GDB 51.0: Sharks watching Petry?

The trade deadline is four weeks away, Monday March 2nd, and over the
next 28 days Craig MacTavish is going to receive multiple offers for
Jeff Petry. Don’t be surprised if one of those offers comes from the San Jose Sharks.

Doug Wilson was named General Manager of the Sharks on May 13th, 2003, and during his first NHL entry draft Wilson showed the hockey world he would always be willing to make a trade. He made eight trades on June 22nd and 23rd.

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He acquired Scott Parker for a 5th round pick the day before the draft, and then on draft day he dealt his 1st round pick, #21 overall, as well as picks #66 and #107 to Boston for the 16th pick and took Steve Bernier. His scouting staff let him down making that pick and leaving Zach Parise, Ryan Getzlaf and others on the board.

But his scouting staff made up for that later in the draft.

He acquired Calgary’s 2nd rounder (#47) for a 3rd (#97), a 5th (#143) and a 6th (#173) and selected Matt Carle. Later in the draft, he traded two 6th round picks in 2004 (picks #170 and 191) to Philadelphia for two 7ths in 2003, #205 and #223. He selected Joe Pavelski at #205 and then traded #223 to Florida for a 6th in 2004.

He has made some great trades and like every GM, he’s made some that haven’t worked out, but he has acquired Joe Pavelski, Joe Thornton, Dan Boyle and Brent Burns during his tenure.

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He trusts his scouts and when they recommend he move up at the draft so they can pick a player, he listens and makes it happen. He’s made draft day trades to acquire Pavelski, Logan Couture (moved up to #9 spot and traded #13, #44, #87) and Matt Nieto (#47 for #59 and 3rd in 2012).

Wilson has been the GM for 12 seasons and you’d thing there would be some pressure to get his team past the first two rounds.

The Sharks have two excellent right-shot defenders in Brent Burns and Justin Braun, but Braun was injured last week and his out for six weeks. The Sharks currently sit second in the Pacific division, three points ahead of Vancouver and Calgary, and I won’t be surprised if Wilson looks to make a move to shore up his defence sooner than later.

He has made over 90 trades in the past 12 seasons. He isn’t afraid to pull the trigger and I won’t be surprised if he looks into acquiring Petry.

The Sharks are in a unique situation because they don’t seem as dominant as an previous years, but right now only Anaheim is the only dominant team in the Pacific division. The Sharks could finish second, get home ice and have their easiest first round opponent in years. I don’t believe Wilson has to build a team to get to the Cup, but they have to make the playoffs, and solidifying his blueline will be one of his objectives, especially when the cost to acquire is only picks 


Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.35.08 PM

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Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.35.21 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.35.33 PM

Taylor Hall skated again this morning, but he is a game time decision. If he can’t go the only lineup change will be in goal as Viktor Fasth gets the start.


  • Mitch Moroz scored his first AHL goal yesterday. It took him 35 games to score, but according to Gerry Fleming Moroz has been much more assertive as of late. The AHL is a very good league and it is a big adjustment for most junior players. The Oilers are hoping this goal will give Moroz some confidence and allow him to be more comfortable. The onus will be on him to become more consistent.
  • The Oilers still haven’t recalled a D-man despite Nikita Nikitin’s injury, and with only one more game before Saturday they might not recall anyone this week. Martin Marincin is likely the first call up, but the Oilers aren’t in a rush to bring him back up. They are happy with how he is working on his game in OKC. He is focusing on the areas he needs to improve on, increasing his compete level in key points in the game, and playing with more confidence. He will never be on overall intense player, but they have liked his play during this stint in the AHL.
  • I’m curious what Kent Wilson, Willis and LT think about the Oilers having a 49.2% Corsi For while Calgary is 45.1% on the season? Has Edmonton improved and just getting bad goaltending? Honestly, the Oilers advanced stats suggest they are improving, but I don’t see it. The Flames, meanwhile, seem to be riding an incredible wave of good fortune. Clearly, they believe they can win — mental belief is huge — but I still doubt if they are as good as their place in the standings suggests.
  • The Flames have trailed 25 times heading into the 3rd period, tied for the most in the NHL with Buffalo, Carolina and Edmonton. They are 9-15-1 in those games, while Edmonton and Carolina are 2-21-2 and Buffalo is 1-24. Over the past three seasons the Flames were 9-68-9 when trailing after two periods.

    Through 40 minutes this season, the Flames are one of the worst teams in the NHL, but in the final period they are the best in the league outscoring their opponents 63-32. They’ve scored the most 3rd period goals and allowed the fewest. Can they make the playoffs by dominating one period consistently? We will find out.

  • My biggest concern on the Oilers is how too often they barely register on the “Give-A-S&*T” meter. I saw it again on Saturday in Calgary. Johnny Gaudreau runs into Ben Scrivens twice in Calgary and no one does anything. It’s Gaudreau for gawd sakes! Watch what happens when an Oiler touches the opposition goalie. This has happened for years and until the team becomes a closer knit group they will never win. If you don’t care about your teammates you can’t win. 


From @stace_ofbase from Battle of Cali.

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I did some intense googling to find out more about how to acquire a Canadian boating license. The first thing that I learned is that a Canadian boating license is actually called a PCOC, which is short for Pleasure Craft Operator Card! So basically it’s a peacock because Canada can’t do anything right.

You’d think that you would have to go through some sort of Boating organization to get a license but no, it’s just an online quiz that you can take at 10 different websites and there is no actual physical boating exam.

The test itself costs 50 Canadian dollars (which is roughly 38 US cents) and you can retake it as many times as you need, thank God for Taylor Hall’s sake.

I didn’t want to spend my money on the actual boating exam so I took a 35 question practice quiz to see if I could pass this thing without studying or knowing anything about boats and I passed on the first try! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m smart or because the Canadian schooling system is that poor.

I compiled a short ten question boating exam quiz so you, faithful Battle of California readers, can see if you have what it takes to get your Boaters license in Canada.

If you get 7 out of 10 or above, you are now allowed to operate a boat in Battle of California waters.

If you get a 6 out of 10 or below, you are now banished to play hockey in Edmonton for eternity.



GAME DAY PREDICTION: Even with Hall returning the Oilers struggle vs. the West. They are 2-15-3 vs. the Pacific Division. The struggles continue tonight with a 4-2 loss.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: There will be at least three Katy Perry and her dancing Sharks references during the broadcast tonight.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Mark Fayne scores his first goal in 47 games off a point shot through traffic. It gives the Oilers a brief boost of energy, but not enough to win the game.

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