GDB 63.0 Wrap Up: Blues @ Oilers


ELPH, we speak your name! Final Score: 2-1 Blues

I’m going to be honest with you, when I look at the schedule and see that the Oilers are playing on Hockey Night in Canada I instantly fear the nationally televised blowout. It’s becoming an Oilers staple at this point. Somewhere, I’m sure there are people betting with an over/under for goals against that is absolutely insulting. Do you blame these gambling men? No, of course not. The Oilers got blown out 7-2 on Hockey Day in Canada which also happened to be Valentine’s Day. Not very loving, was it?


To say that tonight’s game was infinitely better than that Senators game would be the understatement of the month. I know the Blues aren’t exactly at the top of their game (5-5-0 coming into tonight’s game), but the Oilers held their own despite the injuries. It’s either the Oilers were able to keep up, or the Blues were playing like they just came off a bender. Either seems likely. Regardless, tonight’s game was entertaining and another notch in the the “Todd Nelson gets more with less” column on his report card.

At the end of the day, the result is the one that most people would have expected even though the Blues weren’t nearly as dominant as they should have been. Frankly, they’re going to need to play a hell of a lot better than they did tonight if they want to get anywhere in the playoffs. The Oilers game them all they could handle, and that doesn’t bode well for a long run for the Stanley Cup. For the Oilers, tonight’s loss kept them below the Coyotes in the MeJesus sweepstakes, and kept us all entertained. All in all, that makes for a good Saturday night… I guess.

We wrap.



  • I loved seeing Bill Ranford out there to drop the opening faceoff. He signed an autograph for me when I was a kid, and I will love him forever for it. I remember the Oilers getting absolutely pummelled that night, but #30 stopped to give this youngster 
  • Nice start for the Oilers despite finishing the 1st period down by a goal. The Oilers only allowed 7 shorts against to a very good Blues team. The goal the Blues did score came on a nice passing play that Scrivens didn’t have much of a chance on.
  • Justin Schultz scored (his 5th) on a nice little snap shot. 
  • Jordan Eberle got his 11th assist in his last 10 games. He’s been one of the players that seems to be playing better under Todd Nelson. Coincidence? Probably, but you never know.
  • The Oilers were able to compete against one of the better teams in the league (again) despite being severely shorthanded talent wise. The Oilers are battling a lot of injuries right now, but they’re still able to keep themselves in these games. I’m not sure whether it’s a mirage yet or not. 
  • Ben Scrivens played really well tonight. He came up big for the Oilers on multiple occasions. I’m sure he would have liked to have the Statsny goal back, but he bailed the Oilers out more times than what he gave up. Solid night for the Professor. He finished with 25 saves an a .926 save%.
  • At least they didn’t get blown out!



  • So long, Jeff Petry. You were a good Oiler, and you shouldn’t be leaving right now. I fear that management doesn’t know how to properly evaluate talent, and you’re the latest example of that. 
  • Speaking of Jeff Petry… The panel on CBC was talking about his trade value, and Nick Kypreos mentioned the price to be a 2nd round pick+. Normally I wouldn’t listen to Nick Kypreos save for the fact that Elliotte Friedman didn’t disagree with him. If Petry gets moved for a 2nd rounder and a mediocre prospect of some kind MacT had better start updating his resume because his last year will have been brutal. Oh wait… I’m talking about the Oilers here. MacT has a job for life.
  • It was a tough night for Mark Fayne. He got caught puck watching on the winning goal by Statsny. Fayne was playing much better than this earlier in the season.
  • Arizona lost again tonight, and it was important for the Oilers to make a move. Tonight’s edition of ELPH ensured that the Oilers kept pace with the Shitacular® hockey that the Coyotes are playing. The Oilers are hanging on by a thread in the McEichel raffle, and it’s almost getting too close for comfort. 



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  • paul wodehouse


    …Since there is no more CapGeek…where do we get contract information from like before?

    There’s even a notification on a search module for that #1 the owner has shut the site down due to health reasons and #2 please make no financial offers for the site or it’s data…
    so where do we go to find out how much our hero millionaires are making?

  • camdog

    Did anybody else see Ken Hitchcock’s post game comments? If you haven’t its on the Oilers Website.

    He explains how the defensive system of the Oilers has changed, which made me really happy to watch because it is sort of an endorsement for Todd Nelson and at the same time it probably kills Eakins inside to hear one of the best coaches in the NHL say his defensive system sucked.The way he explains it sounds like a goalie death trap to me, which would explain alot.

    But then again the players didn’t understand the basics, and he didn’t have Roy and Kinkhammer. He was stuck with a healthy Taylor Hall and Jeff Petry, poor guy..

  • camdog

    Great game, i would have liked to see Scrivens stop that puck, he should practice his puck handling skills more if hes going to touch it all the time.

    It would have been cool to have Hall in the line up with how we’re playing right now, the goes for Dri and Nurse.

    I’v been watching McDavid highlights,sure he’s good but i don’t think he’s great, his play is exposing players or teams that give him space, in the NHL with the good teams, he won’t have any space just look how much Hall has, not much. To me it seems alot of his highlights are just on the rush how is his cycle game, i mean we have more players with way more cycle game then he has, we just need to get it back.

    Maybe if we put up billbords and hype the crap out of our first overalls they mite play better, Im sure if Buffalo or Arizona get McDavid thats what they’ll do, but not lowe.

    • paul wodehouse

      @This IS NHL…
      you’ve been watching McDavid highlights… highlights…and as A.I. would say highlights…that’s all you’ve seen of him…
      I was very fortunate to have seen him play the London Knights in London just after the WJC…let me share with you this…I got to the rink early and watched him come out for the warm up and through the rest of the evening never took my eyes off him on and off the ice…his highlight packages are meant to be just that sliver of his game…the best parts…him with the puck…
      I cringed when you said, “I don’t think he’s great”…mostly because you unfortunately haven’t “seen him good”…like a scout would watch him…I’m not a scout but I have ‘seen’ great players, even 99 when he was a Soo Greyhound that one year. On his own OHL farewell tour late season 1978 against the Hamilton Fincups and I did as I did when watching McDavid here in London…on and off the ice start to finish, like there was no other player in the game…the rest is history!
      Without a doubt Connor McDavid is from the same God given talent gene pool as Crosby Gretzky Lemieux Orr Hull and Howe…that’s just my view from the grassy knoll…he’s not good, he’s unquestionably Great…period (.)

  • paul wodehouse

    I see Arizona actually making some bold moves trying to improve. You gotta give something to get something. MacT doesn’t have the swagger to try something bold.

    He will just cycle through bottom six forever. Pathetic.

  • paul wodehouse

    Good effort, considering the the line up.
    There was effort on the part of the Oilers all around.And its not like the Blues were sleep walking. They are chasing Preds big time.

    Only issue I have is that you are not going to win to many games scoring one goal, not matter that the rest of the game is like, unless you think you can win em all 1 – 0.

    Scrives made the difference in this one.