GDB 60.0 Wrap Up: Wild @ Oilers

Zackattack1111 you are a genius. Watch the video, it’s worth it. Final Score: 4-0 Wild.

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m happy for Devan Dubnyk and all the success he’s having this year. For a guy with “question(s)” about his ability to be a #1 goalie, Devan Dubnyk is almost single handedly dragging the Wild into the playoffs. I bet he laughs every time glances skyward to see MacT in the press box, frantically T9ing his rolodex to try and find help in net. Oh the irony. It is sweet, no? *sigh*

Tonight marked the 60th game of the season, for the Oilers, and I’d bet that 48 of those games have had terrible starts. The Minnesota Wild are now 19-3-2 when leading after one period, and after taking a 2-0 lead after 20, the Oilers couldn’t really get much going to make their way back into this one. To be blunt, the Wild are a better hockey team. They capitalized on their chances, got great goaltending, and didn’t give the Oilers a chance to get much done. 

At the end of the day, this was another edition in the long running series of boring Minnesota Wild hockey games. The players may change from time to time, but the moral of the story is always the same. If you get down to the Wild early, it’s going to be a battle to steal the lead away. That was the story again tonight. Couple that with the fact that the Oilers played with about as much inspiration as whiskey dick, and you’re set for a bad night. 

Not only was tonight bad, it stunk in a way that only death can provide. Imagine the hockey equivalent of unplugging your freezer full of meat and parking it out in the sun. This is what the Oilers look like without Taylor Hall, and what they’re going to look like without Jeff Petry.  Tonight’s game was ugly, and I think it’s going to get worse. Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!

We wrap.



  • The #HereComeTheOilers hashtag was great again tonight. Frankly, Twitter was way more fun than watching the hockey game.
  • The Ben Scrivens glove save in the second period was a thing of beauty. He scooped the doorstep line drive like a first basemen. Scrivens was mashing the boost button on that one. Scrivens played well regardless of the score. He didn’t really have a chance on all three Minnesota goals, and he made some big saves as his team left him out to dry. Scrivens finished with 25 saves and an .862 save%. Again, not much help though.
  • The Yakupov-Roy duo was effective again tonight. I was happy to hear MacT say that they’re looking to keep him. Stats wise he’s not a huge upgrade over Marcobello, but the experience he has is priceless.
  • There weren’t as many “the Oilers could use a goalie like Dubnyk” jokes as I expected. 



  • Devan Dubnyk is on fire right now, and it’s annoying. Before last year’s cluster funk, Dubnyk sported a .916, .914, .921 save% in the three previous seasons. WE WOULD KILL FOR THAT RIGHT NOW! What a difference a year, and some hindsight can make. Were you really surprised that he got a shutout? He’s 5-0 against the Oilers this season.
  •  I thought this game was over after the second period. It was not. 
  • Speaking of the second period, the Oilers only had 10 shots after 40 minutes.
  • Benoit Pouliot should not be playing centre. His line was invisible all night. Why do the Oilers love trying out wingers in the middle? I don’t get it.
  • RIP Yak’s point streak.
  • The Oilers finished this game with 15 shots on goal. Dubnyk should have to put an asterisk beside that shutout.
  • The game finally ended.
  • The #McJesus movement continues.



Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 9.23.56 PM


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  • The Soup Fascist

    I missed the Oiler game to go to the Princess Theatre.It was a wonderful story of Jane and Stephen Hawkings.
    (Stephen is one of the Worlds’ greatest living scientists) Hawkings has black hole theories. Apparently Devin D. got a 4-0 shootout.
    Mac T might take in this movie.Ironically for the Oilers it is called ‘The Theory of Everything.’
    Craig will be checking out the Black Hole!

  • dougtheslug

    On a happier note, Leon Draisitl has 3 points for Kelowna including the game winner tonight against Victoria. That’s 13 points in his last 4 games. Geez, maybe we have already drafted McJesus.

    And the second best player on the ice was Greg Chase. Look for the silver lining.Playoffs for sure in 2020

  • The Soup Fascist


    Sure – if he turns it around. If he does not – and numerous goalies have gone from brilliant to bull$hit overnight – what do you do?

    What happened to DiPietro? Vokoun?

    Coyotes are not close to a cap team. They may have to take their lumps if Smith does not figure it out.

    • pkam

      If you continue to write off your goalie after one bad season, you probably will have many buy outs. If I remember correctly, even Price and Quick had a bad season.

      I still remember the Habs fans were all over Pierre Gauthier for trading Halak and keeping Price after Price had a poor season. Pierre Gauthier had done a lot of bad decisions but this is the best decision he made for the Habs.

      • Zarny

        No offence to all the Dubnyk lovers that suddenly appeared out of nowhere; but let’s be real. He didn’t just have a slump. He and Labarbera postede epically bad save percentages.

        He now looks amazing with a team committed to defence and elite defencemen in front of him. Imagine what coaching, drafting and trading can do for a team.

    • Ryan14

      The guy who threw the jersey on the ice doesn’t deserve to get his [sic] kicked in, the guy who threw the team into the garbage does. I enjoy the jersey tossing. get rid of Lowe and I guarantee the jersey tossing stops

  • Bucknuck

    That video was CLASSIC comedy. I wonder what that guy was really talking about because he was laughing so hard I couldn’t help but laugh along. and the captions were gold. So damn true.

  • Oilers need to transition faster to get the rush, i wonder if we had Weber would he say something or just keep the same path we been doing the last 9year.

    Oilers need veteran defense men to change how we play,its been the same defensive plan for years, its mact/lowe hockey,be stuck in our end the whole game.

  • Zarny

    I’m happy for Dubnyk. And I don’t think he’d be playing like this if he stayed in Edm.

    He’s admitted this year that part of his problem last year was that he liked what Chabot taught and wasn’t willing to listen and adjust. This year he listened to Sean Burke and made adjustments. Good for him.

  • Zarny

    Our problem is management always has been. Until we rid ourselves of the two headed monster nothing will ever change. Patrick Roy and Wayne himself couldn’t save this team. Ps keep Nelson though he has earned the players respect.

  • Armchair_Gm

    So Ryan nugent hopkins is à future second liner right, i hope we have all stopped buying into what the oilers and media are selling on that kid. He plays the most minutes of any forward in the Nhl, and just scored his first on the powerplay and is Usually invisible most nights, he also has à terrible contract. If Edmonton wants to see à real improvement they should acquire à top centremen this offseason. Hopkins is à good young player but he is never going to be an elite player and the oilers need to admit that

  • Serious Gord

    People cmon when DD was last year he could not stop a beach ball from half court.

    Nashville . . .ditto

    The Kid needed a full reboot and it was only his hardwork and the great coaching genius of Sean Burke which gave Dubie what he needed and a fresh start.

    Did Oilers have the patience to wait? Should they have? Or was it another smoke screen move by Management to take the heat off the front office. Personally I did not think we had the coaching (or the stones to wait) that could turn him around (Nelson maybe)

    But one has to really sit back and think that a 6’4″ mobile goalie was a definite asset and a very rare commodity that warranted more time…

  • PimKing

    What a difference real NHL defencemen can make hey! Doesn’t matter who is in the oilers net, they will suffer. Rinne, Lundquist etc would have terrible numbers playing behind these D. Anyone who has ever played any decent level hockey growing up will tell you you cannot win without solid dmen. A real good goalie will put you over the top, but it starts with guys who can move other guys around in front of the net. Good d can make up for a shitty night from a forward line. Good d can make up for a shaky goalie once and awhile the list goes on. Puck this management group(see what I did there?!?)

    • CMG30

      It does make a difference who is in net. Any goalie will face shots in the NHL, no matter how good the defense. Of those shots there are certain low risk shots that the goalie simply must stop (think dump in from the blue line or unscreened shot from the point that the goalie is ready for.) When he fails to those are known as the ‘bad’ goals. Those kill a team and no amount of defense can help stop those goals. What a good defense will do is cut out the ‘he had no chance on that one’ goals.

  • Hats off to the creator of that video…….pure gold.
    I have noticed that oilers never say what the truth is. When asked about Eakins they would all say he was great and buy in to that chop wood/carry water nonsense. Dubnyk gets run out of town and says he shoud have listened to his coach…….what a load, his coach and coaches were crap and he got thrown under the bus just like any other goalie that plays here. Nelson is only a band aid…….the real cancer is still in the organization.

  • Just looking through a bunch of goalie comments and how they claim Dubnyk played his way out of town. Once a goalie loses confidence in the guys infront of him its over. Scrivens came here and played lights out then the weight of the sheer incompetence broke him. These are goalies playing in the NHL, they are world class athletes, their mental prep and toughness is 95% of their game. So if they lose faith in their players and the fans lose faith in them…….its hard to get ready for any games. Don’t think goalies are finicky………look at Luongo.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    Dubnyk was terrible here, although he was rarely the worst player iced by the Oilers any night. Glad for him last night, but he had to go for all involved.