In our continuing look at AHL players who may be used as deadline trade assets, we come to the Atlantic. This is a strong division, led by a first-round goalie with a famous name and an emerging defenseman with a cannon shot.


  • D Colin Miller: As the video indicates, Miller possesses an impressive shot from the blue line and his boxcars (46GP, 14-22-36) reflect it. He has some work to do in coverage and other aspects but Miller is going to get some interest.
  • C Jordan Weal: Very successful AHL player, this is his third season in the league and he’s at a point-per-game (51GP, 13-34-47) pace. He’s 5.09, 173 and comes with a two-way reputation.
  • D Derek Forbort: Massive (6.04, 218) defender with good wheels and defensive acumen. In his second AHL season, Kings have always been very high on him. Hasn’t played in the NHL yet.


  • G Malcolm Subban: First-round selection in 2012, he was .920 in the AHL a year ago and is matching it this season. Bigger goalie (6.02, 200), terrific athlete.
  • C Alexander Khokhlachev: 33 points in 41 AHL games this season, he also received a cup of coffee with the big club. 5’11, 185 and regarded as a quality offensive prospect.
  • R Seth Griffth: He’s a solid offensive prospect, undersized (5.11, 185) but scoring at a point per game in the AHL. Has played 30 NHL games this season (6-4-10).


  • C Henrik Samuelsson: Big forward with skill, former Oil Kings player and extremely like to stay put as a Coyote. Fun player, he’s performing well (49GP, 10-14-24) as a rookie pro.
  • C Jordan Martinook: Has reasonable size (6.00, 202) and plays a rugged game. The kicker is that he can actually play (44GP, 11-17-28) and has already seen some NHL action.
  • L Lucas Lessio: A throwback winger who can play a two-way game and has a physical edge. There’s enough talent to project him as an NHL regular (AHL this year: 29GP, 10-18-28) and he has played 22 NHL games this season.

Arizona is unlikely to trade any of these players, as they are in rebuild mode. 


  • R Scott Kosmachuk: Two-way winger who posted an outstanding final season of junior, he’s now in the AHL and beginning the climb. He’s 49GP, 10-6-16 and a solid NHL prospect.
  • G Connor Hellebuyck: A strong pro debut (.925SP in 44 AHL games) has him trending but he was a rock solid college goalie so the resume is there.
  • C Chase Balisy: I’m not absolutely sure he’s a Jets prospect (he signed with St. John’s) but Balisy is a smart two-way center who is 52GP, 12-18-30 as a rookie pro in the AHL. Drafted by Nashville, they didn’t sign him but he’s an interesting prospect.


  • C Chris Tierney: A very nice two-way prospect who is flourishing in pro hockey at age 20. It’s likely his future lies with the Sharks (23GP, 1-6-7 with the big club and 26GP, 7-17-24 in the AHL) as he’s certainly one of the best rookies in the minors this season.
  • D Konrad Abeltshauser: 6.05, 225 and mobile, he isn’t an offensive defender but does possess a range of skills. AHL point total (48GP, 3-16-19) suggests he’ll be able to contribute some but his value will come from defense.
  • D Dylan DeMolo: Puck-moving defender is mobile and has a plus shot. Smart defender who can pass or skate his way into good situations.

Up next: AHL’s East Division.

  • Nuge&Connorvs.Sam&Sean

    So basically, we are taking a good look at each and every player the other teams will neever-ever trade to Edmonton. This, based on their value.

    @Lowetide, after seeing Yak’s performance now that he has more minutes, better linemates. How does this change/adjusts once Taylor Hall comes back?

    • Lowetide

      It shouldn’t change at all. Yakupov’s progress since Hall went out was partly aided by a PP push but the second PP (Yak’s) has been outperforming the 1PP (Hall’s) for some time to my eye.

      • Nuge&Connorvs.Sam&Sean

        Thank you for anwsering me. What I mean is ice time, coach adjustments, things like that.

        Also, you think he gets a bridge deal or the Petry treatment? Smartest men in the room treatment.

        • Lowetide

          I think the Oilers will go with Roy and Purcell or Pouliot with Yakupov next season. Hall remains with Nuge-Eberle. NO idea about PP time but the 2PP gets better results imo.

      • Rob...

        Hall frustrates me. The effort is there, when he’s not hurt, but he seems to lack the creativity needed to avoid becoming predictable. Defence loves it when the player coming at them with the puck is predictable.

        • Armchair_Gm

          It seems that Hall is the alpha male on this team. That is good because he really pushes the river but it is bad because he dominates and otherwise overshadows both RNH and Eberle. They both seem to take on a much more important role when they are apart from Hall.

          On almost every play and in almost every situation they both defer to Hall. While he is good, the Oilers would be much better off if they had all three making a major contribution.

          The strange thing is that the Oilers are now placing more responsibility on Yak’s shoulders and he is responding. He has been a key ingredient on almost every team he ever played on, yet with the Oilers he has been treated as a third liner. If you want him to be a key to the future treat him and play him like you believe he is a key.

  • Nuge&Connorvs.Sam&Sean

    >G Malcolm Subban: First-round selection in 2012, he was .920 in the AHL a year ago and is matching it this season. Bigger goalie (6.02, 200), terrific athlete.

    Average in size, actually. Even slightly below average. I was reading recently that the average goalie is now 6’3.

  • Armchair_Gm

    If the oilers were to take anything away from these lists it would be that they need to allow players time in the ahl. Eberle played for a bit in the AHL and he’s one of the better oilers I think as a result. Nurse and Draisatl should both go down there and grow together, even if they put up absurd numbers leave them down and let them simmer.

    I hear people say it helped nelson because he knew what lander and klefbom could do because he had them in the ahl, but that confuses me because its not like other members of the oilers management can’t go scout those games so why didn’t anyone else know how effective lander was. Mind boggling, they would rather go get guys like brad hunt and will Acton because those were guys they knew, rather than the guys who have been drafted and developed in the oilers system for years now. Just find there’s a massive disconnect in the organization. Like they love Schultz/nikitin more than jeff Petry, or marincin, ruined dubnyks confidence, traded gagner away for an even softer version of himself, I mean for the love of God yakupov just had his first ever shootout attempt a month ago, did anyone hear when they told Ryan rishaug it was actually Ryan Hamilton who got called up and not Curtis? Classic. Just wondering if you think harrold Ballard runs this team from the grave?