GDB 48.0 Wrap Up: Wild @ Oilers

ELPH?  Is that you? Final Score: 2-1 Wild.

When the Oilers last lost to the Coyotes on December 23rd I thought we were done with Devan Dubnyk.  I thought we were done giving him chances to embarrass us for the year.  How sad Devan Dubyk must have been… fortunately for him, a trade with the Wild gave Dubnyk tonight’s game and  two more chances to humiliate the Oilers this season.  Oh, how the fortunes smile for Devan Dubnyk!  We could use a goalie like that. *sigh*

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Dubnyk aside, there’s nothing better at shaking off the All Star break rust than a game against the Minnesota Wild.  I wasn’t even talking about the player’s rust.  I was talking about fan rust.  We had all had a nice little break without having to watch the Oilers shoot themselves in the foot somehow.  We all deserved a break.  Then, to bring us back, the NHL schedule makers curse us with a game against the NHL’s version of snorting a sleeping pill.  The Oilers couldn’t even get to double digits in shots until the game was halfway through.   If boring had a fancy stat this game would have killed it for 40 minutes.

On the bright side, a lack of shots both for and against meant that we had a tight game going into the 3rd period.  After Boyd Gordon tied the game 1-1, in the 2nd period, the Oilers had a chance to break the 2014-15 Dubnyk curse.  Unfortunately (or should that be predictably?), the Wild were able to cash on a lazy Oilers back check for the winner (by “lazy back check” I actually mean non-existent).  In fact, Charlie Coyle had so much time to skate in alone on Viktor Fasth that he decided to score from behind the goal line.  As far as mailing it in goes, the effort by the Oilers on the Wild’s winning goal was at a record high.  Well done, boys. 

We wrap.


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  • I love seeing Boyd Gordon score.  The guy works so hard, he deserves everything he gets.  Another hard night at work for Boyd Gordon and Matt Hendricks.
  • Viktor Fasth played solid all night.  He finished with 27 saves and a .931 save%.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is developing into a fantastic hockey player right in front of our eyes.  He does a lot of little things (defensive steals, clever passing, commitment to defence) that will make him a very good hockey player in the near future.  He was one of the better Oilers again tonight.
  • I honestly believe that Justin Schultz played well tonight.  Yeah, I said it.  He made some smart jumps into the play, and looked like he may have actually remembered to be a defenseman.  Say what you want, that’s an upgrade for him.
  • I appreciated Todd Nelson giving Nail Yakupov a chance to get back in the game after that brutal mistake in the first period.  If that mistake had happened on Dallas Eakins watch, Yakupov wouldn’t have seen the ice for the rest of the game.  The players coach label is starting to make a little bit more sense.



  • There were three shots combined, in the first eight minutes of tonight’s game.  Even the Corsi people thought this was ridiculous.
  • Nail Yakupov had a brutal giveaway on the Minnesota’s first goal.  He tried overhandling the puck and things went as badly as they possibly could have.  To his credit, Yak played much better for the rest of the night.  He absolutely crushed Nate Prosser in the 3rd period.  He also made a really nice pass to Teddy Purcell on a 2-on-1, but ol’ Teddy shot the puck 40 feet wide somehow.  Same story happened again with Justin Schultz a few minutes later.  It was a nice bounce back night for him after an early mistake.
  • Brutal giveaway by Jordan Eberle on the second goal for Minnesota.  Actually, the giveaway was bad, but the complete disregard for back checking was worse.  That’s mail it in territory for Eberle, on that one.
  • Brutal call by the ref against Nail Yakupov with less than a minute left.
  • Devan Dubnyk is 4-0 against the Oilers this year.  He finished the night with 23 saves and a .958 save%.


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First Period:

  • MIN – Nino Niderreiter (15) – Asst: Justin Fontaine (9)
Second Period:
  • EDM – Boyd Gordon (6) – Asst: Matt Hendricks (6), Oscar Klefbom (4)
Third Period

  • MIN – Charlie Coyle (6) – Asst: None


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  • TheBirdOfAnger

    It was announced our provinces bright shining example of a rebuild the Calgary Flames had beaten Buffalo in regulation time and the Oilers were all a fluster and sad really

    • Reg Dunlop

      Do you have a stutter? You said this twice in the GDB. Give it a rest.

      I must commend baggedmilk for the pic of Clifford Olsen’s van. Important that kids like RNH know when to sense stranger-danger.

      • vetinari

        Rebuilds don’t work. Did calgary ever say they were rebuilding? Didnt they say retooling?

        But if your calling calgary an 11 year rebuild what is this for edmonton? 25 years?

        You gotta try to always remain competitive so the loser mentality doesn’t consume you’re organization

        • Zarny

          Rebuild, retool…call it whatever you want. Teams go through cycles with different core players.

          Considering the Cup appearances in 2004 and 2006 I’d say Cgy and Edm have been re-whateveryouwanttocallit for 11 and 9 years respectively.

          I agree with you 100% about remaining competitive. Many of the top teams have core players they acquired by having a few really, really bad years and drafting top 3 or top 5. The Oilers’ mistake was taking their foot off the gas for 3 seasons.

          • bradleypi

            Would anybody consider Calgary rebuilt? I watch a lot of their games. I am an Oilers fan, and it gives me 28 other teams to root for on Flames game nights. They get out chanced most games. Before the all-star break, they beat LA in overtime, but after the 2nd period, shots were 27-9 for LA. They are 10-2 in OT, and 3-1 in shootouts. They’re in the games, but they could just as easily have those one goal games go against them.
            Conversely, the Oilers have lost something like 19 one goal games this year. They are also in most games….
            The Flames are this year’s Avalanche. They started hot, and have been riding that wave ever since.
            They play much better competition in February. I wonder how well they will do.

          • bradleypi

            The Flames could lose evey game they have left in rhe season and we still won’t catch them. They have more than twice as many wins as us. This management has truly built the most pathetic team ever. How can we even defend this joke of an organization. Calgary has put us to shame in every way.

          • pkam

            Calgary is also top 10 in the league in shots against per game. That LA game was the norm in terms of SA, it was an outlier. They don’t get outchanced because they’re a defensive nightmare like Colorado or Toronto, it’s because they don’t take many shots/take more of there shots from the low slot.

          • bradleypi

            My point is, it’s not sustainable. They are third worst in shots for per game. That’s not an advanced stat or fancy accounting. They average more shots against per game than they do shots for. So, if they’re a top ten team in shots against, and they still can’t bring their shots for average above the shots against average, don’t you think that would be alarming? they also have anomalous shooting and save percentages.
            If you’re going to compare the Oilers rebuild to other rebuilds, there are much better examples of teams that had success after a run of losing seasons. Chicago, Pittsburgh, even the Islanders now. Calgary, not so much.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      I’ve been saying this for the better part of a year. Eberle needs to get the heck out of edmonton. He could get us a decent return that will improve this team.

      • MorningOwl

        i don’t get it… do Oiler fans want to win or lose??? everyone is acting so glad for each loss as you embrace the race to last place and first pick, but then your mad at the guys who cause the losses? which do you want, winners or McDavid?

        • TheBirdOfAnger

          We’re all kind of mixed here. It’s like, yeah… We want to see you guys win but no complaints here if we get McEichel… Y’know…???

          Personally I’d rather see us win.

    • Have to agree. Mr Nelson the honeymoon period is over. Like what you have brought so far but it is long past time to instill some accountability for our so called stars.Eberle should be out for the next game, and I would even like to think that that is what you want to do, however we all know you will be overuled by the “smartest guys in the house”. Bench management continues to be controlled by the guys upstairs.Do what your coaching instincts tell you, the worst that can happen is you would not be part of this ongoing disaster. Take control of the bench as it should be, we have had enough of the long line of “yes men”

      • pkam

        But most posters here seemed to agree with Brownlee when he wrote an article a week ago that praised Nelson for giving Yak and Pouliot second chance. So Yak and Pouliot deserve second chance but Eberle doesn’t?

        It is Eberle first msjor mistake after Nelson took over the bench, but it is already Yak’s second major mistake, so who deserves discipline more?

          • pkam

            But this is what Brownlee wrote:

            “That opportunity came in a game in which Yakupov made a lazy clearing attempt that was so bad goaltender Viktor Fasth skated out of the net to get in his ear. It’s an opportunity I’d bet the farm, that never would have come under Eakins after a mistake like that. Nelson gave the kid the tap. Instead of leaving the rink feeling lousy about himself in a season where he’s already endured plenty of that, Yakupov had something to hang his hat on.”

            Did I read ‘a lazy clearing attempt’? So it is okay if Yak is lazy but not Eberle?

      • bradleypi

        How in the world is bench management controlled by anybody upstairs??? When you are getting close to the end of a tie game, wouldn’t you have your best players on the ice as much as possible to try to win the game? It’s only common sense!!! Just because oilersnation doesn’t like Jordan Eberle, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t the best rw on the team. It’s fairly clear that he is the best rw on the team. It was one giveaway. Not his first, won’t be his last. I’d rather see ebs out there at that point than yak who has forgotten how to score or gazdic or klinkhammer who can’t score at all. Holy oilersnation needs to relax. It wasn’t game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Wow

        • pkam

          Obviously Eberle is the forward goat and JS is the defense goat of the year.

          No question that was a terrible turnover by Eberle, but it is near the offensive blue line and wouldn’t so bad if it didn’t happen during a line change.

          The turnover by Yak was much worse. Why did he bring the puck back to the front of the net. Had a chance to pass to Nikitin and didn’t. That was a suicidal move.

          And the posters here are all over Eberle and no one even bring up the Yak’s turnover. Can’t imagine how many trashes will be here if it is from Eberle.

        • The deployment of ice time is so obviously controlled by upstairs management it is not even worth debating. Has nothing to do with liking or disliking an individual player, it is the lack of effort we see almost on a nightly basis from these individuals. With a lack of effort like that I would rather see Boyd and Hendricks on the ice. Effort= Reward .Lack of effort should = Benching . But alas we are still in the land of selective accountability.

          • bradleypi

            But Gordon and Hendricks can’t play 60 minutes a night. And I’ll say it again,in case you didn’t even read what I wrote, Eberle clearly gives the Oilers a better chance of winning as he has some offensive talent as compared to yak, who it seems has lost his game or gazdic who is not in the lineup to score goals. Take a look at the minutes from the game last night, and you will see that Gordons line were basically getting second line minutes. In fact I would call them the Oilers 2nd line right now. Somebody has to play the other minutes and I myself would rather it’s ebs. That’s a no brainer.

  • Gooilgo

    Way more fun to watch the effort and style of play under Nelson even if we lost.

    Am ok to see Eberle even benched next game he is getting lazier and lazier. His no check was pathetic!

  • WTF2

    Happy to see that I wasn’t the only one to notice that coast job by Eberle after he gave up the puck. What is with him? He has gotten progressively worse for coasting? Did he take Sam Gagner summer defence classes?? Awful. Some of lack of hustle in some of the core is appalling and embarrassing.

    • vetinari

      I agree the “also in picture” back check by Eberle was pathetic. I get that he couldn’t catch Coyle at that point but to let the trailing player from Minnesota beat him down the ice is Peewee hockey.

      • pkam

        What does ebs care if he gets beat down the ice? He’s on the worst team in hockey every year, and he’s got 6mill coming in every year for the next good while.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      hilarious. what Oiler fans should be doing right now to ease their mental anguish is tell themselves that we are NOT going to get McDavid….then if we don’t, you knew all along we weren’t going to get him, but if we do it will be a pleasant surprise!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Well that was a little tighter than planned.

    Getting what needed to be done accomplished in regulation, well done to all involved.

    I was more worried about this game than I will be against the Sabres on Thursday. Buffalo will outwork the Oilers which should be enough to break that 12 game losing streak. Just need to stay away from that loser point.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Since Katz bought this team he has brought so much negativity and ineptitude. Might’ve been better off if he moved the team and we built a shrine for some one more deserving. Like Florida. After yesterday’s Shoalts article I’m leaning towards clemency for Lowe and MacT and aiming the blame straight at Katz.

  • TheBirdOfAnger

    Pathetic Oilers lose again.
    My only question is: Why are the still people supporting this joke of a sports franchise?
    Next up: Buffalo at Edmonton. Bet you Coilers find a way to lose….
    McDavid will not wear a Coilers jersey if called in June’s draft.

  • bradleypi

    I turned down free hockey tickets from my work yesterday. I never thought that would be my reality. I can’t afford hockey tickets yet I turn down free ones. Did I mention i turned down free hockey tickets. Moving forward, as far a drafting the next batch of oilers, the rule should be…If the player physically looks like he needs to be wearing a hockey helmet all the time then don’t draft him. Just watch Hall and Eberle on the bench. I keep waiting for Kieth Acton to reach over their shoulders and wipe the drool of their chins.

  • Positive Ray of Sunshine

    The funny thing about this tank battle is that the Oilers might even be trying to win and they are still keeping pace with Buffalo.

    By “funny” I mean horrifying, sad and embarrassing.

  • cmandev77

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!Its getting to be sooooooooooo painfull somebody take out a body in front of the net somebody stick someone slash some FN hit somebody fight back!!!stand -up show the Hell up!!!Show heart show fight Give the Fans something to appreciate!!!Dammit!!! Man !!!

  • ubermiguel

    I don’t normally blame losses on one guy, but man that was a horrible giveaway by Eberle. Watched him carefully the rest of the game, he gave away the puck more often than not. That shot he had in the last minute was about the only good thing he did after his major screw up.

    • bradleypi

      I noticed that no one else did much to tie the game. Yak had a worse giveaway that ended up in the net. Why is everything Eberles fault last night? Wait….. I know. It’s cuz Taylor wasn’t in the line up for oilersnation to blame. So obvious next choice is ebs cuz he makes the most money. Classic oilersnation jumping on the flavor of the week

      • ubermiguel

        The time in the game where the giveaway happens matters. The situational awareness of these players is terrible. And yes, the more experienced NHLer that’s higher up on the depth chart has higher expectations.

        • bradleypi

          So you are saying that a giveaway at the offensive blue line is worse than a giveaway right in front oc your own net? Just because of the time of a game? Or is it just because it ebs compared to yak? I’m going to assume that you are of the thinking that petry is a 5 million dollar defenseman also?