GDB 58.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Jets

ELPH is alive and well! Final Score: 5-4 Jets in the shootout.

It’s always interesting to see how the Oilers bounce back after getting absolutely pummelled the game before.  Even further, how will the Oilers react to getting spanked while on the last game of their road trip? Tonight’s game was the difference between a 3-3 record, and a 2-4 record on this road trip.  As usual, the Oilers didn’t get the start they would have wanted, and they spotted the Jets a one goal lead early in the first period.  

Despite the slow start, the Oilers were able to pull themselves back into the game and keep themselves in it. Nail Yakupov scored a nice goal on the power play to tie the game up in the second half of the first period.  From there, this game had about as much ELPH as any draft position loving Oiler fan could hope for. There were leads, lost leads, and all the ridiculous giveaways that you’ve come to expect as Oilers fans. This was pond hockey at the most expensive level.

As a credit to the lacklustre defence on both sides, this wound up being a pretty entertaining hockey game. Tonight wasn’t one of those games where the Oilers got pinned in their own zone – the play went end to end all night. Even though the Oilers lost in the shootout, the game was exciting.  After watching that miserable Senators game on Saturday, any effort was appreciated (the bar has never been lower).

Even though the score was close, the Jets probably deserved to win.  They outshot the Oilers (46-22) but Viktor Fasth stood tall in net.  It’s a shame that Fasth got hurt in the shootout, because he played a hell of a game. Bachman had to come in to relieve Fasth in the shootout having not played a single minute of regulation or overtime. Even though Bachman stopped the two shootout attempts he faced, the Oilers couldn’t score and the Jets secured the second point in the standings.

We wrap.



  • Completely unrelated but Leon Draisaitl was named the WHL player of the week on the back of his seven points in two games weekend.
  • Nail Yakupov scored a beauty goal (his 7th) in the first period to extend his point streak to five games. He scored another (8th) on the power play in the third to give the Oilers the lead temporarily.  Don’t give up on this kid. Obviously he’s feeling good about his game for the first time in a long time, and I’m excited to see where this can go.
  • Anton Lander scored his fourth goal of the year on a nice little feed from Jordan Eberle (his 23rd assist). I’m pulling for Lander. He was rushed to the NHL and people seemed to give up on him, but he seems to have figured things out.  You’ve got to respect the hustle.
  • Jeff Petry made a gorgeous pass to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins who scored his 15th on a partiial break.
  • Viktor Fasth has a nice bounce back game after letting in two goals in less than a minute against Ottawa. Tonight, he finished with 26 saves and a .929 save%.
  • Great tilt, in the first period, between Luke Gazdic and Anthony Peluso. Here it is, courtesy of
  • ELPH is alive and well!



  • The Oilers took an early penalty and the Jets made them pay for it.  The Jets took the lead less than 10 minutes in to take an early lead.  
  • Jeff Petry is on his last legs as an Oiler, and trading him for picks (which is likely) is only going to set the Oilers back.  They need to find and keep good players rather than trade them away.
  • Of course Tyler Myers scores his first goal (his fifth) as a Jet against the Oilers. Of course he does.
  • Can someone explain how your get “Bufflin” out of “Byfuglien?” 
  • These points in the standings aren’t helping us catching Buffalo here, Nelly.
  • Speaking of Nelly. I think Craig MacTavish should go ahead and remove the interim tag from his Head Coaching tenure now.  It’s obvious that the team is responding to either his message or his tan, so why delay the inevitable? At some point, the Oilers coaching circus has to settle down and they need to get some better players.  Give Todd Nelson a year, if only because two coaches in three years sounds better than three in three. It’s a stupid reason, but that’s all I’ve got at this point.



Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.58.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.58.49 PM


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  • Rdubb

    OH Mr.BadgeMilk, how I MUST DISAGREE with you!!!
    Did Fasth make a few saves, yes. BUT (& notice the capital letters)/even after making some good saves, Fasth allowed some WEEK goals, goals that take the steam out of a team.
    This is getting to be a tiring thing here on ON, the Oilers forwards are starting to do the right things since Nelson took over, you know, going to the net and scoring goals within 7 feet of the crease, they’re actually starting to TRY and screen on point shots, they seem to be hustling in the zone, they’re shooting when they should shoot and passing when they should pass, in most cases anyways, but we’re always SCREAMING about the same old thing night in and night out – the defence and the goaltending!!!
    Our goalies make 5 alarm saves, there’s no doubt there, but they also allow goals that any bantam or midget goalie with 2yrs of experience would make, and last night there was @ least 2 of those, and another one or two that any junior (including the AJHL) should have stopped! You can just see the air leave the skaters when these goals go in, the big difference between the start of the yr and now is that somehow Nelson has the guys believing they can come back, and they did last night, but again, a week goal…Goalies are supposed to stop the ones they’re supposed to stop, and make the occasional “big save” and the team should be just fine…
    I’d love to see a goalie like Price come to Edmonton for a 25-30 game stint and see what happens? I am sure everything would improve greatly as the skaters confidence would be through the roof, the defence wouldn’t be terrified of making a mistake in their own zone and knowing any mistake will surely end up in the net, the forwards would feel free to make plays and let their offensive talent shine.
    If Edmonton had a tender like Price in the same amount of games as Nelson has been coach, Nelson’s record would be much better then his current 8-10-2 (i believe that’s what it is anyway), with Price i am sure it’d easily be 13-6-1, and most likely better than that…
    In my opinion, i think that Oiler management should bring up Brossiot and allow him to play a few games in a row and see where his development is considering he is supposed to be our future tender. Let him come up, face NHL shooters on a consistent basis, and this would allow him and management to see where he is at, what he needs to work on, and perhaps most importantly, when he goes back to the AHL, the shooters won’t seem to be as good and he should be a little better. That is unless he shines in the NHL and shows that he belongs now, and wouldn’t that be something huge for this team…

    • Rob...

      So 2 people gave you Negative strokes for being happy to see Yak score 2 goals. Why? Wanted more? Are from Russia and want him to fail and go to the KHL? Are from Calgary and want him traded on the cheap?

  • Rob...

    Good on the Flames fans who keep coming here. Your quest to unseat the Canucks and Bruins fans as the biggest a-holes in the league is making good progress.

        • MorningOwl

          So, when someone has dozens of comments that get tons of thumbs up but adds one comment that is critical of Ferrence and Gazdic, it’s trolling?

          I don’t think you understand the term trolling.

          I’ve been respectfully contributing for a while, but happen to have a different opinion about fighting with visors, and laugh when fans anywhere call players ‘tools’ for doing things they applaud when their own team does them.

          • MorningOwl

            If you say anything negative about the Oilers on here you are a troll. The best fans in hockey won’t stand for our last place team being criticized.

          • pkam

            Isn’t the visor mandatory on ice for all players by the new rule except those who are grandfathered? Isn’t the referee told to stop a fight immediately if any of the players remove their helmet?

            So how can Gazdic, or in that matter any players who are not grandfathered, be able to fight without the visor? Can you tell us what your different opinion is and how can it change or workaround the rule?

          • MorningOwl

            I recall an Iginla fight where he paused and pointed to his helmet, and both players took them off before fighting. yes, they’d get an extra penalty each, offsetting. i believes refs wont stop the fight anymore then they stop the fight when the helmets are ripped off by the other fighter.

            the bottom line to seems like this is the beginning of the end of fighting when you have behemoth men fighting – one with a helmet and visor, the other not. they will have to stop fighting altogether.

    • camdog

      The self-proclaimed ‘best fans in hockey’ should be above this, or are we really as good as we claim to be because so many on this site come across as arrogant and entitled.

      • Rob...

        I don’t recall claiming to be one of the best fans in hockey. Though I do frequent an OILERS fan site to talk about my team, the OILERS.

        I’m not some disingenuous poser who really cheers for another team, and takes umbrage with being called out for being what they are.

      • camdog

        Bryan Marchment loved playing in Edmonton, because well, the fans went crazy when he submarined the other teams star forward…

        Oh the days when the Oilers played a gritty game, like the Jets do now. If we had that team and we were in the playoff race, this place would be nuts, and yes we would have all been cheering when Wheeler scored that goal.

  • Rob...


    Since Lockout:

    #20 Wheeler 154PT

    #20 Kopitar 154PT

    #24 Ladd 147PT

    #24 Pacioretty 147PT

    #27 Little 145PT

    Who stops Wheeler – Little – Ladd.

    Understand the game buddy!

    • bradleypi

      What exactly are you trying to tell me here? That oilersnation is ok that petry is a below average dman because he has to play tough opponents? That’s pretty much the theme around here I guess. Mact and I however believe that petrys best just isn’t good enough tho. Oilersnation will come to that realization after the trade deadline is over.

      • bradleypi

        I can tell by the way you respond to people you think you are smarter than everyone else. But you are not. And here is why your logic on Petry fails

        Petry is an average D. That much is true. And when people say Petry, right now, is the oilers best D guy they aren’t saying that because they think he is an amazing D man. They are literally saying he is the best oilers defense man. Which if you were half as smart as you think you are, you would understand that, that’s a negative comment on the oilers D situation. That an average D man is our best.

        Secondly. You should understand that trading away actual NHL caliber players for draft picks year after year is a bad idea. For a couple if reasons. To keep it short, prospects, if they ever make the NHL at all, take 3-4 years to being able to play in the NHL. And when you have no depth that only allows you to spin your tires. You make zero progress.

        I know this was a waste of time as you won’t understand this. But I had 5 min to spare. I eagerly await your non response as a sign, that you have nothing to say.

        • DoubleDIon

          Petry isn’t average. He’d be a #5 or 6 on even borderline playoff teams like the Flames or Jets. (#5 on the Flames, #6 on the jets)

          According to Friedman no one has offered more than a 3rd round pick for him. That’s what you pay for solid bottom pairing guys. Top 4 guys get a 2nd and a prospect at a minimum. I’d also argue that Fayne is a better defenseman than Petry.

          • bradleypi

            Lol. You trade him because he’s not very good and the Oilers have been a last place team ever since he has taken over the big minutes. What do you not understand about that? Mact will get a 2nd founder for him and laugh all the way to the draft after he steals that draft pick for a guy that might not even be a top 6 on some teams in the league… lol Andre sekaras is more sought after than petry is right now…..

          • AJ88

            What is your obsession with Petry? For somebody who talks so poorly of Petry you sure spend a lot of time talking about him. Time to move onto something new, we know how you feel about him.

          • bradleypi

            When oilersnation stops saying that the Oilers defense will be worse without petry then I will stop. I’m not the one that keeps bringing him up bro. Oilersnation seems go be obsessed with him and quite delusional about his value to the team. Sorry if it hurts your feelings when you hear the truth about your favorite player.

        • bradleypi

          See what you don’t seem to understand is that just because oilersnation and the rest of you sheep say petry is the Oilers best dman, it doesn’t make it true. The Oilers have 5 other dmen ghat are the same or better than petry and aren’t Ufa. He is easily replaced, in fact a healthy nikitin will easily be an upgrade on him. Ya I said it. I dare you to pick one playoff team and tell me which player petry knocks out of the top 4. I will now sit and wait for your non response as there is no team you can name.
          Take a look at his stats, then compare them to the rest of the defense. Every dman on the oilers is better than him. Trading petry will be the best thing that happens to this team. Mark it down bro and remember who said it.

  • SSB1963

    “Tonight wasn’t one of those games where the Oilers got pinned in their own zone – the play went end to end all night.”

    I think our expectations are getting quite low. I thought the SOG’s were indicative of the play and the Oiler’s spent way too much time in their zone. Their basic break out is off the boards and out. Teams a pinching in and stopping this quite often.

    They do get the odd controlled breakout but certainly not as often of as easy as their oppositions does.

    it was nice to see them not getting blown out on the scoreboard though.

    • Coppperhead

      Lol, our expectations are getting extremely low! For example:

      “Glad to see Schultz is playing a little less terrible” (facepalm)

      “So happy we finally got a 2nd line center” (guy who was on waivers last month)

      “Can’t believe Nelson has us just below .500” (22 teams in the league above .500 for the entire season)