What is Petry’s value?

It has been obvious to me since the beginning of the season that Jeff Petry was going to be traded. He will be a 27-year-old UFA on July 1st, and the temptation to see what teams will want to sign him and for how much money is too enticing to pass up. The big questions…

Drafting Power Forwards

View image | gettyimages.com Since writing the Crouse piece I have had a few people ask me really interesting questions about the potential of these young players. First and foremost I should say this: I don’t presume to know the future. I can’t say for certain that Crouse will not be the next great power…


The Sum Total of the David Perron Trade

It’s always interesting to compare the acquisition cost to the departure price when a team acquires a player and then a relatively short time later sends him out of town. The Edmonton Oilers did it with David Perron; did the team come out ahead?



At some point over the next several weeks, the Edmonton Oilers will probably send away Jeff Petry to the highest bidder. The trade deadline is a time for rentals but Petry is a player who has far greater value because of his youth and perceived future value. He has a lot of miles left and…