GDB 62.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Wild


Don’t worry — Buffalo and Carolina won too. Final Score: 2-1 Oilers.

It’s getting to be that time in the season where all any of us can wait for is the draft.  It’s almost like the games are secondary.  Judging from Twitter, tonight’s game seemed like nothing more than another move in the chess match of ineptitude. The problem is that ELPH doesn’t work if there’s nothing exciting about it. Frankly, that’s all I’m looking for at this point. I just want to watch a decent hockey game. I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I looked at the schedule for this week: The Minnesota Wild. Awesome.

Draft aside, the narrative for tonight was obviously about it being another stop in the “Devan Dubnyk tries his best to make the Oilers look like assholes for letting him go” tour of 2014-15. Tonight, however, it was Ben Scrivens who stole the show. More accurately put, the dude stood on his head. Scrivens made some huge saves (the Vanek breakaway comes to mind), and kept the Oilers in it despite being badly outshot (34-19). You have to give the Oilers credit, they beat a hot hockey team with a severely depleted lineup. For a team with a lot of injuries, the Oilers played well on the road.

Strangely, tonight’s game is the only road game the Oilers play. Instead, they’ll fly back to Edmonton to get ready for the St. Louis Blues on Saturday. Depending on whether you’re hoping for wins or losses, the Oilers schedule looks ugly going into the next five games (LA, Chicago, Carolina, Detroit, Pittsburgh). At the very least, those games may show how Todd Nelson matches up to some veteran coaches.

Tonight’s game may also be the last time that Jeff Petry plays in an Oilers uniform. I know that the deadline doesn’t fall until after the weekend, but it seems like teams are starting to make some moves already. One more game or not, I’m going to miss Jeff Petry. He was one of the very few homegrown prospects that the Oilers have that didn’t come in the first round. Unfortunately, Petry was placed in a position where he was playing a bigger role than he probable should have. That’s on management, not on Petry. Remember that when he goes and excels somewhere else.

We wrap.



  • Benoit Pouliot scored twice (his 12th and 13th) against the Minnesota Wild which means that it’s not just the Oilers that have former players score against them. It was proof! You all saw it. 
  • The Pouliot-Nuge-Eberle line was buzzing all night. They continually produced chances, and were rewarded for their efforts with a couple of goals. Easily the Oilers best line of the night.
  • Both Buffalo AND Carolina won tonight. Arizona is coming in hot on the McDavid sweepstakes with their current seven game losing streak. They lost again tonight to the Islanders. The race for failure is a tight one, my friends.
  • Ben Scrivens was solid. He was there when the Oilers needed him, and made a bunch of big saves in the second and third periods. He finished with 33 saves and a .971 save%.
  • We’re only six more sleeps from deadline day! Although, I don’t expect the Oilers to do very much.



  • This might have been Jeff Petry’s last game in an Oilers uniform. 
  • Aside from the first line, there really wasn’t much going on for the Oilers tonight. I mean, it’s not surprising considering what the roster looks like, but you know what I mean.
  • Beating the Wild helped the Flames make the playoffs. Not cool for the McDavid lotto, and not good for my mental health. 
  • The Devan Dubnyk quote from Gregor’s GDB is still bothering me. I felt bad for Dubnyk based on how he recalled his last season here. It was obvious that he didn’t feel like management believed in him, and I’m happy that he’s thriving somewhere else. The arrogance in this organization is astounding. 
  • The #TankNation Edmonton Chapter will like be in for a sleepless night. 



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  • you just know bettman is going to ” Crosby” the coyotes with mcdavid…. saves the franchise in one fell swoop.

    dubnyk beating us to get us outta the bottom 2 is the most oilers thing ever

    • Burnward

      I’m not one for conspiracy theories..

      But I’ve said it all season long..

      Arizona gets McDavid, Buffalo will get Eichel,
      Carolina will get Hanifin, Edmonton will get Strome.

  • Serious Gord

    That teams – and fans – are conflicted over whether to try or tank shows what a flawed system the current draft lottery is.

    NHL management cant be happy about it. I hope it gets fixed ASAP.

  • Arod

    Anyone else really loving Pakarinen’s speed. He seems to be flying out there all the time. Not to mention he doesn’t mind putting the puck on net. I would be fine with seeing him remain on the 3rd line next year.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    Big surprise that Poo-bear outplayed Purse on the first line? I like that Nelson (although it should’ve been obvious) didn’t try Poo-bear at center again and moved him where he can make a positive difference.

  • gus1000

    I’ll be honest, I have watched Eichel a few times, not a huge fan. Hannifin is good, but the college game in regards to defense is not physical. Not sure how’d he do in the West, or how long adjusting to the rigors of the NHL will take.

    I think Strome is the wild card here, and would rather him over these other two. He could very well be the second best guy in this draft class in the years to come.

  • gus1000

    “Arizona is coming in hot on the McDavid sweepstakes with their current seven game losing streak. They lost again tonight to the Islanders. The race for failure is a tight one, my friends.”

    Perhaps the Oilers aren’t as adept at tanking as we thought they were. Arizona, Buffalo – heck, probably the Leafs will catch them.

    If you can’t tank well, you might as well compete.