GDB 49.0: Sabres @ Oilers


Do we cheer? I’m not sure what to do with my hands. Final Score: 3-2 Oilers

What can you really say about a game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Buffalo Sabres?  This game had all the sex appeal of a colonoscopy.  That being said, the race for last place is probably going to be one of the most interesting aspects of the season.  Right now, Buffalo is in the lead with Edmonton hot on their heels, and Arizona and Carolina destined to join the tank parade.  Tonight’s game was crucial to the #Tank2015 cause.  It was important that the Oilers be gracious hosts and let the Sabres walk of here with a win.  The Oilers were supposed to give the Sabres confidence! 

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At first, I thought the Oilers were actually going to lose this game.  When they gave up the game’s first goal less than three minutes into the first period, I was expecting this night to fall into a tailspin so hilarious that it could only be the plot from an Oilers game.  Instead, the Oilers beat a team that they were supposed to beat.  Even though Buffalo scored a second goal in the third period to make things a little bit closer, the Oilers were in control of the play for most of the night.  Actually, they dominated spurts of the game, multiple times.  

It’s hard to know how to feel about a win against a team that truly is a special kind of terrible.  On the bright side, the Oilers beat a team that they were supposed to beat.  For years it has seemed like the Oilers are always the lowest common denominator in any equation.  Quite frankly, seeing how awful Buffalo is I wouldn’t be surprised if they never win a game ever again.  They will be very strong contenders in the race to McDavid.

We wrap.


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  • The 4th line had a hell of a shift on the first Oilers goal of the game.  Matt Fraser scored off of a nice forecheck from Luke Gazic (yes, I said Luke Gazdic) and Anton Lander.  They repeated the performance a few minutes later on the goal by Oscar Klefbom.  Really solid night for that line (against Buffalo notwithstanding).
  • Anton Lander’s goal and two assists give him seven points on the year which is a career high.  This has been the strongest stretch of hockey that Anton Lander has played as an Oiler.
  • Either the Oilers had a solid night on the forecheck, or the Sabres are completely awful in their own end.  I have my guesses as to which one is the right answer, but I’ll go with wishful thinking and say that it was a bit of both.
  • The Oilers were actually taking shots on the Power Play. #TheNelsonFactor
  • Ben Scrivens was solid when he needed to be.  He finished with 18 saves and a .900 save%.
  • You have to check out Jason Gregor’s NSGDP in the Game Day article from today.  I can only assume he found a gypsy to shake down for some wishes because he nailed it.  He called both Anton Lander and Oscar Klefbom to score.  If you need lotto numbers, hit Gregor up on his Twitter



  • Taylor Hall missed a second game with a bone bruise.  That shot to the leg DEFINITELY didn’t turn out.  Who would have thought?  I was kind of hoping he would come back with some kind of stronger robot leg.  Maybe next time.
  • The Sabres scored the first goal less than 3 minutes into the hockey game.  Classic Oilers.
  • As much as we’re rough on Nikitin, you don’t want to see a guy get hurt.  According to Todd Nelson, he has a shoulder injury and will be out for a while.
  • Sportsnet gets a face palm for not being able to figure out the audio in the first period.  It was at low volume during the play, but the commercials were at full blast.  Dude… seriously. Figure it out.  We’re all going to be here for the next 12 years and it would be cool if we could get along. Thank you. 
  • What happened to Cody Hodgson?  There was a time when everyone had such high hopes for him.  The dude only has two goals this year?  What’s up with that?
  • Tonight’s win was not good for the McDavid sweepstakes.  The Oilers are now four points up on the Sabres. I mean, if you’re cheering for that sort of thing.


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  • toprightcorner

    Let me the FIST to say; Gregor, you are the man

    from your GDB article today

    “NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: I was a game early in my prediction about Anton Lander scoring. The Swede scores tonight as does Oscar Klefbom.”

    takes big balls to call one player to score their first of the season but to call two guys to score their first of the season in the same game is ludicrous.

  • O.C.

    Here’s hoping we get that Eichel pick and trade it. We have so many rookies to play next year(Nurse, Drai) we don’t need another one.

    Can that Eichel pick get you a legit Dman? I’m not talking phaneuf, I’m talking OEL? Or of that calibre?

    Trade the Eichel pick and get a legit 1st pairing NHL Dman! Then trade the Pitts 1st pick and get a goalie and maybe we have a chance to not be emberassing!!

    Honestly tho, if it’s the Eichel pick do you really want the red headed step child when you got RNH, Drai, Lander? That pick will have some serious value! You can’t trade McDavid, but you gotta trade the red headed step child

    • toprightcorner

      I will tell you that college guys scare me. It is much harder to compare talent levels when those guys play like 30 games and don’t put up the same points per game totals in the CHL. I beleive he will be a good NHL player but won’t come close to meeting his generational talent moniker. Was not good at all in WTC. Aomeone please show me a successfull college player drafted in the top 5 and met or exceeded expectations.

      If we end up with Eichel, I would trade him to get a elite # dman..players I would look at would be Peitrangelo, Ekman Larsson, Suter, Hedman, Subban, Josi, Seabrook or Karlsson

      Weber would not get traded for that and Giordano (31) and Keith (31) are too old, you need someone you can sign for 8 years and play for 6-8 years of his prime.

      You don’t trade McDavid if you get him, you trade others to make a better team around him.

      • toprightcorner

        What has more value? The Eichel pick or one of the other kids?? I say you take advantage of the draft hype and trade the red headed step child and fill a major need on defense! There’s every chance that Eichel becomes the next Jultz as there is he becomes the next… What? Time will tell, but let it be known that RexHolez does not believe Eichel is “generational”. At some point the oilers have to stop hoping for the future and actually put an NHL team together

        • Zarny

          It’s not completely without merit; but I don’t think you get what you think you get for that pick (ex OEL). You aren’t going to get Ekblad or Doughty or Jones.

          You are of course entitled to think Eichel is not a “generational” player. It’s certainly a buzzword that gets overused.

          But what exactly are you basing that opinion on? The extensive number of games you’ve watched Eichel play? More like it doesn’t fit your narrative and you don’t want him to be so…he isn’t. Which has no merit at all.

          Calling Eichel the red headed step child is just silly. As is suggesting there is every chance Eichel becomes the next Jultz. Jultz has never been even remotely close to the level of prospect or player Eichel is. That is just flat out ignorance on your part.

          I agree 100% the Oilers have to put the rest of the pieces around the young players they have drafted. But the reality is that McDavid and Eichel are likely better than any player the Oilers have drafted…possibly ever.

          At worst, they are another player at Hall’s level and I wouldn’t give that up unless I was getting an older player at that same level back in return which I don’t think you get.

          So, to fill the holes you highlight I would move other young kids. Eberle + Pit’s 1st could get you as much or more than Eichel. There are other options as well. I’d move Draisaitl long before McDavid or Eichel or Hanifin and possibly 2 or 3 other players in this draft.

          Keep in mind…Burke did exactly what you suggest in Tor. Gave up Seguin and Hamilton for Kessel. Tor didn’t win that trade.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Oilers won against the Sabres. Which actually means they lost.

    Not only does the win mean nothing except hurt our chances at a generational talent but it wasn’t even a convincing win. Just a 1 goal squeaker against what is by far the worst team in the NHL.

    This team does just good enough to mess everything up.

    I hate the Oilers this season.

  • YFC Prez

    Oilers must have felt like a dwarf among midgets that game.

    And look at that Lander play. I’ve been a fan since he was called up this go around. Looks like he is well on his way to emerging as a solid NHL player at last . Who would have thought it. Oilers have developed someone properly, and he isn’t even a first round draft pick. *whistles*

  • sportsjunkie007

    …but I remain confident that the group will turn it around and win at least 7 games in December. Flame away haters! -Bob Stauffer December 3, 2014

    Happy December 60th Bob!

    • O.C.

      Bob is gold when it comes to predictions! Who did he predict to win the jack Adams? Renney? Krueger? Eakins? Haha the frickin JACK ADAMS! The kool aid hit that guy hard, almost feel sorry for him! FYI, if you guys are out and see stauffer, don’t let him hit the kool aid, guy simply can’t handle it!

  • O.C.

    Just back from the game.

    In the last 8 years, I thought the Oil set the benchmark for poor D zone play.

    Then Buffalo rolled in to town tonight.

    There are depths to incompetency that are much greater than this mind could have imagined.


    Just wow.

    • toprightcorner

      Did you finally cut eye holes in the brown bag you wear on your head my friend? This defensive incompetency is what we have been seeing all year, welcome to the club.

      BTW its not a a club that it tough to get in, just tough to not want to run out screaming!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Sabres team is built like a tank.. job. Quick question for all the people out there who think cheering for this team to lose is fostering a loser mentality. Has cheering for them to win over the last nine years fostered a winning mentality? Cheer for whatever you want it’s your brain. This team has been frozen in the permasuck for going on a decade so as fans we know quite well that finishing strong is in no way an indication of how we start next year. Teams in the middle of a race tighten up and 29th place teams play a little shinny hockey and get lucky once in a while. If the Oilers woke up tomorrow in 7th place they’d lose 10 in a row before they stopped hyperventilating.

    “But losing does’t guarantee you McDavid!!” we know. But finishing 30th or 29th gives you a better chance at mcdavid or eichel. in five years those kids will likely be dominant players. In five years will anyone have a beer and talk about the time the oilers pulled up their socks and finished 27th?

    Draft position aside a strong finish gives the management group who built this team the impression that their baby is finally starting to grow when really it’s just that the onesie shrunk in the dryer. that makes no sense I know.

    • Butters

      Did the oilers forget that not all 18 year old kids can be rushed into the NHL, play with garbage centers, get zero ice time for the first couple years, play on a terrible team that gets beat every game with horrendous coaching and be expected to become an NHL star??

      I pray to god every night that MacT and Lowe are as stupid as I think they are and trade yak! Maybe when the boys on the bus trade yak for Lars Eller and some kid goalie to Montreal and he becomes an all star, it will finally be enough for Katz to turf the boys who crashed the bus!!

      • R U Kidding Me!

        Rushed into the NHL? How many 1st overall picks don’t come straight into the NHL after being drafted? He’s also had lots of opportunities playing with top 6 players on the team and still hasn’t produced.

        His s% has dropped from 21% to 9% to 4.9% this year.

        His ppg has dropped from .65 ppg to .38 ppg to .24 ppg this year.

        He’s in his 3rd year and I don’t buy the “he plays for a bad team so that excuses his poor production”.

        Plenty of players that were expected to produce have done so on bad teams.

        • toprightcorner

          And that thinking is why you trade him, watch him become an elite goal scorer and never work in the league again. Not everything can be explained by a chart!

          • R U Kidding Me!

            So what exactly tells you he’s going to become an elite goal scorer? A gut feeling? Since you’re not interested in stats and charts I don’t see what else it could be.

          • R U Kidding Me!

            His work ethic, his shot, his willingness to play physical and get to the dirty areas, his obvious passion for the game, his puck handling ability, his elite goal scoring levels in previous leagues etc… But you can feel free to give up on the kid even tho he was the rookie point leader as an 18 year old. One of us will be wrong

  • R U Kidding Me!


    Do you expect the Sabers to become good once they get Mcdavid? Or would you say they need a bunch more help then just drafting one player?

    It seems that the oilers are almost on par with the sabers as far as nhl ability goes, so I am also curious what you think the oilers will look like next year if they get Mcdavid?

    • TheBirdOfAnger

      Don’t forget the sabres have Reinhardt learning the right way and a much better defence. It won’t take the sabres long to blow past the Coilers

      • Butters

        That is the way it is supposed to work. Your supposed to pick a couple times in the top 3, and then you are no longer a bottom dweller.

        If the Sabers get Mcdavid, and we get Eicle, surely the oilers will be good then right?

  • TheBirdOfAnger

    Screw you guys. Im happy my first NHL game ever was entertaining LOL.
    Idc. Honestly, don’t you guys think Buffalo needs McEichel a bit more than us? 😉

  • Butters

    If people are going to vote for tanking to get Mcdavid or Eichel, I wanna hear the rest of the plan to go along with it.

    If the plan is to simply make a draft pick, and then everything turns around, then say that so it can go on record.

    I wanna see people that are asking for losses say that they think it will turn the oilers around.

  • bazmagoo

    How good would Lander look right now if he hadn’t been rushed into the NHL #BecauseOilers. Did anyone see Lowe at that press conference today, still rambling on about the 80’s, pathetic. Nice glasses Kevin!

  • R U Kidding Me!

    It makes me sad to know that leaf fans are mad and talking about tanking when they’re 2 games below .500. Good lord, oilersnation would be planning the parade route if they were 2 games below .500.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    What is up with people believing that anyone who wants to lose and get McEichel thinks that will solve everything?

    “Oh so we lose and get McDavid and that solves all our problems?!”

    What?! Who would ever say that? The reason it’s so important is the skill of the players and the fact that they’re only going to cost you $3 million including bonuses for three years freeing up more money for other players. Having one of these athletes play a prominent role saves you money that can be used to address other needs. Needs you may not be able to address if you had to drop $6million per on a UFA to play 2nd line centre. See I just saved $3 million right there. Being a fake GM is easy.

    • Serious Gord


      I think the Oilers had three first overall picks in four years. So that should have freed up many MILLIONS of dollars to sign up good free agents.

      How is that plan working so far?

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Hahahahanah. Anyone else hear KBlowe on his interview recently about the AHL Announcement and Bakersfield? Moron says ” and now with the geography Ontario is closer to LA”.

    What? Lol. Omg. McJesus, do you really want to play for someone who doesn’t even know your states and cities well?

  • Spydyr

    Hey baggedmilk, I was wondering something about the NationStore. Would it be possible to get one of the “Sad Since ’07” sweaters but get “Craig’s On It” on the back? I noticed it’s one or the other on the front’s of the shirts, but I was thinking it would be funnier if “Craig’s On It” was on the back of the sweater.

    • MorningOwl

      Oilers showing they are haffassed losers, not willing to put 110% into the effort!

      really though, there is little possibility that the Oilers pick later then 2nd overall at this point… 3rd overall is within reach but not likely

      • Spydyr

        If they lost the last game last season they would have Ekblad.If the would of lost the last game three years ago they year they took Nurse they would have Jones.

        The Oilers can not even lose right.

        • Zarny

          No, you can’t say that if the Oilers had lost the last game of the season last year they would have Ekblad.

          What they would have had was more balls in the lottery and Florida would have had a few less.

          It’s impossible to know whether the ball that was selected was one Florida would have kept or one that would have gone to Edmonton.

          That’s just how probability goes.

  • paul wodehouse

    BM…just so I know … bought the YEG Hoodie half hour ago …if it’s not the same great quality and ample size as my first Nation Hoodie…can I send it back? free shipping …bought the XXL I’m 6’3 230 and the first one is still perfect …after3years

    wash dryer repeat … thoughts?

    also feel sorry for fan1976…and all that piling on … the collective is a tough room

  • Zamboni Driver

    In a billion years I wouldn’t have subjected myself to watching that entire “Hockey” “Game”, though I did catch the last bit.

    ZERO chance of the Oilers finishing last, even with this collection of losers. Buffalo is hilariously bad.

    Didn’t two of the Oilers’ forwards whose names we’ll forget in a year have a breakaway, followed by a 2-0…like 30 seconds apart?

    That’s unreal.

    P.S. How in the name of god do two of the three 6 million dollar ‘star players’ not even get a sniff against Buffalo? Ales Eberle ZERO shots?