GDB 57.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Senators

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There’s nothing more romantic than an Oilers game, am I right? Final Score: 7-2 Senators. 

The only good thing about an afternoon game is that it gives you an excuse to start drinking beer at breakfast.  I like to watch football in the morning.  I like my hockey games to be a little bit later, but today was Hockey Day in Canada so I guess the hockey gods were giving the Oilers another opportunity to embarrass themselves on national TV.  Oh how the Oilers love to come through for the hockey gods. 

I don’t know if it was because of the early start or what, but this game turned into some pond hockey in the second period.  After finishing the first period in a 1-1 tie the doors got blown open with five goals in the second period.  Put it this way: defence looked optional out there but dammit if it wasn’t entertaining.  Well… it would have been better if the Senators hadn’t been able to beat Fasth twice in 58 seconds.  I guess defensive breakdowns and “he probably should have stopped thats” are never a good mix.

On the bright side, the Oilers are the Wayne Gretzky of getting blown out on national television.  I wish I knew how many times the Oilers have played on Hockey Night (Day in this case) in Canada and have absolutely been embarrassed.  This didn’t look like the same team that beat Montreal on Thursday night.  This team looked more like the Oilers we’ve all been used to for the past few (nine) years.  They couldn’t put a pass together, they couldn’t finish on their chances, and every turnover seemed to end up in their net. The Oilers gave up their chance at winning this hockey game with the second period gong show that they couldn’t recover from. 

Even though the Oilers played better in the third period, the damage was done.  It’s been a while since the Oilers have let one period dictate the outcome of a hockey game, but that’s what happened today.  Not surprisingly, giving the Senators four goals in the second period was an awful idea and they couldn’t recover.

We wrap.



  • Benoit Pouliot was back in the lineup after missing the last week with a foot injury. 
  • Derek Roy scored a great goal in his hometown in front of his parents.  Roy came down the right wing on a 2 on 1 with Justin Schultz. Roy looked off the defended and buried the puck upstairs.
  • Nail Yakupov made a nice little chip play on the Derek Roy goal and extended his point streak to four games.  To me, he looks like he’s starting to play with the same joy as he did when Ralph Kreuger was around.  It’s good to see.
  • Mark Fayne scored his second goal of the season on a nice little play from Jeff Petry.  Why the Oilers don’t plan on keeping Petry is ridiculous. From what’s out there, it doesn’t even seem like they’ve offered him a contract.
  • The #Tank2015 lives for another day. SAVE US MCJESUS!
  • Great tilt between Luke Gazdic and Chris Neil! Be sure to vote on the fight at



  • It’s amazing how many times one team gets a chance but can’t cash, and the other team takes the puck back the other way and scores. That’s what happened when Teddy Purcell couldn’t close on a shorthanded breakaway in the first period. Bad luck, or creepy hockey god intervention?
  • After having a solid first period, the wheels fell off for Viktor Fasth in the second.  The Senators scored two goals in 58 seconds, and that was it for Fasth.  Richard Bachman made his first appearance of the season and finished with 23 save and an .857 save%. Fasth finished with 12 saves and an .800 save%.
  • The Alex Chiasson goal was the kind of goal that seems to always go in on the Oilers.  The puck bounced in off a broken stick, and into an empty net.  If there is luck in hockey, the Oilers have none of it.
  • The second period buried the Oilers.  I guess opening the game up for some shinny doesn’t always work.
  • This game was 50 shades of awful.
  • Valentine’s Day: When we all have to pay for our own wives and girlfriends to… nevermind. 



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What are the auction items?  They’ve got a signed Connor McDavid team Canada jersey, a Ryan Smyth autographed farewell canvas, and a lot more.  The point is, they scraped together some really cool stuff to auction off, they’ll also have trivia and prizes, but more importantly an opportunity to do something positive in the community.

If you don’t have plans set for February 21st, you do now.  Shout out to our friends at the Oilers Rig for raising money for such a great cause. If you’re looking for more details on the event, the article explaining everything you need to know is here.  You can also hit up any of the writers at the Oilers Rig for details, and I’m sure they’d be happy to help.

  • Zarny

    IF ONLY – the sad, sad story of the Oilers since 2006/7

    If only Pronger hadn’t left the Oilers or slammed the whole city

    If only Lowe hadn’t traded Smytty

    If only MacT had stayed as HC

    If only Lowe hadn’t hired Tambellini

    If only Tambellini hadn’t hired Khabiboulin and every other lame duck he could lay his hands on

    If only we had rid the team of Chabot sooner and let Duby develop properly

    If only MacT had never hired Eakins

    If only Nelson had been hired 2 seasons ago

    If only we could have a decent goalie, denfensemen who defend and forwards who attack, game in game out

    If only we fans could not be excited about a “generational” player when we know full well that just about every other player picked high in the years we picked high, is playing better hockey and that another “top” pick will probably not be NHL ready for years

    If only I weren’t an Oilers fan, life would not be so stressful….. if only.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    What a mess of Jultzing and Ferencing. Ference spinning in circles, screening his goalie 3 feet from the net. Jultz just wandering with his one handed, half hearted “style” and avoiding body contact with opponents and eye contact with teammates at all cost.

    The Oilers are so puck focused, it’s crazy. That’s the Eakins Oilers that they haven’t exorcised completely yet, I guess.

    I am actually hoping they were this bad because they went out and got smashed last night on the town. A shameful performance we are seeing less and less, but still seeing.

  • WTF2

    Well it doesn’t look like Schultz will be in the running for a Norris trophy this year. We can however look forward to Schultz and K-boom as the first pairing defensemen next season.

    MacT is such a loser and poor judge of talent. If he doesn’t have the balls to quit the least he could do is stop over-hyping player potential.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    If macT thinks this defence and goaltending is good enough for next season expect more games like this and expect me to continue to care less and less.

  • Serious Gord

    You know though, tonight was a Jekyll but the two precious performances were Hydes. If we could continue this performance pattern next season we would be in the playoffs! Hyde-Hyde-Jekyll (sat night)- Hyde-Hyde-Jekyll (sat night) ect….

  • GVBlackhawk

    Oh whaddya know… KLowe up in the press box watching with our GM. Wasn’t Bob Nicholson supposedly in charge of all things hockey now. Or was that just a pathetic rumour purported by the club and regurgitated by mainstream media? And sadly yes even some ON writers actually had the nerve to say Kevin no longer has anything to do with it.
    I SAYS PARDON???????? When can someone quit running around the rosebush and come out and unequivocally state that Lowe is a terrible POHO. Instead all we here about is how he’ll be tasked with helping put together the next Team Canada.

    • bazmagoo

      Lowe will be saddled with an ominous record after next season – 10 years straight out of the playoffs. Tying the NHL record. Not a very Gretzkyesque record for the Boy on the Bus. Playoffs 3 out of 16 years.

      He can pretend all he wants, that’s going to be his record.

    • Congo Powerarm

      This is something not spoken about but it’s becoming true. The win percentage was increasing year on year with Tambellini, under Mact it’s decreasing year on year. On records alone Tambellini was the better GM.

  • bazmagoo

    Bylsma, MacLean, MacLellan, Hitchcock, Babcock and Tippett would all be better options than Nelson. Experience matters. Tough draw for Todd, but it’s reality.

    • a lg dubl dubl

      Don’t think all those HC’s could change this team around with the line up MacT has provided.

      MacT needs to be “bold” this summer. Overhaul the whole damn team!

      But as he said before 5of 6 dmen are here next year and I imagine it’s status quo for the forwards too, unless Hall or Nuge say they want out.

      I’ll hold off calling macT, Dithers 2.0 til July 2

    • a lg dubl dubl


      I would be happy if they just did this:

      Wait and see how the last 25 games of the season play out.

      Interview ALL the available, qualified candidates INCLUDING Todd Nelson. Maybe he turns out to be the best man, after a REAL competition, then give him the job and Godspeed!

      That’s not the Oilers’ way. The Oilers was is stupid, knee-jerk decisions based on “hunches”, “feelings”, impression formed during 45 minute interviews, etc.

      The Oilers organization is endlessly trying to outsmart the rest of the hockey world…and demonstrating what jackasses they are in the process.

    • dougtheslug

      The problem here, of course, is the people doing the hiring have shown themselves to be incapable of doing the job.

      MacT has shown himself to be without a clue when it comes to recognizing what an NHL defenseman looks like (Belov, Grebishkov, Nikitin, etc., calling Schulz a Norris candidate, failing to sign Petry..etc.etc.).

      He doesn’t know what it takes to put together an NHL team (starting the season with 1 1/2 NHL centres and no starting NHL goalie).

      What makes anyone here think he knows what an NHL coach looks like? (Exhibit A: Dallas Eakins).

  • dougtheslug

    Remember when the rebuild started, Lowe said they were gonna do it the right way and won’t deviate from the plan. What exactly was the plan? Suck and add 1 new 18 year old every year? That’s a terrible god awful plan. Seriously aside from getting 1 new high pick every year what have they rebuilt? Have they done anything at all besides that??

    Why the F*** do they still have jobs??

  • Fossil

    It is bad and will only get worse. Leaving this management team in place to destroy next year(s) is inexcusable. Katz is now competing the Bill Wirtz regime in Chicago as the worst owner in NHL history. It took Wirtz senior dying to finally change the Blackhawks. My kids are now asking how long until Katz kicks off as it is apparent that brutal results and the fans don’t matter.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    i’m positive theyve offered Petry a contract. But he just didnt signed. Why would he signed a contract when he can be a Ufa for the first time, and go to the playoffs this year for the first time, then take the highest bidder or the place of his choosing in the summer

    • Fossil

      I would disagree. Only because MacLooselips would have announced his offer publicly before even presenting the offer to Petry. That’s just the way he rolls. He’s an idiot. All mouth, no substance.

    • camdog

      Jim Matheson has now written a piece in the Edmonton Journal that confirms a piece done by Herderson on this site 2 weeks back. Direct quote from Petry’s agent “We’ve had no contract negotiations with the Oilers and we’ve expressed that to Jeff”.

      I personally don’t understand people who think that Petry’s agent is lying to everybody in Edmonton, why would he do that?

  • Fossil

    I can’t even begin to imagine the level of stupidity in that press box in Ottawa today. Can only imagine the asinine ideas Slowe and MacT are bouncing off one another. We are so screwed…….

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Just because Lowe and MacT are completely retarded when it comes to managing an NHL team and Katz doesnt care about results as long as his childhood idols remain his buddies, doesn’t mean there’s not good hockey being played. This flames/nucks game is better than anything the oilers have been apart of in 8 years, hope you guys are watching

  • It was like a elementary school fire drill yesterday. Everyone going in different directions. The 2/3 goals just kind of put wrench in the whole works. From that point it was time to turn off the TV and move on.

    Dubnyk has found his mojo.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    I miss watching Hall, but having a scoring left winger does not generally bring championships. Propp, Bobby Hull, Ovechkin, D. Sedin, Andreychuk (one) and others have seldom won many cups. I realize there are exceptions historically, but generally the left winger is secondary scoring in the regular season and then important crashing the net in the playoffs.

    The main reason is most players shoot left handed, especially centermen. They can pass to the right winger from the forehand. The right winger and right defenseman are usually noted for shooting, not passing.

    A left winger banging in rebounds can be very valuable, especially in the playoffs.

    Having said all that, Eichel is right handed, so that interests me a lot. Not sure if he will be a star, but having RNH with Eberle, Draisaitl with Yak and Eichel playing with Hall is pretty interesting. If we get McDavid, I truly think we should move Hall. In fact I suggest the Oilers move Hall to get McDavid. Hall and our pick (if 2nd) to get first overall. Throw Yak in there if necessary.

  • camdog

    From the Hockey News

    The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded defenceman Cody Franson and forward Mike Santorelli to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Olli Jokinen, Brendan Leipsic and a first-round draft pick in 2015.

    • M22

      Right between your question and your statement is where your answer lies.

      Those two still have a job because their boss suffers from the same malady. Notwithstanding his success outside of the hockey world, his record of heading a hockey organization is one of the worst in the history of the NHL. That is a fact.

      The incompetent clowns work for an incompetent clown.

  • nugeformayor

    I think mact made some good moves and does what he can to make team better. You poeple act like everyone want to play in edmonton he has to beg them to play and stay. Eakins was his worst mistake but if we land mcdavid he will be a genius.