GDB 54:0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Devils

We won? We won! Final Score: 2-1 Oilers.

After Saturday night’s game, I came into tonight with below ground level expectations.  Not only have the Oilers played like hot garbage over the last two games, they’re still missing Taylor Hall and Benoit Pouliot.  Looking at the roster in this morning’s GDB, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t really have much faith in a team that ices Luke Gazdic on the “third line.”  No offence to Luke, but the third line is supposed to be above his pay grade, and once again the Oilers lack of depth continues to pose a problem.  Actually, if you were to look at the starting roster you could probably argue that the Oilers had three third lines tonight.

Despite the depleted lineup (Taylor Hall and Benoit Pouliot were both out), the Oilers were still able to pull out a win.  The guys who were expected to step up did exactly that (Teddy Purcell notwithstanding).  Jordan Eberle stepped up with two assists, Nail Yakupov scored the winner, and the Oilers roll out of Jersey with two (arguably unexpected) points.  After the start the Oilers had, I’m not sure how many people would have predicted that win.  When the Devils scored on their second shot of the game I sat back thinking, “here we go again.” I was happy to be wrong, tonight.  I couldn’t watch another loss like we saw against Toronto. 

As for the Devils, 33 people saw them lose tonight and they can probably leave through the front door without being noticed.  I’m not sure what was going on in Jersey tonight, but apparently everyone was invited.  I Googled Bruce Springsteen tour dates, but he’s not touring right now so I’m not sure where everyone was.  It’s just our luck, ya know?  The Oilers finally played well defensively, won a game on the road, and there was no one in the building to get angry about it.  

We wrap.



  • I like knowing that Oilers games are going to end early.  It leaves ample time to get over the Oilers related rage, and do absolutely anything else with your time. 
  • Nail Yakupov scored his 6th goal of the season on a hell of a shot on the power play.  I can only hope that the Oilers don’t give up on this kid.  Has he performed like a first overall pick generally would? Of course not, but he has looked way better in the second half of this season.  Not to mention, the kid is only 21 years old and has yet to play 200 games in the NHL.  Let’s take a breath before calling him a bust just yet.  He has one less goal than Alex Galchenyuk – the difference in points comes from assists.  To borrow (read: steal) from Steve Dangle, I wonder who plays on the better team. 
  • I liked seeing Oscar Klefbom score again.  He’s been playing quite well since his recall, and is a big part of the Oilers future regardless of how dim or bright that may be. 
  • After letting in the first Jersey goal on their second shot, Ben Scrivens made all the saves he was supposed to make.  It was a nice game overall, for Scrivens, especially since Viktor Fasth has been getting the bulk of the starts lately.  Scrivens finished with 13 saves and a .929 save%.



  • Another terrible start for the Oilers tonight.  Let me know how many of you are surprised.  They were able to bounce back, but falling by a goal after the first few minutes is never a good idea.
  • At least there were only 75 people in the stands to see the Devils lose.
  • Nail Yakupov left the game in the first period after colliding with Steve Bernier.  Just in case you thought that his year couldn’t get any worse.  He did come back with what looked like a few stitches in his face.
  • How many 3rd lines did the Oilers have tonight? I couldn’t keep track.
    I feel bad for the people with real jobs that couldn’t make it home for a 5pm MST start. 
  • The Devils made the Stanley Cup finals in 2012 and their arena was only half full tonight.  The Oilers have been sucking since Sexy Back and they’re jacking up ticket prices again.  Unbelievable.



Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.46.16 PM


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As I told you on Saturday, I’m going to be announcing another contest this week and it’s going to be a photoshop contest.  Get your popcorn ready.

  • llong33

    In the wise words of childish gambino “And now that it’s over, I will never sober, I couldn’t believe but now I’m so high.” This is how i’m feeling about this game and Yak shooting tonight. PLAN THE PARADE.

  • TheBirdOfAnger

    I’m getting my first tattoo tomorrow-a BRING BACK DALLAS EAKINS tattoo on my right ass cheek!!! I may also get an Oil coloured 33 on my left ass cheek in honour of my all time favourite- BIG STEVE MACINTYRE!!!

  • R U Kidding Me!

    I am dumbfounded by MSM not focusing in on MacT’s interview with Stauffer. He (and his managment team) has such a disconnect with reality that he really and truly believes that they only need 1-2 roster spots filled to make a competitive team. My questions is WTF are they watching?

    PS: Thank Katz for bumping up parking to 16 dollars and hoping to increase ticket prices. Good luck with that as I will not spend another nickel or minute of my time on this misdirected team.

    • R U Kidding Me!

      I honestly don’t know if MacT is just spouting b.s. or if he truly thinks the team is mostly set for next season. Maybe he thinks he has a job for life no matter how this team performs, so it doesn’t really matter to him either way.

    • Serious Gord

      I’m upset that they aren’t too. There seems to be a lot of resignation set in in the msm and the fans that the management isn’t going to change and thus what’s the point of getting outraged at the jawdropping idiotic comments by mact.

      Next year is looking to be almost a repeat of this seasons disaster – mact essentially has said to book it (and telegraphed his plans to all of the other GMs) with his plans for the roster.

      • bradleypi

        They aren’t making a big deal about it because the only place it is a big deal is here on oilersnation. Where everybody hates Mact and feels the need to tear apart everything he says. He answered every question without selling his current players or former employees down the river. What exactly do you want him to say? If you clowns don’t see the potential in this team, then you need to start watching a little closer. It’s like you guys expect them to compete for the Stanley Cup next year. I agree with Mact that 2 or 3 moves and a healthy Taylor hall and this team is right in the mix for a playoff spot. But you guys don’t agree? Please feel free and enlighten us all on who you would get rid of and who you would bring in for next year to get this team to the finals. Just remember that we aren’t playing Ea sports nhl15.

      • bradleypi

        Do be fair that is a standard ELC for a number 1 pick. You can’t hold his contract against him. Not Yaks fault.

        And really if your equating money and performance there are a lot of other players underperforming their contracts on this team and many others. Kessel? Semin? Just saying.

        As far as his performance goes. Yes he has been better. So has Jordan Eberle. Justin Shultz. Is there a reason/s that we can name. Probably. Several.

        It far easier to point out someone,s faults than pointing out their strengths. Its easier to knock them down than pick them up.

        We all know this team has issues that need to be addressed. Its not going to happen overnight. The development of players is never a straight line. There will be setbacks. There will be faliures.
        We as fans need to focus on giving Nelson and the team as much patience and support in terms of positive criticism. Just saying this guy sucks or that guy sucks is beneath the intelligence of the hockey fan in this city and on this site.

        Serious Gord is very passionate about the team. At times he rubs me the wrong way. But his opinions at time’s are based on history and a rationale that takes past performance into account. Its frustrating at times because I live in the now. Not 2006 or 2010. Yet I see his point that we have to learn from our past mistakes.
        Just saying that we all are disappointed on how this season has went.But there are positives coming from this season too. Not many. But a few.

      • pkam

        Do you know how ELC works? Yak’s basic salary is less than 1M, 925K if I remember correctly. And he won’t get too much performance bonus which amounts to the majority of that 3.775M. I doubt any 1st overall pick even Crosby can earn all the performance bonus.

    • Serious Gord

      Wife: 2-1? Did the Oilers wine because they played well defensively?
      Me: I dunno? I’m not sure what that looks like.

      That should be “win”. Freudian slip?

  • Anton CP

    Devils 2012 cup run a few years ago were complete fluke, it was about the same as Oilers 2006 cup run. Their majority players that helped them for the run are no longer with them, they have only be in playoffs once in the past 4 seasons and also will be missing it this year also. They will likely suffer the same way as Oilers are, Kings are lucky enough to get 2 cups in the past 4 seasons but if they start missing playoffs that they will collapse the same way. Welcome to the cap era.

  • Slapshot

    I received my Rogers place survey via email today,
    It showed pricing for the upper bowl,lower bowl and the toilet bowl,I wonder if Kevin Lowe had some input in this?

  • camdog

    Just shows what can be done when the bedroom slippers are left behind at the hotel and the skates are brought to the arena. Well done guys, EVERY game like this PLEASE.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Honestly if you watched more than 3 minutes of this utter snore-fest you deserve to get at least 10% off your nineteen million dollar season’s tickets at the Katz Palace.

    I hope they kept the puck and sent it to the Hall of Fame. Two ‘professional’ ‘hockey’ teams beat a puck square.

  • camdog

    Some post game thoughts ….

    Well Mr. Katz ..Only 38 commemts (no offence BM – nice touch with with “bright” side) after a 2-1 score and a 5pm start ….that sound you here is crickets in that bright shiney new rink of yours.

    What’s next for the Oilers Management to try and put some L’s on the board … Reacquiring Acton off the waiver wire and making him your #2 centre?

    Nice goal Yaks and great post on reduce velocity, increase accuracy and become a 30G guy. I wonder if Yaks feels the game is “slowing” down for him and he can make reads and plays?

    Eberle was everywhere tonight …. So when is Teddy Purcell going to wake up and play with some with passion?

  • camdog

    The flames now have exactly twice as many wins as the oilers. Lol

    Remember when edmonton media and bloggers were guaranteeing the oilers would finish ahead of the flames?

  • MattyFranchise

    That was a beauty pass from near the front of the net by eberle on klefbom’s goal. Frankly I’m amazed that ebs knows where the front of the net is. He must have ended up there by accident.

  • Doctor Smashy

    I know this is a hockey site and I know that I usually enjoy these wrap-ups and the pictures to illustrate wins and fails…this one however seems like it is rooted in body shaming. Poor picture choice in my view.

    • MattyFranchise

      It’s how you see it. I like the face palmer more because clearly the girl likes orcs which means there is an outside chance that she is on my world of warcraft raid team and frankly that is pretty damn sweet if you ask me.

      • Doctor Smashy

        I think we both know it wasn’t tusks and green body paint that led to the selection of this picture…since I doubt that if the first girl had them it would have been a ‘fail’. But if I’m wrong then I apologize.

        • Doctor Smashy

          I understand your point, but it’s not like the second pic is of an overweight girl at the pool.

          It’s pretty obvious that lady is trying for a shock effect with her appearance. It sure doesn’t look like her attempt was to be sexy.

          Or maybe that was her attempt? What do I know beyond my cringing at the sight of her. Oh well.