The Roundup


Trade speculation begins, Canucks better without Bieksa, Stamkos to Toronto, Ryan O’Reilly watch, Phaneuf an Oiler, size in the NHL matters, fantasy hockey and more in this week’s Roundup.

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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Are the Canucks better without Kevin Bieksa?

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NHL Draft: Maybe size does matter

NHL Draft: Boy’s playing a mans game

11 reasons to draft Lawson Crouse


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Breaking: Stamkos chooses own happiness over playing in his hometown

O’Reilly watch is officially on


Let’s talk about centers

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Flames: Random thoughts


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Imagine: Dion an Oiler!

Corsi is dead

Report card day – Scrap of the week

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The ideal lineup for Draftkings fantasy hockey contest – FREE ENTRY FRIDAY SNIPER $8,000!

Top Fantasy waiver adds this week


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  • toprightcorner

    hey Canuck fans….just so you are aware, Lawson Crouse is tied for 137th in OHL scoring, Crombeen had almost 35% more points per game the year he was drafted and Kassian scored more than 50% more.

    I would love nothing better than the Canuckle Heads to draft Lawson Crouse with their 1st pick.

    Here is a quote from Puck Money in a previous Canucks Army article “in order for a prospect to succeed at the NHL level they should not just be good junior players, they should dominate at the junior level”

    At least on of the writers at Canucks Army has some semblance of hockey knowledge

    Sure glad they posted The Round Up over at the other sites to make us aware of the intelligent journalism out west, but at least it is now confirmed that some Canuck fans can actually count hire than 10!

    • toprightcorner

      Not only can some of us count “hire” than 10, we also know how the difference between higher and hire! If you’re going to criticize a fan base pick the Oilers or the Leafs because at least they don’t really know any better!

  • Ouroboros_Hydrocarbon


    I like how you immediately slammed Canucks fans over the Lawson Crouse article…and obviously didn’t read it.

    From the article (TL;DR version: It’s satire),

    1. SIZE

    As you all know, no one under 6’2″ and 200 lbs has ever scored a goal in the Western Conference. Crouse is big player, and currently listed at 6’4″, he is the perfect type of power forward that any team needs in their system instead of a pipsqueak like Nick Merkley. You know he is going to scare opponents into letting him score, just like in the OHL!

    2. COMPETE

    Crouse has compete. I’ve seen him play a handful of times on Youtube and boy does he drive to the net hard. He has grit and determination that all soft non-playoff and bubble teams lack which makes him the perfect complete player. If you were to measure his compete per 60, it would easily lead the league. Which league? All of them.

    3. SCORING

    Currently, Crouse has 23 points in 30 games with the Kingston Frontenacs. At 0.77 points/game, this is a very elite scoring level–nevermind the fact that the Marner shrimp has that many points in his last seven games. Translating that to the NHL that’s 61 points in a full season which would rank him in the top 40 players. Plus, he doesn’t score every game so he is very elusive like a ninja. It’s genius.


    Do you know who Crouse played with in Kingston? Sam Bennett. You might have heard of him since all the analytics guys and scouts were raving about him last year. If Bennett is so good and Course spent a year with him, you know Crouse was mentored by the best. Plus, I bet Crouse can do a pull up which automatically makes him better than Bennett ever will be.

    5. WINNING

    I can confirm that the Kingston Frontenacs have never gone without a single win over the time that Crouse was playing for them. If he’s won a game it’s clear that Crouse has already learned how to win. He’s a proven winner, and only winners win games.


    Over half of the NHL is made up of Canadians. Why? Because they have a genetic advantage that makes them good at hockey. Crouse is Canadian so you know he is going to be good. Plus, he’s from Mt. Brydges, Ontario, so you know he has the Don Cherry seal of approval. And if you’re going to listen to one man’s opinion on hockey, it’s gotta be Don Cherry’s.


    Team Canada doesn’t just hand out positions to whomever at the World Juniors, they have a long tradition of giving their 13 forward spots to the 13 best Canadian forwards, like Anthony Camara, JC Lipon, Curtis Hamilton, and Stefan Della Rovere. Crouse made it at 17 so he is clearly one of the top 12 Canadians under-20, so just wait until he gets older! At this rate, he’ll probably be the captain of the next Olympic team too!


    Crouse won a gold medal at the World Juniors which just goes to prove he is one of the best in the world. You know who doesn’t have a gold medal? William “I’m a soft Euro” Nylander and Nikolaj “Can’t score without Drouin” Ehlers. Why? Because they’re bad. For that matter, Jonathan “Can’t score without MacKinnon” Drouin doesn’t have a gold medal either, probably because he’s short and French.


    Crouse played in the OHL as a 16 year old. You know how many draft eligible players did that last year? Only 40%. He is clearly in the elite group.

    10. SCOUTING

    Scouts love to describe him as “going to the net with an evolving confidence in his shot and net driving” – you can tell he’s just filled with compete and grit and leadership and truculence and the type of guy that just wins you games from that quote alone.

    11 . Midterm Rankings

    International Scouting Services, one of the foremost scouting agencies, ranked Crouse number 3 in their midterm prospect rankings, and NHL Central Scouting ranked him 4th. He was right behind Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel. Scouts watch the game, with their eyes, and they are experts at watching the game and identifying talent. With Crouse at number 3 you know he’s clearly in the same group with these two elite talents.