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At some point we’re going to need to have the conversation. How does it go? Well, it starts with one of us mentioning Taylor Hall’s latest injury and then a frank discussion about how much we’re going to be able to count on him in the future. It is, ladies and men, a big damn deal.


Hey, I understand completely. This isn’t a fun conversation, in fact it’s brutal. Maybe it helps to review the facts of the situation, beginning with Taylor Hall’s injury history:

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  1. March 5, 2011—suffers ankle injury and misses the remainder of the season.
  2. November 2011—left shoulder injury, misses 7 games.
  3. January 2012—head injury, misses two games.
  4. March 18, 2012—concussion, misses the remainder of the season.
  5. March 2013—hamstring injury, misses one game.
  6. November 2013—left knee injury, misses 7 games.
  7. November 3, 2014—sprained mcl (right knee), misses 6 games.
  8. January 27, 2015—takes puck off leg in practice, ankle injury.
  9. February 8, 2015—Flies home to have another look at that ankle.
  10. February 10, 2015—Gone for several weeks, ankle.

That’s a whole lotta crappy for one athlete and Taylor Hall’s style (reckless abandon) doesn’t lend itself to good health. Folks, I’ve seen this from Orr to Wendel Clark and back again and when a player starts losing 30 games a season to injury it’s an issue. After awhile, we subconsciously pencil in ‘Hall, 50 games’ and pretty soon it’s accepted.

We are NOT there yet. It is a concern.


hall career player card

Hall is not playing at previous levels and this is a big item. He’s entering the period where the boxcar numbers (goals, assists, points) should spike through age 25 or 26. Going DOWN at this age? Major issue. Hall’s shooting percentage is part of the issue but not the entire gap. Those 5×5/60 numbers in 2012 and 2013 are stunning, just wonderful. This is a terrific talent, when healthy.

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Early this year, Hall was flying. Then came the November knee injury and the before/after numbers are sobering:

  • Boxcars before injury: 11gp, 6-4-10 (.909)
  • Boxcars after injury: 31gp, 5-15-20 (.645)
  • Shooting Percentage before injury: 16.67 (6 goals on 36 shots)
  • Shooting Percentage after injury:  5.5 (5 goals on 91 shots)

Dire. It’s clear the injury had an impact but it’s important to remember this has happened before with Hall. As we sit here today, the Oilers have played 349 games since Hall was drafted, with No. 4 playing in 288 of them. That’s 82%, or 68 games per 82 games.

I’m officially concerned.

  • Positive Ray of Sunshine

    This comments section is shameful. Hall is the best player on the team. Period. Giving up on him after a bad, injury riddled season would be incredibly stupid. That said, management will probably trade him to the Coyotes for draft picks because Howson saw some big dumb coke machine play a game in a BC beer league and liked the cut of his jib.

  • Hemmercules

    At this point I almost wouldn’t be opposed to a Hall trade. I can’t believe I just said that but judging by Macts moves and comments (Trading Perron, not sining Petry, declaring little to no roster changes are happening this offseason) I have to think the plan is to continue building through the draft and rushing kids to the NHL. Next year is almost all but been written off already so might as well stock up those draft picks. Hall gets you the best return out of anyone on the team, if the return is a starting calibre dman or goalie plus a pick or two it almost needs to be done. I can’t even fathom how delusional you have to be to think starting next season with the current roster is a good idea unless the plan is tank and draft like it appears to be.

  • HockeyYoda

    On a completely unrelated subject.
    For any of you tank fans out there, Murray has laid down the hammer by trading Enroth for Linback. It will be a minor miracle if the Sabres win a game with Lindback in net.
    What’s trending now is #yourmoveMcTavish

  • reidgm

    Taylor Hall is a very good winger. However he will continue to get injured because of the style of play that he has. I go to about 15 games a year and my impression is that while he puts up points, he doesn’t put up points late in games. When the Oilers are looking for that go ahead or tying goal late in a game (

  • Doctor Smashy

    This entire thread (starting with the article) is absolutely bizarre. Taylor Hall peaked 2 years ago? Trade him? Wow…has the scoring of any other oilers dipped this year? There are many ways of putting data into context and you have done literally none of those LT. I would be interested in seeing, for example, what is the average games played per season of all the players in the league during their first 10 season (I doubt that average is 82…or even 75). Maybe just on the Oilers? Maybe compare Halls points per game this year as a function of his career average against the same data for the rest of the Oilers? Knee injuries and concussions can be perhaps be attributed to reckless play but bone bruises from shots? Getting your face stepped on? Give me a break…

  • Spoils

    Hall (and pick/prospects if necessary) for a real #1D that will be peaking in 2017.

    Nashville wants to make a run with Shea Weber now. Could we get them to part with Jones?

    I love Hall, but the fact he is injury prone and you have to factor that into the equation.

    And we have a major pick coming this year, and the weight of our talent is young and needs time…

    etc. etc.

  • Spiel

    When will the Edmonton media and Oiler bloggers be ready to have the really tough conversation about the 2010 NHL draft and Taylor Hall?

    2010 NHL draftees production this year with cap hit:

    Seguin (5.75M) – GP53 29G 30A

    Johansen (4.0M) – GP52 20G 30A

    Tarasenko (1.75M) – GP54 28G 25A

    Schwartz (2.35M) – GP47 19G 24A

    Bjugstad (0.9M) – GP54 18G 15A

    Hall (6.0M) – GP42 11G 19A

    Would you still take Hall over Seguin and Johansen from this point forward? Not sure I would. Neither Seguin or Johansen have the injury history of Hall and both play center and both have been key players on teams that have qualified for the playoffs.

    There is an argument to be made for Tarasenko over Hall as well.

    • BubbaZanetti

      Thank you for this! I did not know Tersenko is on the same draft group. I would say all the # one picks oilers drafted are absolutely wrong choices. I would it take Segan, Landeskog, and Murry with my eyes closed. This organization is not a question of when they will make the playoffs? It is a question of can they make it in mylife time? How can you hire a GM that could not find NHL job else where? And he hired some one who has been over looked (eikans) via Vancover! To add to this, they traded all the their grown talent to other teams: Gagne, Dobie, soon to add Pettry. They are laughable to say the least…

  • paul wodehouse

    …LT have you ever heard anyone say that Count Bettman will ” make sure ” Arizona gets McDavid? Damian Cox said in a piece not so long ago that McDavid would end up there…

    That franchise IS after all been Bettmans’ pet project for “saving” since Gretz was a bad coach there…jus sayin’

  • Joy S. Lee

    By the way… those 3 players in our trade mill rumor were selected in the top 4 overall. If Seguin or Johansen ends up having a better career, it’s hardly a knock against Hall.

    One last thing to contribute a little more irony to the situation. So many are saying the Oilers should have chosen Ryan Murray instead of Yakupov. By the criteria based on this knock against Hall, how’s Ryan Murray’s status as injury-prone? Does that mean he’s a bad pick, now? Is his value lowered, because if so, I think we should trade for him. I mean, even if we compare Taylor Hall to Ryan Murray… what are the numbers for injury time for those two, and how come Ryan Murray isn’t classified as “injury prone” yet? I’ll tell you why… he’s in Columbus, not Edmonton, and he hasn’t been in the NHL long enough to put that asterisk next to his name. Same consideration should be given to Hall. Writing this article was in bad judgment, so far as I’m concerned.

  • Ready to Win

    It is interesting that the Oilers drafted first overall three years in a row and a convincing case could be made that they did not come away with the best player in any of the drafts.

      • Spiel

        For RNH, I don’t think there are any facts to support that other picks are definitely better.

        However in the case of the 2012 draft and Nail Yakupov, I think it is becoming quite clear that other players have developed in to better pros.

        Jacob Trouba looks like a stud d-man who a defense can be built around.
        Lindholm is a top pair d-man on the best team in the league.
        Galchenyuk has outscored Yakupov this year and in his career.
        Filip Forsberg is the leading scorer on one of the best teams in hockey.

        What is there to indicate Yakupov is better than any of those 4 players? If the Oilers offered Yakupov for any of those players, the Oilers would be laughed out of the room.

  • BubbaZanetti

    I donno his Oct numbers are moot- how bad really was the knee injury- he was averaging north of 20 mins a game when he returned in mid-Nov.

    Five goals since Halloween? I mean he is playing with 2 very good players. To blame the whole team for one’s lack of production is silly, especially in hockey. No excuses anymore he may have more value to us in being traded…

    The frustration again goes back to the management putting together a dysfunction group of players year in and year out with no plan.

    Just hire some smart hockey folks that are proven winners- they are out there and Katz has the $ to make it happen.

  • Anton CP

    Injuries will happen considering how physical the game of hockey is. I mean, Crosby missed entire year at one point if anyone still keep tracking. To build a good team is also know to expect injuries, not a single player should be the factor of how the team perform.

    Also, for those who likes to use the past players to measure how players should tough it out. Here’s something for you: hockey players average career length was about 4.5 years from 20 years ago, 2nd shortest only behind NFL (2.5). Lots of players that no one remembered because they could be good but gone due to injuries, only a handful that are just a freak of nature can last. Teams need to know how to handle players’ well being without forcing them to sacrifice for the team out of personal ego. Anyone remembered Souray?

  • Spiel

    I’m not a Hall-hater but the team is playing not too bad without him. His durability or the lack thereof may ultimately undermine his overall value. We’ll see…

    It seems the team play and chemistry have been on the up-tick. Is that because Hall is a dark cloud in the room. I don’t know but it makes you wonder.