In a results oriented business, Iiro Pakarinen is delivering at a level that will get him noticed. One of the major offseason wins in ‘under the radar’ procurement, he should be a late winter recall based on progress.



It’s becoming obvious that if the Edmonton Oilers are going to hang with the awful Buffalo Sabres in the Connor McDavid-Jack Eichel sweepstakes, they are going to need some help from GM Craig MacTavish. So, what can he do to take a run at 30th place?



As you know, our friends at The Royal Half have created a weekly segment known as the Pacific War Room… It’s a wrap-up of the past week in the Pacific from some of the best and brightest bloggers who cover the Pacific Division teams. Well, the writers have spent another week smashing their faces on their keyboards in the hopes…



Even the best students can have a down period and that is most certainly the case for several Edmonton Oilers in 2014-15. The season isn’t over, there is plenty that can be salvaged. It is All-Star weekend and that means a review of everything, from chemistry to, apparently Latin.


Development and the 200-game mark

There’s an artificial cut-off that serves as a pretty iron-clad rule as to whether a prospect is of any real value. Basically, once he’s played 200 professional games in North America he’s either in the NHL or he’s a long-shot ‘tweener of no real importance.



Todd Nelson’s in a really awkward spot. He’s an interim head coach, with no job security past the next few months, and he’s trying to make changes on the fly with an underachieving roster and no training camp to set things up. One thing that might help him is reliable reinforcements from Oklahoma City, but…


The Roundup

The loser point, Leafs piling up losses, David Clarkson, Flames buying or selling, Jeff Petry, an Oilers cartoon, skill players fighting and more in this week’s Roundup.


What is Petry’s value?

It has been obvious to me since the beginning of the season that Jeff Petry was going to be traded. He will be a 27-year-old UFA on July 1st, and the temptation to see what teams will want to sign him and for how much money is too enticing to pass up. The big questions…

Drafting Power Forwards

View image | gettyimages.com Since writing the Crouse piece I have had a few people ask me really interesting questions about the potential of these young players. First and foremost I should say this: I don’t presume to know the future. I can’t say for certain that Crouse will not be the next great power…


The Sum Total of the David Perron Trade

It’s always interesting to compare the acquisition cost to the departure price when a team acquires a player and then a relatively short time later sends him out of town. The Edmonton Oilers did it with David Perron; did the team come out ahead?



At some point over the next several weeks, the Edmonton Oilers will probably send away Jeff Petry to the highest bidder. The trade deadline is a time for rentals but Petry is a player who has far greater value because of his youth and perceived future value. He has a lot of miles left and…