Don’t trade Hendricks or Gordon

    • Jason Gregor

      Keep it up Brett. I’m on air. I don’t edit site and host a live radio show. Seems like you need a hug. I addressed your complaint. You don’t like it. Oh well. Move on.

      • Jordan88

        Hey Gregor,

        I like the idea of keeping Gordon on our 4th line.

        The man is a work horse and no one ever talks about him because. He just does exactly what is expected of him kudos to him.

        Hendricks, This guy is nothing but gold, he is vocal regardless of what anyone else can say you can see it on the benches at games.

        I say they remain Oilers until such time as Yakimov, Khaira, or Moroz can challenge for those spots. Then and only then should they be moved.

        • Jason Gregor

          Right now he is their 3rd line C, which makes him even more valuable.

          Of those three prospects, if one of them become a regular NHLer that will be great for the Oilers. Moroz and Khaira have a few more years at least of development based on how they’ve played this year.

          Yakimov is a bit ahead, and might get a few games next year. I’m with you in thinking no reason to rush out veterans until they have young players who are, “over ripe,” to quote Ken Holland.

  • Jason Gregor

    You clearly edited your own comment. No ownership on your words there. Pretty cowardly.
    If you’re offering hugs, I’m open to that. We could do it on the air. We will call the segment “hugs at pubs”. See you at the druid.

    • Jason Gregor

      Gregor, I have no idea how you deal with buffoons like this guy. Easily one of the biggest whiners I’ve read on here in awhile.

      I wish the Nation would vote for which posters we could block for a month. Could this be one of the polls.

      The constant whiners or less than intelligent ones could be banned for a month. It would make the site even better.

      Please anyone at the Nation let me know if this is possible.

  • Jason Gregor

    Bravo, great article.

    We should sign Klinkhammer while we’re at it.

    7 years Is a long time to be without an shutdown checking line, and I certainly don’t want to see the Oilers going back to square one throwing kids to the wolves nest year.

    We have the makings of a halfway decent roster and a good coach, how about adding more and better NHL talent, especially on the blue line rather than tearing it down and starting over-3 more years in the desert style.


    No team with a chance at the playoffs is trading a roster player at the trade deadline. If you can make a “hockey trade” with another seller(cellar) team that actually improves the team you consider it. Actual good teams don’t trade players like Gordon or Hendricks until a prospect forces himself into the equation and makes them expendable.

  • HoLLyWooD

    Completely agree Gregor! But really, I haven’t heard cries or anything remotely close to trade “Hendricks or Gordon” However, sitting here in remote BC might have that effect.

    Alas, If you’re an Oiler fan with half a brain, it’s pretty easy to see how valuable these guys are.

    These guys aren’t the reason we’re going to pick high in the draft; far from. These are the guys that are stopping us from picking first overall (again).

    And I for one want them on MY team at the end of the day; every day of the week.

    Why? Cause they WANT to WIN. And won’t take NO for an answer. Wish the rest would follow suit, regardless of paycheque amount.

  • Harry2

    Lander had one, ONE good game. This does not mean he is NHL ready.

    Leave the bottom six alone and do something about the top six. They aren’t getting the job done.

    Don’t sign petry for more than 3.5.

    Thank you

  • Harry2

    I am tickled pink that someone finally wrote this article. Thank you Gregor. Trading either one of those guys is pure idiocy.

    On a side note. That Jankowski pick made byvUnvle Feaster still makes me laugh

  • Burnward

    Hendricks and Gordon have been 2 of the bright spots on this struggling team.
    They both give their all every night and are exceptional role models to emulate.
    Klinkhammer is also making an impact on this team.
    Don’t be foolish and overlook the very important supporting cast!

  • Bucknuck

    I am so happy to see an article like this. I agree with every point. This team needs to forget the entry draft exists and makes decisions based on making the playoffs next year, not five years from now.