learn to love your next group who will bring you to the promise land.

  • Tikkanese

    MacT is on record stating he tried to sign Petry to a long term contract but had to settle on the one year.

    That tells us that either MacT already knows the dollar figure the Petry camp is demanding, or that Petry did not want to sign here long term. If you are to take this article as gospel, then MacT already knows what the Petry camp wants. Everyone would agree that Petry’s play has taken a step forward this year, so that dollar figure is only going to go higher.

    Either way, is there a point to giving Petry another offer now?

    • Hemmercules

      They both wanted a longer term last summer, but mutually settled on a 1 year deal, meaning his asking price was too high. Like you said, Mact already knows what he wants for money and term and that is surely a little higher now than it was last summer.

      That said, I think you still have to try and make him an offer. If he is at all interested in staying, at least try for another 1 year deal if thats what it takes. Thats what I would do anyway,but as I said in a comment above, they seem to be embracing the tank and likely don’t feel they need Petry when they will just be bad again next year anyway.
      Also, I can almost guarantee Mact has already slotted Nurse in Petrys place for next season. After seeing Nurse play that third period in the gold metal game the Oilers management probably can’t hide their boners.

        • pkam

          Not saying you’re wrong nor Nurse will replace Petry like Hemmercules suggested, but I won’t be surprised as it is not the 1st time a LD plays on the right side, and it won’t be the last.

          It may be rare that a RD plays on the left side, but in our game against the Panthers, I saw many times J. Schultz on the left side and Klefbom on the right side when we faced off in the OZ. Now that is odd, isn’t it?

          • Zarny

            In the OZ to facilitate a shot off the face-off…sure. Then they switch as the play develops.

            There are very few D who play well on their off-side anymore. That’s just how the league has evolved. The Oilers would be fools to try it with Nurse. Maybe when Nurse is 28 but not now.

        • Hemmercules

          I would venture to say that the Oilers don’t care what side he plays. When they get a hard-on for someone it doesn’t matter what the make up of the team is or where they fit, just get em in there.

    • I am comfortable publishing any post of mine on either of the two sites I write for. If your assumption is that I have fabricated a source then you can take things up with the ownership and management group at OilersNation. I would expect to be fired immediately and ridiculed if I damaged the reputation of any place that employs me by lying about sources.

      I recognize that you obviously think that I am a substandard blogger at best and intellectually dishonest at worst, but I stand by everything I wrote. I have every reason to believe that as of yesterday the Oilers have not been in any talks with Petry.

      I don’t have a problem if you think the source can’t be trusted, but the insinuation that I personally cannot be trusted is not something I am particularly fond of reading.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Fake sources or not, I don’t think Petry ever intended to re-sign here, long-term, and I don’t think there’s a (darn) thing that MacT or the Oilers could have done about it.

    I know we don’t like reading/hearing about ancient Oilers history on this site, but historically, when was the last time someone was willing to forgo UFA to stay in Edmonton? Someone good, I mean.

    Of course Petry will test unrestricted free agency. He’s be foolish not to.

    Why would you stay three more years in a losing organization if you don’t have to? And although I’m not going to take any potshots at Edmonton, the city (I love it here), why would you sign up to make $5M or $6M in a frozen fishbowl when you can go down to the U.S. and make similar money in a warmer climate in a market where no one will recognize you on the street?

    Listen – it’s not that the Oilers can’t attract UFAs. They can. They got Boyd Gordon here. They got Penner here. They got Pouliot here. They can get it done on July 1.

    But history isn’t on Edmonton’s side with Petry. We can make hockey-arguments about trying to get him signed before July 1. We can speculate on where his state of mind is vis-a-vis the rebuild or sticking around “to see things through.” We can run articles quoting unnamed sources alleging lack-of-a-contract offers. But none of it matters.

    Oiler players entering unrestricted free agency DO NOT STAY in Edmonton. End of story.

    • pkam

      MacT did manage to sign some UFAs, but most at a premium salary. Ference at 3.25M, Gordon at 3.0M, Pouliot at 4.0M, Nikitin at 4.5M. The one that is not at a premium is Fayne at 3.6M. And don’t forget Clarkson and Hendricks chose to sign with the Leafs and Preds for less. These are the two cases that we know and I bet there are many that we don’t know.

      Petry will probably sign with us at a premium but how many overpaid UFAs can we afford?

        • pkam

          Do I like the player? Absolutely. But do I think 3M for him is a steal? Absolutely not.

          He was making 1.3M when we signed him. How many teams do you think was expecting to sign a 4C to 3M a year? It was a premium price at the time of signing. It is kind of like signing Petry to 6M now..

          You can say Giordano and Brodie are steals at 4M and 4.6M but do you think they were steals at time of signing? And they are now top pairing defenseman at under 5M. Gordon is still a 4C at 3M.

  • Bucknuck

    the Oilers failure to acquire and retain good defencemen is the the single biggest reason that team can’t stay out of the cellar. Petry is the Oilers best defender,so of course they have to leverage that into some draft pick that will be squandered. I really hate this team sometimes.

  • Bishai in the Benches

    Holy guys…. For real, if your job was to write stories about hockey, why would you just make up a BS source and risk your career for the off chance you might get it right. OilersNation is a quality blog with quality writers (except wanye, he makes up for lack of quality with passion). Also, BaggedMilk (who I’m pretty sure is more than just dumb comic relief, he has legit sway in the company) confirmed the source.

    To people comparing this to Wanye’s captain prediction.. I don’t doubt for a second he had a legitimate source, and was absolutely torn up when his source was wrong.

  • Zarny

    Not that I particularly want to keep Petry around, I prefer d-men that use body checking instead of stick waving to check people.

    That being said, it isn’t too surprising that MacT seems to be choosing Shultz over Petry. We have already seen with Eakins that he refuses to admit his mistakes when he over-commits.

    Once he said Shultz was a future Norris D-man, I think we officially became stuck with him.

  • pkam

    Matt, you know Jeff wants to be here?

    “No doubt wanting to remain an Oiler while also not throwing away an opportunity to maximize earning potential in a profession where injury can take away your career in an instant is a complicated task. ”

    • I know only what I was told by someone capable of giving me that kind of insight. I’m not saying he wants to be an Oiler and that’s all there is to it. But yes I was informed that he still has plenty of loyalty to the organization and was hoping to start negotiations.

  • acg5151

    Trade Petry at trade deadline for picks and some players back, we have other Dmen coming up the system next year.

    Trade him to Penguins, they need Dman now, Olli Maata is hurt.

    Teams will be bidding for him soon.

  • acg5151

    so i am just going to throw this out there.. is that a trade to be had with the oilers and the senators? hall for curtis lazar and methot and maybe add somthing to the trade to get there 1st round pick (9th overall). thoughts?

  • A BA in Anthropology an MA in Classical Archeology. Smarty pants, Oiler FAN, video game addict, BLOGGER.

    Your insider is probly as close to the team as mine…. I’m an Engineer, Oiler FAN, and somewhat of a BLOGGER because I overuse Twitter too.

  • McClelland

    It would be a mistake not to make a deal with Petry. He has a great perception of how much time and space he has with the puck. HE doesn’t panic and even at a relatively young age, he at times shows the poise of a Chris Pronger. It would certainly be a big help if he had some of the outlets that pronger had. Don’t go off the deepend, I am only talking about potential that I see here. I am not one of those people who wants to compare Hall to Messier. ( Really? Did you watch Moose play? He was mean.), All I am saying is that while the team is in a shambles everyone seems to be pretty quick at saying we have to get rid of this player or that player. They at times make each other look bad but the potential for them to be great is still there. We have to stop being a farm team for every other team in the league by grooming talent and trading it away just in time for it to flourish.The NHL is full of players that we gave up on.