Dylan Strome is an exciting 2015 draft prospect. 6.03, 187 with exceptional hands and some astounding boxcars, he is expected to be taken near the top of the draft. What does he bring? What are his down arrows? Let’s have a look.


Dylan Strome is the good Strome and the other one is terrific. There’s a lot to be said for bloodlines and Strome’s successful brother probably gives scouts and hockey men some cover in ranking him. If your team is risk averse—and if they’re in the lottery the sure as hell better be—then Dylan Strome is a solid choice after the top two selections. 

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  1. C Connor McDavid, Erie Otters (OHL) 6.075, 195.
  2. C Jack Eichel, Boston U (NCAA) 6.02, 196.
  3. D Noah Hanifin, Boston College (NCAA) 6.02, 205.
  4. C Dylan Strome, Erie Otters (OHL) 6.03, 187.
  5. L Lawson Crouse, Kingston Frontenacs (OHL). 6.04, 211.
  6. D Zach Werenski, Michigan (NCAA). 6.02, 206.
  7. R Mikko Rantanen, TPS Turku (SML). 6.035, 211.
  8. C Pavel Zacha, Sarnia Sting (OHL) 6.03, 210.
  9. L Evgeni Svechnikov, Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (QMJHL). 6.02, 199
  10. R Nikita Korostelev, Sarnia Sting (OHL). 6.125, 195.

If your team is selecting somewhere in the top 15, these names will be familiar to you on draft day and one of them may land in your team’s favorite sweater. Strome is among the tallest and he has a ‘projectable frame’ as the scouts like to say. His brother Ryan is listed by as 6.01, 196 today and was 6.00, 175 on draft day according to Central Scouting.The younger Strome may also put on 20 or so pounds, meaning he’d play somewhere around 210.

Strome’s major appeal is his offense. He currently leads the entire OHL in points, which is somewhat misleading since Connor McDavid has been injured and was away at the World Juniors. Still, it’s quite an accomplishment for a draft eligible to be at the top of the scoring race in the world’s best junior league:

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ohl top scorers

According to the brilliant, Strome ranks No. 2 in estimated points-per-60 (behind McDavid and slightly ahead of Mitch Marner) in what is an epic battle of 17-year olds.


  • Dan Stewart, Future Considerations: “Strome has been progressively more impressive in each of my views this
    season and is someone who really does not yet know how dominant he can
    be in this league. His game will only become more impressive as he
    learns to fully utilize his great size, reach and adds more strength to
    his frame. This kid will breakout eventually and will be almost
    impossible to contain once he does.”
  • Mike Morreale, “Ryan Strome told me that his brother plays with a little more of an
    edge than he did his draft year. Similarly, both Ryan and Dylan have
    that competitive edge and grittiness. Dylan wants the puck and wants to
    score and wants to win. He’s driven and has that competitive edge. I
    think a fair comparison is a Ryan Kesler or a Cory Perry type; a guy
    who’s a strong skater, has agility and that reach that scouts love to
  • Source


  • ISS Scouting Director Dennis MacInnis: “I like Strome: He’s got a lot of offensive upside to his game, good
    size, lots of potential for down the road. The one thing he’s got to work on is his skating
    because it’s not explosive. He’s very dangerous on the power play, but
    he’s got to work on his skating.”

There’s also the concern over with or without you scoring for Strome because McDavid is his teammate. A recent look by Rickithebear (poster on Lowetide) revealed the following:

  • McDavid is around 3.30 PPG when playing with Strome, he is 1.91 PPG without Strome.
  • Strome is 2.65 PPG with McDavid, he is 1.61 PPG without McDavid.

McDavid is zooming Strome, but it’s also vice versa. My take? Connor McDavid is actual Jesus, Strome is a helluva an apostle.

Previously in the series:

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  • bradleypi


    Sounds like a pretty good bet to make on Dday.
    Alan, on your last piece on your blog you mention a worry that Oilers will again take a Dman in our top selection mix of 3 players. You point to past history as a tell. It’s obvious that these past D picks have been miserable as we have a horrible defence and it’s been that way since Pronger left. How have the elite drafting teams of the past decade done it? Do they shy away from defenceman? Seems this is unlikely given that someone has to draft top pairing defensemen in the first round… Surely the D Doughty’s and Duncan Keiths of the world aren’t going in the latter rounds?
    I just wonder if it’s not so much the positional choices they’ve been making as it has been the personnel selections for those positions that have been the problem.

    • Lowetide

      The problem with defensemen is they tend to blossom after the draft (you mention Duncan Keith, he was a second rounder) and do take a little more time to develop. For me, the value of a skill forward is much more attractive if you’re high in the draft.

      Now that’s different than saying Noah Hanifin isn’t a good pick at No. 3. It looks like he has a complete skill set (the only question being offense).

      I think the worry is you’re drafting Jay Bouwmeester and passing on a forward who has more impact. Bouwmeester is a helluva get but the other guy may have more impact.

  • Jordan88

    Strome is obviously good. How good will be be in the NHL however depends on who drafts and develops him. If he’s selected by the oilers he won’t realize his potential until he finds a new team in free agency

  • Lowetide

    If Mac thinks so little of our best defenceman all year, that being Petry……….i’m not inclined to give him my benefit of the doubt.

    Just maybe MacT needs to take a broader view on his acquistions?

    • bradleypi

      Can we just have one comment section where someone doesn’t feel the need to bring up petry and call him the Oilers “best defenseman”? How in the world is this team any worse if petry is gone. Especially after his performance last night. He’s brutal… bug that’s my petry rant for the day. On another unrelated note, I just read an article that says according to Bruce garrioch in Ottawa that the Oilers *could* be interested in evander kane. Jusg hoping one of our fine bloggers would like to maybe take a shot at a blog about that. I’d be quite interested on seeing oilersnations reaction to that news.

        • oilerjed

          NOt that Garrich is a prophet by any means but IF we have no hope of signing Petry I would be okay with trading him for Kane. I cant imagine how Winnipeg is in a good spot here and may not get what they hope for. Petry would be a good pickup for them if they sign him.

          • bradleypi

            I wouldn’t imagine the Jets would need petry at all. They have a pretty good D core that I wouldn’t mess with unless they were to add a top pairing guy. Plus Morrissey coming up. I was thinking maybe a yakupov straight up for kane. I’d make that trade in a heartbeat after last night’s debacle. Of course I’d wait until the summer to do this trade.

          • crabman

            LIsten I’m more concerned about losing our BEST defenceman . The fact that a little birdie told Bruce Garroich that Petry might be in talks for Kane do not square.

            I for one do not want any distractions on the team, now or in the future. EK needs to grow up and is best suited on a veteran team where real adults can keep him in check.

            We need defenceman……….stay focued.

          • It boggles the mind that people want a Pre Madonna Left winger that scores at a 0.6 ppg pace and gets paid 5.25 million. He is the last thing this team needs.

            Makes you realIze how Lowe’s been able to keep his job

          • oilerjed

            Totally agree with you there, the goal should be to keep Petry and then keep adding to the defense.

            My point is that I would much rahter to have a player like Kane in exchange rather then a 2/3rd round draft pick when they realize they can’t keep him.
            Getting booted off a team may open his eyes just as he is about to enter some prime years of playing hockey.

            Is he a primadonna? he is surely a pain in the a$$ but he is also young and will definitely mature. Roenick was on Vancouver sports radio the other day saying how he didn’t figure this out until he was thirty, regretted the fact he may have score 100 or more goals, hopefully E Kane is quicker on the uptake.

          • bradleypi

            Where are you guys reading this petry for kane stuff? I haven’t seen it anywhere. Have you guys ever watched a jets game? Petry does not fit anywhere on their blue line that I can see. They play a physical game,why would they want the softest dman in the league?

  • GXL

    Dylan Strome was able to put up good numbers when McDavid was injured in the fall, so I think he has the ability to produce without McDavid. The Otters have a good team though. Just by the limited games that I have seen of him, he resembles a Ryan Johansen when he was in Portland. So there’s something there, he’s just not in the same McDavid/ Eichel class.

    On another note, he would work just perfectly behind a experienced Nugent-Hopkins. I almost gagged when I heard Hrudy’s comment about the over value of Nugent-Hopkins on HNIC…”He’s putting up 31pts, there’s 150 other players putting those numbers up….”. I don’t think Hrudy is looking much more pass the pts. RNH is 21 years old, anchor a team in the NHL playing against NHL top lines day in day out and learning from it. Yes he still makes mistakes but you can see the growth from his first year 3 years ago.

    Hrudy is a dufuss.


  • D

    Here we go again… Very tired of talking about who the oilers might or should get at the draft. Trade down and get E. Kane and a first round pick. Something along those lines. Get help now and something for the future.

  • cmandev77

    I have said since the start of this season that if both McDavid and Eichel aren’t available then Dylan Strome would be the BPA.
    I love how quick he finishes, he’s got exceptional hands..reminds me alot if Corey Perry. And he brings some grit to his game..I think he’ll be an absolute force on around the net in a few years.

    I watched most of the Otters games while McDavid was gone and Strome looked like the natural leader on the team, a star.

    I wouldnt compare Strome to Gagner at all..totally different players and Strome’s PPG never dipped while McDavid was out.

    I know Strome is a Center but at the NHL level I think he and Draisaitl would make a great 2nd line (with Yak) in a few yrs..Strome has a shot first mentality..Draisaitl has a good shot but always thinks pass first. That line would dominate down low.

    McDavids and Strome’s PPG being higher playing together I think had more to do with it being on the
    Powerplay..musleading Stat.

    • Lowetide

      Yes, agreed. Gagner had speed AND size issues, Strome should be an NHL player at about 6.04, 210. That’s a solid frame. He may not go to the Oilers but I think he’ll be a very good NHL player based on the boxcars and scouting reports.

  • bradleypi

    We were all pretty happy with Leon and will be going forward , if we fall if you want to put it that way, to where Eichel is gone , Strome will be that much more ahead than Leon was / is , and i think Leon will be a solid solid NHL Player. Dylan ? is we pick 3rd , he has to be the guy.

    Lets go Sabres !! Hallsy , Sorry , luv ya , but i hope you are out for the season, or most of it..Just saying… Don need you to catch fire and ruin things , its for the best Taylor , trust me. I am not MacT.

    • bwar

      Speak for yourself. While I do see some good in Leon I am super concerned about his foot speed and overall skating / effort. His 2 goals in 39 games didn’t help build my confidence in him as well. What also worries me is Oiler management had made up their mind on Leon in January due mainly go his position and size. They were set in picking a big centre and I think they may have passed on the better player in Bennett. Central scouting had Bennet number one overall. It’s too early to tell for sure but given the Oilers history of effing things up, my money is on Bennett turning into the better player.

  • crabman

    LT: The sedins were that same better with/without. You had to draft them together.

    Mcdavid and Strome both got a 40% bump together.
    Jesus will still be that good without the apostles.
    He is not!

    As i just posted on your site.

    Mcdavid without Strome 1.91 (.58) Age based NHLE translation 91pt NHL player @22

    Strome without Mcdavid 1.61(.62) Age based NHLE translation 84pt Player @22

    We know OHL is a 30% NHL calibre league. NCAA is 45% NHL calibre league. You multiply Eichels 1.72 PPG by 1.5 to get his OHL level production.

    1.72 X 1.5 = 2.58 PPG

    Eichels regular teammates

    Rodrigues jumped from .7 PPG to 1.54 a 120% bump

    O’reagan jumped .63 to 1.22a 95% bump

    2.58 CHL PPG .52 Age based Translation 110 points.

    He had 1.87 PPG in USHL is 92.5% of CHL translates to 109pt

    I could look at his pre draft year. But Strome is visible on a lot of his points.

  • MonsterPod

    E. Kane is an intense young man who wants to win.

    See Dustin Fatenoughagain show up to camp. as stub of Lard.
    has the 2nd worst evga for dmen in the league from 11-12 to 13-14.

    Fatenoughagain has no concern about putting the effort in needed to win. You wonder why that Hall ike Intensity does not go well with a lazy Fatenoughagain.

    then Fat enough again has all kinds of intensity to not wearing a suit.

    The kid plays hurt all year. The media goes after him. questions his Character.

    This is all you need to know about Character.

    • Burnward

      Fatenoughagain is a beast and plays for the team..ur right..he is just fat enough to be an absolute train..nobody can stop him once he gets going..
      Kane plays with a ton of heart..lots of passion, problem is he wants out of Winnipeg..its obvious and has hinted at it more than once..
      Winnipeg would be wise to move him now before he brings even more drama to this city. Small town cant handle big personalities.

  • Burnward

    My other worry with Strome is not just that Jesus is inflating his numbers, but that when he’s not playing with Connor, he’s playing on a second line who is not playing against the best players or Dmen available. They’re busy trying to stop Mcdavid and Strome plays far easier minutes. He’s obviously a world class talent but I’d say there is a large drop off between Mceichel and Strome. The top D man has to be seriously looked at (hanafin), but I’d probably still take Strome at three.

    • toprightcorner

      I get what your saying but also consider that Strome is playing with a much lower quality linemates on the second line so that probably evens it out.

      You will also notice that McDavid’s PPG take a bigger jump playing with Strome (1.39) than Stromes do playing with McDavid (1.04).

      Stromes PPG actually increased when McDavid was injured and playing the toughest competition so I don’t think there is a worry of his stats being padded and will be a quality NHL player in a couple years.

  • Lowetide

    I have to agree with most here who say after McDavid and Eichle, Strome should be the choice. That gives the Oilers Nuge, Drai, Strome, Lander, and Yakimov. Yes, there is still some development time that needs to take place, but that’s pretty impressive pedigree down the middle. It essentially sets up a pipeline of centres for the Oilers to bring up for the next 6 years. That should allow Mac T to focus on bringing in the other needed pieces, rather than being worries about rebuilding the core.

    In any other draft year, the OHL point leading centre with size would be heavily favored for first overall. I also worry about defencemen taken high in the draft. Even Ekblad who is actually contributing to his team’s success in the very first year of the NHL, will still need some time to become dominant. And is benefiting from playing on a blue line packed with vets.

    Hedman took about 5 years to turn into the guy he is today. And Jones gets to play behind one of the best in the league, otherwise I don’t think he would be very effective right off the bat. So until Edmonton can lock down a vet top line guy, they should refrain from taking D high up in the draft. Not to mention the currently have Klefbom and Nure and Schultz all needing to develop in important roles on the team.

  • Burnward

    How can the oilers possibly use the pick if its not McDavid? At what point do they stop adding and rushing in 18 year olds?? They need to concern themselves with the ones they already have and put an end to the culture of losing before they completely destroy the kids they already have.

    Use the pick to get an NHL player! No more 18 year olds needed!!

  • crabman

    Trade the first 3 picks, 2 in first and 2nd round pick for NHL players. Tired of 18 to 21 year olds on the team.

    Also hire an experienced coach even though I like Nelson.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    So much bullship and hype surrounding these kids. You may also want to mention the 92% chance this kid will never play more than 200 NHL games his entire career. It’s difficult to see any hope from the league graveyard here in Edmonton. Pardon me for not buying into this hype BS. Some of us could be dead before this kid is finally ready.

  • Burnward

    Mcdavid; Eichel; Strome and Marner are likely to be 1PPG players.

    Players ranked at 30th in draft are likely to have the kind of production you see from top 7 forwards in other drafts.

    This is the draft you want as many picks in the top 35 as possible.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    One scout praises his skating while another one suggests it is an area in need of growth. If we are picking 3rd or later and can’t use the cap and our pick to make a deal for Seabrook or Girardi (or a player with that type of impact) then I hope we draft Hanifin. Eventually we need to develop some top four puck moving defensemen or the playoffs will stay on our bucket list. We don’t have the goaltending to make a quick jump in the standings like Colorado did last year. A complete turn-around is not likely so let’s grab players who can develop into players that are effective in both ends of the rink. I see Hanifin as a potential Roman Josi. He looked pretty good as a 17 year old on a good US World Junior team. If a quick fix was easy, every franchise would do it. Draft the talent when it is available, the Oilers aren’t leaving town any time soon and our current core are locked up for a few more years.

  • Here’s an idea… How about everyone who’s reading this right now take a deep breath, try to remember a time in your childhood when you enjoyed hockey!! Think of your favorite hockey memory, and go follow a new team so you can enjoy hockey again!

  • rnj

    Who really cares at this point? McDavid, Eichel and Hannifin couldn’t help this team(I’m saying if we could draft all 3)… Hard to believe people still care about this team of losers. Self entitled POS’s…and they’re sending out questionnaires about interest in buying overpriced tickets???? EFFFFFF OFF!! How long can you “fans” keep crawling up onto your hands and knees after being kicked while you’re down only to get another size 16 cowboy boot to the chops? Another 10 years?

  • rnj

    How Oiler fans want Strome over Hannifin blows my mind Oilers can score with the best of them. The biggest problem with this team is their Horrendous d. Hannifin would be their best option at 3. Second line center are a dime a dozen. Top pairing d aren’t.

  • cmandev77

    I would love to see McDavid, Eichel or Strome in an Oiler uniform. All three look fantastic. If Dylan is better then Ryan he will be one hell of an NHL player. Strome played really well without McDavid so I imagine he will be fine in the NHL with the talent Edmonton has. (Yes we do have a ton of talent.)

  • RedMan

    I realize that the NHL will not start to use the relegation strategy that soccer uses to put teams like the oilers into leagues in which they can actually compete, no matter how many years they demonstrate the value of relegation,


    What about the Nations Network using the RELEGATION system to balance out the power?

    The OILERS NATION is so depressing… where can it be relegated to?