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Jeff Petry graduated college, signed with the Edmonton Oilers and worked his way to the NHL. Once there, he began the long process of learning the game of defense at that level—something that we all know takes a long time. Now that he’s there, NHL teams are waiting to cash in on the second portion of his career, known in other cities as “the heart” which features several productive seasons.

One of those teams: the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Last deadline the Lightning made news with the massive Martin St. Louis trade, in which their famous winger was dealt to the Big Apple. In return, GM Steve Yzerman acquired Ryan Callahan, a first-round pick in the 2014 draft that turned into Josh Ho-Sang, a first-round pick in the 2015 draft and a seventh-round pick in the 2015 draft.


The Lightning may need a right-handed defender to go along with Anton Stralman and could use a two-way type like Petry. Yzerman is a bright guy too, meaning the club could make a rental trade and turn that asset into a fulltime player before free agency opens for business.

  1. Anton Stralman (16:59EV) (2:39PP) (2:42PK)
  2. Andrej Sustr (15:38EV) (0:05PP) (1:06PK)
  3. Radko Gudas (16:15EV) (0:04PP) (0:40PK)

As you can see, this isn’t exactly a murderer’s row on the RH side for the Lightning. Stralman was a nice pickup in the summer but Sustr has not yet played 90 NHL games and Gudas doesn’t face tough zonestarts. What’s more, young Sustr is facing the toughest available competition according to BTN.


hockeyanalysis tbay

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The Lightning’s possession numbers tell us their lefties (and Stralman) rank ahead of the right side blue (this is from Hockey Analysis) and the WOWY numbers tell us Hedman and Carle are most effective with Stralman. Garrison and Sustr make a good combination and I can see Yzerman acquiring Petry to play second pairing with Carle when everyone is healthy.


That would make the odd man out either Mark Barberio or Radko Gudas (and of course one of them would be No. 7 D). Gudas is a very physical defender who lacks puck-moving skills and Barberio is a skilled defender with some strength and coverage issues.

Jeff Petry to the Lightning is an interesting item for discussion.


As with the Los Angeles discussion earlier this week, it’s important to remember actual NHL players won’t be coming to Edmonton at the deadline.It’s picks or prospects. And the prospect is unlikely to be a blue chipper like the incredibly named Slater Koekkoek but more likely a pick outside the first round and/or a prospect along the lines of Jake Dotchin

As always, I remain hopeful the Oilers sign Petry. 

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    • Risto's Canon

      This is an oft repeated comment around here, but keep him at what cost?

      I agree signing him for three or four years would be ideal, but only at a reasonable number.

      When you start throwing around figures north of 4 million annually, or even 5 million like some of the beliebers here have suggested, it ceases to make sense. You have to consider the players’ ceiling.

      Paying him top pairing dollars will not magically turn him into a top pairing player. The Oilers have employed that sort of wishful-thinking approach repeatedly and it has failed miserably.

  • WTF2

    MacT needs to dump the soft Petry for a lengthy top 4. Petry us the best looking of a group of ugly girls. It doesn’t make him pretty. His salary demands would be skewed as well. We’ve complained about softness and over paying. Why maker the same mistake with Petry.
    Memories of Gilbert, Poti, and others are forgotten. They were not the player the Oilers need. Petry is the same. MacT challenge isn’t too sign Petry but to get the RIGHT players for the Oilers.

    • OtOil

      So you are saying Schultz over Petry? Bad move…so we can pay $5 million for a very weak D man who can’t stick check and plays on 3rd pairing right now. I don’t get Oiler fans sometimes…everyone ran Gilbert and Poti out of town, yet they played well for other teams once they left Edmonton. Oilers in a world of hurt on blueline…subtracting Petry makes Oilers way worse. Time to take a step forward and keep Petry, rather than taking two steps back like Oilers usually do when mgt and fans don’t value decent players. This one is on MacT and Oiler mgt if they lose Petry for draft picks…we all know how good the Oiler draft record is.

  • justDOit

    The Oilers would be absolute morons if they don’t sign Petry. He is by far and away our best defenseman. Speaking of morons, has anyone seen or heard tell of Kevin Lowe? He has been conspicuously absent from all media. I wonder if he’s left the building.

    • WTF2

      Kim Jong-Lowe has finally figured it out, he is not wanted/needed by the Oil. Unfortunately he will likely be retained in the role of a consultant. And consultants wonder why they get a bad rap.

      Big Bob Nicolson has seen enough and Lahey is destined to return to the trailer park.

    • Oilers4ever

      K Lowe is not been seen for years. He does not address the media. Its not his job. When was the last time you seen the president of a hockey team from another team in front of the cameras. That’s why McT is there and the coach for media availability. let us jump on any bandwagon that people are posting. hurting fake fans. just be happy we still have a team here. SO SICK of hearing “fans” bitch about the team and management. “Ya let’s tank”, “Ya first overall”, “Trade this guy”, “Fire this guy”… what a joke. the problem in this organization are the so called fans. that is the problem. lack of support and unrealistic views. our team/core are kids. patience is the only way to recover from this mess.

      • Oilers4ever

        I wasn’t bitchin’. Just askin’. By the way big mouth–do you remember anything about tier 1 and tier 2 fans, or anything about 6 rings and knowing a little something about winning?. Who addressed the media with those remarks? You should take a chill pill and learn to read.

  • WTF2

    Randy (MacT) will be challenged to obtain more than a 2nd round pick for Petry. If the Oil don’t trade him at the deadline he will walk at the end of the season. This is yet another example of asset mismanagement.

  • oilerjed

    The Oilers mishandling of Petry makes me so angry I hate to think about it anymore. As Casey Stengel reportedly said while looking down the bench at the 1962 NY Mets after yet another catastrophic error, “Can’t anybody here play this game?” I look over at Oiler ownership and management and think the same way. Never has a supremely loyal fan base been tortured like this, except maybe post-1967 Leaf fans. Or Cub fans.

  • oilerjed

    Petry is not getting traded. Stop writing about it. Petry will be signed. Waste of time writing about it. I understand you bloggers need something to write about but let us be realistic, he is not getting traded. McT will not let that happen. He will not rebuild the rebuild. He will add on to the rebuild. Also yak, Schultz, hall, nuge, ebs are not getting traded. stop wasting your breath on the idea. We will not be drafting first overall. Stop counting on McD. That kid is not going to be better than Crosby nor will he carry the franchise to the playoffs. He will need shoulder surgery playing in the west. Book it. Cheer for wins not loses. Fake whiny fans.

    Craig’s on it.

    • Oilers4ever

      Wow, you are starting to sound like a guy who knows a thing or two about whining, ummm, I mean winning.

      If you are wrong on any of your predictions, will you “book it” to the another team’s fan website please?? I, for one, don’t think you are the best judge of talent, the Oilers, or the fans on this site.

      FYI…majority of player trades that have been written about on this site, that player has usually been traded. You MIGHT want to look into that so you don’t have to extract your foot out of your mouth later!

    • CDNinATL

      Quit harping the company line!

      Why on earth would Petry sign? Look at it from his point of view. He becomes a UFA come July 1 and has his chance to bolt from this incompetently ran franchise. There is no way he’s an Oiler come March 2.

  • WTF2

    I’m ok with it as long as Shultz goes with him.Take the money and get us a real quality d-man,it’s been so long since we have had one I think we forget what they look like.

  • oilerjed

    Ok we need John Elway to run this operation. Blow the whole thing up and start again with real hockey minds.

    My son keeps asking me why I stay up in late (NYC) to watch a team lose all the time, alas I have no good answer other than Gretzky and company…

    Side note: Tyler Johnson has 17-31 as an undrafted player- good lord…How do our cent(r)er’s compare…RNH 11-16, King of Leon 2-7, and Mr. Roy the savior 7pts in 9 games.

    Lots of blame to go around

  • Oilers4ever

    Wait… what is this?

    More congering following hendersons last blog?

    Do you guys just pick an oilers name from a hat, then agree to put all attention on that name until they are gone?

    • camdog

      It’s incredibly tough to have a site dedicated to covering a team that’s been so bad for so long. Every time the writers at ON write a positive Oiler story, they have to refute everything they wrote within 6-8 months because, well the positive spin is no longer there.

      The last 2 years under Mact have been especially bad given that the team has spiralled backwards. It must be tough to eat so much crow year after year because, well the team has regressed ever since Mactavish was anointed the teams GM.

  • Oilers4ever

    This sight absolutely lives off articles where we get thrown chum that keeps us all talking about little BS side topics like this.

    It’s funny how it keeps getting fed, but what else can you do I guess.

  • Deported to Ottawa

    A second and an unlikely prospect is a terrible return. I certainly hope you guys are wrong about him being traded. Especially if that’s what comes back.

  • Risto's Canon

    If we can sign him to a contract in line with what a decent third line D would get, then we should. If he asks for NHL defensemen money because he happens to be the “best” defensemen on the Oilers, then we shouldn’t. On any other team he’s not getting more than 3M/year. He’s the best on this team, but he just ain’t that good.

  • A team like the current Oilers plummets the value of nearly every player on it. Like Tom Gilbert, Petry would be a decent reliable defenseman on an actual NHL team, instead of the scapegoat who doesn’t (can’t) carry a team full of soft kids and AHL players. Petry is far from perfect, but there’s no arguing that he IS an NHL D-man.

    If Jeff Petry is interested in $uccess in the prime years of his career, he does the right thing and walks.
    The entire league knows this, so we will receive what losing teams usually receive for serviceable players: picks.

    If MacT can pull off Petry for an NHL player I’ll be amazed. Life sucks as a bottom – feeder.

    • Thumby

      Bottom feeder? We are much lower than that. We are the bacteria that grows on the fungus that feeds of the yeast of the lint in a bottom feeders belly button.We are stuck in a perpetual cycle of giving teams matured players for picks and prospects.I hate you Katz.

      • OtOil

        The bottom, bottom line about the Oilers is this: No other Edmonton company has devalued the city’s prestige like they have.

        Even the construction of the new arena is ripping of Edmontonians from work! FTWs are putting the thing up!

  • camdog

    Source: petry will not sign here what so ever! He has no desire to be here, look for a trade to either Chicago or ducks and then signing in Detroit as a free agent

    You heard it here first

  • Brian Burke down in cow-town make MC-T looks stupid when it comes to being a GM of a professional hockey team… Look at all the moves made by both Gm hiring…trade… Signing. And look at the team profomance.

  • OtOil

    I will never understand the love affair with Jeff Petry
    No offense
    No physicality
    No toughness or grit
    And still makes one or two 5 alarm mistakes every game.