The Edmonton Oilers have been busy at the trade deadline over the years and have a legendary trail of ‘bad and good’ deals stretching back over 30 years. Do you remember these?


THE 1980’S

  • March 8, 1988– Oilers trade G Andy Moog to Boston for G Bill Ranford, L Geoff Courtnall and Boston’s 2nd rd pick in 1988. The trade didn’t pay off initially, as the Oilers rode Grant Fuhr and their plethora of impact players to another Stanley that spring. Ranford would pay off in a big way spring 1990, backstopping most of the Glory Oilers and a few kids to No. 5 Stanley. What a sweet ride. The Oilers are honoring the big man today:

THE 1990’S

  • March 17, 1993- Oilers trade L Esa Tikkanen to New York Rangers for C Doug Weight. By the time Esa left town, Oilers fans were numb to dealing away legends but it hurt all the same. We didn’t know Dougie Weight well when the trade was made but a decade of stunning passes and several brilliant playoff wins made him unforgettable. Weight arrived at a time when the Oilers needed a miracle and helped provide one.

THE 2000’S (A TIE)

  • March 8, 2006Oilers trade 2006 1st rd pick and 2007 3rd rd pick to Minnesota Wild for G Dwayne Roloson. A case of perfect fit, perfect timing. Roloson was the final piece in a terrific machine that dragged us along like a dream in the spring and summer of 2006. I’ve seen all seven Stanley Cup finals involving Edmonton and wouldn’t trade away a single one. In a very real way, I love that 2006 team the most, probably because the intense joy and pain are still with us most of a decade later. We’ll never forget them, what a team.
  • February 27, 2007: Oilers trade L Ryan Smyth to NY Islanders for C Ryan O’Marra, L Robert Nilsson and their 2007 1st rd pick. The trade was surrounded by frustration, tears and a peculiar willingness to deal with every player not named Ryan Smyth in the months after the SCF final. The result? Wandering in the wilderness since and a period that must be considered the darkest in team history.

THE 2010’S

  • February 28, 2011: Oilers trade L Dustin Penner to Los Angeles Kings for D Colten Teubert and a 2011 1st rd pick. Exactly four years after forcing the Oilers into a downturn by sending away experience for youth, the Oilers do it again! The pick turned into Oscar Klefbom who is just now arriving on the scene. The David Perron trade earlier this season is the third time since 2007 Edmonton has sent away a significant winger in exchange for picks and future.

This deadline still has some story but the past is filled with good and bad memories. We haven’t had many of these go our way in the last 10 years and precious few involve adding actual NHL players. The Edmonton Oilers need to add experienced men like David Perron and Jeff Petry but are instead sending them away.

When we visit this list at the end of the decade, how many deadlines will involve adding players for a playoff run? Let’s hope for one and go from there.

    • Raider Jesse

      I for one look forward to seeing how many assets we get for Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle in a few years at the deadline! We might even get 3 first rounders for them. EACH!

    • Kevwan

      Yay no more sleeps and 12 more hours until the Saturday Night National Beatdown. Sad to see the one game winning streak come to end. Honoring past glory and HNIC could get real ugly.
      Ah yes my carefree days as a young man raised on the mean streets of Beaumont. Oilers winning cups seemed like a forgone conclusion. 1990 was my favorite. The Moose and Billy willing us victory, the sweets sounds of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” cranked up on my clock radio. Yep Billy Idol and Billy Ranford and 630 Ched pulling the Mighty Oil back off life sport down 3-1 to the Jets. Every goalie from Wetaskawin to Mundare flipping the puck onto the back of his glove to hand it to the ref. Times were a changing the decade of the Campbell Conference Final being a mere formality. Graves, Gelinas and Murphy the Kid Line.

      • Kevwan

        ah that Billy you speak would be Joel not Idol

        But may be an interesting Freudian slip

        Idol, like the Oilers, another 80’s legend crashed hard and is burning like our current tire fire. . . . .

    • MattyFranchise

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m clearly a Flames fan but I am an example of a guy that can like both teams. What hurts me the most about the Oilers is the Smyth trade. If I recall correctly they won like 2 of the last 20 games that season after the trade and nothing has gone right ever since.

      Always been a fan of the Oilers, just not when they play the Flames 😉

      • Kevwan

        The one that hurts me the most is letting Curtis Glencross walk. We could have signed him. He and Brodziak showed some serious chemestry the last 20 games of that season. They were outplaying our first line (and they were on our 4th). Then the Oilers let him walk, instead of signing him for a couple million a season.

        I was mad then, and I am mad now.


    • YFC Prez

      What still stings the most to this day is not the trades made but the ones not made.

      I can’t remember if it was a potential deadline deal or not, But when Lowe and Comrie were having their little spat and Lowe was looking to ship Comrie out of town I remember Anaheim offering a young prosect named Corey Perry in exchange for the disgruntled oiler. At the time I liked the offer, but in hindsight that would have been possibly the biggest win this team has had on any trade.

      It was very close to happening. I think Lowe wanted cash or another asset or something to even out the trade, killing the potential trade.

      Instead we got wowitka and a first round pick that turned out to be the biggest bust since Bonsignore


      • Kevwan


        If you google “Oilers Comrie Must Pay for Trade” you get a story from 2003 explaining what happened. Lowe told Comrie that he would only trade him if Comrie paid back $2.5 million in bonus money THAT THE OILERS HAD ALREADY PAID COMRIE UNDER HIS CONTRACT. When confronted with this Lowe did not deny it, he blamed the agents for leaking the information.

        Lowe really is a total fool.

        • YFC Prez


          I knew he effed that one up but to think that the trade was squashed because he demanded money returned to the organization from Comrie’s pocket. That’s arrogant, even for Lowe.

    • Fossil

      It is not a trade but the Oiler demise started in 1994 and 1995 drafts. Sather picked Bonsignore because he thought he was smarter than everybody but then made the right pick with Ryan Smyth. In 95 he had the chance to draft Shane Doan, which everybody in the Coliseum was chanting, with their first pick. But in true Sather/Oiler arrogance, picked Steve Kelly. Can you imagine the leadership of both Doan and Smyth for 20 years in Edmonton. Until this entire group of ex Oilers are gone from management, we will never see success. They can’t draft or trade for players with character, because they don’t know what it is.

    • D

      Now we are only three sleeps from trade deadline……….and I suspect that all Oiler fans are getting nervous about the return for Jeff Petry.

      Sather was a master trader……..MacT has proven to being ( to use a fishing term) more of a Master baiter.

      I’m hoping he can redeem himself with a great trade, so I can start liking him again.

    • D

      The ” Triple P ” { Pronger, Pecca,& Pissani} were the main reason the 2006 Oilers were a whisker away from drinking from the CUP !
      PS; Rollie helped the cause as well.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Pretty clear how important strong ownership is in every sports organization. Success starts with pride, integrity and work ethic. None are anywhere to be found in the Oilers organization in the most recent decade.

      EIG limped along for years, but they were 10 times the owners crooks Pocklington and Katz became. The City has bowed down before Katz and given into every aspect of his greed. And still the Oilers are run like an irrelevant afterthought.

      • CMG30

        I wouldn’t go that far. Let us not forget that it was the EIG that had the bright idea to eliminate our farm team and contract out the development of our youth to various other team’s farm clubs. This boneheaded move led to, shockingly, piss poor development of the youngsters and the Oilers are still suffering the effects of so many years of negligible in-house development.

    • Kevwan

      The trade deadline is the most expensive time to acquire NHL talent as far as “futures” are concerned.

      Yet the last 3 years the Oilers have traded away picks for players at the deadline. Why compete for proven talent with the playoff contenders? Take the picks and prospects now and move them for established talent leading up to the draft.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Talk about beating a dead horse just the same old story everyone is writing. Oh whoa is us the management has to trade Petry boo hoo and we traded Perron a player who was not going to resign anyways. Why moan over players who do not want to be here? might as well get some assets and move on. You are adding fuel to the hate management fire.

    • Kevwan

      For the 1990’s deadline deals I would group in a deal made on the ’97 deadline that sent Miroslav Satan to Buffalo for a couple of scrubs. Slats was great but he whiffed his fair share.