GDB 45.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Lightning

Third period leads are the Oilers kryptonite. Final Score: 3-2 Lightning.

For some reason, Sportsnet opened the game by showing a graphic of the NHL’s goal scoring leaders.  Steve Stamkos was 2nd on that list, only 1 behind the leader.   For the rest of the night, I couldn’t help but feel like the Oilers charity grab bag was going to make a difference in that goal scoring race.  Need a goal?  The Oilers are there for you.  Stamkos scoring goals against a team that allows many of them? Plausible, my friends.  It was a rational fear.

As expected, the fear of Stamkos scoring was realized.  Fortunately, Stamkos goals didn’t rain down like hellfire.  Instead, the hero of the night for the Tampa Bay lightning was Ondrej Palat.  Palat, a 7th round draft pick, scored two goals in the 3rd period to complete the comeback for the Lightning.  As usual, it was a few sloppy mistakes and turnovers in the defensive zone that allowed the Lightning back in it.  On the winning goal, Justin Schultz covered the empty corner beautifully, which left Ondrej Palat wide open in the slot.  These are the same mistakes that keep killing the Oilers over and over again.  Who’s surprised? *crickets*

On the bright side, tonight’s game was close enough to keep us all entertained, and also satisfied those of us in the #Tank2015 movement.  Not to mention, the game was over by 8pm so that left ample opportunities to do anything else with your life that isn’t as soul crushing as being an Oilers fan.  Tonight’s loss keeps the Oilers at only 10 wins on the season, and at the end of the day all they have left to play for is pride.  

Like a tortilla, we wrap.



  • Benoit Pouliot scored another 2 goals tonight.  He’s been on fire since coming back from the broken foot.  He’s on a 4-game goal scoring streak right now.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has apparently made skates from those magic shoes from the Sandlot.  He was flying on the shorthanded goal by Pouliot. 
  • Great start for the Oilers against a very good Tampa team.  The “good” guys led the Lightning in shots by 10-5 after the first period. 
  • The Pouliot-Roy-Yak line was the best line for the Oilers tonight.  Yakupov had a lot of chances tonight, and it’s nice to seem him performing well with actual NHL line mates.  I’m telling you… don’t give up on this kid. 
  • Beautiful tip by Justin Schultz on the first Stamkos goal.  Even better coverage of the empty corner on the 3rd (and winning) goal by Palat.
  • ELPH is alive and well.



  • Steve Stamkos nearly has as many goals (26) as any Oiler player has points. (Taylor Hall has 29)
  • Jonathan Drouin was a healthy scratch for Tampa tonight, but I didn’t hear much about how they were ruining his development.  Just sayin.
  • Nikita Nikitin was completely lost on the 2nd goal.  I have to say, Nikitin is the Babe Ruth of Goats around here.  Aren’t we lucky that we get another year of him?!? *sigh*
  • Sloppy defence led to another 3rd period collapse.  Turnovers on turnovers on turnovers.
  • Buffalo lost again tonight which means that this fall for McDavid is going to be a hell of ride.  Whoever finishes last, and is guaranteed either McDavid or Eichel, will likely come down to the last few games of the season.  The race for last is going to be just as interesting as any playoff race, come March/April.
  • I forgot to mention that Devan Dubnyk shut Buffalo out.
  • Tough night for Scrivens.  He finished the game with 16 saves on 19 shots, and an .842 save%.  That being said, great shots by both Stamkos and Palat on his 2nd goal.  Tough to stop either of those.


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I present to you, your Meme Contest winner!  Obviously, the sad truth featured in this meme struck a chord with the voters.  I can’t imagine why that would be? *sigh*

Anyway, big shout out to Jordan Reinbolt for the submission and taking 1st prize in the Meme Contest.  Well done, sir! 

  • WTF2

    SERIOUSLY…do you think Kevin Lowe feels guilt when he deposits his Oiler paycheque? Or is he OK with it?

    I’m guessing he is paid $3-4Million per year……

  • Jordan88

    What do you think the dude in the white suit ate last…my guess is either tainted Thai or really spicy chili. That puts my lifelong fear of swass at a whole other level…

  • geeker99

    If we are out of the top 2 in picking for the draft we have to think about trading the pick. we can’t develop a rash and I think we have all seen what some decent vets can do. Little worried about Hall lately, seems to be playing not to get hurt which tells me it won.t be long till a request comes for a trade. he was my untradable until Nuge hit puberty this year and IMO is the best player on this team. No help from managment in getting a mentors for these kids.

    Probably going to get trashed for this but I see Smid was a healthy scratch for the Lames tonight. IMO he is a better player than our captain and tells you how far we are from having a NHL d-core.

  • I think I’m starting to understand why “Playing Time” was soooooooo important to Jultz when he was a free agent. Which works well for the Oilers b/c well were #1 @ the draft.

    If he was on another NHL team playing this bad would he even be in the league? I’m certain he would be in the AHL or pressbox.

    Looking back the funniest thing to me was over the summer, this Kid wanted, what was it, $5mil per or something crazy like that!? HA

    My dream moves between now and October.

    Trade Shultz or resign him to a two-way for $2 mill or less for 4 years or less.

    Trade or buyout Nikitin

    Sign Petry to $5.5 for 3 years or at least offer it to the guy.

    Anyhoo, that’s my two cents.

    • bazmagoo

      Unfortunately the minimum Schultz can make moving forward is 3.675 million per season, until he turns into an unrestricted free agent. The Oilers could expedite that process by not qualifying him in the summer.

      Another bone head move by management, paying for potential instead of results. Our defence is a shambles. But I’m not interested in giving up on Schultz, and we are stuck with him whether we like it or not. He’s got top 4 potential but currently he’s a bottom pairing defenceman.

      • That’s just gross.

        Buyout/Trade Nikitin,
        Trade/Do not re-sign Shultz,
        Sign Petry to $5mil per,
        Call up MM and Aulie,
        Put Nurse on the Farm next year/then have him in the lineup for 16/17 season.

        All of the above would be cool

    • geeker99

      Mac T created all of this? Nikitin yes, looks bad. didn’t get a 1st or 2nd line center but I got believe he tried. Remember we were a last place team in the summer too. Ference at all is bad enough but to be wearing the C is embarrassing.

      I think our 3/4 lines are top 5 in the league. Klink drove the net last night haven’t seen that in years. Eberle and Hall did not look good last night but I do think Ebs has been better lately. Value low on too many players for Mac t to make any moves. Trade deadline scares me cause usually only get picks for useful pieces and unless they are part of trade in the summer I don.t want them.

      To blame this all on Mac t is not fair. I’d like to give him this draft before it’s all his fault.

      • The Last Big Bear

        We were last place in the summer? We werent last place when mac took over. You “think” our 3/4 lines are too 5 in the league? You “believe” Mac tried to bring in a center? The koolaid is strong with this one

        • geeker99

          Sorry a bottom 3 team in the summer, how do you know he didn’t try for a center? you tapped his phone did ya? If he didn’t then yeah not a good move. and yeah I think our 3/4 lines are a strength on this team. instead of repeating parts of my post why don’t you spread your knowledge since your connected.

          What G.M. of any substance would take this nightmare job? crap owner , crap pho. too many top brass.

          • oilerjed

            I can’t believe people are even trying to defend MacT with the lame @ss excuse of “I’m sure he tried”. How pathetic. Hello!! This is the NHL. It is professional sports and these guys are paid millions for results. It is a results based business. It doesn’t matter if he spoke to none or all 29 other GM’s bottom line is MacT didn’t get it done. He failed. No excuses needed. I wish I worked in your world. “Sorry boss, I made no sales this year and my division made no money, we are bankrupt, but I tried. Now give me my bonus!”

      • bazmagoo

        We gave away Horcoff for nothing because he was sad about losing during the season end exit interview. Is that a good GM or just a guy looking out for his buddy? I was all over it at the time, but I’m not getting paid to be GM of the Oilers. We are worse than we were under Tambellini. How’s the even possible!?

        • geeker99

          When we lost Horc most people on here couldn’t believe we got anything in return. I liked horc, that guy did so much heavy lifting for this team but his salary haunted him. another one that bothers me is the last Hemsky deal. He had Tambo over a barrel or we watch him walk. Skill to burn and had a chance to be a leader on this team but didn’t take the opportunity .

          The reason Calgary is over .500 hockey team is because they have a steady Defense. They are allowing their offensive young talent to learn the 200 ft game slow and steady. We have taught the whole NHL how not to rebuild. I checked hockey DB tonight and do you know that Yak got 102 points in sarnia one year and was a – 2. how does that happen?

          • bazmagoo

            Hemsky had plenty of replacements waiting in the wings, Horcoff did not. But the decision was made to overpay for Gagner based on his potential, and not on his results. Management just keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over and over again. It’s time for change, Lowe and MacT need to go!

  • “Jonathan Drouin was a healthy scratch for Tampa tonight, but I didn’t hear much about how they were ruining his development. Just sayin.”

    Atleast they gave him another full year in the dub after his draft. Just sayin

  • wiseguy

    Buffalo doesn’t stand a chance! #1, #1, #1 three years running baby! Nobody tanks like a KLowe team. Once we jettison baggage like Petry, Gordon, Hendricks, Roy, and Pouliot if he keeps scoring goals, we will be UNSTOPPABLE!!!

  • wiseguy

    Thank you baggedmilk for these awesome snippets as they are my only joy after these games!

    I truly believe the black yoga/stretch pants look is God’s gift to Oiler fans to help us during this 10 years of hell …. The white pants is a recent photo at Flames head office during last year’s season ticket holder appreciation days.


  • Devolution

    As I said before this season is done, so go for top 2 picks in June.

    I said Eakins was a bad coach, Nelson got this team playing better, the team is skating and shooting the pucks. PP and PK are better.

    Play hard each game, keep score close and lose in OT or SO, lose near the end of game is ok too.

    What’s the point of wasted season and let Buffalo or Carolina get top picks in June? Even Arizona not far behind, Oilers let Coyotes beat them last few games to let them stay on top of standing.

    Get 1st pick in case some team win the lottery and they pick 2nd.

    Next season start winning early, 14 teams will miss playoff in April, doesn’t matter where you finish in standing. It’s important to get first 2 picks though.

    Oilers will get 3 picks in first 32 picks this June, that help stock up for the future. Then trade away a few young guys for veteran help to lead the team like LA Kings did.

    Brossoit might be the future goalie they are looking to lead this team in 2 years.

    Just enjoy the rest of the season and see this team improving.

  • Chris_Cruise

    Game was actually entertaining boys.

    Had to watch it severely delayed on the PVR But made it through nonetheless.

    This to me is exactly what I’d be happy with for the rest of this write off of a season….

    Meaning, entertaining games where we look like we’re in it but bail at the oh so important time in the 3rd to keep us in the sweepstakes.

    That’s all we really need at this point! To watch a game that isn’t a snore fest, see some growth in the boys (yak finally looked good! Thank god there might be a player there somewhere!…pouliot showed his dominance when he wants to show up, Roy’s grittiness, nudge with the extra gear! etc etc.

    It’s all good as long as we don’t win too many games to get ourselves out of the coveted last place position.

    I don’t think anyone should be complaining about tonight’s game. That was fun to watch or else I’m just drunk off this wine.

    • Gilmore Tuttle

      Unfortunately if expansion happens soon, the league will get watered down even more. Count Betman will likely fiddle with the rules to give the expansion teams the first picks for a couple of years so the “boys brain trust’s” master tanking plan will go out the window. With another two teams, Sgt. Shultz will become a premier blue liner and get even more taxpayer subsidized loot from MacTurd.

  • bazmagoo

    At this point what is the point of winning? I like that Wee Wee Pou Pouliot scored his 8th and 9th hundred goal in the last four games tonight but come on. This crapshow was over before Santa began filling his sack and hoisting his large ass to give gifts all around the world. No wait we were out before that, possibly around the start of Canadian Thanksgiving. As long as we keep pooping ourselves the third period and lose without points McDeichel is ours. *Cue Evil Laugh* And after he or him spends the next five years lamenting in Oil Country. He can he can he can…. aww hell just keep losin ya losers….. Al Sharpton for prez yall!

  • bazmagoo

    Are any of the oilers even mad after a loss anymore? Are they even frustrated anymore? Seriously? Teams knowntoncome out hard because the oilers are so mentally fragile that they will break with the slightest pressure. We need a captain to take ownership of this team. Who? Not sure. Not nuge or Ference. Anyone on the existing roster worthy of the captaincy?

    P.S. pleasestop banning my IP address

    • McClelland

      Matt Hendricks is worthy of the Captaincy. The guy has heart like Ryan Smyth with the added bonus of being able to stand up for his team mates. If we had some back bone when Hemsky was here instead of leaving him to fend for himself night in and night out he could have really been a game changer here. The guy took more cheap shots than anyone who ever wore the copper and blue. Semenko wasn’t just looking out for Gretzky, Kurri couldn’t fight either.
      If Hendricks was upset enough to actually call out the team and the coach on the bench during the game, hell he should be the coach too.

  • Devolution

    In my mind there is no doubt we should trade the first pick if we get it, a la, Eric Lindros – Quebec Nordiques.

    This team needs more than one player to save it. If we could trade the pick for three or four useful players, defense, goaltenders, whatever, the fan base would be a lot happier for the next few years.

  • MGD

    There’s a lot of chatter around about wanting the NHL to step in and change the way the Oilers are run. I highly doubt that happens. I have a feeling all of the BoG get together and giggle themselves silly when they see the SH!TTIEST team this decade rake in nearly the highest ticket revenue. All that dough gets split around to soft-market teams – those sunbelt teams LOVE the Oilers! I’m sure Betman just tells Katz to keep doing what he’s doing b/c this team allows him to keep teams in cities where nobody cares about hockey.

  • So its come to this ,now we faithful torture ourselves watching for the next accident and a headless body to show itself nightly ,with hope something good can come out of the event unfolding on the ice.Yet as per on cue the Corners wagon wheels in ,the body bags are pulled out at last whistle and whisks away the bodies to the morgue know as the Dressing Room.The slight beep you hear is the faint hope heart beat that is barely keeping the basement science experiment alive to play another nite and Collect yet another pay check.The heart is fading yet the body seems strong NOT by any means fearless, on the bus to the plane to the Hotel sleep aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sweet sleep a chance to be alone and think of what could and what might be soon,BING alarm goes off yumyum breakfest bus ride ,plane ride ,bus ride to the rink we go play ,pay check ,bus ride yumm yumm supper,plane ride sleep bus ride hotel sleep ,rinse and repeat rinse and repeat .

  • I think a yoga shot should be mandatory for every game day wrap up. It’s the only positive thing I see. You have to love the home games just for this reason, there really is nothing else that goes on that could grasp one man’s attention. Big price to pay for so little eye time.

  • Oh I harken back to those heady days when a young rookie was taken under the arm of an eager veteran and they played heavy minutes against top comp becoming the 11th ranked shut down D pairing in the NHL…

    here’s to you both Ladi and Petie…Thunder&Flash

    oh so brief it was, and what might have been?

    why oh why did MacT come along and kill the buzz..??