GDB 47.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Capitals


That game wound up being way better than I expected in the first period.  Final Score: 5-4 Oilers in the shootout. 

Tonight’s game was the last game until the NHL All Star Break, and once again I think Oilers fans could use a break.  From where I sit, I see a bunch of Nation Citizens that are angry and need some time to release a little brain pain.  I can’t think of anything that will relieve some Oilers-related sadness quite like a few days of rest and self exploration.  You guys deserve it.  We all deserve it.

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As for the game itself, it started in much the same way as so many that preceded it.  The Oilers came out flat, and found themselves down by 2 goals before they had even registered a shot on net.  Although, to be fair to the Capitals, the Oilers didn’t get their first shot until the 2nd half of the 1st period (dude, seriously).  The difference from all those other games where the Oilers started terribly?  Todd Nelson was able to spin some kind of voodoo magic where the Oilers were actually able to complete a two goal comeback.  A two goal comeback — when was the last time you could say that?

After the first 10 minutes of the game had passed, the Oilers played like a solid NHL hockey team.  In fact, if they had been able to score more than one goal on the power play this game would have ended long before the shootout.  Aside from the bad start, the Oilers played a pretty tight road game.  Viktor Fasth improved as the game went on, and made the saves he needed to in order to win.  Unexpectedly, the Oilers will go into the All Star break on a two game winning streak and be able to feel good about themselves (if only for a few days).

Une petit wrap.


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  • Derek Roy scored his 4th goal of the season, on a nice shot by Nail Yakupov.  The goal showed how good things can happen when you shoot and have someone drive to the net. What a concept!
  • By eye, I think the Pouliot-Roy-Yakupov line provided the most consistent zone pressure.  I’m sure someone will tell me I’m wrong mathematically.  I love this line, they’ve been good to excellent every night since they’ve been put together. 
  • Teddy Purcell’s goal was scored with a pretty filthy wrist shot.  Seeing that wrister, I can’t imagine why in Gord’s name he won’t shoot the puck more.
  • Nugey ended his 10-game scoring drought.  He scored just by putting the puck to the net, and having it deflect off John Carlson’s skate. Point? SHOOOOOOOOOOT!
  • When was the last time the Oilers were able to complete a 2-goal comeback?  That was a ballsy win by a team that hasn’t had many ballsy wins. 



  • The Oilers didn’t have a shot on goal 10 minutes into the 1st period.  
  • Ovechkin’s shot is absolutely ridiculous.  He scored his 26th on a big clapper from the blue line.  His 27th goal was just as good.
  • I heard Drew Remenda defending Nikitin tonight, AND I heard Jack Michaels and Stauffer defending him as well.  Am I missing something?  I know he scored tonight, but are they not paying attention to some of the 10 star failures he’s known to have?  I don’t get it. 
  • The Capitals have 6 players with 11 goals or more – the Oilers have 3 (Pouliot has 10 goals).  That doesn’t sound like a huge difference except for the fact that the Caps goal scoring leader (Ovechkin) has 27 goals and the Oilers goal scoring leaders (Eberle & Nugey) have 12. 
  • The Oilers were 1 for 6 on the power play.  The Oilers could have ended the game earlier had they been able to score on the power play.


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First Period:

  • WSH – Alex Ovechkin (26) – Asst: Andre Burakovsky (11), Mike Green (22)
  • WSH – Alex Oveckin (27) – Asst: Mike Green (23), Troy Brouwer (12)
  • EDM – Derek Roy (4) – Asst: Nail Yakupov (7), Oscar Klefbom (3)
  • WSH – Jay Beagle (7) – Asst: John Carlson (28), Tom Wilson (9)

Second Period:

  • EDM – Nikita Nikitin (3) – Asst: Justin Schultz (16), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (17)

Third Period:

  • WSH – Nicklas Backstrom (15) – Asst: John Carlson (29), Andre Burakovsky (12)
  • EDM – Teddy Purcell (6) – Asst: Anton Lander (4), Matt Fraser (2)
  • EDM – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (12) – Asst: Benoit Pouliot (6), Jordan Eberle (17)

  • None.


  • WSH – Evgeny Kutznetsov – Scored
  • EDM – Nail Yakupov – No goal
  • WSH – Nicklas Backstrom – No goal
  • EDM – Jordan Eberle – No goal
  • WSH – Alex Ovechkin – No goal
  • EDM – Derek Roy – Scored
  • WSH – Eric Fehr – No goal
  • EDM – Teddy Purcell – Scored


Our friends over at Oodle Noodle seem to have unearthed a controversy so huge that I am shocked that we haven’t heard about this before.  For years, I thought that Pocklington’s debts were to blame for his decision to sell Wayne Gretzky to the Kings when in reality it was pizza. OF COURSE!  It makes so much sense, when I sit down and think about it.  Pizza, your day has come and the justice that follows will be brutal.  I’m on to you, pizza.

  • Zarny

    It’s scary enough when Schultz gets paired with Nikitin, real scary. But when Schultz is paired with Klefbom, I’m fearful Oscar will pickup some terribly bad habits (Jultzing) from the worst defender on the blue.

    I really like Klefbom, alot, but he needs to be more physical (something else Schultz’s game is sadly lacking). When they’re on the ice together it is quite aparent Klefbom is defensively better, more aware of what’s around him, he’s faster, bigger, stronger. The only things he can learn from Schultz are bad habits. Schultz is poison.

  • pkam

    I remember only about a week ago, we had 4 post. If half of them went in we won but all went out and we lost. Tonight we hit the post twice, if half of them went out we lost but both of them went in. Usually we had bad bounce against us but tonight we had a lucky bounce with about a minute left to tie the game and we went to OT and won the SO.

  • Ryan14

    Zarny I could not agree more. At this point I sit Hall for the remainder of the season. He is labouring with that leg injury that is not fully healed.

    I would do my utmost during the allstar break to trade Petry along with Fasth and Purcell.With the remainder of the season I would rather see the likes of Dillon Simpson and Brandon Davidson then Petry who is a noman playing on this team.

    The odds of getting MCDavid are slim to none the way that Buffalo and Arizona are playing. Buffalo I can see. But Arizona has some decent talent. If Arizona really wants some help losing they can always trade us Handzal for Purcell.

    I believe we finish 28th and get a shot but the worst we pick then would be 4th if the winner is someone 27th or better. I would be happy with Strome kid or the big Czech kid.

    BTW What is your thoughts on Derek Roy? Resign or trade him and then try to resign him over the summer?He certainly has earned a second look. Could be the gap guy we need till Draisatl and Yakimov are ready.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Sign Petry for 2-3 million? What universe are you living in? Petry will go at the deadline. He will likely get us a second round pick, maybe only a third, or a middling prospect. He will likely be a free agent at the end of the season and let’s see if he is offered more than $3 million. Or should I say let’s see how much more than $3 million he will be offered.

    • bradleypi

      You seem to be missing the point of any of my comments. I would not sign petry for any more than 3 mill. And it’s apparent that his own gm won’t either, otherwise the deal would be done already… you kinda contradict yourself. you say he will get top four pairing money, yet you don’t think he’s worth a first round pick? Why would you think that? If mact got a 1st and a player for prima Donna perron and his 5 goals, why could he not get at least a late 1st rounder for petry. Him being a right handed shot adds value to a team that is looking for such a need

  • bradleypi

    “I heard Drew Remenda defending Nikitin tonight, AND I heard Jack Michaels and Stauffer defending him as well. Am I missing something? I know he scored tonight, but are they not paying attention to some of the 10 star failures he’s known to have? I don’t get it. ”

    That’s just orders from the dictator Kim Jong-Lowe trying to help out his buddy Mac and make him look better.

    • Zarny

      Im impressed Kevin Quinn has lasted this long he deserves a medal for what hes had to bear witness too for the last (feels like forever ) 5+ years.and Drew Whoever why would you step into this bet your wishin you hadn’t jumped in head first to cover this 3rd version of “The Rebuild” again

  • D'oh-ilers

    So here is a few observations:

    – Hall is not hall

    – Schultz NEVER closes the gap just swings stick at puck when”defending”

    – Nelson won, but he is still a rookie. Get an established NHL coach!

    – Roy looks great

    – Petry NOT a 5 million dollar Defencman

    – When will Purcell start to shoot, nice shot!

    – Sign Holtby! Good Saskatchewan boy!!

  • McClelland

    Gotta keep in mind losing to get a fist/second overall pick just gets us another teenager not quite ready to play this mans game…. winning a little more consitinly right know means it might be a LITTLE easier to get free agent veterans here if this team can start to compete.

  • Rdubb

    Call me stupid, but i think that SportsNet made a huge mistake in taking Louie off of the Oilers broadcasts, in my opinion i thought that he was much better @ the job then this new guy, Drew Remenda.
    Was Louie a homer, HELL YES. And he should have been due to the fact that he wore Oiler silks for X number of years and that he was also calling their games, but, Louie also called a spade a spade and a heart a heart. When an Oiler made a mistake, little or huge, or if they were playing a bad period, game or even a shift, he’d call them out on it.
    Drew Remenda does too, to an extent that is. He’ll call out the team as compared to a player.
    Not to mention that Louie also had isight that Remenda doesn’t having played the game at the highest level. Who cares that he was known as “enforcer”, he still had more skill than anyone of us writing & or complaining on the nation, and not just a little bit, he had much more. And if you don’t think so, your delusional.
    Louie is by far a better colorman than Remenda, and sorry Louie, you are a way better colorman than you ever were a hockey player, and trust me, that is a compliment…
    Maybe we should start a petition here on the Nation to get Louie back in the job that he was so good @, anyone with me? Plus, wouldn’t our signatures be worth a little more here on the nation because we are the most die hard fans that the Oilers could have…

  • camdog

    Lots of heated discussion – what I take out of it, is that nobody here believes that the core that the Oilers have assembled is good enough to ever compete for the cup.

    The future of this franchise is dependent on what this years draft provides the Oilers and how good Darnell Nurse develops. There is a possibility that the Oilers get a Toews type of glue guy in the 3-4 position.

    As to Petry, I don’t want the Oilers doing what they did with LD to Darnell Nurse next season. And if they get rid of Petry and don’t replace him, well that’s exactly what they would be doing.

    • McClelland

      McDavid wasn’t even close to being the best player at the World Junior Tournament. He wasn’t the best on Team Canada either. We passed on Max Domi at the last draft.
      If McDavid comes here and gets thrown into the tire fire and has to play against men,there is a chance that he will be able to score a few goals, but that alone will accomplish nothing. I would trade away all of our first overalls to get $18M dollars worth of Matt Hendricks type tenacious players and an elite goaltender.If we don’t get McDavid Or Eichel we should be prepared to go after Denis Godla

  • Zarny

    @Quicksilver ballet

    It’s not the dark side; it’s simply reality. The Oilers future is best served by acquiring the best player possible.

    The Oilers season was done 2 months ago. To me, there is no difference in finishing last, 28th or 21st. It’s all complete and utter garbage.

    18 wins vs 10 or 12 to finish out the season? Who cares? It won’t have any effect next season. If it did Colorado and Dallas wouldn’t still be sitting 19th and 20th despite their strong seasons last year.

    But if some people would rather see a few extra wins this year and a lesser prospect next year that’s their prerogative. There is no need to pretend that what any fans want will effect what happens on the ice.

  • MorningOwl

    this fan base has been focused on “winning the draft” for so long that anything else feels illogical.

    But on the bright side, the team has excelled for years at “winning the draft”, and the fans (here) have embraced it to an astonishing degree, so it is really win-win when you lose.

    so.. keep enjoying the incredible winning dynasty you are currently enjoying. You are now in elite territory shared by only a couple other teams.

      • or, some of the current players playing better will also help.
        even though the season was lost months ago, i seem to enjoy watching the oilers a bit more these days knowing there’s a chance that they might actually be able to win a hockey game.

        • Zarny

          Oh no doubt current players playing better will help too; but if Hall, Nuge and Eberle were having career years the Oilers would still be bottom 5.

          I can appreciate winning is more enjoyable than losing; but the Oilers don’t have a better chance these days to win than they did over the final 61 games last year. And it serves no purpose for next year.

          Luckily it’s out of our control. They’ll do what they do and draft wherever they end up. My only point is that in 2-3 years when nothing that happens over the next 35 games matters one bit the Oilers won’t be better off with Dylan Strome than Connor McDavid.

          • so…one last tank job, then we expect our current players to be better next season, and we expect semi-decent, serviceable UFA’s to have more of an interest in edmonton because the current players will be better, Connor McDavid will be an oiler, and Todd Nelson, or maybe Mike Babcock will be the coach. I’m good with it, as long as next year is different.

      • Ready to Win

        You don’t think that how the back half of this season goes will play a role in free agents talks next summer?

        I would think the difference between finishing the season strong and with a positive outlook for next year could hugely affect who might be willing to play here or what they might want to come here.

        • camdog

          Players play loose when they are under no pressure. The same thing happened every year… soon as the Oilers or any team are out of the playoff hunt they play much better.

          The Oilers should not make any decisions regarding personnel based on the rest of the games, new coach or not.

          Evidence for the first 1/2 of the season shows that…..

          1. They don’t have a starting goalie
          2. They don’t have a starting defensive pair. all current defense are either 3rd defensive pair or worse.
          3. Oilers don’t have a first line center. Nuge is a second line center at this point but will grow into a fist line in a few years.
          4. Hall and Eberle are not progressing. (Hall probably injured)
          6. All forwards other than Hall, Nuge, Eberle are 3rd line or worse.
          7. Pouliot is playing better now that the pressure is off.
          8. Yak is playing better but still a few years away from top 6 forward

        • Zarny

          Let’s start with defining “finishing strong” and what the Oilers could realistically do.

          IF the Oilers could finish 25-5-5 ish then yes I think that would play a role. However, I don’t think that is even remotely possible.

          The Oilers finished the final 61 games last year 25-29-7. I don’t think that did anything to lure free agents. I don’t think Fayne and Pouliot were swayed by 25 wins versus 19 or 20. I don’t think Stastny would have considered Edmonton if they had finished 29-25-7 instead.

          And I see no evidence that that little bit of extra winning taught the players anything or buoyed their confidence one iota. If it had they wouldn’t have won 1 game out of 22 or whatever it was.

          I think finishing this year with a similar record as the final 61 games last year is the best the Oilers can possibly do. Somewhere between 14-18-3 and 18-14-3 or 31 to 39 pts.

          IMO that accomplishes nothing. That would still leave them with a paltry 64-72 pts in the standings. That won’t do squat to lure free agents nor will it teach anything to the players or buoy their confidence one iota.

          So in essence I don’t think what you or many advocating wins want is plausible. IMO, this roster is incapable of winning enough games to change perception around the league in 2 months, teach the players what they need to know about winning or really buoy their confidence for next year. If that is what you are hoping for I think you’re asking for a unicorn.

          Which means all the Oilers can really accomplish is moving up from 30th to 27th or 28th and being slightly less abysmal and missing out on two prospects that are by all accounts better than any player drafted since Tavares or Crosby.

  • It’s interesting to me that people are basically saying they would trade McDavid for Crouse if it meant getting to finish 27th this year instead of 30th because they believe at 27th we will get all kinds of new free agents and because LA doesn’t have Crosby.

    Nobody thinks getting McDavid is the cure all. Stop repeating that as though it’s anything more than a straw man.

    Finishing 27th isn’t “winning” it’s a slightly smaller tire fire.

    Edited to add: Honestly, are people really arguing that the team would be better off drafting lesser players because they can probably win more cups with worse players?

    • ubermiguel

      I’m saying a winning organization and culture is more important than any one player…no matter who that player is. That winning culture needs to start now.

      I’m also saying the best player at 18 years old is not always the best player at 22, 27 or 30. McDavid has a very good chance to be the best player, but hockey careers are funny things. It’s better to have a winning culture that can survive multiple player changes and injuries than one “generational” player.

        • ubermiguel

          Yes. And 23rd is better than 27th, and 19th is better than 23rd, and 15th is better than 19th, and so on. It’s about forward progress, not backsliding. It’s about the entire organization (players to owner) being held accountable for winning NOW, not at some point in the future when we have the right players. We have the right players to not be the worst team in hockey right now, they’re just not playing well enough.

          “We’ll play better later” is about the worst loser talk I’ve ever heard. It’s the same as the overweight person that says that says “I’ll start a diet after Christmas” or the alcoholic that says, “I’ll stop drinking when my job’s not so stressful”. Yeah, right you will. This team needs Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross to come in and kick their collective assess:

          Nice guy? I don’t give a s–t. Good father? F–k you — go home and play with your kids!! You wanna work here? Win!!

          Problem is this team has too many Jack Lemmons and not enough Kevin Spaceys and Al Pacinos.

  • Zarny


    How I interpret the comments is that some fans simply would rather see the Oilers win than lose and if that means the Oilers end up with Bobby Ryan or Evander Kane instead of Sidney Crosby or John Tavares so be it.

    Personally, I think that is very short sighted because I agree with you that there is no difference between finishing last vs 27th. Garbage is garbage.

    It’s not really debatable that the Oilers or any team is best served by drafting the best player possible. It’s not like any of the playoffs teams would take a pass on drafting 1st overall because it isn’t necessary. If every team had their choice they’d win the Stanley Cup AND draft 1st overall.

    The real tragedy is that the current rules are structured so that it is in a franchise’s best interests to finish last versus modest improvement and finishing 27th. Thankfully, that will be changed next year.

    • ubermiguel

      There is a difference between 30th and 27th. Staying in 30th means all the team learned how to do this year is lose lose lose. A 27th place finish means at some point this collection of players actually learned how to hold onto a lead and overcome some two goal deficits. Add some pieces and those skills lead to playoff runs. Add a #1 pick to a group of losers and you’ve got a slightly bigger group of losers.

      • Zarny


        Because the Oilers went from 30th to 28th last year. And guess what…they didn’t learn anything you say.

        Not to mention a 27th place team is just as big a group of losers as a 30th place team. Garbage is garbage. And adding a #4 pick to a group of losers is just a slightly bigger group of losers too except the player you added isn’t quite as good as the 30th place team.

        If we were talking about the Oilers ripping it up and vaulting up to 19th in the standings I think your argument would have merit.

        That’s simply not going to happen and I think trying to sell 27th as a “learning opportunity” or some silver lining versus 30th is desperate and tantamount to smearing lipstick on a pig.

        • Zarny

          You just keep saying the same thing over and over again. No doubt we could find similar posts from you in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

          No one is arguing with you that getting a higher ranked player at the draft would be better than a lower ranked one. They are arguing that the negative impact of continued losing on current players, the coaching staff, and the perception of this organization from the outside might outweigh the positives of getting the top pick.

          Ignoring all of this after witnessing the results of the last five years certainly shows how deeply the loser mentality is ingrained in you. Lowe would be so proud.

          • Zarny

            And you keep talking as if winning 6 more games and going 18-14-3 versus 12-20-3 will actually have some sort of positive impact on the players, coaches and perception of the team around league.

            It won’t and it’s beyond ridiculous to think that. They did exactly what you and many on here suggest last year and it amounted to SFA.

            It has nothing to do with a loser mentality. It’s simply the reality of the current lottery system.

            As you admitted, the higher ranked player is the better option than the lower ranked player. Where you seem stuck on is the silly notion that winning 6 extra games this year will change something in that locker room or perception around the league. It won’t. History has shown that already.

            If what you said was actually true Col and Dal wouldn’t have started out in the sh*tter this year and Florida, who conveniently dropped from 28th to 29th on the last day of the season, wouldn’t be ahead of both in the standings.

            You know what actually made a difference for Florida? It wasn’t winning a few extra games. It was acquiring better players in the off-season.

          • Zarny

            You’re right, Florida did acquire better players in the offseason. But it wasn’t Ekblad that has made them better on his own. Luongo, Mitchell, Jokinen, Bolland, MacKenzie, and Thronton played a pretty big part too. As did the improvemnt of their other young players under the guidance of veteran leadership. Edmonton doesn’t have the beaches and sunny weather and the Oilers have no hope of bringing in any free agents of that calibre until they gain some form of respectability. Thanks for strengthening my argument.

            Maybe you should actually check the standings because Florida is tied for points with Dallas and one point ahead of Colorado. Dallas is only four points back of a playoff spot Colorado is only three points out and you’re saying you wouldn’t rather be in their position right now? None are Cup contenders so it’s really hard to see what your argument is without contradicting yourself because you already said that winning a Stanley Cup is all that matters.

            Every season has teams that start better or worse than they did the previous year and it has little to do with where they drafted that summer. That’s the NHL. I would take the position that any of those three teams are in right now over where the Oilers are and if you ever expect the Oilers to get to Cup contender status they will have to spend a few seasons showing gradual improvemnt as Colorado, Dallas, and Florida all have.

  • BobbyCanuck

    I guess I’ll have to keep watching the Oil, even if they are down by a couple in the 3rd. Historically speaking, a 2 goal 3rd period deficit is unsurmountable. A pleasant surprise!

    If you really need to…go find the MacDavid interview from a few weeks back, Connor said that he would not like to play for the type of team that would tank to get him.

    Fair enough to say that if the Oilers wind up in last place, he could refuse on the grounds that this team tanked to get him? I wonder if Bettmen would make him play for the Oilers or would Bettmen fine the Oilers for tanking?

  • oilerjed

    With the draft party debate raging (again!!) I have questions for both sides. Try and argue the opposite viewpoint just for fun and perspective..

    For those pro high draft:

    1. Does McEichel play on the Oilers next year, and if so where in the line up does he play?

    2. Can an 18 year old kid handle the western conference without getting a beat down that destroys their confidence and development?

    3. Who mentors the 18 year old?

    4. Are you willing to wait another 3-4 years for the Oilers to become a playoff team?

    For those in the WIN NOW side:

    1. Are you confident that if we lose out on the Nextest Greatest(?) and finish the year on fire that the Oilers will be more successful next year?

    2. Why will UFAs be more apt to sign here if we finish in 27-28th?

    3. Is the losing any better if we finish the season with a sub .500 record and still finish in 28th?

    4. Are you sure that adding McEichel to the lineup wont automatically make this team much better over the next 10-15 years?

  • YFC Prez

    I’m fairly certain this conversation is going to go one long after McJesus’ name is called on the draft floor.

    The two sides to this discussion aren’t budging.

  • McClelland

    One last word on finishing last just to increase the chance of getting first overall pick. Players would not lose on purpose. The only way that management could increase the chance of finishing in the basement would be to get the director of player personnel to equip the coach with a second rate defence and third string goalies and that just wouldn’t fly in Edmonton. Ok, I can’t finish this with a straight face. I get it now Zarny.