Motivation music

Last night after dinner I was sitting on the couch fully prepared to skip my workout. In January, I challenged myself to try and get a six-pack. I’ve worked out a few times a week for the past seven years, but I needed to alter my eating habits and increase my workout regime to accomplish this goal. I spoke to a nutrionist (Lalitha Taylor) who set me up with a good eating plan and my trainer, Jeff Woods, gave me a four-day workout plan.

It has been going well. I lost six pounds and two inches (measure stomach at navel level) in the first month. I feel much better and actually enjoy the new food I’m eating, but last night I didn’t feel in the mood to workout.

My wife said, “Just go downstairs and do it. Take my computer and hit random on my Itunes.” I looked at her computer and hit play, and in an instant the song that came on completely changed my mindset.

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Eye of the Tiger by Survivor started playing, and from the first chord I suddenly felt an surge of energy. I hit pause, went upstairs and changed into my workout clothes, then grabbed the computer and went to the basement.

I was amazed at how that song got me going. Instantly, I was thinking of Rocky and Apollo training on the beach and Rocky preparing to fight Clubber Lang . It was awesome.

I cranked up the song and had a pretty solid workout. I was shadow boxing during sets and singing along to most of the other songs that come on after. I workout because I set a goal for myself, and eight weeks in already felt unmotivated to train. I wonder how often that happens to pro athletes who have to train year round.

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I went to Oilers practice today with the sole purpose of finding out what music gets them through a training session. I didn’t see the point to discuss the upcoming trade deadline or how practice went. There is ample time for that. 

For those who need their Oiler fix, Nail Yakupov skated today and said he felt great. He expects to play Saturday. 

Now back to the music.

I spoke to eleven players, some weren’t in the room, and asked about their go-to training music and how often they feel the workout blahs.

Most said, “almost every day,” with a laugh, but all of them agreed that music is a must on the days you don’t feel like training.

I asked all of them if they had a certain song or genre of music they need to listen to when training, and for some I followed up with a second question.

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Matt Hendricks: I love Metallica. It keeps me going, keeps me going strong. I love all their stuff, but Ride the Lighting would be my favourite.”

RNH: Usually in the gym I like listening to techno music and as long as I can hear it doesn’t matter what song is playing. 

Are you a singer or a dancer between sets? Mostly singing, not a dancer, but I sing along for sure.

Tyler Pitlick: When I’m working out I like to listen to rap music. A lot of guys around here like to listen to techno, but I’m not a fan of that. I prefer when they throw the rap music on.  I’ve always like Eminem and Biggy Smalls, they are always good in the gym.

Do you sing or dance while the music plays? Not too much. If I get excited and really like the song I will sign along to myself, but not out loud.

Jordan Eberle: I don’t have a song in particular, but I like techno music when I’m working out and country music when I’m not. I like upbeat music, because you are right, it gets you in the mood to workout.

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Will you sing or dance between sets? I do a litte bit. I like singing, I sing in the car all the time. I don’t know if you call it dancing, maybe a little bit, but there are definitely songs that get you motivated to move.

Ben Scrivens: I will listen to music I like. It depends on what mood I’m in. I’m not a guy who needs the same music every time. I’ve listened to heavy metal, country and even oldies.

Will you sing along? No, it is all air drum. I’m not a good singer, and sometimes I will throw out a few air piano chords out there, but no signing.

Justin Schultz: I don’t have a specific song, but I like anything techno. I also like a good country song. I think Nuge does too, but he won’t admit it. 

Will you air guitar or sing? I will sing. I’m not very good at it though. 

Matt Fraser: I like to anything except country. I like rap, I don’t know why, but anything with a beat that you can bop along with. I like to be serious and work hard when I work out, but you have to enjoy it so any music with a good beat, not country, will work.

Will you sing along or dance between sets? Oh yeah, all the time. I’m usually one of the loudest guys in the gym singing. These guys have all seen me dance. I’m not that good, but I like doing it.

Oscar Klefbom: I’m a club/house music fan. Swedish House Mafia has always been my favourite music. Whenever any of the DJ songs’ come out, Sebastien Ingrosso, Axwell or Steve Angello, I listen to them a lot. Sometimes when I’m going to the gym, I might not be the happiest guy, but when I turn on the music it relaxes me and helps me focus on becoming the best player I can.

Do you sing along? No. (laughs). I have friends back home who do, so I leave that to them.

Luke Gazdic: I really like rock. I’m a big classic rock guy. I’m a big Led Zeppelin fan and my favourite song is When the Levee Breaks. There is a drum intro that is loud and then a real nice guitar comes in and that really gets me going.

Will you sing or dance? I’m not one of those guys who keeps his emotions in. I let my emotions fly. I like to get myself going and the people around me.

Keith Aulie: Anything older rock, I love working out to Metallica. Wherever I May Roam really gets me going.

Will you sing along? For sure. I’ll dance, cut a rug, whatever.

Mark Fayne: I do it a bit different. In the summer time, I like to listen to country and when it is on in the gym it takes my mind off of working out and let’s me get through it. I don’t have a favourite song, usually what is the top song at that time, although Drive a few years ago is one that got me going.

So, Nation, do you have a song that inspires you?

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  • Reg Dunlop

    Just curious Gregor, after dinner you were sitting on WHICH coach?

    I used to prefer guitar soloists like Robin Trower or John McLaughlin for inspirational tunes. Now the only sound that spurs me into action is my fat gut rumbling the ‘gimme donuts’ song. Sad but true.

  • In the Grease

    Is it any wonder our team plays soft.

    Lose the techno boys, and start listening to something a little more angry/aggressive.

    Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows doesn’t cut it.

    Throw the Rage Against the Machine in there, and get after it.

  • In the Grease

    How very Edmonton Oilers of everyone to cite “inspirational” music that’s completely (extremely) outdated, “classic rock”, or country… “have you guys herd of this sick band I discovered? their called Metallica…there really sick man.”
    Techno? Disco??… Van Halen? Aerosmith? AC/DC?? ZZ Top? …whatever…lol…. just stop reminding me of my time in Edmonton from 1981-1987….. no wonder noboby wants to play there…. do you guys even know it’s 2015?? Hilarious! Big. Small. Backwards. Town.

  • Rdubb

    what is with these young guys and their “techno” music? That is one thing i could never get into even when I was into the bar scene.
    i’m not a big worker person, although I am trying to get into it now, but i’ve learned it has to be some rock music or a good passed country tune to get me going and singing while trying to break through the dreaded “blahs”…but techno, no way…not even close…
    would you find a techno cd in my collection, yes, but it is a friends who left it behind from a party and it just always stayed in the collection…
    GNR, Foo Fighters, Theory of a Deadman, Skid Row, a few songs from Quiet Riot, Metaclica, Nirvanna. Heck, even some of Garth Brooks music gets the feet beating to the music.
    At least those are my “feet moving”/”getting some energy” songs/music…

  • Red-Tide

    Glad to see a few metal heads on the Oil! I remember when Ninniima and Hamrlik were here, they loved their extreme metal and I remember stories of the locker room music battles.

    It’s always been about the metal for me. Best workout songs I can remember.

    Sepultura – Ogasmatron (Motorhead cover)
    Pantera – F**king Hostile
    Machine Head – Davidian
    Dissection – Starless Aeon
    Slayer – Skeletons of society
    Metallica – Creeping Death
    Megadeth – Hook in mouth

    • Bucknuck

      “Hook in Mouth” TOTALLY gets me riled, though Liar is my favourite on that album. love it. For Pantera I like “Becoming”.

      I love that Hendricks likes “Ride the Lightning”. He just got another gold star in my books, though my all time favourite Metallica is “Master of Puppets”.

      White Zombie’s “More Human than Human” is still my number one standby! It brings out the fight in the dog.

      I hate to admit this because I kinda hate rap, but eminem’s “lose yourself” is a song that makes feel like I can do anything. Goes to show that every kind of music has a gem or two… even country.

    • I recall a friendly battle between Penner and that scrawny euro Dman that skated 86 miles a night in an effort to get something done (pitkanen maybe?)…. anyways, he was a norwegian deth metal guy and Pens was a hip hop guy.

      Typical Oilers.

      But anythings better than Private Eyes claps….. a significant low point in Oilers recorded history in my opinion.


  • Britts94

    Metallica – The Unforgiven II; The Day That Never Comes. /
    Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way /
    Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart /
    Van Halen – Panama

  • oilerjed

    Nice work Gregor,

    You may not have meant to but you unknowingly discovered the organizational problem within the Oilers.


    I suggest Nuge, Jultz…. etc get sat down by Mr Hendicks and is thouroughly indoctrinated to the gospel that is Metallica!


  • Bucknuck

    Now I know why we’re such a soft team…half of these guys are getting pumped up to techno. Techno guys, I guess it’s a different generation so whatever works.

    Hard rock, heavy metal and some punk songs do it for me. Not too many current songs make the list but I have recently added Marilyn Manson’s Deep Six. It may only stay in there for a short while but I’m liking it. Other than that, Metallica, Billy Talent, Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Queens of the Stone Age, Slipknot, Pantera and Fall Out Boy are a couple other bands that make my list.

  • Czar

    For inspiration in the gym,other than that hottie on the treadmill,it starts and ends with Metallica. For Whom The Bell Tolls is probably my favorite, it’s my ringtone and on all my playlists.

  • Kevwan

    Lets hope MacT is listening to the Stones leading up to the deadline.

    “You can’t always get what you want

    But if you try sometimes you just might find
    You just might find

    You get what you need”